True Love

By Misty Chikan.

True Love Misty Chikan

  • Two women's love is tested when one is assaulted badly at her workplace.
  • 40 pages
Chapter 1
The sleek black Harley hugs the turns on the busy streets. The figure clad in black leather with a black helmet and darkened visor is determined upon reaching her destination. Grateful for leaving work early, a sinister smile covers her face as she remembers calling the strawberry blonde informing her to be ready. A few more miles and she ease the bike into the driveway. Parking it, she takes long strides to the front door. Once inside, the helmet and jacket get thrown on the couch. She takes the stairs to the second floor two at a time and enters the bedroom.

“Did you touch yourself?” she asks the prone figure on the bed.

“No,” is the response from the young blonde.

The dark figure kicks off her boots. She grabs the young woman’s wrists and binds them together with the strip of cloth she pulls out of her pocket and brings them over her head. Forcing the woman’s legs apart, she kneels between them and shoves two fingers into the exposed cunt.

The strawberry blonde jerks her hips off the bed at the intrusion.
“Hmm, you’re nice and wet. What were you thinking about?”

“You,” she whispers through clenched teeth. She is so ready for this blue-eyed goddess to take her into the unknown. The long fingers move in and out in a rhythm that matches her undulating hips. “God, Sarah—please—take me. I—can’t wait—any longer.”

“Anything you want my dearest.” She removes her fingers to unbuckle her pants. “Roll over and get on all fours.”

Lisa obeys immediately. She leans on her forearms awaiting the ecstasy her lover will give her.

Sarah pulls out the Cyberskin dildo from her pants and dons the cock with a condom. Inching her way forward, she touches the opening of Lisa’s sex with the tip of it. She snakes a long arm around the blonde’s waist and reaches the wet aching nub with her fingers. At the onslaught of stroking it, Lisa impales herself onto the cock. Lisa climbs to her climax quickly, and just before she reaches the precipice, Sarah grabs her by the back of the hair with her free hand. The act intensifies Lisa’s entire being and shoves her over the edge.

“Oh— fuck— ah—Aaah!”

Sarah rides the waves with her until the young woman stops her hip movement. They lay down with Sarah still inside. Sarah wraps her arms around her lover as her breathing calms. The tall woman then pulls out. Lisa rolls over to give her a passionate kiss.

“Hmm, I love you, Sarah.” She continues her kisses along the distinguished jawline and down her neck.

Sarah removes the binding from the wrists. She tosses the cloth to the floor. With a loving gentleness, she rubs the wrists to make sure the circulation is flowing evenly. She then removes the rest of her clothing including the strap-on. Returning to the bed, she lies next to her lover on her stomach.

Lisa straddles the back of the dark woman’s thighs and begins a firm massage on the strong shoulders. Sarah relaxes under the ministrations. After some time, the massage becomes erotic, igniting the fire at her core. The tall woman rolls over and pulls her down for a kiss. Tongues dance slowly. A moan escapes Lisa’s throat.

“I need to have you again,” Sarah says in a sultry voice.

“But I want my turn,” Lisa responds with a playful pout.

“Then let’s sixty-nine,” she answers in a whisper.

A fire glows in those emerald green eyes. Lisa licks her bottom lip and smiles. She turns around quickly to face the damp black curls of her lover.

Sarah spreads her legs for the young woman while she inhales the sweet scent that is Lisa. Grasping the buttocks firmly, she pulls the wet blonde cunt to her mouth. Finding Lisa’s nub she licks it in long steady strokes.

Lisa arches her back while moaning then buries her face in Sarah’s dripping pussy. Locked around each other, hips begin to buck. The room is filled with moans and guttural groans. Sarah reaches the precipice first, and before falling over the edge, she plunges two fingers in Lisa’s sex, rapidly pumping in and out.

Lisa shortly breaks contact on Sarah’s nub and screams. “God— fuck.” She returns to her task, and they ride the crashing waves together.

True Love Misty Chikan

  • Two women's love is tested when one is assaulted badly at her workplace.
  • 40 pages


Spent and sated for the moment, they lie in each other’s arms. Sarah begins dozing when suddenly she feels something cold and wet touching her arm. She turns to see a black nose and bright hazel eyes looking at her with that ‘I’m so cute’ face. “Hi, were you playing outside?” The ten-month-old Shepherd wags her tail and playfully pushes her snout onto the bed to touch Sarah’s arm again. The tall woman reaches over and scratches behind her companion’s ear.

“She sure is growing by leaps and bounds,” interjects Lisa.

“Yep, soon I’ll bring Queenie to the clinic more often. You know, it’s been rather simple in training her. I’m actually surprised. I almost wonder—” She looks into Queenie’s eyes.
“You wonder what?” Lisa looks from the Shepherd to her lover. “You think she has a human quality about her.” It wasn’t a question but more of a confirmation for Sarah’s thoughts.
“Yeah, or it’s Tommy’s spirit inside her.” Sarah looks at her mate. “I know my thoughts are crazy.”

“Well—” She rolls her eyes playfully. “I agree that there is something about Queenie. Sometimes I get the feeling she understands what we’re saying.” She lays her head on Sarah’s chest. “See? Now my thoughts are sounding crazy.”

“Nah, you’re just crazy, period. Right, Queenie?” Sarah says sarcastically. Queenie wags her tail furiously.

“Hey,” Lisa responds with a swat to the dark woman’s hard stomach.

“What would you like to do tonight?” Sarah asks changing the conversation.

“Are you asking me, or Queenie?”

“You, of course, unless—you—prefer I go out with Queenie?” She points to the Shepherd. “Well, anything going on at the Exit tonight?”

The Exit is one of the local S&M bars that hosts a wide mix of folks from all over. Not necessarily a private club, just a bar holding weekly “play” events that are usually light in nature. It’s a fun place to go when you want to keep things low maintenance.

“There is a boot licking contest tonight,” Sarah says with an arched eyebrow. Over the past couple of months, she has been amazed at Lisa’s sense of adventure and enthusiasm in such “games.” I love that we can engage in such play, and grateful it’s not the desired lifestyle for either of us. Ugh, that would be so draining. I don’t know how others who take their S & M more seriously do it, but good for them. The occasional adventures are enough for me.

Lisa looks at her to communicate. I love engaging in those so-called ‘games’ too. You bring out the primal urges in me. Sarah gives her a lopsided grin. “I think that would be fun. How about dinner beforehand at that Italian restaurant you told me about.”

“You mean Club Lucky?” The tall woman asks as she stretches.

“Yeah, it’s not formal wear is it?” Lisa asks realizing leather gear isn’t accepted everywhere.
“I think we’ll be fine.”


“Sarah, have you seen my corset?” Lisa pilfers through the dresser drawers to no avail before checking the closet. “Never mind, I found it.”

The tall woman walks into the bedroom and leans up against the doorframe with her feet crossed at the ankles. She is wearing blue jeans, black leather chaps, black biker boots, black T-shirt, and a black leather vest. She watches her lover get into the corset. Naked breasts sway each time the young woman moves. Sarah’s mouth goes dry as she gazes at the beautiful young body clad only in thigh high black stockings, and black lace panties with a matching garter belt. “God, you’re gorgeous.”

Lisa spins around as she clasps the last hook on the black leather corset. Her breasts are pushed up and held firmly in place. “Have you been watching me?” she asks with a smile.
“Not for long. I can’t help it. I love you, and I love your body.” She wiggles a dark eyebrow.

Lisa gives her lover a bright smile. “I love you too, and your tall, strong, handsome—” she saunters over to the dark woman and rakes a finger down an exposed arm, “—and sexy body.” Bringing her hand up behind her lover’s neck, she pulls Sarah down for a kiss.

The tall woman encircles her arms around her, then slides her hands down to firm butt cheeks as she pushes a solid thigh between the smaller woman’s legs.

Lisa breaks the kiss. “Now, now—” She moves her hips without thinking, reveling in the wonderful sensation of her sex. “We have—a—date—tonight, and I need to finish getting dressed.” With great difficulty, she forces herself to stop. Emerald green eyes glowing with passion lock with her lover’s passion-filled cerulean blue eyes. “Later,” she says in a whisper.

Sarah nods. Oh, yes, I have plans for you— later. She thinks, and Lisa smiles in response. Sarah lets her go and decides to lie on the bed while Lisa finishes dressing. She watches her under hooded eyes.

Lisa dons the short and snug black leather skirt that falls on her thighs just above the edge of her nylons. If she bends over, the succulent naked flesh of her legs is exposed. She sits on the bed to pull on her knee-high black leather heeled boots and zips them up. Checking herself in the full-length mirror to make sure everything is in place; she puts on the last of her make-up then grabs her small black purse. She turns around to face her lover. “Okay, I’m ready.”

Sarah’s eyes travel up and down the small body. “Have I told you how beautiful you are?”

“Yes, but I have not grown tired of it yet.” She says with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Good, cause I’ll be saying it a lot for the rest of our lives.”

“C’mon, my handsome knight. My stomach is beginning to growl.”


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True Love Misty Chikan

  • Two women's love is tested when one is assaulted badly at her workplace.
  • 40 pages