The Loan

By Gowan Bush © 2016

Arriving at the office, she strode in, her high heels tapping on the floor, and climbed the stairs to the studio.

In the studio Boris is conversing with two men who Mia guessed were her clients and her heart sank. She immediately christened them Laurel and Hardy. Both, she estimated, were in their forties. However, one guy had a serious weight problem and must have been twenty stone. The other had the kind of body that clothes just seemed to drape over.

Nothing fitted and his shirt flapped around his ribs. The fat man is bald, and wore a T-shirt that exposed his expansive gut. Mia also noted his arms were muscular, as if big hams. His jeans slung low under his belly revealed a flabby butt as she approached them across the studio. Her Landlord, who apparently had been explaining the workings of a couple of cameras (they were obviously not photographers) introduced her.

“This is Mia my latest, and youngest model. She’s already experienced and will enjoy making your evening a pleasure.”

The skinny man began to giggle in a juvenile sort of way when Boris said this and showed his teeth that were blackened and broken. Mia began to feel a little queasy, yet even now she’s too polite to let her discomfort show.

“I’ll be in the office. If you need me, you can use the phone over there just dial O.” Boris said, and left Mia with the two men.

The lights were already set up at the one end of the room and as neither of the two said anything, Mia suggested, “Shall we start?”

She took up a position on the armchair where she had first fucked Boris.

Porky took the first shot desperately trying to get an angle that at once peered up her skirt and featured her meager cleavage.

“Let’s not fuck about, slut,” he grunted. “Start getting your kit off, we’re not interested in a fashion shoot, are we?”

This last is directed at his accomplice Joe, also snapping away. Mia slipped out of her jacket, immediately aware of the effect on her two observers.

“And the skirt,” demanded Porky.

She complied.

“Lovely fucking body, Joe, I love those tiny tits,” muttered Porky as he moved around Mia snapping.

Mia for her part, is adopting whatever pose she thought they would like and changing it every few shots. The skinny Joe pointed his camera and snickers. When she knelt over the chair, she feels one behind her. She could see the giggler so it must be fat Porky. A hand pulled her thong to one side.

“Come on, slut, we want a shot of your lovely cunt,” followed by Porky’s fingers she guessed reaming open her cunt lips.

She opened her legs a little to facilitate his access. The two men resumed their photo taking. Mia discarded her bra and thong without prompting to appreciative applause from Porky. Kneeling clad in just her stockings she posed stroking her breasts and probing her cunt with her fingers.
“You’re a dirty slut!” Porky said and gasped.

“Give her your dick to suck, Joe. Let’s have some pictures of that pretty mouth round a fat cock.”

Joe undid his trouser belt, which had been cinched tight and his loose trousers fell to his ankles revealing his sallow thin bony thighs from the conjunction of which hung the largest dick Mia had seen. As he shuffled to her snickering, its hardening steadily and before she followed Porky’s hoarse instruction to suck it, it’s almost erect and more than nine inches long with a bulbous end.

She had to open her mouth as far as she could to get the end in her mouth. Lathering the bulky knob end with her tongue, she held the massive tool in her hand as the man tried to fuck her face. Holding his hairy balls in one hand, she tried to control his thrusts with the other round his cock. With no more than six inches in her mouth, he filled her and is pushing at the back of her throat.

The fat man is taking close-ups of this monster distorting her face while its owner jerked and giggled. It’s not long before Mia feels the familiar quickening of pace, and the cock begins to blow its load into her mouth. The cumming man pulled away and his cock spat globules of cum over her face and neck.

“Fucking brilliant,” said fat Porky, standing back to record the dribbles of cum running from Mia’s chin. “My turn now!”

Porky stepped out of his jeans and is presenting his more manageable six inches to Mia’s mouth. She had to turn her face to one side to get under the overhang of his belly and suck his much slimmer dick between her lips.

“Get some fucking pictures,” her new assailant entreated his colleague.

Mia used all her expertise to bring her obese lover to orgasm and it’s only a few seconds before he too is at his request shooting his stuff over her face. Mia had a few minutes before the skinny Joe began to resume interest in her as she sat in the chair. He nudged her legs apart and began to lick out her cunt. He slavered over it as if a dog in-heat, pleasant enough, yet it didn’t really arouse her.

Working his way up her body, he licked over her belly and began to tease her nipples with his tongue.
She could feel his cock hard again against her leg and realized he is maneuvering to get it into her. She lifted her ass and feels the tip of his dick locate at the entrance to her cunt and begin to ease its way in. Joe’s scrawny ass began their slow oscillation driving his heavy tool into Mia’s cunt.

To her surprise it slid in almost easily, giving her a ‘full’ feeling that’s not unpleasant. As he raised the tempo of his thrusts, she feels herself raise her legs and wrap them round him as he drove into her. The stimulation of her tits had stopped and Mia looked up into the face of Joe. He is grinning maniacally as he lay over her, his broken blackened teeth in a slack jawed gape. God, he is going to kiss me? She tried to turn away, yet his mouth closed over hers and his tongue forced its way between her teeth.

Then he began to cum, shuddering in her in a series of diminishing spasms before pulling off her and sitting on the floor. Porky lowered the camera and brusquely told her to kneel up.

“I’m not having sloppy seconds, so let’s see if that assholes as nice as it looks?”

She climbed onto the back of the chair and offered her backside to the fat guy. He probed her anus with two, then three fingers, and she didn’t flinch. She’s glad she’d applied plenty of the KY. Resting his stomach on her ass he placed his dick against her cunt and began to push.

As earlier that afternoon, this cock slid gently and snugly into her anal passage. Grunting and sweating Porky began to drive his cock in and out of her ass. Holding on to her hips for support he thrust into her till his flabby thighs were against hers.

She concentrated on not collapsing under his huge bulk. For a second time the fat man exploded into her, this time deep in her bowels. Then he withdrew to sit like a stranded Buddha, his cock leaking cum on to the studio floor. Mia hoped this would be the end of this episode, which while not enjoyable had so far been OK. She noted, that neither men had taken off their shirts, and concluded it’s a bizarre business altogether, and why should she be appalled at kissing a man whose cock she had just sucked enthusiastically.

Porky is on the phone, and Boris comes back.

“Everything OK?” He inquired.

“Oh, yeah,” said Porky. “I wondered if you’ll take some shots of both of us with Mia.”

“No problem.” Boris assured them. “Is it, Mia?”

Porky wanted some shots of Joe fucking Mia up the ass while he had his cock in her mouth. Mia is not sure if that beast of a dick would go in, yet is persuaded by her landlord to suck it back to stiffness for a third time Then bending over the arm of the chair she pushed her backside as high and wide as it would go. Boris smeared more KY on her ring and opened her with some gentle massage before Joe, still in his shirt, placed his penis against her bottom. As he pressed forward, she responded, pushing in the opposite direction and the huge log of his cock began to force her ass to open and accept it.

Mia groaned in discomfort and let out an, “Oh God!”

Yet she continued to push back against the cock pressing its way into her ass. Joe began to ease his tool in and out, each time penetrating just that bit further until suddenly Mia could feel his balls against her cunt. She feels stuffed, and had no time to dwell on the experience as Porky stuck his dick into her mouth. She realized too late, Porky’s cock had only minutes before been in her ass.

“Come on, fuck her then!” Porky shouted.

Joe laughed his silly laugh and rapidly began to thrust in and out of her. The sensations she had experienced when Boris sodomized her earlier recommenced. With every retraction of his turgid prick, it feels as if her insides were dragged out. She begins to feel an orgasm building, and is suddenly aware that the cock in her mouth is cumming as is the one up her ass.

Porky is shouts in an almost squeaky voice, “Shoot on the dirty bitch’s face, Joe.”

Mia feels the long, heavy cock, still hard withdraw from her bottom, and knew her anus remained stretched and open. Gawky Joe stood in front of her, his dick in his fist a couple of inches from her face and began to pump. His cock is slick with the various juices from her ass. Boris told her to poke out her tongue. She did, licking the end of the still angry looking prick. Boris told Joe not come yet, and went to the phone.

Porky, his prick limp, stood behind her pushing his fingers into her cunt, Mia is grateful, gyrating on his hand while continuing to slurp on the bulbous prick. However, is curious to see a cucumber or a large zucchini lying on a nearby table. She’s now entering the pattern of contractions in her cunt that she knew would eventually lead to an orgasm. A cold sensation in her backside told her that whatever she had seen is now being thrust into her ass.

The fat man began to piston the vegetable into her ass as she bucked against the fingers of his other hand.

“Oh yes! Oh yes,” she panted, as her body began to shake.

Reaching out she gobbled as much of Joe’s fat penis into her mouth as her climax overwhelmed her. The swollen knob spewed its last load into her mouth and down the side of her face as she collapsed into the chair the cucumber still tight in her anus. Her last recollection as she drifted into sleep is of Boris kneeling over her and wanking onto her face.

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