The Substitute!


The Substitute Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • When Evan's wife refuses the sexual advances of the black alpha stud living next door, he become's the sissy substitute for her.
Chapter 1

He’s staring at her now, watching as she peels down her shorts, slowly exposing her gorgeous ass. Her naughty bits are concealed by a conservative bikini. The shirt is already in the pile of clothes at her side, and big tits are being held snugly by an elastic top. The man is lounging by her side in a patio chair, sipping on a beer by their pool. It’s his wife, Lila, a beautiful specimen of a woman. She has dark flowing hair, grayish-green eyes, and a soft feminine face. Her body is curvy, like a classic pin-up girl from the fifties. Lila has large natural breasts, a trim tummy, and a plump ass that he lusts over daily. The sight of her gorgeous tits and ass bouncing around their home never fails to excite him.

Despite brimming with physical sexuality, his wife is somewhat shy by nature. Lila’s reserved disposition is a product of her development. She didn’t really come into her own, physically, until college. The curvy woman had told him many stories about her ugly duckling years, which seemingly lasted through most of high school. Looking at Lila now, however, it would seem impossible she ever suffered through such a phase. Lila’s a bonafide sexpot and earns lust-filled stares nearly everywhere she goes. It’s actually grown to frustrate him. He’s married to such a beautiful woman, yet she refuses to acknowledge just how attractive she actually is.

His name is Evan Mitchell. They are both in their late twenties. Evan works in finance for a trading company downtown and Lila teaches at a local high school. They met during their senior year at University and quickly fell in love. Their wedding ceremony took place only a few short weeks after graduation. Things were terrible going at first, but luckily they had recently purchased their first home in an up and coming neighborhood just outside of Denver. The house itself is small, and even though the other houses in the area share similar layouts, they’re still proud of it.

A splash of water quickly brings Evan out of his daze, as Lila dives into the pool. She gracefully swims under the surface for a time, eventually arising at the other end. He stands, placing the beer on the table and quickly removes his shirt. Evan’s of average build, standing at six feet, and around one-hundred and seventy pounds. Evan’s not exceptionally muscular, but the man’s not a twig either. He hops into the water with less grace than Lila, causing a splash and a subsequent giggle from her. They embrace; kissing each other as their wet faces gently collided with affection.

“I don’t want to work tomorrow,” she said and pouts.

Her pretty lips are tantalizing covered in the delicate droplets of water.

Their Sunday has been lovely so far, but the afternoon is quickly coming to a close.

Evan kisses her again, “Me neither, babe.”

“Let’s both call in sick, take a day to ourselves.”

He smirks in bemusement, “You know I can’t tomorrow,” Evan said shaking his head gently.

Before Lila has a chance to argue a voice shouts out from across the yard.

“Oh, hey there, neighbors,” said the deep male voice.

It’s Rodney ‘the Rod’ Cook, their neighbor. He’s an older black gentleman, about fifty-five years old. He’s also rather large, looming at around six feet five and carrying a thick frame. The black man is probably close to two-hundred and fifty pounds, not all muscle, but definitely in good shape for a man his age. The Rod’s friendly, seemingly harmless, and fifteen years widowed. His wife has died from breast cancer, which is, in their short time knowing him, something clearly hard for the man to talk about. He lives alone in the house next door, and they have struck up a good-neighborly friendship with the man since they moved in. They don’t know why people called him ‘the Rod,’ but they weren’t that curious to find out either.

Every other house in the neighborhood is separated by a physical fence, for some reason, their homes are divided only by a distinct change in the cut of the grass. Rodney has retired early, apparently with more than enough money to do so. He’s seemingly always working on his home, and his lawn condition is impeccable. The transition from their yard to his is a testament to that.

“Hey Rod, how goes it?” Evan said with a wave and a smile.

Lila slinks below the water instinctively, thinking she’s more scantily clad than she actually is. Rod strolls over smiling, shears in hand, wiping sweat from his brow. His large frame interrupted the light of the afternoon sun.

The Substitute Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • When Evan's wife refuses the sexual advances of the black alpha stud living next door, he become's the sissy substitute for her.

“Oh you know, Evan, just tending to this never-ending mess of a yard.” he pauses, looking down at Lila and Evan. “You two sure do enjoy that pool. The last couple that lived here rarely used it.”

The big black man isn’t wrong; they did enjoy the water.

“Just getting our money’s worth,” Evan said, smiling. “Fancy a beer?”

Rod shakes his head, “I’d hate to intrude, already rudely interrupted by coming over here.”

“Nonsense,” Evan insisted, “Lila, babe, fetch him a beer please.” He patted her ass beneath the water.

Lila smiles, while slightly blushing. “Sure,” she said.

Lila slowly moves up the stairs and out of the pool, water cascades off her large breasts as she does. Her bikini’s a skimp one, hot pink, and leaves nothing to the imagination. Rod apparently hasn’t seen that much of Lila’s body until this moment, and Evan can’t help but feel a strange pang of pride over showing her off to their older black neighbor. Rod is silent, but it’s also clear he likes what he sees. He hadn’t been shy about giving Lila a stare down or two since they moved in, again, nearly every man who comes into contact with her does. When Lila disappears into the house the old man turns and grins at Evan.

“You sure married a fine looking woman,” he said with a leer.

Evan nods. “I got lucky,” he said.

Rods face changes, it becomes hard. “But did she?” he asks.

“I hope she thinks so,” Evan said laughing lightly. “I have a good job and am well-liked.”

Rod shakes his head. “I don’t mean like that,” he said. “Do you make her happy where it counts?”

Evan grimaces. “I don’t know what you mean?”

“Do you keep her happy in bed,” Rod asks his frown troubling Evan.

The black man’s leaning forward, his shoulders hunched as if a lion about to spring into an attack and it makes Evan shiver a little.

“That’s kinda none of your business, Rod, but yes, our sex life is good, if you must know,” Evan said developing a hard face.

“Answer me this then,” Rod said aggressively. “Does she cum on your dick or only with something else like oral or toys?”

Evan stares at Rod for a moment in disbelief. “Um—” Evan begins.

“Yeah,” Rod interrupts, “Just like I thought, another shrimp dick white boy.”

The big black man laughs loudly, and Evan feels his face go hot. “There’s nothing wrong with me in that department, I can assure you,” Evan said snootily, wondering why he has the sudden need to justify himself to this man.

“Yeah, well, good for you, Evan,” Rod said sarcastically, ‘but there is one way to know for sure.”

“Oh, pray, do tell,” Evan said just as sarcastically.

“Look at her toys,” Rod said, and when Evan frowns, he adds, “You know, her vibrator or dildo. If they’re similar in size to your dick, you got nothin’ to worry about. But if they’re bigger, then you ain’t man enough for her.”

“What if I’m bigger?” Evan asks with a smart-ass tone.

The Substitute Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • When Evan's wife refuses the sexual advances of the black alpha stud living next door, he become's the sissy substitute for her.

“I seen you in your swim trunks, Evan, you ain’t packing much,” Rod said.

The back door suddenly opens and outcomes Lila with a beer for Rod. The black man deftly scans her body as she hands off the drink to him. “There you are.” she offers, sweetly.

“Thank you, Lila,” Rod said trying to avoid gawking as he graciously accepts the cold bottle.

Lila rejoins Evan in the pool and Rod manages a seat in one of the deck chairs. They drink and converse for a while longer, but Rod eventually says his goodbyes, and they soon tidy up and head inside for the day. Evan never mentions what Rod said while Lila was in the house.


Later that evening he and Lila are making love. He’s thrusting into her doggy style, watching as her juicy cunt engulfs his cock. Lila’s moaning softly as she takes Evan. His mind wanders back to the afternoon, and he chuckles internally, wondering what Rod would think if he can see him now. She’s moaning like a whore while I fuck her, he thought. There’s nothing wrong with my dick. Lila loves it. She can’t get enough of my cock.

These thoughts cause a brief moment of panic, as he glances to his right in a hurry. Evan wants to make sure the bedroom curtain is closed. Their one hiccup in purchasing the home was the expansive master bedroom window, which looks out onto a small side yard and into Rods master bedroom window. The houses are mirrored, and virtually on top of each other. It seems like an odd design, and in a few short weeks, they had already exchanged a handful of awkward waves with Rod who was seemingly unconcerned with privacy. The proximity is a problem even beyond the visibility. Evan is sure if Lila moans too loudly Rod would easily hear.

Evan shakes the thought from his mind and continues to plow his wife. The orgasm catches Evan by surprise, and he erupts, spurting his load into her welcoming cunt. Lila gently whines as Evan cums inside her. Unfortunately, Lila didn’t orgasm. Evan pulled out and landed on the bed beside Lila as she turns to lie on her back. Both are panting.

“Honey, can you finish me off?” she asks hotly.

“Didn’t you cum?” Evan asks hearing Rod’s mocking laughter in his head.

“No, I need some lickies again,” she said softly. “C’mon, you’re so good at it.”

The words of Rod echo in his mind, “Does she cum on your dick or only with something else like oral or toys?”

Evan never gave her a chance to say another word as he quickly descends on her. Lila’s pussy lips are full and blood-filled from her arousal and the aroma drifting from her only heightened the taste of the juices coating her lips and inner thigh. “Mmmmmmmmm,” Evan hums as he presses against her and slides his tongue up along her slit until he strikes her clit.

He knows all the right places to lick, when to suck and when to nibble lightly. Lila’s legs instinctively tighten around his head as she grinds her pussy against his face. Evan’s tongue buries itself as deep as it’ll go inside Lila’s cunt, tasting his freshly deposited semen in her tangy juices. The man doesn’t know why he likes this so much and is too busy eating her special creampie to remember nearly all their sex ends this way.

One of Lila’s hands is entangled in Evan’s hair, trying frantically to press him deeper into her loins while the other has grabbed a pillow and forces it to her face to muffle the scream her climax might cause.

“That’s it, lover—ooh, so good—lick my pussy—Now—ooooo—faaaaark,” she moans as Evan nibbles her distended clit. Her body bucks against him. “So nice—so fucking nice—Lick my pussy—Stick your tongue deep inside of me—Oh god, I’ve needed this—Gonna cum—gonna cum soon—gonna cum—NOW!” she yells as she spiraled off into oblivion.

Evan loves the way she orgasms. He loves how she clenches her eyes tight. How her body seems to clinch for a moment too before the explosion of pleasure unravels. Limbs often shaking, skin turning red and sweaty, and her cunt and asshole convulsing rhythmically as her orgasm takes her away to that other place for the sweetest of moments. Most of all, Evan loves how he can do this for her, how he knows all the right buttons to push like some conductor of a vaginal orchestra.

The words of Rod echo in his mind again. “Does she cum on your dick or only with something else like oral or toys?”

The Substitute Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • When Evan's wife refuses the sexual advances of the black alpha stud living next door, he become's the sissy substitute for her.

The memory of the afternoon won’t leave his mind though, and in a restless moment he blurts, “Did you notice Rod checking you out today?”

Lila sighs. “You always think people are checking me out,” she said.

He laughs. “That’s because they are, especially our neighbor over there.”

“I guess, a little,” she said sleepily

“The poor old guy probably doesn’t get much action. I guess I can’t blame him for staring.”

Lila elbows him in the side playfully. “Pervert,” she said lightly.


A few weeks go by; and nothing more is said of Rod’s leering. They run into him a handful of times and each time he’s friendly and welcoming. He even offers to help Evan pave their driveway coming up, which he accepts. The nasty words of Rod plague Evan though. Is my manhood unsatisfactory, he often wonders? Eventually, he measures his erection to find it only four inches long, erect. Going to the internet, Evan finds his size isn’t in average range, and that makes him small by statistical definition. Rod’s questions eat away at him, undermining his confidence at every turn. I seen you in your swim trunks, Evan, you ain’t packing much, Rod said, and it seems the big black man was right. Look at her toys, Rod had said. If they’re bigger, then you ain’t man enough for her. The only problem is Evan can’t find any, and he’s looked everywhere.

Maybe my size is enough for her, he thought, even if I’m not big. Evan remembers he had bought a wireless camera to attach to their security system a while back so he gets it out and figures this might be a good time to try it out.

The camera is small and discreet, so it’s easy to place it in their room somewhere it won’t be readily noticeable. Evan puts it at the corner of their TV cabinet, which is at the foot of their bed. Once connected to their wireless network, he connects the camera to an app on his phone that allows for remote monitoring and management of the camera. Evan adjusts it to include a clear view of their bed and the closet. The closet is crucial because it’s where he suspects Lila’s sex toys might be hidden. Evan plays around with some of the settings then remembers he has an afternoon meeting, so he runs out to make the meeting in time.

While sitting in his meeting, his phone starts buzzing with incoming email messages. At first, he doesn’t recognize the address and then realizes it’s from the wireless camera. Lila has gotten home from work. Since she’s in their bedroom, the camera is sending video clips to his email. Evan turns his phone to airplane mode and finishes the meeting.


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