The Freshman (Gay)

By Jack Morningwood

Luke is leaving for college soon, so one weekend and has to go to the mall for a few things. He has a girlfriend he’s about to break up with, because he isn’t into long distance relationships and for the most part their sex life has gotten stale. She’s the only sexual partner Luke’s been with, except for some activities at summer camp.

He’s been wandering around the mall aimlessly to fill in time as his mom has a new boyfriend, and he feels as if his presence is intruding on his mom’s life. Luckily for her, he’ll be off to college before she knows it. He laughs to himself as he looks at some jeans. They already do it like rabbits, he thought, God knows what they’ll be like when I’m gone. Suddenly, he realizes he has to go to the bathroom, badly. The closest big store is Sears, so he hurries into the store and heads upstairs, clenching his butt as tight as he can to prevent any accidents. Entering the public toilet, he’s hit by the unmistakable smell of old piss. He looks around, noting the place is fairly dirty for such a big store.

I guess they don’t hire enough janitors, he thought. His stomach cramps are building, so he decides he doesn’t have any other options than to use these stinky toilets. There’s three stalls, and a long stainless steel urinal. He takes the last stall, and proceeds about his business. When he goes to get toilet paper he notices a small hole in the stall wall filled with wadded paper. He didn’t think anything of it, and continues wiping his butt.

He’s almost done, when he hears someone enter the bathroom, and go right into the stall next to him. The stranger sits and clears his throat a couple of times, then Luke notices his feet are fidgety. Luke goes about cleaning himself when he suddenly sees the wadded paper sticks in the hole get poked out. He sits there for a moment, wondering if the man has done this by accident and looks at the hole to see a green eye looking back at him.

Luke jumps and his heart races, making him feel strange in the stomach, not only is he surprised to see the stranger peering back at him, he blushes at being caught. The young freshman sits there for a moment, not sure what to do. Luke didn’t look into the hole again for fear of being caught, and he leans back to the wall so the man can’t see him either. Luke pants as he collects his thoughts, then notices the shadow of the man in the stall on the shiny floor, and it appeared as if he’s stroking his cock. Luke again freezes, and not knowing what to do.

Eventually, his curiosity gets the best of him, and he looks through the hole again. Luke confirms what the shadow is telling him. A man in his forties sits there, his gym shorts are off and on the ground next to his feet. The man is thin, with grayish hair cut short and a black stubble. He sits with his knees spread and his hand stroking a dick much bigger than Luke’s. The young freshman is mesmerized, and watches the stranger gently bring his cock to full hardness. The tingling Luke gets when he looks at dirty magazines is suddenly upon him, and he gasps at the thought of a man jerking-off is getting him aroused. No, he tells himself, I like women. Luke glances at his cock to find he has a hard-on.

Luke sits still, staring at the betrayal of his cock. His mouth slackens, eyes widen, and he shakes his head. Luke has never been around a guy with a hard on before, and the only hard cocks he’s seen is in porn. However, here he is with a raging boner even starting to leak precum. Luke didn’t realize the green eye is back, and watching him closely. This time Luke didn’t jump, he simultaneously pulls back from the hole as he looks through it, the stranger has a warm smile on his masculine face. The stranger then puts his finger through the hole. Luke sits still as if sticks to the seat, not knowing what he’s supposed to do.

The stranger pulls his finger out of the hole, and whispers, “Stick your dick through, and I’ll suck it.”

Luke still didn’t move.

The stranger whispers, “Go ahead, push that dick over to me. I’m married, no one will know.”

Luke sits frozen, however, is surprised when he stands and penguin marches to the hole against his conscious will. He looks the hole over one more time, before he slides his young cock through. He feels a warm calloused hand enwrap his penis, his dick impossibly gets harder.

Luke hears the stranger chuckle, and he whispers, “You could pound a ten-inch nail in with this cock.”

The stranger gently caresses it, running what Luke assumes is the bottom of his thumb across his piss slit, and making his knees shudder a bit. Luke is so turned on Luke is flat against the stall wall pushing as much of his cock through the hole he can, the next thing he feels is a warm wetness surround his cock with a bit of roughness and tickle he assumes is his mustache. The stranger starts gently sucking his big pink head, and Luke goes right to his tippy toes as he slowly works his cock on his side of the wall down the stranger’s throat. My girlfriend can hardly get the tip in without gagging, he thinks. He’s now rocking his head back and forth, and he loves the feeling of the head of his cock working its way through the opening of the stranger’s throat. His orgasm comes to him in a flash, and he tries to warn the stranger as his penis fire five streams of cum down the married man’s throat. The stranger chokes a little from the force of his ejaculation, yet manages to swallow all Luke has to give.

Luke pulls out and looks through the hole, whispering, “Sorry, man.”

The stranger chuckles, and said, “That’s all right.” Luke sees his cum splattered mustache as he licks it clean. “Now it’s my turn.”

Before Luke can say anything, the married stranger is working his cock through the hole to him. Luke sits staring at it with a grimace, not sure what to do. He has never touched another man’s cock before, yet he feels obligated as this guy has given him the best blow job he’s had in his young life. The man pulls his cock back, and the next thing Luke knows is, without thinking, he reaches for the large, veiny phallus. Luke is impressed with the thickness in his grip and wonders how the man has gotten it through the hole. The cock is semihard and jumps at his touch, Luke is amazed at how warm and soft the man’s cock skin feels. The freshman tries to remember how he jerks himself off, and awkwardly tries to do it to the big cock in front of him.

The older man whispers, “That’s nice, just not so fast, baby.”

Luke licks his palm as he’d do if he was jerking himself off, he can taste and smell the manly musk transferred from the stranger’s shaft to his hand. Luke again strokes this big cock, playing with his big purple head, gently tickling the underside of it. As if Luke’s in a trance, he pulls up his cock to where he is teasing his frenulum and sticks out his tongue. Slowly, he runs it up and down the sensitive spot. Luke hears him moan loudly and tastes the sweet silky precum leaking from above. Luke attempted to suck the tip of the stranger’s cock, the man moans again, a little more gruffly. The freshman tries to put a little more of the married man’s cock in his mouth, and quickly gags. Luke feels bad for being inadequate in trying to deep throat the stranger’s cock, so Luke goes back to the shaft with his tongue. Speeding his hand in rhythm with his tongue, it doesn’t take long until he hears a muffled whimper from the other stall. Thick streams of cum start dribbling out of the head of the stranger’s cock, and Luke gobbles it all as if a child finishing off an ice cream cone. After the stranger’s dick is clean of any remnants of semen, he slowly pulls his softening unit back through the hole.

He peeks through the hole at Luke, and said, “Looks like your young cock is ready to go again, dude.”

In the mist of his first dick sucking adventure, Luke hasn’t realized his cock has grown hard again.

“Go ahead, and slide your dick back through, and I’ll take care of it, the man whispers.

Luke thinks he’s going to get another wonderful blowjob, so he sticks his stiff cock back through the hole again. Instead of feeling the stranger’s warm mouth, Luke hears a click of something being opened, and feels something cool and slimy being rubbed on his boner. He hears the stranger on the other side of the wall stand and move around. Luke wants to pull his dick through and see what’s happening, however, the stranger has a good grip, and is pulling as much cock through the hole he can. The Freshman feels him rubbing his dick on something fleshy, it’s not his face, because Luke would’ve felt his stubble.

There’s hair now tickling the head of his dick, and Luke feels him press the head snug against some hard ring Luke now knows is his anus. The stranger holds Luke’s dick tight as he presses the mushroom head against his anus. Luke hears him take a breath, and the stranger leans back against him until the head of his dick pops through the hard round circle into something warm and soft. The married man in the next stall lets out a soft moan as he lowered more of himself onto Luke’s throbbing cock. Luke feels the little hairs that must have ringed around his asshole tickle his shaft as more, and more, of his cock is fed into his ass. The stranger slowly rocks back and forth, gradually increasing the speed of his movements. Omigod, Luke thinks, I’m actually fucking a guy’s ass. Does this make me gay?

Luke’s hand cups his mouth, and gets a lump in his throat, however, his dick is loving the warm, wet sensations of the stranger’s bowels around his cock, and the clenching anus massaging his shaft with each movement. The young man is getting as hard as he ever does. My girlfriend’s pussy never felt this good, he thought amazed. The heavy breathing, he’s hearing coming from through the stall wall is driving him crazy, so Luke starts thrusting back. The older man presses his shit hole tight to the wall, and Luke pounds it for all he’s worth. He’s grunting uncontrollably as he impales him with his rock hard eighteen-year-old cock.

Luke suddenly cannot take it anymore, and he feels his balls tighten. With a big grunt, he unloads cum that feels as if had been in his toes. Eventually, as his cock becomes too sensitive, he pulls put and lands on the toilet seat still panting and dribbling cum from his cock. His head spins and he feels sweat drip off his body, when he hears the married stranger slide the lock to his stall, and leave the public toilet without saying a word. He grabs some paper and wipes his shit stained cock as it softens, his mind still reeling from the fact he just had sex with a man.

He hears footsteps approaching, and again a man enters the stall next to him. The door seems so squeaky as it closes it makes his jagged nerves shake his body. Luke notices a movement by the glory hole and initially thought it was a finger signaling him for another blowjob. Well, it’s not a finger, but the head of this guy’s dick right at the edge of the hole. Suddenly, the stranger thrust his dick all the way into the hole. Luke honestly sits frozen, not knowing what to think or do, as he’s still recovering from the last man. After a minute the man withdraws his dick, and Luke leans forward and sees the man stroking it. The guy’s cock is maybe six or seven inches long, much thicker at the base than the head, and had a big upward curve to it.

The man looks in his thirties, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, red tie, and black hair. Seeing Luke peering through the hole at his glistening, hard, and powerful cock he sticks it through the hole again without any hesitation. This time Luke is better prepared and even though he has cum twice already, his cock is getting hard again. He takes the strangers dick in his hand and starts stroking it. Before this day he had never really thought about having sex with men, and here he is with is his second cock of the day, and he wants to taste this strangers dick.

While still holding the cock in his hand, Luke moves closer and opens his mouth to let his tongue touch the tip of the cock head. The stranger twitches when he feels this and Luke swirls his tongue around the head, and takes him into his mouth. Luke starts sucking him as best as he knows how, by working his tongue all around the head of the dick while taking it as deep as he can. Luke knows his blowjob must have been amateurish, yet the stranger seems to be enjoying it because he starts pumping his hips to fuck his mouth. His hand found its way back to his now hard dick and begins stroking faster as the strangers cock pumps in and out of his mouth faster.

Suddenly, Luke cums all over the floor of the booth with another powerful orgasm that makes his body jerk and shudder. Luke can tell by the strangers motions he’s ready to cum also, so he quit sucking and starts jerking him until he blows a load all over his hand. Once he’s finished, the stranger cleans himself and leaves without a word. Without a t
ought, Luke licks the man’s cum from his hand, it tastes heavenly.


Feeling he can take no more, he pulls up his pants and leaves the stall and Sears behind. Yet the thought of what he did in there played on his mind. He has a girlfriend, sure he wants to break up with her, yet he feels as if he’s cheated on her. Worse still, the implications for himself, he had gay sex and loved it. The best sex he’s ever had, and he didn’t even know who the other men were. As he left the mall, he decides, when he gets to college he’ll explore these gay feelings away from family and friends and see where they lead. Am I Gay or Bi, he wondered? Whatever he may choose to call himself in future, he knows these two cocks he encountered today won’t be his last, by a long way.


The End.


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