The Reaper

By Max Swan

Fred Pilsen is a harmless local drunk always sitting quietly with a beer in hand at his favorite bar known as ‘The Ankou’. He likes to watch the comings and goings of patrons as they drank, chatted and played chance in the human mating rituals. Today he noticed a white man dressed in blue jeans and a long-sleeved red/blue check shirt sitting at a booth on the far wall. Fred noticed him because he just seemed to appear from nowhere, and he could’ve sworn he didn’t see the stranger enter the bar, or order the beer he’s now drinking. It’s a mystery for sure, he thought scratching his balls.

Maybe I’m so drunk I forgot seeing him do those things, he thought. So he shrugged and brought another beer. However, he found himself continuing to stare at the stranger. The stranger appeared the same as the rest of the bar’s redneck patrons with his baseball cap pulled low over his eyes and his sleeves rolled halfway up his muscular forearms. Texas Rangers, Fred thought, what a shit team.

His boots are scuffed and worn, giving the appearance of having done a hard day’s work. The stranger sat alone, quietly nursing his beer not trying to be noticed, which made old Fred even more suspicious. Something ate at the old drunk, something about the stranger alarmed him though he seemed as regular as anyone at The Ankou. Yet as regular as he seemed, the more uneasy Fred feels about him.

One thing old Fred had observed is the stranger often glancing at April Downing who’s sitting across from him talking excitedly to her friend Connie Lange. Both women are in their forties, but Connie looked older with a wrinkly chubby face, graying hair, and low cut blouse pushing her fat breasts out luridly. Connie looked cheap, the last call when all other avenues for a fuck had turned sour.

April looked younger than Connie with a tight, curvy body, nice straight auburn hair hanging below her shoulders, and two big breasts that made it hard for most men to look her in the eyes when talking to her. April also wore nice clothes showing off her curvy figure, even in a redneck dump such as The Ankou she dressed nicely. The difference between the women being April had class, while Connie is a skank.

Fred notices the stranger keeps glancing at April who’s oblivious of his interest. Finally, Connie took a break from April’s marathon of lurid gossip and excused herself to go to the ladies room. While Connie is in the toilet, another man Fred knew named Bud Carson approached April and whispered a few words in her ear. Fred couldn’t hear the conversation still he knew April wouldn’t be interested in anything he’s offering. April shook her head no with a deep scowl on her face, and a discouraged Bud returned to his seat at the bar, lit a cigarette and took a deep swig of his beer.

Another failure in the human mating ritual. He had to chuckle. Still, Fred admired Bud’s courage in asking. April is a stunner for sure, however, Fred knew from experience Bud is going to have more luck with fat ol’ Connie than he would with April. Fred glanced at the booth the stranger is sitting in to find it empty. Not even an empty glass. Fuck me, where did that stranger go, Fred wondered, lifting his cap and scratching his greasy gray hair?

“Hey, Bo,” Fred said to the barman. “Did ya see that stranger sitting in that booth under the Memphis Grizzlies photo?”

Bo, a muscular man in his early thirties, said, “No one’s sat there all day, you old coot.”

“But I saw him,” Fred said, raising his eyebrows.

Bud Carson laughed.

“Fred, you’re so hammered most times, no one would believe what you saw,” Bud said sarcastically.

“Damn straight,” Bo said, high fiving Bud.

Fred mumbled to himself and took a swig of his beer, ignoring the two men. Still, he wondered what happened to the vanishing stranger.

Connie Lange is startled when she comes out of a toilet cubicle to find a man wearing worn denim jeans, a red/blue plaid shirt, and a baseball cap with the emblem of the Texas Rangers on the front. She found him cute though, a muscular body straining against the shirt, black hair, a hard chin with a sexy growth of hair, and a bulge in his jeans indicating he’s well hung. On the right side of his chest, above his nipple, he has a tattoo of a skull and scythe. Connie smiled at the stranger, and sighed. They always come to me in the end, she thought and sighed.

“I think you’re lost, Tex, its ladies only in this bathroom,” she said with an amused smile.

“Funny, I don’t see no ladies in here, just you,” the man said in a rich southern accent.

Connie shivered, something about this man made her pussy tingle.

He keeps his head low so his eyes stared at her from under the cap’s peak, they shone an ungodly light that made Connie’s clit harden.

“So what do you want from momma Connie, eh?” She said, leaning against the door with her hip thrust out.

“I’ve come for you,” the man said.

Connie laughed, knowing it’s true. She’s never been the first choice for any man, but they always find her in the end.

“So what’s your name, stranger?”

“Joe,” he said, and it almost felt as if the room shook at the sound of his name.

“So you’re lookin’ for some fun, eh?”

“Let’s call it one for the road,” Joe said.

“Truck driver, eh? I like truck drivers, they’re so nasty,” she said, slinking toward him making her breasts wobble.

Connie undid the buttons of his shirt to reveal a body with rock hard Abs and muscle definition. She ran her hand over his hairless chest and down his stomach, panting at the sight and aroma of his masculinity.

“God, you’re the sexiest man I’ve seen outside a magazine or a billboard,” Connie said, and took a nipple into her mouth to taste him.

“Saving the best for last,” Joe said, enjoying her worship of his body.

She placed her hand on his bulge as she sucked his nipples making them hard. Feeling the outline of his big cock made her squeal, and her pussy gushes into her panties. Undoing his jeans she pulled them down to find he had no underpants on. His cock bounced out, already semi hard, and eyes bulged at how big it is.

“All my Christmases have come at once,” she said, and sucked in a quick breath. “You’re so much more man than any I have been with around here.”

“Hurry, I have to leave soon,” Joe said.

Connie nodded, and fell to her knees taking his knob into mouth, tasting the salty excellence of his cock. With practiced skill, she began vacillating until his big thick cock became swallowed and her nose touched his pubis. His musky aroma made her shiver, and his throbbing cock made her pussy so wet.

“Oh, yeah, I’ve waited so long for this,” Joe moaned throwing his back as he feels her warm mouth and throat work his manhood. “You’re a virtuoso when it comes to blowjobs. You suck cock better than Nefertiti herself, and she was legendary.”

Connie didn’t really know what he was talking about, but she knew about cocks and how to please them. So she continued the dance of lips, mouth and tongue gliding over his savory, hard-on, lapping his salty precum as a babe at a breast. I can’t believe how great he tastes, she thought with awe, it’s almost spicy. He tastes as a man should. Joe rested his strong hands on her head, holding her and caressing her face. Watching as her mouth swallowed and released his big nine-inch cock, seeing light reflect off the wetness of her saliva. He leaned over and grabbed her blouse, pulling it over her head briefly disrupting her blowjob.

Big floppy breasts fell free and her creamy soft skin shone, making him even harder. Her fat body not a turn off for him, he loved how she jiggled all over every time she thrust her head down his cock. He grabbed her nipples and pinched and rolled them between his fingers, feeling her shiver with lust.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Connie. I’m glad it’s me who gets to share this moment with you,” Joe moaned.

He picked her up as if she weighed nothing, and their mouths met with tongues prancing and probing each other’s mouth with lustful intensity. Feeling her soft breasts against his hard chest made him shiver with excitement.

“Fuck me, please, fuck me,” Connie moaned.

He pushed her back into the cubicle she had just been in, undoing her slacks while their mouths stayed connected, kissing passionately. Joe leans her back against the wall, the toilet between her legs and without even looking rams his cock deep inside her pussy. Connie moans loudly, feeling his throbbing member stretch her and bangs against her cervix. He grabbed her legs and pulled her up so she straddles his body. Omigod, this man is so strong, she thinks.

He thrusts his big dick into her pussy, holding her close to him to feel her skin against his. Her life ebbing, flowing as her orgasm did. He could feel how her clit had gone hard and is rubbing against his hairy pubis, and he could feel her pussy spasm on his cock. Holding her in this position seemed more like cuddling a soft cloud than a BBW. She engulfed him and he filled her. The perfect union of man and woman.

Her moans grew louder as he bounced her body on his steely cock. He could feel her orgasm grow, her muscles tightening with arousal, and her blood flowing through her. Joe reveled in her life, and she let out a huge squeal he could feel his balls start to tighten. Connie’s orgasm hit like a bus, her body shook and wobbled, she bucked as a wild horse on Joe’s cock.

Joe moaned loudly. The lights in the toilet suddenly dimmed and the building shook. His head shot skywards and with eyes clenched shut, he let loose a guttural roar as his hot cum filled Connie’s womanhood.

Connie remained in his arms, and impaled on his huge cock with her head on his shoulder. He lowers her gently to the toilet, and kisses her softly on the mouth.

“That was amazing,” she moaned.

“Yes, you’re amazing and it’s my pleasure to be here at the end.”


“It’s time to go now, give me your hand,” Joe said holding out his.

“Where are we going?” Connie asked, her head wobbly and her eyes rapidly blinking.

“Home,” Joe said.

April waited for Connie to return from the bathroom thinking, Come on, Connie, I really need to go home. At the bar, the men around her stared deciding whether they should try to hit on her. Connie seemed gone a long time, and she glanced at her watch several times. She stood and went to the bar and handed Bo her credit card.

“Here,” she said to the barman as he took her credit card. “Pay for what Connie and I have drunk today.”

Bo nodded and ran her card through a machine.

Bud Carson sat with his head lowered, twitching nervously in his seat until he stood and left of the bar leaving an empty bottle.

Bo handed April back her card, saying, “Thanks, April, see ya again next time.”

April glanced at her watch again and sighed.

“Hey, Bo, when Connie resurfaces can you tell her I had to go?”

“Sure, no worries.”

“Thanks. Bye,” April said with a smile and left.

Fred watched her leave thinking, I wouldn’t mind fucking that piece of ass, if I could get it up.

Suddenly, a cute twenty-something blonde with large breasts and a short skirt came up to the bar to order drinks for a table of newly arrived college coeds. Damn, they didn’t make them that hot when I was her age, he thought lustfully. As he stared wide-eyed at young woman wishing he could get a boner worth jerking-off with, he forgot all about the vanishing stranger in a red/blue check shirt and denim jeans.


April stood by her car ready to get inside when suddenly someone appeared next to her making her yelp and jump. Her hands going to her chest as she gasped, loudly. Seeing who’s responsible for frightening her made her screw her face and punch his arm hard.

“Jesus, Bud, you’d scare the living daylights out of a ghost the way you creep up on people,” she said angrily.

Bud smiled and shrugged

“Aww, come on, April, you know I’m just wanting some special attention from my favorite lady in all the world.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“I told you in the bar I’m not interested, Bud. When are you gonna get the hint?”

Bud frowned, one corner of his mouth down turning. He grabs her arm tightly and pulls her close to him.

“You were plenty interested last Saturday night. I made you cum real good, too.”

She laughed in his face despite the aggressive way he held her.

“Just because we fucked once doesn’t mean you’re my boyfriend.”

“Well, I’m hornier than a badger on heat, so if ya don’t give it, I’m gonna take it.” Bud said harshly.

“Go see Connie, she’ll probably let you fuck her,” April said.

“I tried that, but she was fucking some guy in the bathroom. That leaves only you.”

Fucking a guy in the bathroom, April thought. Connie, a slut to the end. April noticed his pants are now tenting as his boner grew. Bud unzipped his fly and a thick seven-inch cock sprung out as hard as concrete.

“Bud! You’re gonna get us arrested,” April said, staring at his cock, which now had a bubble of precum on the tip.

“Well, you made it like this, so you’d better do something about it before the cops drag us away for indecent exposure.”

April sighed and gestured him to follow. They walked down an alley behind some large dumpsters, him with his cock out the entire time. She pulled down her pants and bent forward presenting her shaved pussy to Bud who stood behind her.

“Is this what you want?” She asked.

“Oh, god, yes,” he said, stroking his cock.

“Fifty dollars, then,” she said.


“If you wanna treat me like a ‘ho’ then you’ll pay me like a ‘ho’,” she said.

She held out her hand and Bob with some reluctance to put a fifty in her hand.

“Good. Now finish so I can go home,” she said coldly.

He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock, saying, “Mmm, you have the finest ass in these parts.”

Bud pushed his cock head into her pussy and felt her warm wetness envelope his cock as he pushed and filled her. He grabbed her hips and started pumping her slowly, feeling the luxuriousness of her womanhood. April moaned as she held the dumpster Bud moaned loudly.

“Oh, I love how you act all snooty in front of everybody, yet you’re really a dumpster slut.”

He laughed.

“Just fuck me, I haven’t got all night,” April said.

Bud puts two fingers in her mouth and made her suck them to get them wet. Then he leaned back and slid them inside her ass as his thick cock thrust into her wet cunt. She moaned as a two-dollar whore as he fingered her ass. After a while he pulled them out and leaned forward, shoving them in her mouth.

“Taste your ass, bitch,” he said harshly and she did eagerly.

He slapped her ass a few times and returned his fingers inside her ass, fingering her in rhythm with his fucking. Meanwhile, he starts to quicken the pace of his fucking as his lust grows inside him. She’s been a bitch to me since Saturday night, he thought. Now I’m gonna take it out on your cunt. April moaned loudly as he thrust inside her roughly with cock and fingers.

He rode her hard now, slamming his cock into her with abandon. April’s face is red and sweaty and she hangs onto the dumpster as if her life depends on it. Her hair is now messy, and her eyes are clenched shut.

“Oo fuck,” she moans.

Her pussy is making squelches and farts as he fucks the hell out of it, until finally he feels her cunt squeeze on his shaft.

“Here I cum, dumpster slut,” he said.

Then April let a high-pitched squeal as an orgasm exploded from her cunt and shook her body as a leaf in the wind. Bud couldn’t hold it any longer and felt his cock spasm as he unloaded five large spurts of cum deep inside her. He closed his eyes as he held her tightly, pushing his cock as deep as it could go.

“Oh! Ah! Yeah,” he said and grunted.

After a few minutes of just being there to milk every last drop of pleasure from the moment, Bud pulled his cock out with a plop and cum dribbled down April’s thigh. She reached down and grabbed her panties and pants and pulled them up. Turning to Bud she kissed him on the cheek.

“OK, Bud, now I gotta get home. Tomorrow’s a big day for me,” she said smiling.

“So I suppose you’re gonna be mean to me again. Treat me like I’m nothin’?” Bud said and sneered.

“Look what it did to you. You fucked me like a wild man. So, yes, I’m going to detest you, and if try to force your way on me again, you can pay me,” she said, then looked in a compact and straightened her makeup.

Then she turned and left him standing there with his dick still hanging out, limp now.

“Damn, that bitch is hot,” Bud said under his breath.

Bud watches her walk away, when out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a man watching him. He turned sharply to find no one there, making him feel uneasy as he felt sure he’d seen a guy in jeans wearing a baseball cap. He put his cock away and got out of there as fast as he could. The hairs on the back of his neck stood and he could his stomach churn. The words of his momma rang in his ears from when he is a kid, It’s as if someone has walked over your grave.

April drove home with her thoughts focused on the deal she had happening at her firm. A deal that would be the pinnacle of her career and would secure her place there until she retires. Retirement is still a long way away as she is only forty-two.

She drove to the gate of her community and stopped as the young guard leaned from of his small window bidding her a warm hello. He’s a cute guy and always leaned into her window and stared directly at her cleavage. He sniffed the air and smiled at her. April didn’t mind. She nonchalantly showed her residents pass, and after signing in, he waved her through.

Parking the car in her driveway, she gathered her purse and briefcase from the car, picked up her mail, and entered her house. She placed the day’s mail and her keys on a small table and continued to the telephone, checking the machine for messages. Finding none, she went to her bedroom, turned on the TV to CNN, and began to undress.

In bra and panties, turned on the shower waiting for the water to warm. She took off her underwear, staring at the cum stains in her panties, and feeling a slight tingle in her pussy as she did. April turned and admired herself in the full-length mirror before stepping into the shower.

The hot water feels good on her tired muscles as it fell from the pulsing shower head and massaged her skin. She picked up the sponge she used and squirted lavender soap onto it, and rubbed it briskly to create lather. The fragrance of lavender soon filled the shower and she smiled to herself as she washed her body.

She scrubbed her pussy and blasted it with the shower to make sure Bob’s cum is cleaned out. April is infertile so she isn’t worried about getting pregnant and she knew Bud is clean, so she didn’t think she’d get a disease from him.

Once her shower was finished, she grabbed a large fluffy towel and dried herself. Still nude, she entered her bedroom and slipped on a pair of fresh panties, a bikini bra and her white-silk nightgown. Had she happened to look toward her window, she would’ve seen a man standing outside watching her as she dressed for bed.

She pulled the covers of her bed down and is getting into bed when the doorbell chimed its melodic tune of welcome. She glanced at the clock on her bedside table and noting it’s now past eleven PM wondering who would be visiting at this hour. She picked up her robe from the end of the bed and pulled it around her as she went to the front door.

“Who’s there?” She called through the door.

“April, you don’t know me, but we have business to discuss,” a man said in a deep voice. “May I speak with you?”

“I’m not in the habit of opening my door to strangers,” she said haughtily. “I don’t see tonight as an exception.”

The nerve of some people bothering you this time of night, she thought.

“April, I asked you to let me in simply out of courtesy. I really don’t need the door open if I want to enter your home,” he said evenly.

“Are you threatening to break into here? I’m going to call the police if you don’t leave immediately.” April said threateningly, but she felt suddenly fearful.

She turned her back to the door and started toward the phone to call nine-one-one when she feels a sudden gust of cool air strike her as if a large truck just drove past.

“Turn around, April,” the familiar voice said.

Slowly turning with eyes wide she saw a stocky man dressed in jeans, a red check shirt, and wearing a ball cap standing inside her hallway. Her front door is still closed and locked.

“How did you get in here?” She said, beginning to tremble all over.

The man smiled and looked up wistfully.

“I come and go as I please,” he said.

However, April panicked and to her bedroom, closing the door behind her and pushing a bolt she had on the inside door so it is locked. An eerie silence followed as April leaned against her bedroom door panting. Suddenly, there’s a loud knock on her door making her jump and scream.

The man outside her bedroom door said calmly, “Please, April, these silly games are pointless.”

“Please don’t hurt me,” she yelled through the door. “I’ll give you money. Take whatever you want and leave, but please don’t hurt me.”

April feels another cold gust of air as she did before, and a voice behind her said, “I’m sorry, but I have no interest in your possessions, your money, and as for your physical safety I’m afraid there are forces at work here you don’t understand.”

She turned and faced him for a moment, color draining from her face. Pushing her body against the door as if she hoped she could somehow pass through it.

“If you aren’t going to rob me, what… What is it you want?”

The stranger removed his cap revealing his longish black hair, and bowed.

“Let me introduce myself,” he said politely. “My name is Joe Reaper and I’m here to collect your soul.”

April grimaced.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Joe smiled, making his face seem genial.

“I can’t say it any clearer, April.”

She went pale, almost sickly now. Her stomach churned and her heart raced pounding in her ears.

She asked, “Are you some kind of fucking nut case or something?”

April picked up a hairbrush and brandished it as a weapon, making Joe step back. He smiled at her again, amused by her defiance, and casually reached behind and removed a well-worn black leather notebook from his pocket. He flipped through it to a page and read it for a moment.

Eventually, he said, “Let’s see, you’re April Downing, born October 7, 1968, at seven in the morning in St. May’s Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and your parents were Robert and Susan Downing?”

He glanced at her seeing her eyes were now bulging.

“Y-Yes, but h-how do I know you aren’t just a stalker or something?” April asked, trembling all over.

Maybe he’s a serial killer, she thought.

“I guess I’m the greatest stalker in the history of the world, but I’m not a serial killer,” he said, laughing at his joke then realizing she didn’t get it.

He put the notebook into his back pocket again.

“It’s close to your time, so I suggest you just hop in bed and we can go start.”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest defiantly and shifted her weight on her feet in the standard fight or flee stance he had seen so often.

“I’m not doing anything you tell me to do!” She said, her nostrils flaring.

“April, you really don’t have a choice. While I do have some leeway as to the when and where I can collect you, I can’t delay the inevitable forever, I’m sorry,” Joe explained as patiently as he could.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about?”

She shouted, pounding her fists into her thighs. He sighed deeply.

“I’ve done this job for a long time now and I’m still amazed you people live in such denial. Even when ‘death’’ is staring you in the face, you refuse to accept it.”

“But you’re not death,” she shouted, her face turning red. “You’re just a fucking creep trying to scare the shit outta me!”

“I’m afraid I have a schedule to keep, and you’re starting to try my—” Joe said, but April cut him off.

“Wait, don’t say another word,” she said. “Prove it to me. Prove you’re who you say you are. Prove to me, you’re ‘Death’.”

Joe rolled his eyes in annoyance because just once he’d like one of his clients to come peacefully without all these futile attempts to delay the inevitable. His eyes glanced around the room and settled on a large Spider Plant hanging from the ceiling in front of the large picture window. Its tendrils were at least six feet long and the foliage lush and green. Looking at the plant he placed a finger lightly on one of the leaves, and abruptly the plant began to wither and turn dark under his hand. The tendrils turned brown and broke off, falling on the floor with a slight crackling sound. In a matter of seconds, the once-lush plant had been reduced to nothing but dry potting soil in a hanging basket and dust on the floor.

There’s a stunned silence in the room and when Joe turned to face April her shoulders had sagged and the brush fell from her hand. Her mouth hung slack-jawed and her eyes were wide.

“But you don’t even look like Death?” She mumbled, staring terrified at Joe.

“Pray tell, April, what in your opinion does Death look like?” He asked with a slight smile on his face.

“Shit, I don’t know,” she said and grimaced. “What I’ve seen in cartoons and movies, I guess. The guy in the black hooded robe with the big long blade over his shoulder.”

“Hmm, the long blade you mention is called a scythe and represents a grim harvest of souls. Very poetic if you think about it,” Joe said. “The guy in the black robe was my great-grandfather, Cornelius Reaper. He dressed that way because he liked scaring people. However, that was long ago, and times change. Company Policy says we can’t act that way anymore as they get too many complaints from souls once they’ve crossed. However, I don’t expect you to understand company politics,” Joe said, shrugging.

“Company politics,” April said frowning.

“Yeah, they held a focus group before I was born and decided the most innocuous name for the Angel of Death is Joe. So here I am, Joe Reaper.”

He bowed again.

April stood there staring blankly, mumbling, “Focus group?”

“As I said, it doesn’t matter much, my job is to escort your soul to the other side. So come along, I haven’t got all eternity,” Joe said, crossing his arms

“Wait, please,” April said, falling to her knees. “Have you ever been persuaded to overlook someone? To let them live longer?”

He looked at her closely and saw the pain of unfinished business in her blue eyes. Her hands were clasped in front of her so tightly now her knuckles had turned white. He had to admit he felt sorry for her. You’re getting soft, Joe, he thought.

He sat on her bed and considered her for a moment.

“I have turned a blind sometimes, allowing a soul to live longer than their allotted time,” he said, adjusting the cap on his head.

She smiled encouragingly.

“See, you can do it.”

He glanced at her choosing to ignore her comments.

“However, the Company discovered it and issued an immediate foreclosure.”

He sighed deeply burying his face in his hands.

“The Company always discovers it eventually,” he mumbled. “The cost to the souls in question was a punishment too awful to contemplate. You see, the Company likes to make examples of people who try to buck the system, to discourage others.”

April grabbed his hands, searching his face for compassion.

“What can I do to prove to you I want to live? You know, learn something, and change my life for the better?”

Joe tilted his head and smiled softly at her.

“April, listen to me, this isn’t a Charles Dickens fairy tale. This is real life. A few months or years extra in this life isn’t worth the punishment, trust me.”

She put her head in his lap, crying.

She asked softly, “OK, tell me how I’m going to die?”

“Do you really want to know, April? Is it important to you?”

“Yes, I want to know. It’s my death, isn’t it?”

He got out his book again and found her entry and put the book back in his pocket.

“You’re going to have a fatal heart attack,” he said as easily as talking about the weather.

“A heart attack? You’re fucking kidding me? I’m in great shape.”

She stood and smoothed her hands over the sides of her body to show off how fit she is.

“I work out at the gym three times a week and run three miles every morning. I’m not heart attack material,” April said, gesticulating grandly with her hands.

“I’m sorry, April, but your father died of a heart attack, and more than five hundred souls in your families recent past. I’m afraid it’s your DNA.”

“Still, there’s something you can do about it,” she said, sitting beside him and crossing her legs slowly, allowing her robe to part and fall away giving him a long look at her legs. “Suppose I’m able to convince you somehow to let me live longer?” She said softly snuggling beside him on the bed.

“I told you the penalty for trying to buck the system, April. Just drop it, it isn’t worth it!” Joe said, but looked at her silky smooth legs just the same.

“You mean you’re not the least bit tempted by the way I look?”

She stood in front of him and untied her robe and let it drop to the floor, her silk nightgown soon followed, leaving her in nothing except her bra and panties. She opened her legs wide exposing her panties pressed tightly against her crotch. He stared at her large, meaty labia pressing against the fabric of her sky-blue silk panties giving her a sumptuous camel toe.

“You’re attractive, I have to admit,” he said, and gulped.

“Then what if I let you have this body tonight for another week of life?”

She slid her panties down so he could see her shaved pussy.

“April, I warned—” Joe began.

“Look, you said you had some leeway in collecting my soul, right?” April is now leaning back and rubbing her clit while he watched.


“Well, give me a week to tidy up my affairs here and I’ll come with you willingly, that’s all I’m asking. Just one week. Another week isn’t bucking the system, is it?” April said, sliding fingers inside her cunt.

Joe felt his body tingle as she played with her pussy in front of him, wantonly sliding wet fingers inside her body.

Finally, he said, “OK, a fuck for one week. Agreed?”

“Yes,” she said.

He stood, taking her into his arms and kissing her deeply. As she looked into his eyes with lust, her hands trailed over his crotch rubbing it briefly before fumbling with the button and zipper of his jeans. With one pull April unzipped him, and her soft hands opened his fly revealing he wore no underpants. Gently, yet quickly, she stroked his cock pulling it free and ogling at how big and thick it appeared, even in this semihard state. She gasped at the beauty of it, the head a perfectly formed helmet shape, and the shaft so smooth and strong.

He undid his shirt, throwing it on the floor behind her. April couldn’t help but run her hands down his smooth muscular chest, stopping to look at his tattoo of a skull and scythe. She grabbed his jeans and as he lifted his ass, she pulled them off over his boots. His manliness making her body tremble with excitement. They kissed, a tongue kiss, taking her away in mind, body and soul to places she could only dream of. Is he the perfect man, she asked herself? Is he a man, her mind questioned sarcastically? As he held April in his strong arms and she could feel his skin touching hers, her body tingled and her pussy started to drip. He stared into her eyes, as she did his drowning the pale blueness of his gaze.

She slid over his body, the friction of skin on skin so comforting for her, until she had in her sights what she wanted the most. Languidly she licked from the base of his cock to the tip, tasting his spiciness, saltiness, and his manliness. The reach the crowning glory and suckling a big clear drop of precum and swishing it around her mouth. The slimy goodness of it makes her clit throb and stomach tighten. Into her mouth, she plunged his cock, licking the head as she jerked-off his shaft. Joe groaned and moaned at her touch.

As she jerked him off, she leans lower and takes one of his balls into her mouth, suckling on it gently. Increasing the strength to see what he could take as she watched his face from below. Joe’s head is moving around, his eyes closing and shutting, and his breathing is getting faster and deeper. April sucked his balls, one at a time, tasting him still, feeling her spirit overwhelmed by his presence. She suddenly wanted to give him everything she had, and wondered if even that’s enough for a man such as Joe.

Her mouth returned to his cock and she began to dance her lips along his thick cock, working him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She couldn’t take him all the way, and it hurt her. Her sadness grew because this manly cock deserved to be deep throated, however, it’s too big. No woman alive could swallow this cock all the way down, she thought exasperated. So April worked on what she could, licking, sucking and masturbating him. She even squeezed his balls. Joe had laid back onto the bed now, so she ran her hands up his six-pack as his cock filled her mouth. She wanted to take all of him into her mouth. April needed him.

Suddenly Joe groaned and she could taste cum in her mouth, lots of delicious semen. His semen filled her now, and it tasted divine. I could drink this all day, she thought. She keeps sucking him until he pushes her away, he’s gasping and panting. His body flushed and sweaty.

“Fuck, April, I swear you’d eat my dick if you could,” he said panting still.

She smiled. Her eyes indicating she’d eat him all, if she could. April stood and pulled off her bra revealing her large breasts. Turning slowly she displayed her body to him, bending with her back to him to reveal her money shot.

“Damn, you’re so hot,” he said, feeling his arousal begin to grow again.

He suddenly grabbed her by the hips and throws her into bed beside him with minimal effort. Before she even stops bouncing he gently traces his fingers over the outer edges of her breasts, running his thumb lightly under the space where they fell using only his fingertips to caress her as he breathed warm air over her nipples. He started to kiss her breasts, ignoring her nipples, yet breathing over them with his hot breath making her body writhe with desire. Both nipples now hard. Finally, he took a nipple into his making her gasp and moan as he sucked it while flicking it with his tongue.

“Oh God, yes,” she moans softly.

“You’re so hot, baby,” Joe moans. “I wanna fuck you so hard.”

“Please, I want it!”

He kissed down her stomach, sliding his tongue into her belly button and making her jump. He kissed and licked passed her pussy and worked on her inner thighs, noticing how wet her pussy already is. The aroma of her sex filled him with joy, making his big cock twitch with excitement.

“Your pussy is so beautiful,” he whispered to her, making her smile.

She squirmed as he continued to tease her, rubbing her inner thighs and blowing his hot breath on her throbbing, engorged clit. To her relief his mouth covered her clit and he slid two fingers inside her pussy. The buildup to this moment had been so erotic for her that she came immediately, her pussy contracting on his fingers.

“Oh, yes! God, I love this,” she moaned.

His tongue flicked across her clit side to side, while he managed to vary his sucking strength as well. Her hips were writhing, pushing her pussy into his mouth. Her juices flowing all over his hand that probed her moist pussy with long fingers. She tasted so wonderful to him, spicy, fishy, and slimy all at once. He drank her wetness as a man who had been lost in the desert who had found an oasis. His big cock and balls ached now and as he brought her to another orgasm with his mouth and fingers he knew it’s time.

He removed his fingers, and glided over her body until they were face to face. He kissed her deeply, then slid his pussy-juice covered fingers into her mouth.

“Taste your heat,” he whispered as she sucked. “Taste your lust!”

She moaned, sucking his fingers clean of her wetness. April could feel the tip of his penis now pushing against her pussy lips, the feeling driving her wild with excitement.

“Do you want it?” Joe asked huskily. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Oh PLEASE! PLEASE FUCK ME!” April moaned loudly. “I want your cock in me, so bad.”

Joe moved his hips and pushed the head of his cock into her, making her gasp and squeal. He began to thrust, slowly getting deeper with each penetration. Feeling the warm, silky wetness of her pussy envelope his thick cock filling him with so much pleasure he groaned. He worked his huge cock until she could take all inside her, and began a slow rhythmic fucking as he they tongue kissed passionately. The friction of his cock inside her pussy made her body tingle and her legs feel weak. The friction of his skin as moved on top of her made her feel safe and complete as a woman. April wrapped her legs around his waist, wanting to take in as much of him as she could.

He grabbed her hands and pushed her arms above her head, holding them strongly as his thrusting, probing cock progress from loving jabs to forceful lunges. The head of his cock hitting her cervix now, his balls slapping her taint. He grunted and growled as his lust for her body consumed him. His face distorting strangely, his skin becoming so translucent in parts she could see the bone beneath, and his eyes almost glowing. April stared at his face in awe, seeing for the first time glimpses of his true self. The Grim Reaper, death is fucking her. It blew her mind, and as she thought about this strange man, demon, or angel – whatever he is – an orgasm exploded inside her body.

Her body convulsed under the strong man as she moaned loudly, clenching her eyes shut. She feels her pussy squirt, something she’s never done before, as it cums on his big cock. Her legs shake and she releases them from gripping him. A red flush of heat engulfs her body and as it dissipates a sheen of sweat is left making her skin glow in the soft light.

“Fuck, April, I’m gonna cum” Joe says in a deep guttural voice she had never heard him use before.

“Fill my pussy with your cum, my angel of death,” April moaned wildly

“Oh fuck,” is all Joe managed to get out between his groans.

April feels his dick start to pulsate in her increasing her pleasure, bringing to another orgasm to rock her body. As the intense spasming pleasure shook her to the core, she feels his hot cum flood the inside of her pussy.

He groaned in pleasure, holding his cock deep inside her as he unloads his balls. As he does, the lights in the room dim and the room starts to shake as if there is an earthquake. His head shoots up and with eyes clenched shut, a lets go a demonic roar that scares her so much she gets chills all over her body. Once his orgasm stopped, so did the eerie roar, and he collapsed on top of her panting, exhausted.

They lay still for a while and she feels his cock soften inside pussy. Their mixed juices leaking out of her onto the sheets. Joe rolled off her and onto his back next to her, breathing deeply. They’re still in the moment, trying to fathom what had happened. For April, sex as good as this she’d never had. She’s never cum so hard during fucking in her life. Her body is still tingling, and her mind is racing. I’m going to die after just discovering this, she thought. Life is so cruel. It gives you something so great and takes it away without care.

Joe basks in the post-orgasmic glow of coitus feeling rejuvenated. He has fucked many women before, and April had been one of the best. Eventually, April found the silence between them unbearable.

“Um, are you OK?” She asked softly touching his hand.

He suddenly sat up, and before she knew what, he stood at the end of the bed, clothed, with his baseball cap on. Damn his magic tricks, she thought as her body trembled fearfully by the suddenness of it.

“It’s time for me to leave,” he said.

“At least you’re like men in that respect,” April said sarcastically.

“I need to move on to my next client, but our deal is done.”

“So one more week then?”

“Yes. Don’t think you can escape me, as I’ll find you anywhere with little trouble. Good-bye, April,” he said and bowed.

With a gust of cool air, he suddenly vanished, leaving a woman staring at the emptiness wide-eyed. Aprils phone rang, startling her from her trance, she looked at it to see it’s Bud.

“What now, Bud?” She said coldly as she answered.

“It’s Connie, she’s dead,” Bud said sadly. April gasped. “I thought I had better call and tell you as I knew you two were good friends.”

“No, not Connie. When?”

Tears are rolling down her cheeks now as great sadness ripped her heart.

“At The Ankou today, they found her dead in the toilet.”

“Was it?” she couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Nah, Bo said the cops think she had a heart attack or something. She was pretty fat,” Bud said.

“Omigod, not Connie,” April said and sobbed.


Joe didn’t know how long he would be able to stretch it with April before she caught on about the truth. The Angel of death had spotted April when he came to collect Connie, something primal about April attracted him. Her file had said she wasn’t due to be collected for many years, still he couldn’t wait. Joe wanted her, and he wasn’t disappointed he took her. April is an amazing fuck, and this bad Angel decided breaking the rules was worth it.


The End.


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