The Public Toilets (Gay SPH)

By Max Swan © 2011

I was walking through a well-known park in my area when I decided to stop at the local toilet not because I needed to go but because I wondered if any gay guys were around looking to get off. Now you would think women would be tough critics on my small cock but generally they do relent because they have caring natures (Well some of them anyway he he). But gay guys see a small cock and it is like an affront to some of them. Sure I know chubby chasers and bears that love my body. But to some in the gay community the size of your dick is the size of your worth.

Anyway I walked into this toilet and entered a cubicle and there was a guy next to me. We played the usual cat and mouse thing pretending that we were there for a crap until I finally noticed him looking into the small hole in the side of the cubicle. Not a hole like a glory hole where you can shove your dick in it, only big enough to look through. So I leaned back and let him have a gander at my erect pin dick. All proud 3 inches of it.

In the meantime other blokes had entered the toilet and seems like they all must have wanted to have a shit because they were all waiting to use the cubicles too. Makes me laugh to see gay guys in action all pretending they are about for another reason when they are just there to get off. Our local council is always trying to prevent gay sex in these beats (aka Cottages, cruising) and so they take the locks off the doors and saw off halve the door as well.

They think that this somehow stops horny gay guys from wanting fuck and suck each other. They are completely wrong of course. In fact they just make it easier for gay guys to perv on straight ones in the shitter while the poor bloke can’t even lock the door from them.

So after a few minutes of looking at my little warrior the guy next to me was suddenly pulling his pants up and I didn’t mind because I get that with some gay guys. They all want a huge cock to play with and I am so disappointing for them. I am so disappointing for any gender really.

I hear him exit his cubicle and then to my utter surprise the door to my cubicle swings open and there he is looking down at my dick laughing.

“Hey guy’s check this loser out!” he said yelling to the blokes behind him. They all came up close gathering around the door to my cubicle looking at my teeny-weeny peeney. I sat there frozen feeling a little afraid in case these blokes were homo bashers but I kept my legs open and they all stared wide-eyed at my tiny dick and balls.

“Fuck mate that is the smallest dick I have ever seen!” one stocky man in red jumper said.

Others were laughing, “You shouldn’t leave the house with something like that?” another said.

“His dicklett is more like a clit than a dick!” the man in the red jumper said laughing.

“I have seen 8 year olds with a bigger dick than this! You are a pathetic excuse for a man!” another watcher told me.

“Your cock is a total joke! Have you ever fucked with that thing?” the guy who exposed me said triumphantly.

“Ahhh yes I have fucked with it!” I said humbly as I jerked off and they watched.

“Did they feel it?” the first man said and then they all sniggered.

“Not often!” I replied honestly.

They all laughed.

“God even his nut sack is small. I once knew this midget guy and he had a bigger dick than this freak of nature!” a man in grey sweats said.

“Get out here,” one ordered me and I humbly submitted. Standing and waddling out with my pants at my ankles, jerking off the whole time. He pushed me down onto the sink and I could feel his cock suddenly pushing into my arse. Then he hit home and he pushed his dick inside me.

“Ooh why you wanna fuck that?” someone said to the guy pumping me.

“So he can know what a real dick feels like!” he replied grunting and before long I felt him cum inside me. But to my surprise as soon as he pulled out another man came up and pushed his cock inside me.

“Oh god, you’re gonna rip me!” I moaned as he pumped me.

“Shut up you cockless bitch. No one spoke to you so keep your mouth shut!” the man said fucking me harder. He went for ages while they all watched until he blew his load inside me. “Anyone else wanna fuck this dickless slut?”

A skinny bloke in sweats stepped up and pushed me to my knees and then took his half erect cock out and rubbed the wet tip on my lips. “Open up pin dick I am going to fuck your mouth!” He pushed his cock in my mouth and I greedily sucked on it. He was making me gag he pushed it down so far but I held onto my lunch like a good whore. He eventually pulled out and blew his load all over my face.

They all laughed uproariously as cum drenched my face.

“OK if that is it then we want to see that pathetic small dicklett cum. So get wanking!” said the man who started it all.

So I lay there on a dirty public toilet floor a spent up and used fuck toy jerking off my small cock as they watched. Another guy who was jerking off but didn’t do anything to me shot another load on me and cum soiled my jumper.

Finally I set of a virtual fountain of cum and they all oohed and ahhed at it and laughed as well as cum shot up into the air and back down on me. “I heard small cocks cum like that. I guess it is true!” the red jumper man said.

One by one the men all left and eventually so did I feeling totally satisfied.


The End.


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