The Facility

Sheela B.

Chapter 10

Mev and Kani walk arm in arm back to her apartment, however, they use the front entrance because they know it’ll be watched. They want to be seen by the authorities this time. A large statue of the Emperor stands proudly in the bleak courtyard of her apartment complex, and today it seems more dismal than usual. Unusually, they encounter no other tenants outside the building. As they enter the foyer, she stops briefly to check her mail. Again, it strikes her how deserted the place seems. This building housed hundreds of people, so in Kani’s experience, there’s always someone coming or going in the lobby. Not today, though. It makes what she has to face seem even more ominous. She nuzzles into Mev, feeling thankful he’s there. As they go up the lift, she realizes she knows little about him.

“So what do you do, Mev, aside from saving tuun’s in distress?” she asks.

Mev smiles at her joke. “I’m a lawyer.”

“Oh good, just what I need when I get arrested,” she said sarcastically. “Par thinks of everything, doesn’t he? So are you and Par members of the—”

“Plfouging stop,” Mev said with a frown. “Loose lips sink ships, Pima Frandis.”

Kani swallows hard, realizing she nearly dropped Mev and Par into trouble. There’s no doubt the lift would have surveillance in them. The lift doors suddenly opens, so they walked down the familiar corridor to her apartment.

“No more loose talk, OK?” Mev warns her before they enter her apartment. “Act as if I’m a date you’re bringing home.”

Kani raises an eyebrow. “A date?”

“It’s only to fool The Stapo, so make it realistic,” he teases.

Kani laughs and opens the door. They enter. She offers him a hot drink of tea and he accepts. She put some music on loud so it made it harder to hear them talk. They sit on the couch and spoon, whispering to each other. Looking as if they are about to engage in a sexual tryst. Then they hear a knock at the door. A loud knock. Mev motions Kani to stay sitting and answers the door. Standing in the corridor are several police officers dressed in uniform, and fully armed. Behind the police stands Pooma Sa himself, with two taun’s in suits, whom he assumes are Stapo Agents.

He asks in a friendly tone, “May I help you, gentletaun’s?”

“Is this the apartment of Pima Kani Frandis?” a police officer asks in a stern voice.

Kani stands and moves closer to the door. “I’m Kani Frandis,” she said. :Is there a problem, officer?”

The police officer holds out some folded papers that Mev opens and reads. “This document is a search warrant, issued by the eighth district court, Judge Grel Ton. Please step aside.”

Mev nods to the police officer. He looks at Kani and said, “Everything seems to be in order.”

So he steps aside and the Police enter the apartment spreading out to begin their search. As they watches, the Stapo Agents enter, and one walk toward the coffee table, picking up the manila folder as if they knew what they were looking for. The other one goes into Kani’s bedroom. Pooma Sa walks in, ignoring Kani and Mev altogether. Neither of the Stapo agents is Hax.

“Pooma Sa, I might’ve known you’d be behind this,” Kani said not hiding her hatred for the old taun.

I can’t wait to see the arrogance wiped off your face, she thought. Sa shakes his head. Looking at Kani his top lip twitches, nearly breaking into a sneer as it does.

“I’m here because the Police asked me, Ms. Frandis,” he said a little too casually. “I’m told there’s stolen classified documents from The Facility here. I’m here to identify them. I always knew you were trouble, and it looks as if your days as a scientist are over.”

His smugness makes her guffaw, and she finds it hard not to laugh. Mev put his arm around her and indicates she say nothing as anything she says may be used against her in a court of law. The agent with the folders handed them to Pooma Sa, who opens them.

“Let’s see what we have here, eh?” Sa said, his tone mocking. As he read the papers, his shit-eating grin slowly vanishes from his face. Glaring at the agent he angrily said, “What’s this garbage?”

The agent looks confused and takes the folder to look over the papers. Suddenly, Kani said, “Recipes, Pooma Sa. I have a good one there for vinlan soup you might like. It’s one of my favorites.”

The other Stapo agent appears from her bedroom, indicating he’s found nothing. Pooma Sa spins and glares at Kani, throwing the folders in disgust. Paper flies everywhere.

“Pooma Sa mustn’t like vinlan soup, Kani, there’s no pleasing some people,” Mev said with a crooked grin.

As the police keeps searching through her apartment, Pooma Sa and The Stapo agents leave in silence. Pooma Sa left ignoring Kani and Mev, who grin at him in the nicest possible way. Once he has his back to her Kani shouts after him, making him pause.

“Oh, Pooma Sa? I’m going to stay at a friend’s house for a while,” she said. “I’ll forward my new address to The Facility, shall I?”

He grunts and leaves. She said that in front of the police to establish an alibi in case any further attempts are made to frame her. The only thing the police question her about happened to be her collection of pheromone sprays, all in plainly marked aerosol cans. She tells them they’re perfumes, explaining she makes her own scents to wear. Grabbing one marked: ‘SP’, she sprays it on her wrist and holds it up for them to smell.

One police officer said it smells spicy, they decides that’s why the aerosol has ‘SP’ written on it. They like it and begin to apologize to her for the intrusion. Even wishing her a pleasant day as they left. Mev watches this from the distance and notices the sudden mood change in the officers after they smelled her perfume. It further intrigues him she quickly goes to the bathroom and washes the scent off after the police have left.

As she comes out drying her arm, he asks, “What is that stuff you sprayed on your wrist really?”

She giggles. “Loose lips sink ships, remember,” she said glancing around the apartment.

Kani goes up to him and wraps her arms around him, kissing him deeply. Her tongue exploring his mouth, while she rubs her hips into his groin.

He pulls back looking at her seriously. “Um, you do know this is probably being recorded?” he asks.

Kani undid his trousers and they drop to the floor. She slides her hand down his underpants and wraps it around the shaft of his dangle. His body jerks and his dangle twitches as she touched it.

“You’re my date, it would be strange if we didn’t do something,” she purrs in his ear as her hand strokes him slowly.

They kiss again. He oozes precum, so she uses it to lubricate his long dangle as her hand rubs it so languidly, teasing him. His desire grows as the pretty tuun plays with his dangle while they tongue kiss. He reaches his hand beneath her dress and feels her wet clopus, rubbing his finger between her lips.

She slapped his hand away and gives him a naughty look. “I’m sorry, Mev, but I have a taunfriend it seems,” she said.

His eyes bulge slightly at that. “Why are you doing this then?”

She leans close to his ear and whispers, “To say thank-you for helping me, but we can’t pfloug. OK?”

Her hand strokes his dangle faster, and faster. Working the head sometimes, and the shaft at others. Her other hand squeezes his balls in rhythm to her stroking.

“Ung, oh pfloug, that’s good,” Mev moans.

His hip thrust into her skillful paws as they work his dangle with a dexterity he’d never seen. She spits on her paws and keeps them wet as she jerks his dangle.

“Damn, you’re so good at this,” he moans.

I do it twenty times a day at work, I should be, she thought wickedly. “Spitz for me, baby. Show what kind of load you can give me,” she whispers in his ear.

“Oh pfloug, that’s so good,” he moans as her hand rubs over his glans making his body spasm.

“You’re so big, so taunly. If I wasn’t with someone else, I’d have you in a heartbeat,” she said hoarsely in his ear.

“Ah. Oh. God. Yes,” he moans between pants.

Kani feels his balls tighten so she quickened the pace of her stroking. Suddenly, his body jerks, and she quickly jumps out of the way as a jet of spitz burst forth from the end of his dangle. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrr,” Mev calls out as he cums. Kani keeps stroking him but slows, and begins milking him, not stopping until every drop of spitz has comes out. A smile creeps over Mev’s face. “Phew, you’re one wild tuun, Kani.”

“Well, you deserve it after everything you’ve done today,” she said and kisses him. “C’mon, drive me to my friend’s place. I don’t wanna stay another minute in this apartment.”

He grins and shrugs at her. “Better go pack some things, I’ll clean this up,” he said, pointing to the spitz on the floor.

After Kani has packed she takes her bags to the living room to find Mev sitting on the couch drinking a glass of water.

“C’mon, let’s get outta here,” she said. “When we drop this lot off, I need to go to the lab. Par will need all the help he can get now we’ve upset Pooma Sa.”

Mev smiles at her with a nod, and they leave.

Kani and Par spend the next week taking turns keeping watch over the Hooma tuun’s close to giving birth. They can’t afford to leave them unsupervised for a moment as Pooma Sa will no doubt strike. Friends of Lags have been bringing food for them to eat, but Sa eventually stops that too. Fortunately, they have enough to last until the Emperor is due to arrive, which is only days away now. After the last delivery, Par calls Kani into his office.

“What’s up, Par?” she asks him as she sits facing him.

“I want you to watch something,” he said coolly, and places a small disk into his computer and turns the monitor to face her.

As she watches the video file start, he leans back in his chair and put his paws behind his head. Kani’s eyes bulge at what she sees, Mev and her after the police had left her apartment. Abruptly she slaps the monitor so it spins to be facing Par again.

“What’s the meaning of this?” she demands.

“I can ask you the same thing,” Lags said. “I thought we’d gone past this?”

Kani’s lips blush. “I was only repaying him for helping me out. It’s not like we pflouged.”

Lags suddenly sits forward, looking at her seriously. “If you’re gonna be with me, I want you exclusively. No more of this promiscuous activity.”

“Par, you know I can’t promise that,” she said throwing her head and arms back. “Sex is my profession and I’m good at my work. While I can’t give you monogamy, I can give you my heart, my love. That’ll have to be enough for you, or we end it right here.”

He sits back again considering her answer, watching her body language. “What am I going to do with you?” he said and sighs.

She looks down at her paws. “I do love you, Par. Don’t spoil a good thing by being possessive and jealous. I don’t belong to you, and I never will.”

Lags laughs. “I don’t think any taun could possess you,” he said. “I guess I’ll have to accept you the way you are.”

Kani glances at him, smiling. “You forgive me? Oh Par, I do love you.”

They stand and wrap each other in their arms. Their mouths lock, kissing with passion and love. That first heady kiss when you know the other truly loves you, as much as you love them. No pheromone spray can ever match this feeling, Kani thought. His hand wanders beneath her lab coat, feeling one of her breasts. She pulls back briefly.

“Par, it’s not the time for us to be pflouging,” she said, her smile mischievous, and her eyes shines.

“Jinta’s watching the Hooma’s, so I think we’ve got a good twenty minutes before he misses us,” he said, giving her a slight grin.

As if someone flicked a switch, both suddenly begins undressing fast. Clothes going flying everywhere. Pars dangle has been already at full mast, and a fine specimen of Kotaun dangle it is. It stands twenty-five lintos long and thick. Kani gets on her knees and swallows his taunhood as far as she can. Gagging, she draws back gasping for air. Her hand strokes while she licks and sucks on the head of his dangle tasting the almost sweet precum dribbling from it. Coating her lips, tongue, and mouth in his nectar, before swallowing it. Followed by another attempt to deep-throat his dangle. Once she has reached her limit, Par grabs her head and holds her there. Feeling her suck and lick him as best she can.

Kani pulls back, but still he holds her. She looks up at him, the wicked grin on his face as he dominates her makes her clant squirt juice. He let her go and she pulls back in a hurry taking a big gasp of air. A string of clear saliva, mixed with precum, hung from her bottom lip to the head of his dangle. She licks it up when, to her surprise, Lags grabs his dangle and slapped her face with it. Leaving a wet streak of fur on her cheek.

She smiles. “You’re a bad taun, aren’t you,” she teases.

“That’s why you love me, isn’t it?” Lags said, almost in a growl.

Kani nods, licking the end of his dangle as she looks up at him with an innocent expression. Lags groans again.

“Shit, we don’t have time to explore this as much as I’d like,” he said. “Get up here, I wanna pfloug the shit outta you!”

He grabs her by the hair and pulls her up to her feet. It makes her tingle all over, this display of dominance. Lags pushes her over his desk, kicking her feet apart. One hand going between her legs and his fingers slides in her clopus.

“Ye Gods, Kani, you’re so wet you randy tuun,” he said to her.

“That’s what you do to me, Par,” she said, purring the last ‘r’ sensuously.

It becomes too much for him, so he positions the head of his dangle at her clopus opening and pushes firmly. At first, he feels some resistance, but as her labia opens to accept him, the sensation of her warm flesh wrapping tightly around his dangle makes him moan loudly. It feels wet and velvety, it feels as if he’s home. At first, he pflougs her slowly, teasing her, and enjoying the sensation of being inside her. Kani looks back at him, mouth slightly agape, eyes narrowed in concentration, almost panting as her body responds to the intercourse. That familiar tightness in her stomach is growing.

Lags quickens his thrusting, holding her hips with his paws, she humps herself back at him so his dangle buries all the way in her clant. The fullness in her clopus makes her moan. He grabs her hair, pulling her head back as he begins pflouging her harder and harder. The sound of wet flesh grinding against each other filled the room. The panting becomes quicker, and louder from both. Kani reaches beneath and massages her clit, rubbing it with both fingers, making it hard and sensitive. She wants the maximum pleasure she can get, as this pfloug is a quickie. Soon they’ll both have to return to the lab to resume their work. Her body feels hot, her ears and lips turn red. Lags humps her fast and hard now, grunting softly with every thrust. As tension built with every second, her clopus tightens even more on Lags dangle.

Once the tension has reached its zenith, it let go. Both feels the orgasm slap them hard, and take them to a holy place. Kani’s body quivers and shakes, her clopus going into a wild spasm that seems as if it’ll never stop. Lags holds his dangle deep in her, as his spitz coats her womb. Every spurt sent jolts of pleasure through his body until he pulls out and steps back to survey the damage. Her clant looks well pflouged, even for a quickie. It looks wet, and gapes, her clopus lips swollen and red. Spitz is dribbling out, what a sight. Kani stands and spins into his arms. They kiss deeply once more. After several minutes of tongue-kissing, she pulls away and smiles at him.

“You should get back,” she said.

He sighs. “Sure, I’ll leave you to get cleaned up.”

They dress in silence. They leaves with Lags heading back to the lab, while Kani going to the bathroom to clean herself.


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