The Facility

Sheela B.

Chapter 5

The lights comes on in the lab at six AM, waking Kani immediately. The lockdown is over. Carlinza is over for another year. Lying beside her are the Hooma’s, still sleeping. If anyone came into my lab right now I’d be in big trouble, she thought in a panic. So she climbs to her feet and leaves the pen, locking the door behind her. She looks at her body. Her fur looks dirty and matted, sticky in places, and she smells awful. She needs to wash and get some clothes on. So she goes to the lab door and tries the lock again with her card. It opens. After briefly poking her head out to see that no one is around, she runs across the corridor naked to the change rooms.

The hot shower feels good, but she can’t afford to linger. So she dries herself and gets into the clothes hanging in her locker. After applying liberal amounts of one of her special perfumes, she goes back into the lab and cleans up, throwing out her torn Biohazard suit so nobody will see it. She goes to the feed area and gets food for the Hooma’s and leaves it for them. Finally, she closes and locks the lab door putting a quarantine sticker on the door.

The isolation protocol has been broken, and she knows Lags will know her air tank wouldn’t have lasted all night. The isolation protocol can be the very thing that ruins it for her, made more frustrating by the fact she’s had a breakthrough. She prays the extenuating circumstances will give her a reprieve. The last thing she wants is a black mark against her name. So she leaves the facility and heads home. Excited she’s had another breakthrough, and tired from all the pflouging she had gotten. Her clopus hurt, a good hurt.


A few weeks after Carlinza, she finds herself in front of the ‘Board of Directors’ of The Facility for the violation of the isolation protocol in lab two-hundred. Hilts had told her his paws were tied, as breaking the directives is a serious misdemeanor. He advised her to throw herself on the mercy of the Board. The Board of Directors is a group of five taun’s, all Pooma’s in the facility. They are all so old, they have gray fur, and withered, wrinkly faces. The one called Pooma Sa, is the taun in charge, the Director of The Facility. They sit at a long table, while she stands in front of them shifting restlessly on her feet. To one side of her sits Pima Hilts and Pima Lags. She has never felt so afraid in her life. These taun’s can ruin her future. Ruin in the sense she’ll never work as a scientist again.

Eventually, Pooma Sa speaks. “Now, let’s bring this hearing to order and begin,” he said calmly. “Ms. Kani Frandis, you have violated the royally mandated isolation protocols of lab two-hundred, with subspecies B12Z49T, on the night of Carlinza, just passed. What’s your testimony?”

She swallows hard. “Pooma Sa, I was locked in accidentally. I got distracted by my work and was not aware The Facility would be shut for Carlinza,” she said. “So I was trapped inside the lab for the night. My air ran out at about midnight, and I had to remove my mask to breath. I did wear a filtered mask after my air ran out, and kept my distance from the Hooma’s as best I could. But I did breathe the same air as them, a violation of the isolation protocol to which I offer my sincerest apologies.”

A taun named Pooma Qil asks, “You mean to tell me that a tuun as desirable as you was still in the lab working an hour before Carlinza began?”

Such a thing is unheard of in Kotaun culture.

She bows slightly at Qil. “Yes, Pooma Qil, I’m dedicated to my work, ask Pima Hilts.,” she said submissively. “I’ve made a breakthrough in my research, and it was this that made me lose track of time. I never meant to be locked inside the lab at all. It was an accident, and I had to endure Carlinza alone as a result. But even worse, I hurt my mate for the night too, making him endure shame. I’m sorry for what I’ve done.”

Pooma Sa said, “You claim to have made a breakthrough in getting this species to start breeding. Have you any proof?”

“Pooma Sa, I’ve been on administrative leave for the last month. So I have a theory I think’ll work, but no chance yet to test it. We can save this species, but if you fire me, then what I know will leave here, and be lost to you.”

Pooma Sa gasps at her audacity. “Silence! You will not threaten the board like that again, or you’ll not only be fired but also stripped of all scientific credentials. Do I make myself clear?”

Kani trembles all over, nodding she understands. “Pooma Sa, I apologize for sounding insolent, but this species has been in our care for over a millennium now, and no other person has come close to what I know,” she said puffing her chest out. “I’ve been away from the lab for too long, and I assure you I haven’t caught any diseases from the Hooma’s.”

Pooma Qil laughs. “Who said the isolation protocols were designed to protect you from disease?”

“But isn’t that the reason for it? To prevent us catching Hooma diseases? That’s what I was told?” she looks at Hilts whose studying his paws, and Lags who finds a spot on the wall to his liking.

Suddenly, the phone begins ringing in front of Pooma Sa . He gestures the room for quiet, looking especially at Kani . He picks up the phone. “Pooma Sa, at your service. Yes. Yes. I understand. I understand. Good day to you too, sir.”

He puts the receiver back with a pensive look on his face. Then regards Kani in the tense silence that permeates the room after the phone call. What’s so special about this tuun the Governor’s office will intervene in this hearing on her behalf, he wonders?

“Ms. Frandis, if it were up to me I’d fire you and be done with the matter,” Pooma Sa said coldly making Kani shiver. “However, it seems some are keen on you continuing your work here. Therefore, I’m issuing you with a warning, and a pay cut to Technician level for six months, as punishment. Don’t do it again.”

Her heart leaps in her chest but she keeps her expression solemn. “Yes, Pooma Sa. I thank-you for your leniency, and promise it won’t happen again.”

She has survived. Par leaves the room with her, while Hilts stays behind talking to the board.

“Someone ‘up there’ likes you,” Lags said sarcastically.

She spins and gives him a stern look. “I can’t believe you lied about the isolation protocols to me.”

“The information is classified. Qil should never have said that to you. If you value your position, you won’t repeat it to anyone else.”

The hurt from being alone on Carlinza still burns inside him. She can see it on his face. This is the first time he has spoken to her since that night.

“What about the Hooma’s I was with that night?” she asks him. “Have they got sick?”

“They were put down the day after you were sent on administrative leave. Their bodies have been incinerated. There can be no risk to the population, and clones will replace them shortly.”

Kani boils over with fury. “That’s barbarous! They may have been fine.”

“That’s the isolation protocol, and if you don’t want it to happen again, you’ll be more careful in future, and keep spare air bottles in your lab, just in case,” Par said coldly. “You killed those Hooma’s with your selfishness.”

He looks at her with contempt. She can see there’s no point in talking with him, his emotions are still too raw to be objective. It wouldn’t surprise her he ordered those deaths, to spite her. So she leaves him, taking herself to the bathroom. Sitting in the stall doing her tinkle, she wonders what diseases she might carry that can be harmful to the Hooma’s. There are too many unanswered questions about this species. Questions someone knows the answers to, but had wrapped them in a royal seal. That makes her wonder whether the answers might be something that can damage the royal family somehow.

“Uggggh,” she grunts shaking her head wildly for a moment.

Too late to turn back now, she thought. Then she wipes the tears from her eyes she gives in memory of the four taun Hooma’s that had been wrongfully put to death because of her. I’m so sorry, she thought, closing her eyes shut tightly to try control her sobs.

It has taken some convincing, but she has finally managed to get two tuun Hooma’s in one pen, and two taun Hooma’s in the other. The answer to the question of how to get these animals to breed is simple, they need to pfloug. Keeping them in separate cages is never going to accomplish this. From her observations, these are social animals, but centuries of bad practices have become so ingrained in the lab, that changing these ideas seems akin to moving mountains. The tuun Hooma’s are shy, though, and though the taun’s show interest in them, they huddle in the corner keeping away. Tuun Hooma’s have no facial fur, but the long fur on their scalps hangs below their shoulders. They have two breasts, otherwise, their genitalia looks the same as Kani’s. Their bodies are smaller than the taun’s, but their hips are wider. Evolved this way for giving birth.

The biggest difference between Hooma tuun’s and Kotaun tuun’s, is Kotaun’s can only get pregnant during Carlinza. Hooma’s ovulated in a cycle roughly twenty Prantas days. So technically they can get pregnant frequently. According to some archive data she had found, Hooma tuun’s carry their offspring for around two hundred and fifty days, before giving birth. Kotaun tuun’s carry theirs for ninety days. Kani can’t help thinking her species has evolved a far superior arrangement.

The first job she needs to do is discover whether the tuun Hooma’s are fertile. So she drugs each by offering them a special treat laced with a powerful sedative and waits for them to fall asleep. Once Kani feels confident the Hooma’s are asleep, she enters the pen and carries one to the examination table. She thinks these Hooma’s are ovulating, or close to it, from some urine tests she had done, so she does an ultrasound to assess follicle growth in the uterus of the animal. After this, she takes some blood tests to check for hormone levels. She repeats the procedure on the other Hooma. It seems to Kani these Hooma’s are healthy and fertile. So far, so good.

The two taun Hooma watch her closely, eyeing off the naked tuun Hooma’s with noticeable erections, suddenly she has an idea. Kani opens the door between the pens and let the taun’s in with the tuun’s. They move toward the tuun’s sniffing at them, but that’s all. They need some encouragement, as it’s the first tuun flesh they’ve ever seen up close. The taun Hooma’s turn to Kani and drops their pants exposing their hard dangles to her, losing interest in the naked flesh on the mattresses. She smiles at them, since the spitz study all the taun’s do this to her. They like her hand jobs, like them so much they’ll often stand at the bars poking their dangles through for her to milk. Even though she’s no longer collecting samples. Eventually, she’s give in and does it for them, to keep them quiet, and let her get on with her work. Taun Hooma’s are such randy creatures, she thought.

She pushes them away from her because today is not about that. Kani reaches into a pocket and pulls out a small aerosol can. Spreading the doped tuun Hooma’s legs, she sprays its clopus a few times with her special perfume. Instantly the taun Hooma’s start sniffing the genitalia of the tuun’s. Kani pulls their shorts off, and strokes their dangles some because she likes doing it. The Hooma begins to lick the genitalia of the tuun’s, running their paws over the creamy colored flesh to the breasts. One of them has large breasts and the taun enjoys squeezing them like ripe fruit.

Kani can see the taun’s have no idea what to do. So she grabs one by the hips and moves him into the proper position. He acts afraid.

“It’s OK, it won’t hurt, I promise,” Kani tries to reassure it.

Keeping one hand on its back to keep it from wriggling away, she squats behind the taun and grabs its dangle. She strokes it like this for a moment and before long the taun becomes more compliant. Sizing up the tuun’s clopus she suddenly pushes the taun’s dangle into the slit.

“Koooooo,” the taun Hooma howls.

Kani giggles. What a way to lose your virginity, eh, she thought? As she pushes his dangle inside the tuun Hooma, she suddenly feels some resistance that puzzles her. It’s surely deeper than this, she thought surprised? She pulls the dangle out and shoves her finger inside, meeting the same resistance a few lintos in. Hmm, it seems spongy, she thought, maybe if I push on it. As she does, the spongy blockage gives way, and her finger slides all the way in. Ah, that’s better, she thought satisfied, but what’s this? She’s bleeding. Kani quickly pulls her finger out of the tuun’s clopus, watching closely for signs of hemorrhage.

“That’s what I don’t need,” she said to herself, “To explain to Par how I’ve injured this tuun’s clopus.”

She sighs. Watching the Hooma clopus closely, she still plays with the taun’s dangle to keep it happy, and erect. A little blood has dribbled for the tuun’s clopus, but not much. So she decides to try again. The dangle slides inside nicely now, and the taun grunts happily as he feels the tuun’s clopus completely engulf his dangle. Kani grabs his hips and begins to pump it, so the taun starts having intercourse with the tuun. The taun looks lost at first, wondering what this amazing feeling is all about. Its natural instincts soon take over, and it begins pflouging the tuun without help.

“That’s a good taun,” she said to encourage it.

The taun grabs the unconscious tuun Hooma by the shoulders and starts shoving his dangle in her hard and fast.

It grunts then yells, “Ahhhhhh—Ugggggg!”

It suddenly stops and going tense as it lets out a long sigh. As its body relaxes, the taun rolls off looking very pleased with itself.

“You’re not a stayer, are you?” Kani said, and laughs.

She squats and inspects the Hooma’s clopus. White spitz runs out of it, so she reaches into her pocket and grabs some gauze and stuffs it in the tuun Hooma’s clopus to hold as much spitz inside as she can.

“One down, one to go,” she said looking at the other tuun lying nearby.

She squats next to the tuun, removes its shorts, and spread herlegs. She wonders if this tuun will also have the resistance, so she drives her index finger in its clopus. Sure enough, she finds it. She pushes hard and breaks what she decides must be some kind of membrane, and like the other Hooma, it bleeds a small amount. Reaching into her pocket for her aerosol, the other taun suddenly jumps on top of the sleeping tuun. It’s dangle at the ready. It looks back at Kani and grunts as if saying he wants her to put him in. She shrugs, and grabs its dangle and guides it in the tuun’s clopus. This taun doesn’t need any help and begins to jab away when it feels the delectable flesh on his dangle.

“Quick learners, eh?” she said and giggles.

The tuun doesn’t wake, and eventually, the taun spitzed inside her clopus. Once the taun finishes, Kani directs the taun’s back into their pen and bids them get dressed. She then stuffs some gauze in the second tuun’s clopus, leaving some poking out so they can pull it out when they wake.

She locks all the pens, leaves food for her subjects, and returns to her workstation to write a report. Under the day’s date she writes:

The tuun Hooma are fertile, there’s no doubt about that. The reason for the lack of breeding success is the poor socialization of the sexes. It doesn’t exist, so the creatures are strangers to each other, generating fear and mistrust between them. Compounded by the continuing bad practices from lab staff that reinforce this. How such bad practices could’ve gone on for so long astounds me.

The taun Hooma’s (XY89 & XY119) show a willingness to copulate when properly encouraged. I’ve attempted to impregnate the two tuun Hooma’s (XX215 & XX128) by keeping them drugged through the experience.

However, drugging the tuun Hooma for mating isn’t going to help change the status quo over the long term. T he best approach, as far as I can see, is to continue to co-mingle the sexes so mating becomes a natural part of their relationships, as it does in all other species. Only then may we be confident this species has a chance to survive into the future, without our continued intervention. I will continue this experiment, and hopefully, soon there’ll be fruit to show Pima Hilts.


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