The Intruder

By Gowan Bush

The Intruder Gowan Bush

  • An escaped prisoner rapes a housewife then makes her fuck her teen son. Meanwhile, dad is doing the nasty with other family members.
  • GW Enterprises
Chapter 1

The heavy snowfall obscured the rays or the rising sun and muffled the wailing siren at the state prison. The sudden storm had knocked down the power lines and made all roads impassable. County workers had no way of reaching, let alone driving, their plows and cinder trucks, for the snow were now more than three feet deep and drifting across the roads and into the valley.

The driving wind also quickly obliterated the footprints leading to the isolated farmhouse. Years earlier, Sticks Richards had fucked his first woman there, and he had never forgotten the experience.

Now in the early morning hours, Richards, his grizzled head bowed before the storm, plodded from the woods, forcing his way through the freezing snow toward the only shelter he could recall. Finally, in the distance, he saw the farmhouse jutting like a dark iceberg in a sea of swirling whiteness. His full lips drew back in a humorless smile, and his lustful appetite, never fully appeased, raced to the fore and caused his large cock to bloat and tent the front of his thin, icy-stiff slacks. He felt the wild desire coursing through his cold body, almost intoxicating in its strength. Even in the midst of the blizzard, his balls tightened with anticipation as he plunged joyously ahead, breaking the crusting snow and grunting and panting with nervous anticipation.


Damn, she thought, Jack won’t make it home through this storm. Well, it’s not the end of the world. There’d been many mornings she’d awakened with a wet pussy and no company. Fingers not so bad occasionally, it was only when there was never anything else that she suffered. Tara Knox recalled the years before her marriage when, like a good girl she’d kept the boys from her and played with her pussy half the night.

Holding her breath, she trailed a hand down to her curly-haired cunt. Cupping it tightly she felt its warmth and wetness and squeezed her spongy pussy. Hot cunt juice oozed from between her fingers, and she bit her lips.

“Ohhh, Jack—” she sighed, sleepily imagining her husband’s sturdy fingers prying open her plump pussy lips and digging into her drooling red pussy.

Still grunting and squirming she slid two fingers into her flowing cunt, twisting them slowly and gently as her thumb nudged the stiff knob of her clit. Her hips circled as her clit lifted and strained away from its fleshy hood.

With her, other hand Tara grabbed one of her aching, pear-shaped tits and gently rolled it with her palm. The firm, spongy flesh liquidly assumed a variety of sexy shapes. Finally, with the hard, hot nipple digging into her sweaty palm, she began to milk and squeeze the heavy orb of creamy tit flesh. Tara’s knees lifted and her feet moved closer together. She pushed the covers down, and the hot odor of her abundant pussy juice filled the air. Grabbing her tit again, she pushed it up into her mouth. Parting her lips wide she encircled the large, bumpy brown skin surrounding her hard nipple. Both of her creamy tits were sensitive, and having them rubbed and sucked was nearly enough to make her come when she was horny.

She sucked the stiff nipple and chewed lightly on it while her hand massaged the underside of her tit. She could feel her orgasm building and shoved another finger into her tight, soaking cunt. Her bedsprings were creaking, but she made no attempt to control the violent shaking of her body. Luke’s bedroom was upstairs, and even ordinary sounds seldom reached him. Now, with the sound of the snowstorm rattling the windows, she won’t be overheard.

Her mouth opened and wanton cries and groans soon filled the room. Her free breast rolled all over her chest, and her soft ass quivered in the air as she lifted her hips high.

“Unnhhh, ohhhhh,” she groaned. She was rising to a sensational climax. She pumped her fingers faster and forced her tired thumb to strum her clit even harder.

“Yahhhhh! Unghhhh! Yowwww!” she cried blissfully, lifting her legs into the air. Her feet kicked aimlessly as she stuffed her fingers palm-deep into her clenching cunt. Then her legs collapsed, and she shivered and let her spit-soaked tit drop down on her chest. Pulling her fingers from her still-tingling cunt hole, she held them up and watched the pussy juice drip from them. She smiled, remembering how Jack liked sucking on his fingers after playing with her pussy.

Just then, there was a crash of glass in the next room, followed by a heavy thud. Tara jumped from the bed, thinking that the wind had flung a branch or icicle through the window. Her huge white tits swung and bounced before her like pendulous melons as she hurried into the hall. Gusts of cold air hit her naked body as she entered the room, and she shivered. Broken glass and snow covered the floor under the window, and the drapes were fluttering madly.

“Oh, shit!” she muttered, not daring to approach too closely in her bare feet. She turned to leave when a man jumped from behind the door to block her exit. She cried out in fright as he grabbed at her. She began to kick and struggle and opened her mouth to scream, but he slapped her hard across the face.

Tara’s vision blurred. Momentarily stunned, tears filling her eyes, the helpless homemaker felt lifted into the air. Sticks looked down at her and licked his chapped lips. Jeez, she was prime. Just look at them tits hanging off her chest! His gaze traveled down her belly and saw the glistening wetness of her cunt.

“Playin’ with your pussy, honey?” he asked. “Old Sticks’ll take care of your itch!”

Now that he was inside, the whipping of the wind through the broken window chilled him more than it had, and he quickly carried the woman into the hall and shut the door. Sighting her bedroom, he dumped her on the bed, stripped off his now-wet clothing, and shivered.

Fucking this woman would warm him up, he thought and knelt on the bed beside her. Tara suddenly felt rough hands gripping her thighs, squeezing their plump whiteness before forcing them apart. Her legs spread wide and she shuddered as she regained her senses.

Tara was petrified with fear and felt a knot of sickness grow in her belly. She strained to close her legs, but the man was too strong for her, and her strength sapped. The aching muscles in her thighs gradually relaxed, and she felt his hands on her wet cunt.

“No!” she cried, thrashing her upper body and flailing at him with her small fists. “NO!”

She was sobbing with fear and humiliation as he shrugged off her ineffectual blows and used his thumbs to spread the fat lips of her auburn-haired cunt.

“Oh, God!” Tara whimpered. “Don’t do this to me. Please! Let me go—”

Sticks stared at the glistening pinkness of her pussy lips. She smelled hot and sweet, and he felt his cock swelling with anticipation. Blowing softly on the dark bud of her trembling clit, he was gladdened to hear her whimper.

“Like that, doncha, honey?” he whispered and nuzzled her soft cunt hair with his face.

“OHHH, God!” Tara groaned as she felt his hot tongue stab through the soft folds of her pussy. She tried to squirm away but his arms wrapped around her fleshy hips and his hands were digging bloodless furrows into the smooth whiteness of her ass.

The man’s lewd tonguing of her feverish cunt lips made her gasp with unwanted, agonized pleasure. She felt her cunt hole opening, drenching his lips and chin with clear, slippery pussy juice.

“Unnhhh—” Tara moaned, and against her will, her hips lifted and dropped.

The Intruder Gowan Bush

  • An escaped prisoner rapes a housewife then makes her fuck her teen son. Meanwhile, dad is doing the nasty with other family members.
  • GW Enterprises

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, baby,” Sticks groaned, raising up enough for her to see his wet lips and dripping chin. “Give me a kiss with that fat pussy of yours!”

Tara inwardly cringed as her body responded to this brutal man’s lewd tonguing. She was filled with shame, but unable to fight. Nor could she scream for help. Even if Luke could hear her, she couldn’t expose her teenage son to this man’s violence. She shook, gasped, and then cried out with mingled pain and pleasure as Sticks located her clit and sucked it between his front teeth. His teeth closed over its base while he sucked on it as if it was a juicy berry and his tongue lashed its tip.

She arched up, her body covered with sweat and her ears ringing with the obscenely loud slurping and smacking of the mouth locked on her cunt. Her clit throbbed and burned, and possessed by the nearness of her orgasm. Her eyes widened with electrified shock. Her whole body quaked as the beginning tremors thundered through her.

“Uhhhhhh—cumming. Oh, God, I’m cumming—” She chanted mindlessly. Then it struck, shocking her with its intensity, blotting out all thoughts of who the man was, and what he was doing. “UNG—AGHHH, YES—FUCK ME—OHHH—”

Sticks gleefully released her clit and ran his tongue up the whole length of her pink, throbbing cunt repeatedly. Tara’s toes turned down, her eyes squeezed shut, and her ass lifted a foot off the mattress as she chants her shameful litany. Sticks drew back and dropped over her. Her soft tits felt hot to his chest as his weight mushed them out between their bodies. His fat cock slapped against her inner thighs as he pressed his wet face to her lips, kissing her and making her taste her own fresh cunt juice.

Steering his cock to her hair-fringed pussy, he shoved steadily until the tightness of her muscle gave way, and his long, hard cock slithered all the way into her steaming cunt. His size and quick entry made Tara cry out with pain. He was pinning her mercilessly to the bed with his cock, and the realization filled her with fear and disgust.

“Argh!” she cried out as his huge prick filled her pussy. Her tender cunt burned with the shock of his entry, and she could feel him rearranging her organs.

“Ahhh, yeah!” Sticks groaned. He pulled back slowly, and felt the tightness of her cunt clamp around his cock, drawing back with it. She groaned, and Sticks buried his face in her neck and said, “Love it, dotcha?” He shoved his cock in again, harder this time.

Tara shrieked as his cock speared in and the mattress bounced her up against him. Then she felt him slide his hands under the soft cheeks of her butt and squeeze them as he pounded into her cunt. Jeez, Sticks thought, she’s taking all of my nine inches easy. It’s just her cunt’s not wide enough, that’s why she’s so tight.

“Uhhh—” Tara moaned, and involuntarily squirmed and lifted her ass even as he gripped her ass cheeks. “Oh, yeah, that’s it, baby! Fuck back!”

Gross slurping, smacking noises filled the room as Sticks fucked in and out of his helpless victim’s responding cunt. He shifted his weight to his elbows and looked down at the woman’s big tits as they shook in rhythm to his slamming hips. He slithered his anxious tongue all over her bulging tits, exploring the contrasting textures of skin and nipples. It had been so long waiting in prison. Saliva flowed thickly into his mouth as he sucked in one of the hard, red nipples.

Shit, he could feel her creaming around his cock! Fuck, her talented pussy was giving his cock a real working over, making his prick feel even bigger and harder. Damn, the tip was starting to burn! He could feel his big balls growing hot and heavy, and then they tightened, and the cum was shooting down his prick.

“Agh! Uhhh! Ohhh!” he grunted, stroking Tara’s cunt with blurring speed as the head of his cock expanded. The shaft shrunk momentarily, then bloated again as he blasted cum deep inside her cunt. The spurts of hot jism came fast and furious, weakening him.

“Ohhh—” Tara groaned.

She opened her mouth wider as her climax hit, but all that came out was a breathless gasp as the rapist’s hips slammed down and drove his cock in balls-deep again. Then he was coming, and she felt the hot jism filling her. She couldn’t stop her body from responding to the savage fucking, and she writhed and bucked wildly. Her fingers dug into his shoulders and her neck arched. She bared her teeth, as everything within her seemed to shatter.

Sticks felt his cock shrivel. “Goddamn, that was some fuck!” he gasped, pulling quickly from her.

Tara sobbed and rolled her head to one side. She could feel their warm, mingled fuck juices trickling from the contracting hole of her pussy. She looked down at the rise of her matted cunt.

“Like what you see, honey?”

Sticks grinned, lifting up his shiny wet cock. Tara cringed.

“N-no,” she cried. “No!”

She watched him reach into the pile of soggy clothes beside the bed. “Know what this is?” he asked, waving a small, ugly-looking automatic under her nose. She nodded. “OK. Now, I don’t like surprises. Who else lives here?”
“My— my husband and two children,” she stammered.

“Where’s your old man, huh? You kick him out of your bed for some finger-fucking?”

“H-he got caught in the storm. He’s probably staying with his sister.”

“What about the kids?”

“My daughter’s with him.” Tara mentally thanked God for that, and then hurriedly said, “My son’s sleeping upstairs.”

Sticks grinned at this news. “OK, you look smart. You understand your kid’s dead if you make trouble?”

Tara nodded, terrified.

Sticks bent his face and placed a big, rough hand over her wobbling tits. “You must really be hurting for some cock, huh, baby?”

“Oh, no,” she groaned. “Please, not again. Don’t fuck me again. I’ve got money in my purse.”

“And I’ve got this gun. Don’t you care what happens to your son?”

“All— all right,” she moaned, defeated. “Do anything you want, just don’t hurt my boy. Please!”

“Glad we understand each other. Now get me some of your husband’s clothes, everything, including jacket and boots.”

The Intruder Gowan Bush

  • An escaped prisoner rapes a housewife then makes her fuck her teen son. Meanwhile, dad is doing the nasty with other family members.
  • GW Enterprises

Tara did as he ordered, shamefully aware that he was watching the swing of her tits and the shaking of her plump ass as she went from dresser to closet and back again. She dumped the clothes on the bed.

“Fine. Now get on your knees.”

Tara dropped to her knees and looked up at him. His cock was hard again, aiming lewdly at her forehead.

“Take hold of it,” he said. Tara looked up at his grinning face and winced.

However, she did it. Her fingers grasped his long, curved prick and felt its heat and the pulsing of its big veins. He told her to jerk on it, and she did, feeling shame and humiliation.

“Ahhh,” he sighed with pleasure as she pulled his cock.

A drop of clear liquid appeared in the broad slit and ran down the sloping curve until it dripped off his cockhead. Tara shuddered as it oozed under her fingers and made his cock slippery.

“Now suck it,” Sticks ordered, grinning.

Sobbing, she stared at his wet prick, knowing she had no choice. Fear, disgust, and humiliation amounted to nothing in comparison to her son’s safety.

Sticks watched the woman’s lips open, and her chin tremble. He felt her hot breath on his cockhead. Grabbing her ears, he yanked her mouth onto his throbbing cock.

“Lick it first,” he said, drawing just as quickly out as she started to gag.

He wasn’t going to let her hurry through it. Tara reached for the hard cock swaying above her face and pulled it down in front of her mouth. She could feel its masculine strength under her fingers and, as she held it, a drop of white cum oozed from the winking eye in the now purplish cockhead. She felt sick but steeled herself and stuck her tongue out. She licked his swollen cock from its broad, hairy base to the dark collar below the head.

“C’mon, get the goo, too, honey. You’re gonna get a mouthful, anyway, so you might as well taste it now.”

Tara sighed and shut her eyes. She’d never even sucked Jack off, just kissed him a little to help him get hard. However, there was no appeal, and she ran her tongue quickly over the piss slit, gathering the salty glob on the point and taking it into her mouth. Maybe if she did it all as fast as she could, it wouldn’t seem so bad. She swallowed, trying not to think about what she was doing. Nevertheless, that was difficult, for this man was so much larger and rougher than Frank. At least he’s clean, she thought, licking up and down his throbbing prick.

“Suck it, suck it!” Sticks rasped, breathing heavily as he watched her tongue leave his cock wet and dripping.

His prick was bouncing with excitement, and he grabbed it at the base and prodded it against her lips. Tara groaned and parted her lips and felt his hot cock slide into her throat. She gagged, and her throat tightened around him, but he pulled back and let her catch her breath.

“Cripes,” he complained. “Haven’t you ever deep-throated your old man? Shit, you need training, baby.”

He jammed his prick into her mouth again, and she learned to breathe through her nose and relax her throat. His cock was too big for her to take all the way easily, but she managed to gulp down a good two-thirds of it.

“Grab my ass,” he cried, holding her long hair near the scalp.

Tara wrapped her hands around his muscular, hairy ass cheeks, and squeezed, pumping her head as he wanted. His fat cockhead puffed out her cheeks on the outstroke and made a visible lump in her throat on the down stroke. She found herself constantly swallowing the build-up of saliva and pre-cum filling her mouth.

“Now stick your finger up my ass!” Sticks ordered.

Tara’s eyes widened with shock at this depraved request, and her face burned. Nevertheless, she did it, pulling his hard as cheeks apart and digging into his hot, hairy pucker. Sticks grunted and groaned as her small finger prodded the tightness of his asshole, and then sighed when she slipped it all the way inside.

“Dig around in my ass,” he grunted, bucking his hips at her impaled face.

Sickened, she again complied with his order, stroking her finger back and forth and twisting the tip around in his asshole. Sticks is really enjoying it, for he loved having his prostate massaged when he was being sucked off. His butthole clamped and loosened around the woman’s finger.

His balls were starting to churn when he heard a boy’s voice.



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The Intruder Gowan Bush

  • An escaped prisoner rapes a housewife then makes her fuck her teen son. Meanwhile, dad is doing the nasty with other family members.
  • GW Enterprises