The Glory Hole Girl

By Gowan Bush © 2016

Ava first discovered glory holes when she was a teen on a family vacation. Her father had decided to take them to some remote wilderness area near Yellowstone for the camping adventure of a lifetime. Her mom, and two brothers were crammed into their old Bronco along with enough gear and food for an army and off they went. The only problem Ava found was that the road to this place had very few gas stations, and that means she had to hold her pee far longer than her poor bladder had ever had to endure.

When they reached one gas station on the edge of a town she took her chance to empty her bladder before it exploded inside her. She ran to the female restroom to find it flooded and unusable and she gasped in frustration as she squirmed. She had an idea, and ran into the men’s. The first thing that hit her like a right hook was the stench of the toilet. The smell of pee, poo and god knows what else made her gag and she covered her mouth. The urinal was thankfully empty, however, two of the three toilet cubicle doors were shut. So with a shrug, she dashed into the end empty toilet, shut the door, and before long started peeing sweet relief.

Her body sagged and shoulders drooped as the tension inside her cascaded away. As Ava relaxed she suddenly noticed soft, muffled noises coming from the toilet next to her. Some moaning and wet sucking sounds. Her hands flew to her mouth to stifle the giggle that burst out of me. She knew what these guys were doing.

So she sat for a moment in the total silence, listening to these men enjoying a moment of pleasure. Even with the stench and filth of the men’s restroom, they came together for a moment of release. The idea started to make her feel aroused and a familiar ache rippled from her clit and tightened her stomach. She coughed, and listened, yet the sucking went on. She grimaced, thinking: I thought they would’ve run out of here if they heard someone else. If anything the sounds are getting louder.

Intrigued by what’s happening, and with her sense of smell adjusting to the stench by this time, Ava held off on flushing the toilet. Instead, she pulled up her panties and smoothed her skirt with her hands. Slowly, and carefully, Ava placed her feet on either side of the seat and pulled herself on top so she could see over to the next stall where all the noise is coming from.

She had suspected a blowjob was happening and as she peered over the top of the toilet wall, her suspicions were confirmed. A chubby, balding, white man is on his knees licking and slurping a long black penis sticking through a hole in the wall from the other cubicle. The man giving the blowjob looks in his early forties, with what remaining black hair he had sprinkled liberally with gray. The man performing the fellatio is not handsome, far from it really, yet he appeared to be good at this skill.

The penis he sucked looked large and thick. Ava gave the man giving the blow-job the name Bob, for obvious reasons. Bob would take the black cock into his mouth and vigorously move his head back and forth. Ava wondered if Bob would suddenly smack his face against the stall wall, however, he seemed to be able to judge his movements perfectly. He would occasionally remove the member from his mouth and lick it all over, then gently press the tip of his tongue against the pee hole at the tip.

Ava leaned closer and suddenly slipped, banging against the wall so loudly Bob’s head snapped back and he looked right into her green eyes. The black penis on the other side abruptly disappeared to the sound of frantic zipping followed by running feet.

She jumped to the floor, flushed, washed her hands, and left the restroom feeling unsatisfied. Ava met her dad outside who’d come looking for her. Soon they were on their way again, All Ava could think about was how exciting the whole thing had been. She kept thinking of herself in Bob’s place, sucking a stranger’s cock without seeing anything of him except his meat. The more she thought about it, the wetter she got, and they had a long way to drive before they’d stop again. Before she could change her panties.

Ava had heard of glory holes before, with the internet these days, it’s hard not to see every kind of kink imaginable and she had spent as much time as any exploring those kinks while fingers did the same to her aching cunt. The local places in her town where such depraved activities occurred were no secret. The police raided them regularly and it seemed every other week the headlines in the paper screamed of deviants being arrested. So many deviants these days, Ava often thought. Lucky I’m one too.

Deciding on an infamous toilet block at Victoria Park, she dressed in a white cottontail, a red plaid skirt, and a tight black sweater over her bare chest. The outfit capturing her curves and largish breasts in a captivating way. Arriving at the park around midday, she made her way to the toilet block and snuck into the men’s section before anyone could see her.

Inside, the toilet had the usual bad smells that made her screw her pretty nose. There’s only two stalls and as she peeks inside the hole in the wall around waist height proves this is the place she needs to be. Dark stains on the wall show where many men have blown their loads in the past. After alternating between holding her nose, thoughts of ‘what the hell am I doing here’, and memories of Bob, she started getting used to the smell. Entering a stall, shutting the door, and locking it from inside Ava feels herself getting turned on.

She slips off her panties and starts running her fingers through her soft pubic hair and across her aching clit. Soon she’s greedily sliding several fingers inside her slippery cunt as her wetness grows and dribbled from her hand. Imagining a cock coming through the hole and herself getting on her knees to suck and tease it with her mouth.

Her moans grew louder as she frigged herself in this nasty place where such depraved things happen, the ‘thlick’ of wet noise made by her fingers as she furiously finger banged herself. Moaning louder, lost in the sensations of her pleasure, even humping her hand without being aware anyone passing by could probably hear her. As yet, no one had entered the restroom for her. Her body quivered and shook as a huge orgasm rolled over her making her cunt clench on her fingers. Ava squealed, as the strength of her cum completely caught her off guard. Her legs shaking and her face flushing red around clenched eyes and pouty mouth, she fell back against the wall. Eventually, her body sagged as the moment passed and she withdrew her juice covered fingers and sucked them clean tasting her delicious pussy juice on them.

Slipping her panties on, she left feeling sated and wanting more.


After a few more times visiting the forbidden place and now getting turned on by ammonia smell of old piss and the aroma of stale cum plastered on the walls, a willing participant in her vice remained elusive. Some saw her leaving the toilets, yet no cock had poked through the hole much to her great disappointment. Sure, her masturbation sessions in the grungy place were insane, however, what she wanted the most is cock.

So, after failing to find someone at the glory hole, she came up with a bold plan. Some might call it foolhardy, or dangerous, yet it seemed to Ava the best way to get the action she craved. The parks in her town are fairly safe during the day as the police patrolled them to ensure families could enjoy the facilities. However, at night the parks had the reputation as places to stay away from. Nighttime in Victoria Park attracts the homeless looking for places to sleep, prostitutes bring their Johns there from the strip, and sometimes there were muggings and beatings.

So Ava borrowed her dad’s Glock, and went to the park and watched the restrooms from behind a nearby tree watching who came by. She had never felt so nervous and several times nearly went home. However, just as during the day, the amount of men she saw in the area is minimal. That helped calm her nerves. Some men seemed to be sleeping or passed out on the benches, so as alternative plan Ava took off her panties and went and sat at one of the tables. Flushing and panting, she hiked her skirt up so passerby’s could see her pussy. Although exhilarating at first still no one seemed to notice her so late at night. She played with herself under the trees and softly glowing streetlights that did not completely illuminate her, helping to push away her fear and increase her lust.

After so many nights with no action, Ava eventually spots an unsteady man enter the restroom and wonders if he is drunk or homeless. Her fear rose again and she almost chickened out. Standing, she patted her bag to remind herself, she I can take care of any trouble, and walks to the restroom on legs feeling more like jelly than flesh.

At the restrooms she sticks her head inside to see if the man is in a stall or peeing at the urinal. One of the doors is closed, yet she can hear him pissing in the toilet. So, drunk or homeless, she wondered? Does it matter? What’s the purpose of a glory hole if not to be anonymous? The smell, as normal, is overwhelming, by now instead of being disgusted by it, Ava is turned on by it. However, there’s a ranker odor than normal. Perhaps the guy is homeless, and had not bathed for a while, she thinks. Almost losing her nerve then and there, Ava pushed herself to move on. Quietly she opens the door to the sole empty stall and slips inside. Her body and limbs are trembling noticeably. Her stomach feels like it’s doing summersaults. Sitting on the toilet, she stuck her fingers into the hole, a signal to the man she wants to suck dick. The man didn’t even notice for a minute.

Suddenly, the man blurted, “What the fuck?”

This is not going so well. Am I doing this wrong?

She thought maybe she’s supposed to move her finger back and forth, like they did in high school, symbolizing sex.

The man said angrily, “Who the fuck is in there?”

Then his blue, bloodshot eye appeared at the hole.

“What are you doing in there?”

He stood, trying to peer over the wall, however Ava is crouched near the hole and so he can’t see her. Her throat clamped shut, her voice failing her, so she grabbed the white panties from her bag and waved them in an act of surrender.

The man asked, “What are you doing in there?”

The tone of his voice seemed calmer now, which made it easier for Ava to breathe. God, this isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be, she thought shaking all over. Her doubts grew, the urge to flee with it.

Trying to make her voice sound gruff and masculine, she said, “Fuck, man, don’t you know what a glory hole is for.”


She sighed at his moroseness.

“Do you want me to suck your cock or not, dumbass?”

A silence as heavy as concrete permeated the nasty restroom.

Suddenly, she heard the ruffling of his clothes and the shuffling of his feet. A big fat white circumcised penis poked through the hole.

“Get on with it, bitch,” the man said nastily.

She began to stroke it slowly. Then she would shake it back and forth. Then stroke it some more. His cock gets bigger and harder in her hand. The smell of sweat, piss and cheap booze overwhelmed her senses. The irresistible urge to run away gripped her again. Ava pulled a wet wipe from her bag and cleaned the turgid cock.

“What the hell are you doing? You suck with your mouth. Are you stupid or something?”

This really isn’t going well, she thought. Here I am, with some drunk, reeking guy expecting me to suck him when all I want to do is puke. Slowly she touched her tongue to the tip of his penis, lightly flicking it. It’s too much, she couldn’t do it. Instead, she started giving him a hand job.

“You’re supposed to use your mouth, you filthy whore, not your hand,” the man shouted.

Eventually, his protests subsided until he finally stopped protesting at all. Ava stroked his shaft, pumping vigorously. Not wanting to do anything fancy, just jerk him off and get the hell out of there. She made short work of it, and soon he came all over her hand, leaving it sticky and gross. Pulling his rapidly softening penis out of the hole, he staggered out of his stall, out of the restroom, and soon she couldn’t hear him at all. Ava hid, not wanting to touch anything. Wanting nothing less than a scalding hot shower to wash away his stink, his cum, his everything.

After her experience that night, Ava avoided parks, anything that might even have a glory hole, and on the whole decided it may not be worth trying after all.

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