The Exorcism of Anima

By Max Swan © 2012

Case Notes

19/11/2011 (0916 hrs): I met up with an old friend who happens to be a Cop (and unknown to him a psychic) but he told me of this Hindi woman they had picked up a few times for lewd behaviour and public disturbance gave him a weird feeling. I always take notice of his weird feelings and he told me that whenever they have gotten psych to check her out she comes up perfectly fine.

He filled me in that she was hanging out at several known local places where perverts hang out and engaging in sexual activities with them. He told me this woman was 37 with three children and a respectable husband and there was no apparent reason for her behaviour and the family is being torn apart. He asked if I could give her husband my number and see if I couldn’t sort it out for them. I said sure.


25/11/2011 (1922hrs): I just had a call from a man named Javed about his wife Anima who told me my cop friend gave him my number. He told me he was at his wits end with his wife’s behaviour and wanted to know how I could help. I told him I was a shaman who specialised in exorcism. He hung up, obviously not desperate enough yet!

10/12/2011 (1056 hrs): The man named Javed called back and asked if he could meet him and his wife tomorrow for a consultation about what is happening. I told him I was happy to look her over to see if I could help. But if she requires an exorcism it will cost him $10,000 up front. He hung up again. These sub continent types were tight arses in my experience and if you don’t get it upfront you’ll never get it.

15/01/2012 (1348hrs): Javed had called back saying he has had several Priests and psychics working on his wife and she was worse than ever before. Why should he trust me? (I laughed). I told him I couldn’t care less if he trusts me or not as it isn’t about him, it is about his wife. If he wants her back then he pays me $15,000 dollars and I will help her (hey I know I was being a prick but people like this Javed shit me to tears to be honest). He complained that the price has gone up but agreed to at least allow me to meet his wife so I could look her over. (I was pretty certain she was possessed now given what he had told me).


18/01/2012 (1400 hrs): I met Javed this morning and he had his wife locked up in a room for fucks sake. I went in and sure enough I got a boner immediately (the demon diving rod never fails) and after a bit of chit chat I established that she was most likely infested by about thirty demons with Baal being the leader of the horde. The idiots trying to exorcise her previously just opened her up for more demons to get in. Fucking amateurs!

Anyway I told Javed his wife was definitely possessed and required urgent exorcism. He agreed but then started making excuses as for why he didn’t have all the money I quoted him and only offered me a piddly thousand with promises galore for more later. I told him to fuck off! If he wants his wife back he will pay me $20,000 up front or no job. Fuck this guy shits me. He freaked out about it so I left. Why the fuck should I care if he is such a loser.

23/01/2012 (2045hrs): That prick Javed called and said he agreed to my terms and was prepared to pay me. I gave him my bank details and said I would come as soon as I seen the money had been wired into my account as I didn’t trust him with cash (Guys like this will give it and then have some goons ready to steal it back when I leave the house – been there, done that). He swore at me again and so I hung up warning that the price may rise again soon if doesn’t stop being such a prick.
ADDITT: Just received an email from the prick Javed who said to check my account in the morning the money should be there. Please call him when the money appears to arrange the details of his wife’s exorcism.

25/01/2012 (0900hrs): Money is now in my bank account as Javed promised so I have called and arranged to go around this afternoon at 2PM. What an idiot this man is!

26/01/2012 (1700hrs): Fuck me that was some fucked up shit! OK here goes this is what happened but sometimes this job is totally fucked up so don’t think too bad of me.

Anyway I arrived at Javeds house as planned to find the place in total disarray! Javed was crying his heart out and there was crap strewn everywhere and smashed up like there had been a big fight. There was! Javed versus a women carrying around a demon horde had overpowered him and escaped and he couldn’t find her. My cop friend had told me the places she had been hanging out so I got in the car and headed for the sleazy part of town to try and find her.

I checked out a couple of places like Evans Park and near the docks but I couldn’t see her (I had her picture). I drove down to the deserted drive in and parked near the public toilet block and got out to check it out. I could hear moaning from inside the men’s rest rooms and thought this is probably the place after all as that was definitely a woman’s moans mixed in there. I walked in the door and the stench of the place was unbelievable! it smelt of stale piss and god knows what else.

The cubicle doors were off and there was a group of guys standing around one and as I peered over their shoulders I seen a man fucking a naked dark skinned woman from behind while she bent over sucking a cock of a guy sitting on the toilet. The perverts in this place were cheering her on and had their own dicks out jerking off and probably getting ready to take a turn in this gang bang (if they hadn’t already fucked her).

They didn’t take much notice of me to begin with and one guy looked down and seen my hard on and thought I was one of them. Like I was going to explain about my demon divining rod and to be honest Anima wasn’t the only possessed body in this place. But I was after her, the others be damned. So there was only one thing to do.

I walked out and called my cop mate on the phone and told him what was going on. Pretty soon two cop cars pulled up next to the toilet and when the cops entered the wretched place some men came running out but the cops got most of them. I sat in my car watching the scene and after about 15 minutes my cop friend came over with a dark skinned woman wrapped in a blanket.

I got out of the car and greeted him. He asked where I wanted her and I told him to his surprise that she needed to go in the trunk. I couldn’t take a chance that she’d try and escape. So in a surreal moment a cop helped me put a nude woman in my trunk so I could take her somewhere to fuck her stupid. Life is funny like that. The bitch banged on the trunk the whole trip to my retreat on the outskirts of town where I do some of my work.

This one I will have to do everything from expelling the demons and then make sure she gets her 24 hour period of fasting etc. Her prick of husband would most likely ignore my rules and she’d be well and truly fucked as a result.

I reached my retreat which was a four room cabin set on a bush block. It had one feature that made it good apart from being private. One of the rooms was a virtual dungeon with steel reinforced concrete walls, no windows, and a thick metal door that would put a prison to shame. Inside all it had was a mattress on the floor and nothing else. When I opened the trunk she practically jumped out at me snarling like an angry dog so I punched her and she went limp.

Then I carried her into the cabin and put her down on the mattress in my work room and locked the door and left her to recover. An hour later she was up and banging on the door and screaming out for me to release her or she’ll tell the cops and all that crap. She wasn’t too impressed when I told her the cops are the ones that brought her to me. I opened the door and went in turning and locking it behind me. When I had my back turned the little minx attacked me so I had to punch her and she fell back onto the ground.

“We know who you are!” she screamed up at me rubbing her jaw which stung from my fist.

“Yeah? Nice to know I am appreciated over there in your universe!” I retorted finally locking the door and then turning to face her.

“You will not take this toy from us!” her voice had changed (it always does in my presence) to that harsh, animal like, demon voice.

“How are you going to stop me? I mean really there is nothing you can do!” I said looking down on her with pity. She wasn’t bad looking I suppose in that typical Indian way, Nice sized titties, thick black pubic hair, maybe a little plump but not so much you’d notice if she had clothes on, and she looked like a middle aged woman who’d had three kids to be honest.

“We can harm this woman!” and suddenly Anima went into a seizure and her limbs began twisting into unnatural positions. I walked over and dragged her onto the mattress and then took my clothes off as the demons tried to show off to me about how they can hurt the woman. I know they can hurt her they have been doing that for months now so what’s new there.

My Demon divining rod was rock hard and ready to do its thing and so I got down on the mattress and forced myself on top of her shaking body and pushed her legs open and slammed my rod home inside her pussy. Anima screamed in my ear and tried to scratch me so I slapped her again and then grabbed her arms trying to pin her down. But I was fucking her now and the more she struggled the more I liked it.

“Get off us you cursed hybrid!” she growled at me in her demon manifestation. Then she started to try and bite me so again I was forced to hit her to try and subdue the demons. I could feel her pussy begin to squeeze my pole and I knew she was building nicely as I lay on her fucking her hard.

Finally I felt myself ready to cum (all this physical stuff really gets to me) and then it happened. She fucking climaxed! I shot my load inside her but her body was really spasming now as her muscle contractions went into hyperdrive. Once I felt the last of seed had been delivered I pulled out and got off her and walked out. I could still hear the bitch screaming in pleasure for a full 25 minutes after I had pulled out of her and get this their was so much psychic energy being poured into this one it caused a few minor earthquakes around my cabin.

When I came out and looked in on her she was finally just laying there practically glowing (I don’t mean a post coitus type glow she was actually glowing a white light). I walked over to her understanding why the demons didn’t want to lose her. The glowers are usually descendent of the great beings like I am and the demons get greater pleasure dragging these types into the gutter (I guess they brag to our relatives on their side or something).

She opened her eyes and looked at me and for the first time in months the real Anima spoke, “I have never cum like that in my life!”

I smiled at her and told her she would be unlikely to ever cum like that again. I threw her a robe and said, “Sorry I had to get rough with you but those Demons weren’t going without a fight!”

She laid the robe over her naked body and just lie there still too exhausted from that orgasm, “So what now?”

“You will stay in this room for the next 24 hours and then I will take you home to your family,” I told her.

“Are you going to lock me in here?” to which I nodded yes too. “Are you going to rape me again?” she whispered.

“Madame I didn’t rape you I just performed an exorcism on you. I just drove out 30 demons from your body. But I can assure you I have no further need or desire to penetrate you again!” Raped her? I just saved her arse the stupid bitch.

“Oh!” was all she said.

After a few hours she was banging on the door again wanting all the things she cannot have. So I turned the TV up and ignored her. Exactly 24 hours and one minute after I had completed the exorcism I let her out of the work room and she had a shower and some food and drink etc. I had some clothes for her that I got from her husband and once she was dressed I drover her home.

She was silent on the trip to her home but once it was time to get out of the car she hesitated and said to me, “Gabriel, thanks for helping me and I am sorry I said you raped me!”

“That’s OK Anima, I had to use force on you which I don’t like doing. It’s like taking medicine that tastes awful but will do you good in the long run. But you are free now so go and be with your family and rebuild your life again!” I said being a bit full of myself to be honest.

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and then got out of the car and that was the last I ever seen of her.

Case closed


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