The Train-ny Ride

By Misty Chikan © 2016

The girl is tall for an Asian. Though she didn’t have much on her chest, she’s good-looking. Once she became crammed into the back of the train, she yelled in a foreign tongue, which I assumed was Eastern European, to get the attention of others in her party. They were helpless, crammed as well in the train carriage designed for about fifty people to stand. The carriage is now packed with nearly five hundred, if not more. She turned her head toward me and said something in her language I didn’t understand, and smiled. I returned the smile as the train departs from the station.

Then it became evident this old train had more than one problem. Cabin lights started dimming, shutting off, and came back on again. When the train started making its way down the mountain path. Irritated by the cabin lights and wanting to rest, several guys covered lights nearby with whatever they had at their disposal. Others soon followed, making the carriage dark. The light that emitted through the materials not enough to brighten the cabin. But no one complained. Then the singing began with a party in the front, while others tried to find comfort in whatever the position they were in and tried to rest.

A few minutes later at the next train station, we had even more passengers getting on, but I didn’t notice anyone getting off the train. The train continued its journey in that herky-jerky motion again, while we tried to find comfort attached someone else’s body in all directions.

I try to readjust my position several times, but I’m prevented by a woman who sat near me with a tall wicker-basket on her lap. I had to endure the pain of bouncing bodies with the Asian cutie who stood next to me. The only other comfort I had left was being able to put weight on one leg, or standing on my heels and toes.

The next train stop came a few minutes later, and again no one got off the train, but a few managed to squeeze in. The conductor announced the next stop would come in forty-five minutes, someone translated it for us in English. We continued down to the lowland again in the crowded dark train carriage. I noticed Jill had found some room and she rests her head on a backrest of a seat. By doing so, she bent her back, making the area cram more for me and caused me to lean more toward the opposite side. The Asian girl didn’t resist my movement; instead, our bodies came so close it would’ve been an impossible task to drop a fine needle between our bodies.

A few minutes later, I felt some movement over my crotch and did not bother to investigate since I’m already getting similar unintentional rubs and hits from others. Then when I feel someone intentionally trying to squeeze my dick over my shorts. I looked at Jill, who had dozed off. My sister in front of me, wouldn’t dare do such thing. Then when I looked at the Asian girl, she turned her head and smiled, as to acknowledge her action. I thought, Holy shit, what the hell, this girl is trying to feel me up in front of my girlfriend, but I didn’t resist or cooperate.

The caresses continued and my dick started to respond, even in this crowded and hot train. The Asian beauty moved her hips sideways to insert a leg between Kelly and me, and kept squeezing my cock over the fabric of my shorts as my dick kept growing. Not wanting to be left out of the action, I decided, to lower my arm and let it wander around her firm round ass. I’m sure glad she had a thin dress on. Also, two elderly women who sat with baskets on laps provided a perfect cover for my hand.

I’m almost hard when I feel her trying to unzip my fly. She fought the zipper with one hand, having difficulty opening it. Thoughts of a strange adventure got me excited. I took my hand from my sister Kelly’s shoulder and unzipped my shorts. The girl quickly adjusted her body in such way she could access my dick and sent her fingers inside the crotch, grabbing my member over my boxers. It didn’t take her long to unbutton my boxers and bring my dick out to feel the dampness of the air outside. After that, she turned her back to me and continued to hold my dick with her right, as she massaged my glans with her thumb.

I looked around to see if anyone was watching our little play, but to my relief Jill is still dozing on her side and my sister’s head is resting on an older guy who stood next to her. I inserted my fingers inside her panties from the side, pulling it lower. She placed her hand on mine and squeezed it, and guided it, while she dropped her panties even lower. Her hand is moist and covered with a slippery substance. I’m not sure whether it’s my precum, but I knew she held my dick only with her right hand, and was still holding it when she touched my hand. I proceeded to pull her underwear even lower, exposing her porcelain ass cheeks. They weren’t fat and bouncy. They were firm, yet wrapped in silky soft skin.

I ran my hand along her clean shaven pubic area and instead of finding a wet pussy, I ran into some stiff resistance. Very stiff resistance. It’s another cock. WOW! All along I thought I’d got lucky with a beautiful girl, but I’m shocked to find a cock attached to her body. A hard as a rock and pointing up and pulsing cock. He/she didn’t look back, instead, adjusted her position and brought my cock between her legs and released it, causing it to bounce and settled between her thighs. I’m helpless and speechless. I’ve always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass, but I had no desire to fuck a transsexual stranger. My dick is so hard, and I knew it wasn’t about to shrink without shooting a load.

Her thighs are smooth and silky and she closes the gap between them, sandwiching my dick between her swaying thighs. As much as I didn’t want to, I began to enjoy the action. You may think I’m gay, but I know I’ve never thought of having sex with another man. Under normal circumstances, I would have shot my load. I didn’t this time, and stayed to enjoy her soft thighs massaging my cock as the train moves. Suddenly, she increases her speed of motion, for a minute or so, then stops abruptly. Then she parts her thighs to let go of my dick, but it sprang up, and poked her ass.

I’m glad she stopped. I thought my dick would get soft soon and I could take it inside the confinement of my pants again. In its current state, it would not go on without me dropping my pants, and I had no plans of getting unwanted attention.

Then she moved sideways, grabbed my dick again and jerked it a few times. When she turned, I saw my sister Kelly’s body move backward, since she had her weight on her before. Then in a swift movement, she pulls me forward by my dick making me bear the weight of Kelly’s body. She pointed my dick down and let it go.

I instantly realized my dick is now between Kelly’s thighs and this Asian tranny had the hem of Kelly’s dress up around her ass. Soon after I feel the warm, thick juice that’s dripping from her pussy. Dripping down to lubricate my cock. I’m not sure if Kelly is aroused or the tranny had just fucked her, or both. When the train negotiated the next curve, the weight of Kelly’s entire body settled on me, causing my cock to move the length of her valley. It made me sweat, yet filled me with an urgency only sexual heat can. A second later, I feel a caress on the underside of my shaft, making me think someone is still fingering Kelly. At the same time, someone extended fingers and touched my shaft.

I’m surprised, Kelly was tomboyish when she was young and was much wider before she met Barry. At times, I’ve suspected she’s a lesbian, or at least bisexual. I have no idea how she acted normal up to this point, when a stranger fingered her and most likely fucked her on a train. Then again, I now had my cock between her slippery thighs, navigating the length of her pussy slit, while a tranny continued to rub her clit while massaging my dick. Thinking about it made me hot and wanted to shoot my load, but knowing the wet cunt I’m enjoying belongs to my sister, I stood frozen by my doubts.

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