The Doctor’s Wife

By Gowan Bush

The Doctor's Wife Gowan Bush

  • A frustrated wife of a Doctor decides to get back at his cheating ways by getting as much cock as she can.
  • The Doctor’s Wife
Chapter 1
Lucy felt a hot tingling in her cunt as she approached the hospital. A flight attendant, her flight had been canceled, and she’s happy that Dr. Luke Mentis, her successful and ever horny husband, would now be able to have lunch with her. Maybe, just maybe, Lucy might be able to sneak in a quick fuck during lunch. Luke didn’t do that often, she knew, but there is something special about the day. Surprises, like having her flight canceled, always made her horny. If Lucy had stopped to think about it, almost everything out of the ordinary made her horny.

She stopped just long enough to ask a fat old nurse where she could find her husband and then trotted off to the room where he is seeing a patient. When Lucy found the room, it is empty except for another nurse who said that Dr. Mentis is busy with the patient taking tests in the lab. She would have, to wait at least an hour to see him. Disappointed, Lucy decided to go to the lunchroom for some coffee. Then, as an afterthought, she decided to go to the bathroom. Lucy stepped into the patients’ bathroom and locked the door behind her. She heard soft talking and a woman’s giggle, and unlocked the door as quietly as possible, opening it just a crack.

It is Luke! There he is — her wonderful husband, in the arms of a young female patient. Lucy froze. One part of her wanted to rush out, grab her husband by the hair, and drag him around the room. Another part of her wants to scream and go running for the nearest lawyer. However, something else in her, some dark little creature that had never surfaced before, urged her to be quiet — to watch the weird scene unfolding in front of her. Silence, this character whispered. Silence.

Lucy watched as a nurse — a young one she had never seen before — dropped casually to her knees and tugged the zipper of her husband’s pants down.

“That’s it, Cara,” Luke whispered, breaking his kiss with the patient for just a moment. “Suck my cock! You’ve got the hottest mouth in the world!”

Hottest mouth in the world! The words stung Lucy. Luke had always told her that she had the sexiest mouth in the world.

Luke plastered his lips against the girls. His mouth opened, and he thrust his tongue between her lips — searching, exploring the warm recesses of her mouth. Below, Cara is busy pulling his limp cock out of his pants. When she finally had his cock out of his pants, she moaned low in her throat and kissed the mushroom-shaped cockhead.

“I do love sucking your cock,” she murmured, rolling her tongue around the cockhead in circles. “Nothing better than sucking cock.”

Cara flicked her tongue against his slitted cockhead and around the ridge that separated the cockhead from the shaft. His cock twitched and grew, expanding to its full, massive size. Then, when his big cock is hard as a rock, standing straight out from Luke’s body, she kissed the cockhead and pushed forward. Slowly the tip of Luke’s cock pushed into her mouth, spreading her moist lips. She moaned again, louder than before. His fat hunk of hardened cock spread her lips farther apart as she took the cock slowly, deeply into her wet mouth.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, sliding her frisky tongue against the heavily veined underside of Luke’s shaft. She took in still more cock until the spongy head is wedged firmly against the back of her mouth. Four inches of shaft remained out of her mouth, and Cara culled her slender fingers around that part of Luke’s cock, stroking his flesh lightly, squeezing it tenderly.

Luke felt his throbbing cock sink deep, into the wet mouth of his favorite nurse and the sensation sent shivers through his body. He sucked on his patient’s tongue, biting it softly as his hands untied the strings holding her hospital gown together. Soon he pulled the gown away from the girl’s body, and she turned to the side and let it slip to the floor.

Lucy gaped at the weird scene, too stunned to do anything but watch. She noted smugly that the young patient didn’t have tits nearly the size of her own. The cute little nurse named Cara, who at this very moment is tossing her head back and forth over Luke’s cock, didn’t have the hourglass figure that she had. Still, Lucy couldn’t afford to be too smug. Her husband is getting his cock sucked by a cute nurse who had apparently been giving him blowjobs for quite some time.

Luke cupped the patient’s tits in his hands, squeezing them. They were firm, her nipples pointing slightly upward. He rolled her tiny nipples between his fingers and thumbs, working her tender, sensitive flesh into even greater hardness. Then he bent forward, his hungry lips slowly passing over her smooth, perfumed neck. He nipped her neck with his teeth, drawing a surprised yelp and an approving giggle from the girl.

“Go to it, Doctor. Suck on my tits! Yeah!” the girl hissed, running her fingers through Luke’s closely cropped hair.

Luke caught her nipple between his teeth and sucked the bud into his mouth. Her tits are sweet and warm, alive with sensation. He sucked as much of the firm tits into his mouth as he could. With one hand, he reached down, boldly grabbing the girl between her legs to feel her curly cunt bush. His middle finger, as though it had eyes of its own, instantly found her cunt. Her cunt is dewy already, and with Luke’s touch, the girl’s pussy juices began flowing even more heavily.

“Finger-fuck me, Doctor,” she hissed through clenched teeth.

The wild sensations of having her cunt played with while hot lips and a dancing tongue are caressing her nipple made her whole body quiver. She hooked her hands behind Luke’s head and pushed his face harder against her tit. When she felt his finger sliding deftly between her pussy lips, thrusting deeply into her hot cunt, she tossed her head back, gritting her teeth so she couldn’t cry out with pleasure.

Cara is pistoning her head back and forth, taking Luke’s hard cock into her mouth until the cockhead smacked against the back of her throat. She brought her hand back and forth on his cock shank as she sucked, stroking his quivering cock into a state of iron-like hardness. With her other hand, she pulled up her dress and slipped her fingers under the elastic band of her panties.

Lucy gasped involuntarily as she watched Cara finger-fuck herself. Not only did the lusty nurse wantonly finger-fuck her own juicy cunt while sucking cock, but she also wore no pantyhose. Instead, she wore nylons help up by a thick elastic band at each thigh. Brazen is the word that came to Lucy’s mind. She had seen those filthy stag films Luke had shown at a party he had given for a friend who is getting married. Lucy knew of the kind of women who would wear frilly lace garter belts and such things, and she didn’t like them one bit.

The Doctor's Wife Gowan Bush

  • A frustrated wife of a Doctor decides to get back at his cheating ways by getting as much cock as she can.
  • The Doctor’s Wife

Cara pulled back so that just the crown of Luke’s cock remained between her lips. Then she put her hot tongue to work. Her tongue slid expertly over his cockhead, teasing, dancing, and twisting around. While her tongue is working on his cock tip, Cara’s lips moved in a soft chewing motion, drawing an animal-like groan of pleasure from will. Her finger is ramming back and forth in her cunt, the slick pussy juice trickling down into her palm. Damn, how she loved sucking win’s cock!

“You hot bitches!” win growled, releasing the nipple from his mouth.

He looked at the firm tit flesh, noticing that the brown areola is glistening with his spit. Looking down, he watched his cock disappear into Cara’s mouth. When she pulled back, the shaft of his cock glistened wetly, just like the girl patient’s tit.

Luke sucked on her other nipple as he pumped into the girl’s pussy with his finger. He felt her writhe in ecstasy. The man worked a second finger between her clasping pussy lips and thrust his hips forward, driving his cock even deeper into Cara’s mouth. He heard her startled gasp, felt the head of his cock slam past the natural resistance at the back of her mouth and drive right down her throat. He hooked his hand behind Cara’s neck and jerked her toward his aching cock. His fat cockhead shoved even deeper, pulsing strongly as his flesh expanded in her throat. Cara’s hot lips were at the root of his cock, pressed against the jagged edge of his zipper. She squealed in surprise, her clutching throat protesting the sudden intrusion of hard cock. Putting her hands flat on Luke’s thighs, she pushed hard, uncorking his cock from her throat and landing on her ass.

“Damn you!” she hissed angrily, looking up at Luke who is still chewing on the girl’s tit. “You know I can’t take that huge hunk of cock down my throat!”

Lucy smiled. It pleased, her that Cara couldn’t deep-throat Luke’s cock. She made a mental note that soon, she would learn to deep-throat Luke and put that slutty little bitch to shame.

“Come on,” Luke said, giving the girl’s nipple one last kiss. “Let’s get on the bed.”

The girl is already completely naked, and she hopped on the bed, spreading her legs wide for Luke. Cara hiked up her dress, pulled her panties down her legs and dropped them at the foot of the bed. Luke merely opened his pants and pushed them down his thighs a little, dragging his shorts with them to expose his throbbing, spit-slick cock.

“We’ve got to hurry,” he said. “I’ve got my rounds to make.” With that, he climbed onto the bed, flattening the girl’s pert tits with his chest. Luke thrust his hips down, and his wet cockhead smashed against the patient’s cunt, then slid over the crack of her ass. “Damn it, make yourself useful!” he barked at the nurse.

Cara got on the bed between Luke’s legs and grabbed his cock. Aiming his cockhead at the girl’s cunt, she said, “Now!”

Luke shoved at the girl again. The head of his cock rammed into her pussy, pushed her pussy lips inward, then split her pussy flesh wide apart as he entered her hot, juicy cunt. He thrust his shaft into her cunt full length, shoving into her pussy until their pelvic bones ground together.

“Ahhhhh!” the girl gasped, feeling her cunt filled with Luke’s hard, pulsing cock. She hooked her ankles together behind his ass and dug her fingernails into his back, scratching so deeply that even through his smock, jacket, and shirt, she hurt him.

“You bitch! So you want to play rough, do you?” he rasped.

With that, he began drilling his cock violently into her pussy. He stabbed her tight cunt cruelly, slamming his big cock into her until they practically bounced on the bed. Then he pulled out so that he is, hardly in her pussy. Repeatedly he shoved his throbbing cock into her hot pussy as he looked down at the girl’s face twisted into a mask of absolute pleasure.

Cara slithered belly-down on the bed, kissing Luke’s thighs as she worked her way slowly to his balls. She might not be able to suck on his hairy sac as she had hoped she could because he is fucking so hard and fast. The woman tried to plant a wet kiss on his ass cheek, but Luke raised his ass so quickly that he nearly broke her nose. Cara gasped as her head jerked backward, and she abandoned her mission. However, there is more she can do and, with a sly smirk pursing her lips, she got off the bed.

Lucy’s nipples were tingling like mad. She wanted to touch her tits to relieve her burning desire, but she knew that if she so much as grazed her fingers over her nipples — even through her blouse and bra — the woman would only kindle a fire that she could not extinguish. She chose instead to do nothing but watch her husband fuck the living daylights out of some young cunt and a nurse named Cara.

“Move a little,” Cara instructed Luke as she stepped near the front of the bed. “I’m going to have her eat my pussy.”

“No!” the patient hissed, looking up at Cara with wild, frightened eyes. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Everybody has to learn sometime,” Cara replied. She calmly got on the bed and straddled the girl’s head with her knees. “Now lick my cunt like a good little girl, or the good doctor, here, will stop fucking you, and you won’t come. Now you don’t want that to happen, do you?”

The girl looked at Cara’s dewy pussy, just inches from her face. She really didn’t want to stick her tongue into Cara’s pink cunt. That is a man’s job. However, she also didn’t want to stop fucking. One is terrible, but the other is worse. As Cara’s cunt lowered slowly to the girl’s face, she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. The first taste of pussy juice shocked the girl. She didn’t think cunt juice would be so salty. However, with her pussy reeling in ecstasy from the wonderful, thick cock that is rocketing in and out of her cunt walls, the git decided that sucking cunt wasn’t that bad. As her hot clit got hotter and hotter, edging ever closer to orgasm, the girl began to like eating cunt. Soon she’s greedily dragging her tongue along Cara’s sticky cunt, scooping up the thick, clear pussy oil and sucking on Cara’s red, hard clit.

“That’s it, lover,” Cara purred, her eyes closed. She fondled her tits through her uniform. She wiggled her hips a little, letting the girl lick and suck on her pussy lips.

Luke, raising his torso as he is doing push-ups, felt the tingling in his balls get more urgent. It wouldn’t be long now before he shot his jism. Soon his hot, white cum would blast through the length of his cock and spew from his cock tip straight into the girl’s pussy. Someday—very soon.

He slowed his pounding thrusts. He thought he might as well make the fucking session last a while longer. He watched the girl’s small tits jiggle each time he rammed his cock deep up her cunt. Her nipples were like pebbles, hard and small. Fantastic waves of pleasure started from the hot little buds and spread throughout her body.

Lucy sensed that the thrashing trio would soon reach a peak of ecstasy. Cara’s eyes close as she concentrated on her clit, and Lucy decided that now is the time to make her escape. If Cara waited much longer, the chance discovery would be too great. Cara opened the door a little more, her eyes glued on Cara’s face. Then the woman padded away from the door. She wasn’t concerned about Luke — he had his back to her. She indeed wasn’t worried about the girl, who couldn’t see anything but Cara’s ass.

She turned the knob and opened the door. It creaked slightly, and she dashed into the hallway. Waiting there, trying to look casual while her heart pounded in her chest, Lucy listened carefully. She could still hear the rhythmic, steady squeaking from the room. Silly of me, she thought, they couldn’t hear a fire alarm!

Back in the room, Luke had lost all control. If he had had any notions of prolonging the fucking, he would have to give them up. His balls, with the cum welling up in them, had taken complete control of his body. He slammed his cock deep into the girl’s cunt as his nuts pulled up tight to his body. Luke gritted his teeth, fighting off the intense pleasure. However, his ass just continued to undulate. Then it happened — the scalding hot cum erupted from his balls like lava from a volcano. The thick blobs of juicy cum spewed from the tip of his cock, flooding the girl’s pussy.

“Ahhhh! Arggghhhhh!” he groaned as his hot cum shot from his balls. He pounded his cock into her harder than ever, pressing his muscular hips down to drive the pulsating head of his cock deep up the girl’s cunt.

Lucy heard her husband’s choked groan, and she knew he is coming. She had listened to his moan many times before — only it is her cunt that his cum filled then. She turned from the door and walked out of the hospital.

It is strange for her. She didn’t feel hurt or cheated. If asked, she would not be able to give a definite answer about how she felt. The times that Luke had claimed, he is too tired to fuck or that he had a headache kept rolling through her mind like a crazy movie.

She wondered how long her husband had been fucking around — wondered if he fucked her just to keep her happy. He had married her when she’s a wide-eyed, twenty-one-year-old rookie flight attendant. That is seven years ago. He had taught her how to enjoy fucking, and it had been with his cock that she had learned to give blowjobs. Luke begged her to suck his cock for weeks before Lucy finally consented. After that, he described her as a cock eater because she enjoyed sucking his cock so much.

What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, Lucy decided as she hailed a cab. She wasn’t sure what the future held for her, but she knew it would be fun.


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The Doctor's Wife Gowan Bush

  • A frustrated wife of a Doctor decides to get back at his cheating ways by getting as much cock as she can.
  • The Doctor’s Wife