The Company

By Max Swan

Life seemed to be taking a good turn for me lately since I joined a new company on an internship program. I’m excited because it is a Fortune Five Hundred company and if all went well it could possibly lead to a permanent job which would assure my future. I’ll be working in their statistical analysis department because I have to admit I’m a total nerd and I know math’s like most people know breathing.

They also seemed so nice to me at the Company and even the office girls flirted with me which is wild because as a nerdy guy, women usually didn’t act that way around me. Not that I am ugly or fat, I just found it difficult to talk to girls as I’m shy. Unless of course they knew calculus or trigonometry, or about Sci-Fi, then I could talk for sure. However to talk about the kind of stuff girls generally seemed into just seemed difficult for me.

After I was there for about a month, one of the secretaries named Claire (who had been very friendly toward me) invited me around to her place for dinner. I accepted because she’s a pretty blond and I didn’t think she’d do much on the first date. How wrong I turned out to be, as after dinner, she snuggled into me on the couch, and started kissing me. She pulled my clothes off and I had to admit I got a bit stunned and let her do it.

Before I knew it, she had my dick in her mouth, sucking on it with all her might. Normally I’m a bit circumspect in these situations as I’m very under-endowed in the dick department. This contributes to my shyness around women as I have had a few bad experiences where they got really nasty about it.

One girl in high school told all her friends and before long it is around the school and they called me pee wee as a result, but I digress. Claire is sucking me off and my cock is hard in no time flat. She leans back and gives it a good look.

A grin came over her face, and she asked, “Can I measure it?”

Like a dummy, I just said, “OK… Err… I guess.”

She had her a ruler in her hand in no time, which surprised me to be honest. She’d had it under the couch the whole time, and just reached under and grabbed it.

“Hmm, let’s see,” she said as she sized me up. “Three inches long.”

I blushed, but the way she said it wasn’t mean, it sounded as if she were just talking about the weather, which kind of made it bearable.

“You’ve got the smallest dick I’ve seen,” she said with a warm smile.

“I’m sorry.”

I began going to pull my pants up.

She stopped me, and asked, “Why are you sorry? You can’t help the way you’re born.”

She pushed me back into the couch.

“Now shut up, I want to suck this cute little dick of yours.”

Her face is suddenly buried in my crotch and I feel her tongue working my cock as she sucked. I have to say it felt amazing. Her head isn’t bobbing up down on my cock like you see in the porn movies as I don’t have that kind of dick. She just stayed in place with her head buried in my genitals sucking me off. She even managed to get my balls in her mouth too, which is something I hadn’t experienced before.

With my hands on her head, it isn’t long before I shoot four large spurts of cum into her mouth and like a greedy bitch she gobbles it all down. Once she had licked every last drop from me she found me still hard, so she kept sucking. I lasted a bit longer the second time, but then again shot several spurts of cum into her mouth. That’s all I’m good for by now as my cock started to go soft. She sat up again, wiping her mouth and smiling at me.

“Impressive Dave. Your cum tastes nice,” she said, moving closer and kissing me on the cheek.

“Can I fuck you?” I asked, thinking this is my luckiest night ever.

She suddenly pulled away and grimaced, her face blushing red for a moment.

“Sorry, but a dick as small as yours won’t satisfy me. Besides, it’s getting late, and we have to work tomorrow. Right?”

My face dropped and my heart broke, yet I got the hint and pulled my pants up. Then she escorted me to the door and kissed me on the cheek saying goodbye. That’s my one and only date with Claire. Thankfully, Claire didn’t embarrass me or humiliate me at work about my cock size so I breathed a sigh of relief and just got on with working.


A month after my date my supervisor called me into his office and informed me they were thinking of hiring me as a permanent staff member. Naturally, I’m excited because to this point I was getting paid. The only proviso is that I had to pass the Company physical, which I thought would be no problems as I’m a pretty fit guy generally speaking.

Being such a large company and having a huge campus with several thousand employees they provided a company Doctor on site. The physical would be performed by the Company Doctor and I’m given an appointment card that told me to attend the first thing tomorrow morning. Also, saying I needed to fast from midnight for blood tests. So now only one thing stood between me getting this new job, my physical.

“What if I fail the physical?” I asked my supervisor.

He just smiled knowingly, and said, “I’m sure you’ll be fine, a strapping young man as you. Don’t fret about it, we’ve all had to have one largely for the Company’s insurance purposes, I suspect. John passed, so I’m sure you’ll have no problems.”

That made me feel confident, as John is a very obese man and if he passed his physical, anyone probably could.


I went home that night feeling more relaxed about the whole thing and excited about getting a job in the statistical analysis department of a fortune five hundred company. The only thing I disliked about going to the Doctor’s is I always get embarrassed when they see my small penis. Every time I’ve been to the Doctor in the past, they always seemed professional enough, even though I did see a few second glances, or a crack of a wry smile once in a while.

However, they always acted professionally to my face at least, which is fine by me. Sometimes I think it is better not to know what people in the Health Professions may say behind your back. Considering they’ve seen it all and then some, I really didn’t want to know how I measured up in their eyes. It’s bad enough in regular life amongst people without that particular point of view, if you know what I mean.

So I arrived for my appointment fifteen minutes early, and spent the next hour filling out paperwork and even a couple of different psyche evaluation tests. I thought I must be buying a house, there’s so much paperwork. I’m finally taken to an exam room by a nurse called her Ann. She took my blood pressure, weight, height, temperature, blood sugar, did an ECG, and had me piss in a plastic jar which she took away. Then told me to undress completely and put on the provided gown.

The weird part is she didn’t leave while I changed, but just stood there watching me. So once I’m down to just my underpants, I put on the gown and then removed my underpants, so she didn’t get to check me out as I thought she wanted to.

However, I’m wrong as usual as she then took me to another room where they did a full body MRI on me that blew me away. Who’d have thought the Company would have an MRI machine right here? From what I’ve read in the papers these things are expensive. Then I returned to the exam room and Nurse Ann had me sit while she collected a few tubes of blood from me.

I hate having my blood taken to be honest as I have never been a fan of needles. But she’s pretty good and it didn’t hurt that bad.

After all this is done, Ann said nicely, “You’ve been a brave man with all these tests, Dave. I’m afraid my work is done for the moment, so just sit tight and Dr. Tyson will be with you shortly.”

Nurse Ann left me alone feeling a bit cold only wearing a cotton gown to wait for the Doctor.


Dr. Tyson entered and my jaw nearly fell on the floor, she’s gorgeous, five feet five tall, very slender, I’m guessing C-cup tits, and short brown hair. She’s wearing scrubs, as Ann, but they couldn’t hide her beauty. Dr. Tyson asked me to remove my gown and proceeded to give me a complete physical listening to parts of my body with her stethoscope, testing my reflexes, eyesight, hearing, and made me poke my tongue out and say ‘ah’. I’m sure you know how a physical goes? When she checked my groin area with the standard ‘turn and cough’ I have to admit I liked the feel of her hand grabbing my small nuts. She had me put the gown back on and sit on a chair next to her desk and began writing in my file.

“You seem to be in decent shape even though you could lose a few pounds,” Dr. Tyson said. “So unless something unexpected comes back in your blood & urine tests, you’ll pass the physical part of the exam fine. OK?”

I nodded.

“Great,” I said.

“I’m also a qualified Psychologist, so I’ll also handle the next part of the exam.”

“Ok,” I said and shrugged.

“After reading the results of your psyche evaluation tests you took earlier today, I think you may be holding yourself back in life for some reason. What do you say to that?” She asked, putting the pen to her lips and watching my face closely.

“I’m not sure how you think that, to be honest? My work record speaks for itself, I have lots of friends, a close family and a good social life. My life isn’t perfect, but whose is?”

I shifted awkwardly in my chair, she never took her eyes off me.

“Do you consider yourself heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or anything else?”

“I only date women.”

“What about your sex life? Do you have a regular sex partner?”

God, what is it with these questions, I thought feeling embarrassed. “Well, not at the moment.”

I could feel myself blush, and I hated myself for being so transparent.

“So when was the last time you had sexual intercourse?”

Her questions were so matter-of-fact, and impersonal. I could my body tensing and my heart beating fast.

“Dr. Tyson, I fail to see what this has to do with being fit enough to work at the company?”

She leaned back in her chair, and smiled vaguely at me, her open posture making me relax a little.

“It’s relevant because sexual frustration can lead to poor work performance and moodiness in the workplace. It can also lead to employees who are working in sensitive areas becoming vulnerable to certain forms of manipulation,” she said gravely. “The job you’ll be performing involves dealing with secret company information far beyond what you have been doing over your internship period. The Company wants to be sure it’s valued employees cannot be exploited by the competition to hand over secret information.”

She smiled at me as if this is just another day at the office.

I sighed with heavy exaggeration, crossing my arms.

“I had sex about a month ago with a woman I met here at work.”

“Was it just a one night stand?”


Dr. Tyson jotted something in her notes.

“When was the last time before the recent encounter?”

She stared at me with pen in mouth and an intense interest that made me feel nervous.

“About a year ago.”

My face burned bright red, and I hated myself for it.

“What were the circumstances?”

I sighed. I still don’t understand what this has to do with anything, I thought bitterly.

“A massage therapist who offered ‘extras’, we had sex a few times.

“Do you watch porn and masturbate?”

God, this is fucking ridiculous, he fumed in his mind.

“Several times a week, I suppose. I’m a guy, and guys watch porn,” I said sarcastically with a sneer thrown in for good measure.

Dr. Tyson just nodded and wrote in her notes again, showing no reaction to my answers.

“What kind of porn do you find really excites you?”

This is like no medical I’ve ever had before, I thought. It’s as if I’m being interviewed for Cosmo.

“What has my porn watching habits got to do with the job?”

“Certain kinds of porn are normal and are healthy for people to watch. Other types of porn can lead to darker desires that may lead to inappropriate use of company resources for sexual gratification and abuse of power,” she said again in her matter-of-fact tone that’s really starting to bug me. “Of course the Company won’t be informed of what porn you watch, only that you meet a certain profile they prefer all employees to have.”

“This is the weirdest physical I’ve ever had.” I said, shaking my head.

“I’m sorry. I don’t make the rules here. You don’t have to answer my questions or agree to anything I ask you to do. But failure to comply with these requirements may influence the Company’s decision in regards to the position you want.”

Fuck you, I thought angrily. And your fucking questions. I couldn’t believe it, unless I do what she wants, I won’t get the job.

“OK, but I want you to know I think this is an invasion of privacy, nonetheless.”

She nodded calmly and wrote in her damn notes, again

I took a deep breath, and said, “I guess I like fairly straight porn. Big tits, lesbian stuff, anal, facials, regular fucking. I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it much.”

“Are you into fetish material such as: BDSM, bestiality, feet, pantyhose, jeans, femdom worship, balloons, smothering, asphyxiation, upskirts, preteen, latex, scat, watersports, fisting, prego, lactation, medical procedures, sounding, crossdressing, BBW, spanking, pumping, CBT, diapers, panty stealing, exhibitionism, voyeurism, or anything you wouldn’t tell anyone about?”

I laughed loudly and hard, and when she gave me a curt stare I stopped.

“Sorry, I’m pretty boring really when it comes to porn. I just like seeing hot women getting fucked, and I like them to be over 18. Let me make that clear.”

“How do you feel when a sexual partner is negative toward the size of your penis? I mean you do have a very small penis don’t you?”

I blushed. This bitch is killing me, I thought.

“Bummed, as any guy would. But what can I do? I can’t change the way I was born.”

“How big is it? Soft and erect?”

“Nearly an inch soft, and three inches hard.”

I watched her write it in my file.

“So your unsatisfying sex life is due to your tiny penis?” She asked, staring at me in a way that made me feel a complete loser.

“What do you think?”

I sneered at her again.

“Is this why your most recent sexual experience didn’t go beyond a one night stand? Because of your extra tiny penis?”

“You’d have to ask her as she never really said why she ended our relationship.”

My face feels so hot now I think I’m going to combust any moment.

“But deep down you think it’s because you have the smallest dick she’s ever seen?” Dr Tyson asked calmly.

“Again, I don’t see what this has to do with me working at the Company?”

She wrote some more in her notes.

“Does it arouse you if a woman makes fun of your penis?”

“Not really. I mean it embarrasses me more than anything.”

“What about being naked here, today, in front of me and the Nurse. Does that arouse you?” She asked, turning to look at me.

“You’re both nice-looking women, but I don’t find these situations arousing, no. More than anything I just want them to be over with.”

I honestly hoped she would just get the hint. Instead, she wrote more notes into my record “The exam is nearly over, Mr. Jones, so you needn’t worry. Now if you wouldn’t mind removing your gown and laying back on the exam table again,” Dr. Tyson said.


I sighed deeply, stood, took off my gown laying back on the exam table as the Doctor requested. The Doctor spoke on the phone for a moment, and not long after Nurse Ann reappeared. She had a jar in her hands, which she placed on a counter

“This won’t hurt a bit, so just lay back and enjoy it, eh?” Ann said in a warm, friendly tone.

“What are you doing?” I asked, feeling as if my nerves are about to explode.

“I’m going to collect a semen sample. Now just close your eyes and enjoy it,” she said.

A what? A semen sample? What the fuck, I thought in a panic. However, when she started stroking my dick between her thumb and finger, and I lay there stunned. A pretty Nurse is fondling my cock, I thought, feeling some pleasure. My cock sprang to life, and is erect in no time. Ann is attractive in that way all Nurses are. She appeared five feet nine with an athletic build, B cup breasts, and her long brown hair in a pigtail. I guessed she’s maybe late twenties, early thirties in age.

“Err, is this allowed? I mean, what the hell is going on here?” I asked, watching Ann stroke me with her soft womanly finger. Ann had pink nail polish. She isn’t even wearing gloves, she’s jerking me with her bare hand, I thought in amazement.

Then Dr. Tyson stood, excusing herself for a moment, and left the room while Ann continued to stroke my dick.

“I thought she’d never leave,” Ann said softly, and she leans over and swallows my cock into her mouth and started sucking me off.

Holy crap, this is the weirdest physical I’ve ever had, I thought as her mouth worked my cock. I could feel her tongue making circles around the tip of my cock, then she’s licking my cock as if it’s a lollipop. Nurse Ann proved to be the best blowjob giver I had experienced, she knew how to work it and in less than a minute I came hard. She took my semen into her mouth, it felt as if I shot a gallon yet none spilt. Then she stood and walked over to the counter and spat the sample into the specimen jar she brought in earlier. After washing her mouth out with what appeared to be mouthwash she just left the room and me alone to wonder why the nurse just gave me a blow job?

Dr. Tyson re-entered the room seconds later, carrying what appeared a small plate with porcelain cloche on it. She glanced me over for a moment with a smile, and came to my side. I felt guilty because my cock is still hard, but she acted as if nothing is out of the ordinary,

I started to get up when Dr. Tyson pushed me back down, and said, “No, Dave, we’re not finished yet. I have another small test to perform and then it’ll be over. So just relax.”

I’m still somewhat in shock and a bit disbelieving of what just took place. It had to be against the law for a Nurse to give a patient a blowjob, I wondered?

“What exactly are these ‘tests’ meant to find, Doctor?”

“Just relax and be still, Dave.”

Dr. Tyson removed the cloche from the plate, grabbed a warm, moist towel off it, and proceeded to wash my genitals.

“Now that feels nice, doesn’t it? I’ll get you all cleaned up,” she said.

The way she rubbed the towel around my cock and balls aroused me all over again, and try as I may, I got a hard-on. The Doctor could quite obviously feel my baby-boner under the towel, yet she continued to rub and feel me.

Nurse Ann returned to the exam room, and said to the Doctor, “The initial test has passed, we’re good to go.”

Dr. Tyson nodded.

“He’s ready for phase two then.”


“What initial test? What are you talking about? Just what’s going on here?” I asked, feeling my heart leap about my body in panic mode.

Dr. Tyson leaned over, and in my ear she whispered, “Don’t be afraid, Dave, it’ll feel great, I promise. Just like when the Nurse sucked you off.”

She knew? I blushed deeply. Shit is going on here that isn’t being made clear to me, I thought.

Nurse Ann rolled a trolley beside the exam table with a strange machine on top of it. The Doctor took this bell-shaped silver object off the top and placed it over my cock. The bell-shaped device seemed to be attached to the machine on the trolley with thick wires. Meanwhile, Nurse Ann took another device, like a headband with wires attached, slipped it over my head and plugged it into the machine as well.

“What is all this? What are you doing to me?” I asked, feeling my body tremble now.

“It’s all part of your psyche evaluation, Dave. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colors,” Dr. Tyson said calmly.

The Doctor turned and hit a switch on the machine, I suddenly feel a weird buzzing on my cock. Something inside the bell-shaped device inflated around my cock making it feel tight and warm. It feels as if my cock is inside a cunt, I thought.

The Nurse is looking at a readout on the machine.

“He’s ready, Doctor.”

“Good, initiate stage one,” the Doctor said.

I heard a hum and feel a nice vibration around my cock. Suddenly I develop a headache and I found myself among a group of young nude women all with large breasts. The women were writhing all over me in obvious sexual arousal. They’re kissing and licking each other (and me), and I could feel their mouths on my body and cock. Tongues licking me everywhere, even in my ass and armpits. So many tongues it seems as if there’s more tongues than women. They moaned so luridly and wantonly, the sound arouses even more.

They were begging me to fuck them, screaming for my cock. I rolled over, seeing a wet vagina near my cock I plunged it inside as deep as I could. She moaned so much as I fucked her. I’m a stud and didn’t blow my load at all, unlike normally I would in thirty seconds. The woman came hard gushing wetness all over me and before I knew it another sexy maiden is squirming beneath me begging for my cock.

Their voices seemed distant, yet compelling, and I fucked this new woman with wild abandon and moved on to the next, and the next. Vaginas rubbed against my mouth, making me lick them, tasting their fishy wetness. My fingers found their way inside every orifice of the female body. Once I even looked up to see both of my feet buried in pussy.

God knows how many times I climaxed. I didn’t think it’s humanly possible to cum so much. As soon as I dumped a load a new pussy took its place.

Female cum and piss is dripping off my body as they cleansed my soul with the juices from each and every orgasm they achieved. The stink in the room is heady and intoxicating as female flesh smothered me in my wildest dreams come true.

I pushed one woman off me, asking, “What’s going on here?”

Every woman present said simultaneously, “Psychological testing, Dave.”

Then an ass jammed into my mouth, making me taste it and lap it like a hungry dog.

I don’t know how much more I can take of this, I thought.

Suddenly, all the women writhing lustfully against me and begging to be fucked disappeared.


Now I find myself standing in the playground at a school. I recognized the place. It’s the school I attended as a child, and the other children seemed familiar to me as well. The little girls are holding hands and had formed a ring around me. They were moving hand in hand as if they were playing ring-a-ring-a-rosy, however, they’re laughing at me. I’m my adult self, standing naked as they circled me with endless giggling and taunts.

They all chanted in unison, “Baby Dick! Baby Dick! It’s even smaller than a clit!”

Over and over, these nasty little girls shouted their cruel chant at me as I stood naked in the playground. All the other children had stopped playing and are staring, pointing, and laughing at me. I started to cry as if I was a baby. I couldn’t help myself, the cruel chanting ripped through my soul exposing me in a way I had never known. Please, make it stop, I begged in mind. My dick is so small. It’s so small and I’m such a weak, pathetic man because of it. Why are they laughing at me? Why are they so cruel to me?

“I can’t help it,” I screamed in desperation. “I was born this way!”

The cruel chant suddenly changed.

“Ya dick didn’t grow. Ya dick didn’t grow, High ho the merry-o, Ya dick didn’t grow!”

On and on they sung the tune as they circled me. I closed my eyes and covered my ears trying not to hear their evil taunts. When all of a sudden an angry male voice yelled out something, and all the little girls and other children ran off screaming with fright.


I heard a reassuring male voice behind me, my old teacher, Mr. Hardcock had come to my rescue. He led me to his office and gave me hot chocolate as I sat naked before him, feeling safe from those nasty little girls. His hand is on my knee and he’s whispering in my ear how much he likes my little doodle, and I shouldn’t listen to those cruel girls.

“Girls are such nasty things with their noxious bleeding cunts and needy personalities,” he said to soothe me. “You’ll be much better with men who can treat you right.”

I noticed the large bulge in his pants, which he has seen me looking at. He smiled the most evil grin I’ve ever seen, and unzipped his fly. Mr. Hardcock’s penis sprung out of his pants and it’s the biggest dick I’ve seen. It just seemed to go on forever.

He laughed, telling me, “This is what a real man’s dick looks like. You better get used to taking it up the arse, cos that’s all the action a baby dick like you is going to get.”

I stood, backing away in terror at the ridiculously long and thick cock he continued to feed out of his fly. It must be ten feet long?

“Come on baby dick. Bend over and take it like the sissy you are!”

I pulled the door open and ran along a corridor that stretched on forever. Every time I glanced back, his dick is following with Mr. Hardcock’s laughing echoing menacingly through the hall. I spotted a door, and ran through it, to find myself at home.


I’m home in the bathtub, having my evening bath as was my routine as a child. Only I’m not a child, I’m a grown man sitting in the bath of my childhood. The door opens and in walks my Mother just as I remembered her in those days. Her sandy blonde hair tied in a bun, her face tired, but her green eyes always warm and loving. She kneels beside the bath and kisses me on the head, and I feel safe once again.

“How’s my Liddle boo boo eh?” She cooed at me making me giggle.

“Come on, show Mommy,” she urged me gently.

I stood in the bath, faced her, and watched as she stared at my cock with some kind of weird satisfaction.

“Oh, I wuv your Liddle boo boo. It’s so tiny and cute,” she said.

I knew what she’s saying, yet as a child, I couldn’t really understand what she means. Then my Mommy leans over, puts my cock in her mouth, and starts sucking me off.



I open my eyes to find myself sitting fully-dressed in the chair facing Dr. Tyson who’s still writing notes in my file. I glanced around feeling disoriented, not really sure how I got here. I remembered the Nurse taking my blood pressure and stuff, and Dr. Tyson listening to my chest and all that. However, after that my mind is empty. The clock on the wall reads eleven-thirty am, and I remember I arrived at eight-thirty. Where did all that time go, I wondered blankly?

“So Dave,” Dr. Tyson said cheerfully snapping me out of the fog. “I’m pleased to say, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve passed your physical and I don’t see any reason why you can’t take up the position being offered you.”

She smiled at me, showing her white teeth and warm eyes. I feel good.

“That’s great, thanks, Doctor Tyson.” I said developing a wide grin myself.

I hated physicals because I’m always embarrassed about my small penis. So I’m glad this one is over without any incident. Dr. Tyson and Nurse Ann are the most professional medical people I’ve met in my life, I thought.

“Of course, I’ll need to see you once a week to complete your treatment. Any questions?” Her eyes practically shone, melting Dave’s heart.

“No, if you say I need it, I’ll be here. Being healthy is important to me,” I said.

“That’s the spirit! Oh, by the way, could you sign this?”

She handed me a bunch of papers stapled together. There’s lots of writing on the forms and something inside me told me I should read it first. As I scanned the words my eyes went blurry and I felt sick. Oh, what the hell, I thought happily. Dr. Tyson would never do anything to hurt me.

That seemed right for some reason, and so I flipped to the last page, signed it, and handed the papers back to her. She took them and placed them in my file.

Dr. Tyson smiled nicely at me, and said, “Cya next week.”

I stood, and took a card from her with my appointment time on it, saying, “Yeah, Cya later Doctor Tyson. Have a nice day.”

I walked out the door feeling happy.


Once Dave left the exam room, Dr. Tyson picked up her phone and dialed in an extension number waiting while it rung at the other end.

After a minute, she said, “Oh, hi Joan, it’s Ellen Tyson here.

Yeah I am fine, thanks.

Oh, I just finished with the new candidate. Claire was right about his tiny penis and the initial tests are encouraging.

No, he responded like a charm to the neural conditioning, should be no problem taking him all the way.

We’ve collected the necessary samples and a full genetic profile should be available by the end of the week.

Uh huh.

Mm hmm.

That’s the only disappointing thing, he had no real sexual fetishes we could use to manipulate him with. But I think we can program him to like something.

Uh huh.


I did uncover some childhood trauma, so it appears as if he was molested as a kid by various adults in his life, including his mother.


Yeah, I know it’s sordid. I mean his own mother. Poor guy, I feel sorry for him as he seems decent enough.



You know me, I don’t let my feelings cloud my professionalism.

It’s too early to tell how things will pan out, of course, but you’ll receive my reports as per usual.

Yeah, you too.

Cya, Joan.”


Dr. Tyson finished writing in Dave’s notes and left the room with the file. Not long after, Nurse Ann entered the room with another man whom she instructed to take his clothes off. When he was nude, he lay on the exam table. Dr. Tyson re-entered the room moments later, carrying a small plate with a cloche on it.

“Hi, Steve, how are you today?”

The man answered in a friendly tone.

“Great, Doc.”

Dr. Tyson removed the cloche from the plate, grabbed a warm, moist towel off it, and proceeded to wash his genitals feeling his small dick get hard under the cloth.

“Now that feels nice, doesn’t it?”

“Sure, Doc,” Steve said with a wink. “My favorite part of the treatment.”

The End.


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