The Prisoner (Gay SPH)

By Max Swan

James stood in the courtroom waiting for his sentence to be passed. The judge, a middle-aged black woman dressed in robes, looked over her notes with cold indifference. His body trembled uncontrollably, and he felt sick as she took one final look at him.

“James Bradshaw, you’ve been found guilty by a jury of your peers to the crime of armed robbery. Committed at the First National Bank in Portland on the twenty-fifth day of March, the year two thousand and twelve. Would you like to make a statement before the court passes sentence?”

“No, Your Honor,” he said, wringing his hands.

She nodded.

“Mr. Bradshaw, it shocks me that a man of your ‘good character’ would suddenly commit such a serious felony. I didn’t hear any adequate reason that satisfies me as to this sudden change of behavior during your trial. You had a good job, a stable home life, friends, and seemed to have been well-regarded in your community. I find no evidence of extreme hardship, mental illness, or any other possible cause for this crime to be committed.”

James felt as if his head may burst, however, he stood firm not betraying any of the turbulent emotions he felt.

“You have no remorse for your crime,” the Judge continued. “You view your trial as something of a joke. I do, however, think given your good prior record, there’s a chance you may be rehabilitated eventually. Once the seriousness of your crime becomes evident to you. Therefore, I’m sentencing you to fifteen years jail, with a non-parole period of ten years, including time already served. This case is now adjourned,” she said, and banged her gavel on the wooden bench.

He lowered his head and clenched his eyes shut. Ten years, he thought angrily, ten fucking years!

The Bailiff stood, and shouted, “All Rise.”

After the rest of the people in the courtroom stood to attention, the Judge tucked some files under her arm and left the court through a door behind her chair. The case is over, and for the next ten years at least he’s going to be in prison. His lawyer tried to offer him words of comfort, but he could see his lawyer didn’t really care. I did it, James thought sadly, and I got what’s coming to me. He knew it, his lawyer knew it, and everyone knew it.

Some guards approached and cuffed him, escorting him out of the courtroom through a side door. James got one last look at his parents visibly upset. His mom crying so hard it made him sad, and his eyes well with tears. I never meant to hurt her or dad, he thought as he looked at her, but hurt them I did. The guards took James to a holding cell where he sat alone for the next few hours, until finally they escorted him to a bus and manacled him into a seat. The bus had a few other prisoners on board, all dressed in suits and good clothes. Once the last man had been chained, the bus pulled out onto the road and off to ‘stir’ they went.


James got off the prison transport bus and got frog marched to a small room where a guard told him to take all his clothes off. The other two inmates he had come here with had already been put through this process, and were now in a holding cell opposite. Both were dressed in orange overalls and barefoot, having had their street clothes taken from them. They watched what happened to James probably out of boredom. As he started to strip, they came to the bars to get a closer look. When he got down to his underwear, the guard told him to take them off.

He slid them down and threw them into the pile of clothes on the floor, and stood there naked and shivering in the coldness. James is a short, wiry, kind of guy, about five feet six inches tall, he looked in very good shape though. He’s probably what you’d call buff, with a six-pack and a firm butt. However, he had one major flaw, James had a small cock, some might even call it a micropenis. One of the prisoners, a six-foot skinny white guy, started laughing hard, jabbing the other in the ribs making him guffaw also.

He shouted at James, “Hey, dude, where’s your dick?”

When James is flaccid there’s barely anything there, and his balls are small too as he was born with a congenital deformity called Klinefelter’s Syndrome, which gave him a short penis, but also unusually small testicles. His penis is more like a little boy’s, than a man’s. The guard yelled at the skinny prisoner across the hall.

“Shut up, Henderson, or you’ll be on a charge.”

Henderson shrugged, and nodded he understood, backing away from the bars with hands raised in mock surrender. Still, both prisoners kept laughing at him. James felt his face turn red, and that made them laugh even harder. The guard made him lift his little ball sack, and bend for a cavity search. Suddenly, the guard shoved a gloved finger inside his ass, and wiggled it about. Having been satisfied James isn’t trying to smuggle in any contraband, he handed James a prison uniform.

Once he had dressed, the guard locked him with the two inmates who’d been laughing at him while he changed. The guard told him they would stay here until a permanent cell is allocated to them in the cell block they had been assigned, and promptly left him alone with the other two guys. The two guys hovered over James once the guard left, intimidating the hell out of him.

The skinny guy the guard called Henderson, said, “Ya know, dude, when we was riding the chain here, I thought you looked like you might be able to handle yourself. But seein’ that tiny dick. I hate to tell you they’re gonna eat you alive in here.”

The big black guy laughed, and said, “Fish is gonna be on the menu, that’s for sure.”

“Please, guys, I don’t want any trouble,” James said, trying to move away from them.

“What ya gonna do when trouble finds you, fish?” Henderson asked, pushing him into the wall.

James asked, “I-I don’t know, what should I do?”

The black guy laughed, looking at Henderson, and saying, “He really is a fish.” He said to me, “You can do two things, fish. You can fight, or fuck. But whatever you do, don’t go running to the screws for help, cos that’ll get you killed.”

“But I’m not gay,” James said, cowering as they loomed over him.

They laughed.

The black guy said, “It don’t matter in stir. If you don’t fight, your sweet ass is gonna get fucked. That’s how it works,” The black guy leaned forward close, and reached behind James, and squeezed his ass. He whispered in his ear, “Mmm, and that ass is just beggin’ to be fucked.”

Henderson suddenly said, “You should fuck him, TJ. Break his prison cherry for him.”

“His cherry’s not mine for the takin’, Hendo. You know the rules. But that mouth-pussy of his, well, that’s another thing all together,” TJ said, and started to unbutton James overalls.

“Please, I’m not gay” James begged.

Hendo grabbed his hair roughly, pulling his head down.

“Fight or fuck, what’s it gonna be, fish? Now’s your time to choose.”

So to stop this I have to fight both these guys, James wondered? That’s hardly fair. Looking into his eyes all James could see was malice, mixed with contempt. Henderson didn’t care what his choice is, because either way he would have his fun. I’m not a person anymore, he thought, just something to jab at, either with fists or cocks, it’s all the same to them.

TJ had James overalls at his ankles now, and he stood there nude, again. The guards didn’t give him any underwear.

“Shit, look at that little pecker,” TJ said, and laughed. He grabbed the little dick, and as he played with it, James grew a boner. “Shit, Hendo, our fish is getting hard.”

Henderson burst out laughing, almost curling up as he did.

“No way! Oh man, that’s fucking badass. How big are you, fish?”

James felt stunned and didn’t answer, making TJ slap him over the face, saying, “Answer him, boy.”

“Three inches,” James whispered.

“Oh, fuck me,” roared Henderson. “Oh fuck, wait ‘till the guys see that.”

“Least he has a fine ass and mouth. I’m sure we’ll find plenty of use for that,” TJ said, looking James over making it clear what’s on his mind.

Then TJ pulled out his big black cock and started stroking it.

“This here is what a man’s cock looks like, boy,” he said, then licked his lips. “Do you know what it tastes like?”

“No,” James said, looking down at this monster grow bigger and bigger before his eyes.

TJ had his hand on his shoulder now and pushed James to his knees, and as he hit the hard floor the head of TJ’s cock began rubbing on his lips.

“Open, boy, take his cock in your mouth and taste it. Taste what a man should be.”

His cock is massive, and hung heavily downward even hard. The penises wide head flaring outward, somehow even thicker than his shaft’s amazing girth. His penis must have been ten inches, possibly more, of throbbing black meat, and nearly as thick around as a soda can. James shuddered involuntarily, and felt TJ’s cock jump as he reached out and wrapped his fingers around it.

“What do ya think of that, boy? You like his big black cock?”

“Oh, I think he does, TJ,” Henderson said. “Looks like he’s chosen too. Outta fight or fuck, he’s gonna fuck.”

A glob of precum formed on the end TJ’s cock, and he again pushed it to James lips rubbing his slime on them. James felt speechless, breathless and dizzy with excitement. Looking up, all I could do is nod, jaw still hanging slack in amazement. He gripped TJ’s cock by the base, and shook it lightly, feeling the weight of it in his hand.

“It’s time, boy,” TJ said in an even tone. “Time for you to get to work on that dick.”

Suddenly, a male voice shouted from behind the bars, “Are you OK, Bradshaw?”

A guard stood there staring at the three prisoners with a sneer.

“He’s OK, boss. We’re just passin’ the time,” TJ said without any embarrassment whatsoever.

James blushed all over though.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just passing the time, as TJ said,” he said to the guard.

The burly white guard shook his head, and left.

Another bead of precum formed at the head of TJ’s cock, and his abductors muscles contracted involuntarily as James scooped up the sticky liquid and swallowed it gleefully with his tongue. The head of his cock entered James mouth and he had to stretch wide for it. TJ had the biggest cock he’d ever seen. James had the smallest TJ had ever seen. As James began to relax his throat muscles, TJ surprised him by reaching down and pulling his head hard over his cock, impaling his mouth with it. James gagged, and felt an uncontrollable spurt of thick saliva spurt from the corners of his mouth and land sloppily on his chest and lap.

“Oh yeah, your mouth makes a good pussy,” TJ groaned. “Take it!”

James fought to control his impulse to push TJ away, and instead focused on the cock he had somehow managed to deep throat. TJ’s cock, now thoroughly lubricated from tip to base with the saliva from his throat, still paused at each entrance as he struggled to accommodate it. The giant cock became only slightly easier as James throat began to expand to allow easier passage. Small bubbles of foamy spit formed around the edges of James mouth, where his lips strained around the shaft.

He moaned with pleasure at feeling such a cock in his mouth. James could feel TJ’s heavy balls slapping his chin as he drove every inch of his musky cock down James throat. His nostrils flared for breath each time TJ pulled back, and he felt himself becoming dizzy from lack of oxygen. Knowing he’s too into the moment to stop, all James could do is pray TJ would cum soon.

TJ moaned loudly, and Hendo kept a running commentary, saying things like, “Oh, he likes the cock this one,” and, “Ram that cock into his mouth, yeah,” and, “Choke the little bitch with it!”

After what seemed forever, yet was probably about ten minutes, James felt TJ begin to shudder, and his thigh muscles quiver with exertion. Finally, TJ pulled back, grasping his cock in his hand, and stroked it fast. A string of saliva followed it out of James mouth as he coughed and gasped for air. Saliva sliding down his chin and dangling from TJ’s cock in a sticky line.

“Rub your man-clit while I cum on your face,” TJ said, and James hand went down to his small hard pecker.

James dick felt slimy and wet from his own precum, so he began jerking off with his thumb and finger, prompting Hendo to say, “Jesus, he can’t even jerk off like a man.”

James heard TJ’s loud groan, and felt his first spurt of cum splash onto his face. After two further spurts, his eyelids were pasted firmly shut by cum. He opened his mouth in time to catch a spurt as it shot into the back of his throat. James swallowed it, only to feel another spurt hit his face just above his mouth, filling one nostril with cum.

He tried to dislodge the cum in his nose, however feels two or three smaller shots hit his forehead and cheeks, sliding down to coat his face in a sheen of cum. TJ slapped his cock head heavily onto James face, spreading cum, and smearing it on him. This proved too much for him, and James feels his whole body rock with a massive orgasm. He shot three large spurts of cum out of his little dick, covering his overalls in the process.

“Whoa! Look at his little pecker shoot,” Hendo yelled, pointing excitedly at James cock.

TJ looked, checking out his handy work. He seemed satisfied James had found his place in prison life now. He made James lick his dick clean, and put it away back inside his overalls. Another guard suddenly came to the cell and the two men stepped away from James acting innocent. The Guard screwed his face at him.

“Jesus H. Motherfucking Christ, can’t you guys ever keep it in your pants around here,” he complained.

“What ya talkin’ ‘bout, boss?” TJ said, still acting innocent.

The guard just shook his head in disgust and yelled at James to get dressed, calling him a pin dick faggot, which made him blush. After he dressed, the guard opened the cell door and approached them with some manacles.

James asked, “Ah, sir, can I get a towel to wipe myself before we go?”

“Shit, boy, where d’ya think you are, the fucking Hilton? No, you’re goin’ in with your shame all over your face,” he said angrily.

The guard manacled James hands and feet, while another two watched by the door. The time had come to join the general prison population, and James is about to do the walk of shame.


The guys were ahead of him as they walked into the cell block carrying a roll of toilet paper, sheets, and a blanket in their outstretched manacled arms. At first, he heard some shouts of welcome to TJ and Hendo as other inmates recognized them. However, when they saw James hobbling along, the catcalls and insults began to fly in his direction. He’s seen enough prison movies to know the catcalls are part of a new inmate’s initiation to prison life. To see if he’ll breakdown and cry, the prisoners usually run a book on it. James did his best to keep his head low and appear as if the comments didn’t affect him. Still, it did. Inside, his heart pounded and his stomach roiled. His body visibly trembled as fear coursed through him. He kept looking at the floor in front, and following the back of a guards feet. I dare not look at these men, he thought anxiously, in case they see it as a challenge.

A prisoner close to him spotted cum on his face, and shouted, “Hey, guys, this fish comes with tartar sauce.”

The inmates around James erupted into hysterical laughter as they spotted the source of his shame. That’s how he got his prison nickname that stuck with him the whole of his time inside: Tartar.

The guard deposited James into a cell, removed his manacles, stepped outside signaling someone he couldn’t see, and the door closed with a loud clang.

The guard said, “Make your bed. The meal bell will sound in about two hours, so just follow the others to the dining room. Try not to pay any attention to the inmates, they’ll test you tonight, so be strong. OK?”

James nodded, and the guard walked off. He looked around the small cell. A bed, a toilet and basin, and a desk built into the wall with a plastic chair. The walls were concrete and cold. At the far end of the wall, a small opaque window glowed with gray daylight through bars. The ceiling had a cold-white fluorescent light surrounded by a grill. Ten years, he thought bitterly, ten fucking years!

He got through dinner without incident, although he knew people were talking about him. His first night in Prison frightened the hell out of him, as inmates nearby yelled threats. Fortunately, they had put him in a cell alone, which a guard told James would only be for his first week while he settled in. Eventually, he would have to share with another prisoner. The worst part about being new is that everything is so overwhelming and strange, he thought, as he lay in the darkness. Though I had an idea of what to expect, nothing could have prepared me for the reality of it.


The next morning, a guard escorted James to the showers, a communal affair like you see on TV. Preceding the showers is a tiled change room, with toilets, basins with mirrors, and benches. Men shaved using wet and dry shavers, and a guard watched them closely as razors can only be used at the basins, and have to be handed back to the guard when finished. At one end a large opening led to the showers, where he could see nude bodies already washing. At the other end, a fat bald man sat in a window handing out clean prison overalls to men who had finished their morning ritual. The men lined up nude after throwing their wet towels in a large skip. As one approached the window, he’d say, “Ten,” and the bald man would hand him the overalls.

James realized he was telling the man what size to give him.

He picked up a towel and small piece of soap, and went to a vacant spot on a bench where a guard told him to undress. So he did. Taking off his overalls the guard smirked at his appearance, and told him to put his dirty clothes in a large skip.

“OK, the showers are through there,” he said, pointing to the obvious. “Shave first, you can get a razor and foam off that guard.”

After shaving and enduring the other prisoners quizzical stares at his dick, he entered the shower room. The shower room is essentially one large wet room, with about twenty showers all running with soapy nude men under them chatting loudly. A kind of mezzanine overlooked the shower where armed guards monitored the activity of prisoners.

When James entered, a prisoner yelled to him, “Hey, where’s your dick?”

The other prisoners turned as one, and looked at him in silence. Then they started to laugh. Not a giggle, or guffaw, or a smirk of superiority even but a raucous belly laugh that made James turn every shade of red and pink you could imagine. He walked to the nearest shower and a couple of men stepped aside as he wet himself in the near cold water. Great, he thought, a cold shower to make it even smaller.

A guard yelled at the men from above, and the guys all went back to washing and chatting loudly. However, the men near James couldn’t take their eyes off his cock. Their staring made his little dick tingle, as it always does when people stare at it.

Eventually, a black man with a big cock (must have been six-inches soft) said, “Dog, you got some kinda disability or somefin?”

“Err, nope,” James said, while soaping himself.

“How do ya fuck wid dat fing? Do the bitches laugh?”

Another black man high-fived him for his supposedly witty comment and they laughed. He’d heard it before. James didn’t answer initially because he knew he’s on a hiding to nothing if he did. The best thing to do is go with it, he thought. After all, I do have a small cock so what am I going to say. I can’t deny it, or pretend it’s bigger than it is. I’m fully exposed in here, and all these guys are checking me out.

Eventually, he said, “I just wanna shower, I’m not looking for trouble.”

“Walkin’ in here wid dat little man-clit, trouble gonna find you, Tartar,” the black man said, showing he already had heard about him.

“I don’t want trouble. I mean, tell me how I can avoid it?”

What have I to lose, he thought?

“Well, cos you have no dick, around here that makes you pussy. So, if you don’t want your ass raped by every nasty fucker in here, you need protection.”

“Who can give me that kind of protection?”

The black guy shrugged. “Depends on you, I guess. Depends who you prefer fucking you.”

That comment hit James hard. Protection, he realized, didn’t mean he would be left alone. Protection means he’d be the exclusive property of one man, or maybe a group of men. Theirs to use whenever they feel like it, but protected from the rest of the prison population trying to rape him. James had read about gang rapes in prison, and he knew the choice now being presented to him. Be someone’s property, or be everyone’s property.

The guys weren’t going to do anything in the shower, though, despite what you may think about ‘dropping the soap’. Five armed guards peered down on them from above. Later, he discovered their guns had rubber bullets, and if anyone seriously stepped out of line they got shot.

I don’t know if you’ve been shot with a rubber bullet while you’re naked, wet, and cold, we can assure you, it sucks ass.

After James had dressed, he went back to his cell to find a guard had brought some canvas shoes for him to wear. At least having shoes make me look less like a fish, he thought. He went to the dining area for breakfast, and lined up along a server to get some fake-eggs, bacon, and toast. One thing James found about prison food is any meat they serve is just plain awful, the cheapest cuts they can get. As he walked with his tray to find a table, he could see people looking at him and making jokes as they did at dinner the evening prior. He could also see that people sat in definite racially defined groups, and he felt really at a loss to know who would be better offering him protection. He just didn’t know anyone.

Then he heard a familiar voice say, “Hey, Tartar. Over here.”

James turned toward the voice, and there sat Hendo with a group of white guys. So he shrugged, and sat in a space between him and another guy.

“Hey, Hendo,” he said, as he sat.

Hendo asked, “How was your first night in stir, Tartar?”

“Fucking awful, but you knew that,” James said, with a slight grin.

“I want ya to meet someone,” he nodded his head to indicate the guy sitting on the other side of him. “That’s Spider,”

James thought it strange that Hendo didn’t introduce any of the other ugly men sitting around the table, but said nothing about it.

“Hi,” James said, and ‘Spider’ just nodded, not really looking at James.

Spider looked like a pretty tough guy. He had loads of tats on his thick arms James could see, a goatee, black hair and a very solid frame. Spider reminded him of the he kind of guy who always kicked ass in a bar fight.

Hendo said, “Got some advice for ya, Tartar. It’s not cool for a white guy to hang out with niggers in here. This isn’t the United-fucking-Nations, its stir.”

James blinked rapidly. “I’m not hanging out with anyone?”

“In the shower, you were talking to Hoss, and his crew,” Hendo said casually, and shoved some fake eggs into his mouth.

“But, in that holding cell you—” James began.

Hendo glared at him, saying, “That don’t count, you’re in the real world now.”

James tried to act indifferently, but his body shook with fear.

“I don’t know anyone. Those guys didn’t even tell me their names,” he said.

Spider spoke for the first time in a deep voice that startled James in its power and masculinity.

“What did they say?”

“They told me if I didn’t want to be ass raped by every psycho here, I needed to find some protection,” James said.

Hendo asked, “Did they offer it?”

James shrugged.

“No, they just said I’d have to choose,” he answered honestly.

Hendo nodded.

“The last white pussy to ride with Hoss ended three knees deep. Remember that.”

James sighed, not really understanding the slang, saying, “I’m not looking for trouble, I swear.”

He later learned ‘three knees deep’ means being stabbed as a warning.

Spider laughed, and said, “No one looks for trouble here, just ask them.”

James suddenly feels Spiders hand on his leg, squeezing it sexually.

“Come to my cell later, and we can talk about you riding with us. Hendo will come get you.”

“OK,” James said with a nod.

He glanced at the various guys sitting on the table and they looked at him as if he’s nothing more than the cheap bacon they were eating. He wondered if joining the gang means he would become the group whore, or just Spiders. Things are moving too fast, he thought, silently eating the rest of his breakfast with Spiders hand rubbing his thigh.


Later that morning, James had to go to an orientation meeting. He met a deputy governor who told him to basically to stay out of trouble, and his time will be reduced. Yeah, thanks for that, James thought sarcastically. Do they really pay these idiots for this? He got assigned to a work detail in the laundry where he spent the rest of the day loading and unloading enormous washing machines. The day had been hard, because as the fish he got unwelcome attention all day. He’s the bright, shiny new toy of the moment, and guys bullied him, squeezing his ass, and much to his chagrin, sticking their hands down his overalls to see if his dick is really as small as everyone said.

Once they felt him up, they’d withdraw their hand, rub them it on his overalls while saying something disparaging thing about his dick size, and how useless it is for fucking. James got called everything, like boy dick, babydick, squirrel dick, pin dick, clit dick, and it went on. The annoying part is some guys felt him up right in front of the guards too, while they just stood there and did nothing. James didn’t see Spider or Hendo at lunch or dinner, as it seemed he was in a different seating assignment to them.

He returned to his cell after dinner choosing not to hang out in the rec area as he needed some space from these guys. Laying on his bunk dozing, Hendo suddenly woke him and told him to follow him. They went to Spiders cell, and James feels nervous because he knew what Spider is going to do to him. Several guys watched James with knowing smirks as he walked along the open area of the cell block, and eventually Hendo presented him to Spider.

“Keep watch,” he told Hendo who left the cell and presumably took a position nearby to watch for screws. Spider looked me over, and said, “OK, show me the goods, Tartar.”

“W-What?” James mumbled.

“Get your gear off, moron,” another man sitting on the toilet as a chair said. So James sighed and kicked his shoes off, undid his overalls, and took them off. It didn’t take long to be naked in front of Spider and his crony who’s called Wookie (because he’s hairy).

Wookie poked his head around to look at James cock.

“Wow! That’s something. The beasts will get a kick out of that, if they see it.”

“Beasts?” James asked.

“He means the kiddy fiddlers. Now turn around and let me see your ass,” Spider said.

“Kiddy fiddlers? That’s fucking gross,” James said to Wookie as he turned.

Wookie shrugged, saying, “Well you’re the one hung like a fuckin’ three year old, so what ya expect?”

James were about to say something, when Spider grabbed him by the waste and pulled him close. A strong hand pushed James forward to make him bend, and he felt Spiders tongue in his ass. He squirmed at the sensation, and he didn’t know if Spider thought that meant James liked it, as he went harder. However, James just found it gross.

It occurred to James at this strange point that if Spider could lick his ass like this, then it’s more than likely he would expect the same in return. The idea made James feel sick, as eating another person’s ass out has never a fantasy of his. Still, this isn’t about fantasy, is it James, old boy, he thought. It’s about survival.

Spider moved like a predator attacking its prey. His sinew and muscle pulled James into a stance that allowed him to explore his ass, taint and balls with his tongue. Reaching into his supplies, he found a small jar of Vaseline, coated a finger with it, and started rubbing his greasy digit over the pulsing hole in front of him.

“Oh fuck,” James said.

Not an exclamation of fear, more a moan, as he never knew this could feel so good. Spider smiled, and continued his slow tantalizing preparation for the fucking ahead. He caressed his lightly haired ass with his free hand while he explored its depths with his fingers. Rubbing his finger against James prostate, enjoying the low moan it elicited from his prey. Spider explored every crevice of his ass, and James hated to admit it, but he became more and more lost in the feelings growing within him.

Spider added a second finger to his probing, and James lost all sense of self with his ass presented to Spider like a dirty whore. His prostate felt hard and swollen from the stimulation, and each thrust of fingers across it sent jolts of electricity through him. Slowly Spider withdrew his fingers until, with a slight pop, they emerged surprising clean.

“She likes it, Spider. We gotta real hot one, here,” Wookie said, rubbing his now exposed hard cock.

“Shame he let that nigger fuck his mouth. But at least I get to sample his pussy first,” Spider grunted.

“I had no choice, Spider, TJ would’ve beat me up,” James said, trying to explain.

Wookie laughed coldly.

“Shit, Tartar, it’s better to be beat hard than to suck a nigger’s cock. It’s unnatural, ungodly even to do something like that. Don’t ever do it again or you’ll get a whipping from me. Got it?”

James nodded glumly.

Spider ran his hand down his cock, coating it with Vaseline. Leaning forward, his dark-red cock head, swollen and leaking precum, honed in on his anus. Both let out a gasp, as his cock rubbed the lips of James ass. Spider pushed forward slowly, feeling James outer sphincter stretch around his cock, encasing it in delightful sensations. Spider then groaned deeply as he felt James ass surrender and he slipped inside, all the way. James prison cherry now broken.

“Oh, fuck yes. Damn, that looks so hot,” Wookie said, stroking his long cock fast.

Spider pulled back, feeling his cock head scraping the insides of James guts driving his lust. When he could feel his cock trapped by the last of James anus, he pushed in again. Slowly, he began fucking James, who felt amazed at how tender Spider is with him. Spider didn’t look like the type to be so gentle, so James wondered if he’s going easy on him because it’s his first time. Spiders cock felt pretty big inside him, although, James felt thankful it isn’t as big as TJ’s. Spiders cock is still large enough to make him grunt as he pushed it deep inside him. Fucking him faster, Spider became more and more excited. James anus began tingling in the most amazing way as the friction intensified.

Both men became lost in the feelings of the sex. Spider’s rough hands held his hips in a vice like grip as his rhythm began getting faster, and faster. Wookie couldn’t control himself and James spotted some thin white lines of cum shoot out of his dick and onto the floor. This actually feels great, James thought, who knew? James looked back with a lusty smile, and saw Spiders clenched jaw and fluttering eyes as he tried to not succumb to the sensation growing in his body. However, battle for control is seldom won. James clenched his ass on Spiders dick, which made the man groan loudly. Soon enough Spider forgot his goal of trying to last, and he began fucking James hard, really stretching him and even hurting James.

Suddenly, James felt Spider pull out, and he pulled James around onto his knees ordering him to suck the big swollen cock. Spiders cock didn’t taste good, as you can imagine, but after James had licked off the nasty flavors, it became bearable. This gave James the first full view of Spiders thick cock. Probably seven and a half inches, James thought as he sucked it, and very tasty. Spider fucked his mouth hard, and James used what he had learned from sucking off TJ to allow him to fit the entire length down his mouth and throat. Spider didn’t expect to be deep-throated, but he enjoyed it.

Then the moment came, and Spider pulled back and shot cum into James open mouth. Four large spurts of creamy cum with a little running down James chin for good measure. Spider grunted and shook, and once James swallowed his man juice Spider let him lick his knob clean. Spider fell back onto his bunk, looking at James with a satisfied grin.

“You sure you never done this shit before?” he asked.

“You’re the first guy who has ever fucked me, I assure you,” James said.

“You’re a natural at it, Tartar,” he said.

“So what now?”

“You’re riding with us. I’ll get word out that if anyone touches you they’ll answer to me. The fuckwits will leave you alone now.”

“What about what I have to do for your protection?”

“You’ll do whatever and whomever I tell you too. No one fucks you without my permission. If they do, tell me and I’ll fix it.”

“I thought I’d have to do all the guys in your gang?” James said, as feelings of relief overwhelmed him.

“Oh you will, but for now only when I say so. Now get dressed and go back to your cell,” he ordered, and James stood.

Wookie wasn’t happy and slapped his thigh, saying, “Oh fuck it, boss. I wanted a go fucking that pussy too!”

As James pulled up his overalls, Spider smiled, and said to the big man, “OK, just do it in his cell will ya. I don’t wanna watch you doin’ it.”

James eyes bulged as Wookie grabbed his arm and began frog marching him out of Spiders cell and back toward his.

“Oh, this gonna be sweet. None of that slowly-slowly shit for me, Tartar. I want to slam that pussy until I cum.”

He did exactly that. Wookie, as James later learned is nothing more than a brute. A big hairy man the Gays may call a bear, but there’s nothing graceful about him. He isn’t cuddly and kind, and he’s prone to violence as easily as James has seen anyone. That’s why Spider let him fuck James that night, and any other night he demanded it, because to keep him happy is in everyone’s best interest, except James.

Wookie is not a good fuck by anyone’s standards either. That night James ass burned red raw from his ferocious pounding, and dripped cum after Wookie shot his load inside him. He made James suck his foul tasting balls, and lick his cock until he blew his third load for the night. This time down his throat, and like the rest of Wookie, even his cum had an awful taste.

When the siren finally sounded signifying that it’s time to return to cells for the nightly lock down, Wookie left James alone. He felt used, abused, and humiliated by what had happened to him. As the cell block quietened for the night, his hand reached down and he began to jerk off. After he came, he thought, that’s the best orgasm I’ve had.

James lay on his bunk in the dark, feeling satisfied that things had gone as planned. The words of the Judge rang in his mind, Mr. Bradshaw, it shocks me that a man of your ‘good character’ would suddenly commit such a serious felony. I didn’t hear any adequate reason that satisfies me as to this sudden change of behavior during your trial. Going to jail for a person like him always meant he would be a target of sexual dominance by other inmates. James had read enough books and seen enough documentaries to know what would happen.

Oh, I had a reason, Your Honor, James thought. The real danger though, Judge, is once I got here, once I submitted to it, would I like it. In his post orgasmic glow James lay looking at the underside of the empty bunk on top. And like it I definitely do, he decided.

Even the rough fumbling’s of Wookie had satisfied a deep need he had. The need to be owned, humiliated, controlled and used like a sex doll. This James is the person who nobody knew back in his old life, people who thought he had ‘good character’ couldn’t even dream he’s such a man. However, James decided to live his dream of being sexually dominated by other men, and prison is where it brought him. This deep desire to be used is why he committed armed robbery.

Ten years, he thought happily, ten years of fucking!


The End.


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