The Stimmax

By Gowan Bush

Chapter 1

Tom Hoskins new job is pretty good, better pay, better opportunities for promotion, more responsibility, however, the commute is tedious. Many people will say the forty-minute trip each way, isn’t bad, still, he’s used to a ten-minute commute with his previous job. He listens to the radio more intently these days, partly for the traffic reports, but mostly to avoid boredom. Tom’s tries listening to Audiobooks, to think about work and keep notes about decisions and ideas, even singing along to the radio sometimes.

Everything helped, yet nothing made a difference. The commute is just plain boring. One portion of the commute is along an old highway, one lane in each direction. Sometimes this is the worst part of the commute: trucks going forty miles per hour along the twisty, hilly road can be difficult to pass. While at other times, this can be the least tedious part of the commute with no vehicles in sight for the entire trip, and sometimes, it’s somewhere in-between.

Tom recently married a woman named Doreen, and enjoys his new, more respectable and stable life. However, his wife has a fixation about his prior single life and seems sure he’s feeling stifled by the limitation on his sexual desires. Tom had a somewhat more active and varied sex-life before marriage, however, he’s mostly content with his wife and isn’t looking for anything extra. He’d have an occasional fantasy, sometimes while driving or during sex with his wife, still these seem harmless enough. Besides, everyone fantasizes sometimes, he’d think.

Doreen, though, didn’t even like it if he masturbated, she regards it as a sign of disinterest in her. He tries to explain sometimes it’s just for the relief of tension, and because it feels different, and provides variety. However, she’s not pleased, and they (she) agreed he won’t masturbate anymore. Tom resents it, though he’d never say it to his wife. One day, he’s driving along twisty, hilly stretch of highway thinking how he’d like to unzip and take care of his near-unbearable sexual tension there, having been no traffic visible since he left the last town a couple of minutes behind.

He fantasizes about having Doreen in the car with him, so she can tell him it’s OK to masturbate while he drives, or better yet, maybe she’d go down on him, though, she dislikes oral sex. He’s suddenly brought back to reality when he sees an incredibly gorgeous, sexy young woman stranded by the side of the road. Her front bicycle wheel is mangled and she stands over the wreckage staring wide-eyed at it. Tom jams on the brakes and pulls to the side of the road. As he hops out of the car, just a few feet past the bike on the shoulder of the highway, she heads toward him smiling brightly.

“Hi,” she said in a strange accent. “I’ve trashed my bike. Do you think you can give me a ride into town?”

“Sure,” Tom said, trying to sound friendly while looking her over.

She’s short, blonde, blue-eyed, just busty enough to fill a shirt, yet not so much as to look counterbalanced, she’s wearing tight shorts and a loose T-shirt, her legs are trim and enticing, her nose small and upturned, and her shape exquisite. Far out, she looks like a goddess, he thinks.

“Um,” he said, realizing the pause in the conversation might’ve gone on too long. “Let’ me put your bike in the trunk, all you need is a new front wheel by the looks of it.”

Looking at the bike and at the car, she asks, “Oh, will it fit?”

“Well, it’ll be a squeeze, but I think so.”

He opens the trunk, goes to the bike, and lifts the bicycle. Suddenly, he bends and straightens again because he became aware of his erection, still trapped in his underwear. As he carry’s the bicycle to the car, he hopes it isn’t noticeable yet didn’t dare look. Trying to get the bicycle into the trunk isn’t easy, but after several minutes of contortions and rethinking, he manages to slide it in and be able to close the trunk. By this time, his erection had subsided almost to bearable levels.

“Phew,” he said. “A tighter fit than I thought.”

She took one step closer and looks at him with narrowed eyes.

“Yes,” she said, then looking down at the bulge in his pants where his erection is eagerly returning. “It does look like a tight fit.”

She looks at him in the eyes and smiles.

Blushing, he said, “Um, well, I guess we’d better be going.”

With a lingering glance at his crotch, she goes to the passenger side, climbs in, while Tom picks up her heavy backpack and puts on the back seat. Not long after they were back on the road.

“So what’s your name?”

“Sofia,” she said. “And yours?”


“Nice to meet you, and thanks for helping me out.”

“Sure, always glad to help a damsel in distress. Where you from?”

“Denmark,” she said, flashing her bright teeth in a smile.

“Backpacking, eh?” She nods. “Good for you, get out and see the world while you’re young enough to enjoy it,” he said, waving his arm through the air to add to his point. “But why are you traveling alone? It’s not safe for a pretty young woman such yourself.”

“My friend’s decided to go south instead and I have a job offer up this way too good to refuse.”

The town welcome sign suddenly appears over the rise.

“Where do you want me to drop you off?”

She paused a few moments. “Well,” she said, scratching her chin. “I need a place to stay for a few days.”

“Hmm, let’s see,” he said. “There’s a few cheap motels here that aren’t bad.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, blushing. “I don’t really have any money, so I had pretty much planned on staying with someone.” She narrows her eyes and while playing with her hair, says, “I usually don’t have trouble finding someone who’d like to have me stay with them.”

She watches him, her lips pouty and moist, her fingers twisting her blonde hair, and her body leaning to display some cleavage.

“Well,” he said. “Uh—” Tom stares at her, and tries to ignore his aching cock, twitching in his pants. “Um, I can pay for a few nights at a motel, if you’d like. When do you start this job you have?”

“In a couple of days,’ she said.

“There ya go then, a motel it is. My treat,” Tom said, and smiles broadly.

“Well, I don’t know?”

“You’re a beautiful woman, and the thought of you with some sleazeball for free accommodation doesn’t sit well with me.”

“You seem a nice man, so I could be with you. We could have some fun together.”

Tom’s cock twitches and stiffens, and his eyes bulge at the proposition the hot Dane just laid on him. “I’m a married man, Sofia, so I don’t do things like that. A tempting offer, though.”

She turns and looks out the window silently, and he decides to let her be. The drive into town is occupied by pleasant thoughts of Sofia, how she’d look naked, how she’d feel cumming on his cock, how she’d suck him and swallow his semen, thus the time passed quickly. All idle, innocent fantasy, he rationalized. He’s married, He’s not going to get involved with this young, helpless, sexy woman. Even if she’s as willing as she claims, though he assumes she’s just implying a sexual arrangement to con him anyway. He pulls into the parking lot of a motel and stops the car.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, and hops out.

“Oh, I should come with you,” she said and ran to catch him.

They go straight to the check-in desk and Tom realizes the situation will look odd to the manager. Best to be boldly honest about it, he decides.

“Good afternoon.” Tom said as the manager hung up the phone and smiled at me. “Sofia, here, needs a room while she’s waiting for a job to commence, and she doesn’t have much money. So I’m going to pay for a week, on her behalf.”

He hands the motel clerk his credit card.

“OK, let me see what we have available,” the man said and disappears.

“I don’t need a week,” Sofia said, quietly.

“Oh, and where do you plan to stay once your job starts?”

She grimaces and shrugs.

“As I thought,” he said, tilting his head. “Call me later if you can’t find permanent digs, and I’ll see what I can arrange for you.”

Tom fumbles in his pocket, trying to find one of his business cards, so she’d be able to call him at work. He hasn’t really thinks about it, yet he clearly didn’t want to give her his home phone number. Sofia took the card and read it for a moment. The clerk returns with a key and a charge slip.

“Please sign here,” he said.

Tom signs, takes the key, thanks him, and leads Sofia back to the car, and takes her backpack out of the back seat.

“We should get your bike and lock it somewhere.”

“Oh, forget the bike,” she said. “I don’t have a lock anyway. I want to see my room.”

Suddenly her eyes sparkle and gleam, and she good-naturedly pushes him on the arm. Tom wonders if her excitement comes from not having to whore herself for a roof over her head, or maybe the prospect of having him be her next temporary sugar daddy. They walk to the rooms, instead of driving, and simultaneously his erotic fantasies about her return even stronger. He pushes those thoughts away, reminding himself of his demanding wife, Doreen. Her room is standard for a motel, a queen-size bed, a television, a small bathroom, and nothing much else. She rushes inside and throws her purse onto the bed and flops on it, bouncing slightly. Tom places her heavy backpack on the counter beside the TV, and for the first time, he notices her C-cup breasts bounce enticingly beneath her loose shirt. No bra, he thinks.

“Do you need anything else?”

He’s already decided to take her bike home so he can drop it off at a repair shop on his way to work tomorrow. Doreen is at her mother’s, and won’t return for a few days, so she won’t ever see the bike. Why am I hiding this, he wonders? Feeling guilty about my erotic fantasies?

“Well, maybe,” she said, biting her lip. “But I hate to ask you for anything else, because you’ve been so kind already.”

“What is it?”

He’s quietly aroused and frightened simultaneously.

“Well, I have little money,” she said. “I don’t know where to go in this town to get some food, you know, without having to pay too much for it.”

Secretly relieved and frustrated too, Tom pulls out his wallet and fished out a fifty-dollar bill. “This is all the cash I have,” he said. “Do you think this will last you until you get paid next?”

“Oh, sure,” she said, still, not reaching for it. “It’s just, well, I don’t feel right taking more of your money.”

“It’s OK, really.”

Again a dilemma is pressing him, and he feels he should leave before his resolve breaks. He’s standing there holding the money toward her, and she’s sitting staring back, and leaving would look strange, and impolite, too.

Finally, Sofia said, “Well, OK.” She took the money. “Here’s how I’m gonna thank you, even if you don’t want it.”

She stands, puts her arms around his neck, closes her eyes, and kisses him, immediately sliding her tongue into his mouth. All his happy fantasies come rushing back to him in a moment, with afterburners on. The feel of her breasts through his shirt, the shape of her in his hands, the sweet scent of her hair, and slightly sweaty body, all these turn his brain off and his passion on. Their tongues happily engage, as his hands roam over her back, and his erection is painfully trapped in his underwear again. Her hands seek the back of his shirt and pulls it free from his pants, then she unbuttons it. She caresses his chest and stomach. Tom’s hands, without conscious volition, are reaching inside her shirt and feeling those near-perfect breasts. The nipples are as hard as his erection, and her little moans suddenly grab his attention. With a jerk, Tom pulls his mouth and hands back from her.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his face burning red. “I really can’t, I’m married, and I love my wife.”

Tears suddenly fill her eyes. “Tom,” she said. “You’re the first man I’ve been with for so long who hasn’t tried to trade favors for sex. I so much want to thank you, because you’re sweet and I know you want me.”

“I really can’t, I’m married.”
To himself, he sounds lame, and he again pulls away, but she squeezes him tightly and sniffles against his shirt.

“Oh, Tom, please. Please let me thank you the only way I can.” She squeezes again and, with eager swiftness, unbuckling his pants in the process. “Besides,” she says, laughing, “this way I won’t be so hungry.”

“No, really, I can’t.”

Sofia went on unbuckling, and proceeds to pull his pants down to his knees. He reaches as if to pull them up, yet she’s already pulling his underwear down, trying not to hurt his throbbing penis. Tom notices a damp spot soaked into the fabric, and feels mildly embarrassed. She gives the glistening wet head a quick lick as his erection reaches a maximum, and takes it into her mouth.

“Oh, god,” Tom said, not sure whether in pleasure, confusion, or fear. “Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god.”

As quickly as thirty seconds of her skillful sucking, combined with several eager thrusts of his hips, Tom’s body shudders as he cums. She keeps sucking, eagerly swallowing every spurt of semen into her hot mouth, one of her hands fondling his balls gently.

“Oh, god,” he said again, his knees collapsing, and he falls onto the bed.

“Oh, Tom,” Sofia moans. “Your cock is wonderful, and you taste good, too.”

“Uh, thanks,” he said, trying to slow his rapid breathing.

He almost can’t believe it happened, after trying so hard to be strong too. Tom starts feebly trying to pull his underwear up, feeling perhaps he can get away now the tension has been resolved.

“Wait, Tom,” she said. “Let me get a towel and wipe you up first.”

She rushes into the bathroom and comes back with a towel and gently wipes the dampness from his genitals. When finished, she bends to kiss him again, and he kisses her back eagerly. He has never tasted his semen, and finds the taste odd. He didn’t think he tasted as ‘good’ as she claimed.

“Thank you,” he said. “But I really do have to go.”

“Oh, of course,” she said, and grinned mischievously. “Just one more thing?”

“Uh, OK, what?”

He sighs, and pulling first his underwear up, the damp spot, now chilled, and his pants. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a revolver and points it at his face.

“Take me to your leader.”


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