The Coma

By Max Swan © 2014

The first sense that returned to Sam after what seemed a long, deep sleep was sound. Voices talking, machines buzzing and beeping, and the sound of footsteps. Slowly he comes to recognise and understand these sounds, distant though they were, as if he heard from another room with a glass against the wall. He didn’t understand why this noise is all he could know of the outside world. For it seemed as if a chasm of some unfathomable depth, lay between him and normalcy. Not long after the ability to hear sounds, he began to feel when someone touched him. Sometimes the owners of these voices seemed to roll him around with a practised roughness, other times it felt as if they were jabbing pins into his body. Eventually, he began to wonder: Is this hell?

One day he heard a female voice speak clearly. The words said quietly but with self-assurance, said, “Oh-my-God, take look at that!”

In that first moment of consciousness, his hearing seemed wonderfully powerful. He tried to open his eyes and found that difficult, but he got them open a sliver and saw he is lying in bed with the covers thrown back and a pretty woman standing over him. Her voice had woke him. The woman looked at his body, holding a rag in her hand, but not moving.

She glanced around, and back at his body, and shrugged. Reaching out, she proceeded to bathe his genitals. He felt profound embarrassment and tried to move to stop her. He discovered he couldn’t move. He could open his eyelids to let in a sliver of view. He tried to speak, but couldn’t do that either. He tried to do anything he could think of to attract attention, nothing worked. His body would not obey his brain. Sam tried to resolve his location, and why he might be here. However, nothing came to him, his mind seemed completely blank. His head hurt from thinking.

Looking past the humiliating sight of this pretty stranger washing his genitals, he saw his legs had metal rods sticking out, and metal wires pulled them tight. One of his arms completely covered in a plaster cast, and the other wrapped in crepe bandages. He saw the catheter coming out of his dick, and felt something large and hard in his ass too. Wires hung off his chest that led somewhere he couldn’t see. Hospital, he thought, I must have had an accident . The sensation of the cold rag on his cock jolted him for a moment, not his body – his mind.

Sam had always been embarrassed about his penis. It’s small – oddly small – a real-life micropenis. His penis had been the source of much uncomfortable attention his entire life. Once people discovered his micropenis, it’s all he became to them. The guy with the tiny cock. Now this strange, yet oddly familiar looking, woman held his knob between her fingers, intrigued by it. Working it slowly and carefully as if it may bite her. Sam’s cock, when flaccid is one-inch long and not thick. The woman washing him took full measure with her gloved fingers. He could see her comparing her little hands to it, and she bent it, as if testing that it’s really flaccid.

If he could have moved or said anything, Sam would have asked her to stop. He felt mortified to be displayed and manipulated like a piece of meat, but his paralysis is complete, save for the tiny amount he could open his eyes. Instead, he’s forced to lie still while she finished inspecting him. She continued to hold his cock, reluctant to let it go for some reason. Sam had seen the look in her eyes before, in another girl but the memory alluded him for a moment. She seemed gripped in the weird fascination of seeing something ‘out of the norm’. Some women could not help themselves when confronted with such a tiny cock.

As she continued to examine him, he gazed at her through the tiny slit he could open his eyes. As her exploration of his penis continued, Sam distracted himself by assessing her in return. The woman had long red-hair tied in a ponytail, with pale skin and freckles. She seemed average height, maybe five-foot-six, and on the solid side, but not fat. She looked strong. Her clothes reminded him of what people wear in operating theatres – scrubs – the word flashed in his mind. Great, I can remember scrubs but not where I am, he chided himself. Her face had a kindly look to it, almost innocent in the way she looked at him. Sam decided she looked pretty, not in a Hollywood/model way, but more like the girl-next-door type. Another word flashed into his mind, NURSE – she’s a nurse and I’m in hospital, he thought. The nurse reminded him of a girl he knew in school, a girl he didn’t like at all. However, he buried the thought, wondering why he could remember her, but not what happened to him to bring him here. I must’ve had an accident, he thought.

In gym class, at Junior High, the other guys had seen his tiny dick, and asked about it. No one seemed to think it odd to talk about his size in the same way they talked about the weather. They teased him about it, and eventually everyone knew about it. That’s when she learned about it, and the torment really began. She actively sought him out, wanting to see it, touch it, and make him show others. The girls laughed at him when he showed them, when she made him show them. She made him get it hard for them, sometimes even jerk-off and cum while they watched. His audience liked that that most, watching his tiny dick cum. His parents eventually pulled him from high school in favour of home-schooling. The bullying continued to escalate, despite the attempts of the do-gooder adults to stop it. The only way to protect Sam had been to keep him at home.

When Sam’s cock is erect its two-and-a-half-inches long, and just over two-inches around. Very, very small. At thirty-two, Sam is five-foot-eleven, and one-hundred-and seventy-five-pounds, if only a girl as cute as this nurse could see him as more than a tiny cock. But this woman now blatantly stroked his dick, trying to get him hard, probably so she could measure it. He’d been here before, he knew the routine.

She had two fingers around his shaft and she pumped him, despite the fact he had a rubber catheter going into it. She didn’t seem to care, aren’t nurses supposed to care? Her warm, soft fingers felt wonderful. Her slightly open mouth looked sexy, her expression one of shocked amusement. He could see her cheeks flushing, and the blush spread down her chest under her scrubs. Even as terrified as he felt about why he couldn’t move, Sam found her adorable. The look on her face so sexually compelling, reminding him of the times the bully in high school made him jerk-off in front of whomever she felt like. He got aroused by her ministrations.

His cock grew hard, filling with blood as she jacked him off, and he stared at her precious face. Her green-eyes flashed in his face from time to time, fearing he would wake, and she froze every time she heard a noise outside the room. The obvious anxiety she felt, mixed with the amazement and lust gave her an endearing vulnerable demeanour, which made him want her even more. Once his cock became hard, she continued to stroke it. She murmured, “Jesus-fucking-Christ, it’s like a thimble.”

She looked at his dick like someone inspecting something repugnant, her face pinched in a sneer. She held it in her fingers and bent it around, looking at it from different angles. She reached down and cupped his balls, which seemed big compared to his puny boy-sized penis. “Holy fuck. What use is it?” She said quietly, but Sam heard her.

Her warm palm cupping his testes felt wonderful, and her stroking also amazing. Feeling her firm, competent grip on him he knew he wouldn’t last for much longer. Her hands were used to touching strangers, of that he felt sure. She had a gentle, but firm touch that soothed him. He forgot for a time that he couldn’t to move. The nurse massaged his balls as she jacked him off, her face getting closer to his cock as she gazed at it intently. He could see from her eyelids had dropped lower, and her pupils were getting huge. Her green-eyes were now almost black with pupils. Is she getting off on this, he wondered?

His lack of movement became an issue once more as he felt the first urges to cum tingle in his balls. He couldn’t move his hips at all to aid himself in cumming. Sam wondered if he should cum, the indwelling catheter scared him. Can I cum with that blocking everything, he wondered. Will it make orgasm painful?

Sam realised he doesn’t have a choice in this game. The nurse still jacked him off, but she pumped him faster now, as if she wanted him to cum. Maybe she had no idea he’s so close to orgasm, he couldn’t show the usual signals – no heavier breathing, no moaning, and no movement – he couldn’t make a sound.

Helpless to stop himself, Sam felt his climax peak. He tried to think of other things, but his mind went blank. All he could think about is her hands on him, the warmth, the smooth feeling as her hands caressed his balls. The last time a woman touched him in this manner was long ago, and he felt captivated by watching her cute face, so attentive, so compelled by what she’s doing. He began to shoot his load, it erupted straight up into the air with a power and force that even surprised him. The catheter seemed to accent the force of his ejaculation, and cum rose into the air a good six-feet, making the nurse duck out-of-the-way. The viscous white fluid splattered on his legs as gravity brought it back down, and the nurse continued pumping his tiny cock.

Her eyes were wide and her mouth agape as she watched another spurt of cum erupt from his tiny cock like a mortar travelling high into the air, this time hitting the ceiling and staying there. She let out a surprised, “Oh,” as if she hadn’t thought something like this could happen.

Still stroking him, her hand moved harder and faster to see if he could do it again. She moved her face closer, but out of the line of fire. She seemed fascinated by his cock’s performance as Sam sent a third and a fourth burst of fire high into the air.

The other strange secret of Sam’s life being revealed to this nurse, despite his tiny penis he always ejaculated huge loads. Bigger loads than most men, and why the high school girls took such delight in making him jack-off in front of them. Sam is a man of such confounding extremes. Tiny cock, but shoots as much cum as a horse. However, this load seemed big even for him. He had no idea how long he had been in this bed, but long enough that his body had produced more sperm. He made the best of this ability to ejaculate large loads and had sold his semen all over the country to Sperm Banks. He is after all an attractive, fit man with a good job. Secretly, he hoped all the women who used his semen had babies with tiny dicks, he thought of it as his revenge.

More and more cum shot out of him as the pretty nurse massaged his shaft and squeezed his knob. It seemed she wanted to discover exactly how much he could produce. When he finally finished cumming, she looked at his cock as it softened back to its nub, and all the sperm that had splattered over his genitals and legs. She even looked at a few globs that clung to the ceiling, seemly entranced by his cum. “Holy crap, I didn’t expect that. Usually guys like you just dribble out your pathetic cummies, not explode with such force,” she said, looking amazed.

She released her hold of him, scooped a handful of his cum into her gloved hand and examined it closely. An oddly intimate thing to do, and seemed strange to Sam. Looking around at the mess, she decided this much semen from that tiny dick is a record. A clatter of a passing cart of some sort broke the spell of the moment, the nurse quickly wiped his copious ejaculate off his body with her damp cloth. She cleaned him all over his groin once more, and she gathered her things and left. The whole event took less than ten minutes.

Sam simultaneously felt violated, embarrassed, and satisfied. Focusing on the latter, he basked in the unexpected warmth of a post-orgasmic glow. Soon sleep took him once more, as what else is there to do in a coma?


When next he awoke he heard something. Opening his eyes to the thin slit, Sam saw the young nurse again. She spoke quietly, so he watched her mouth and listened as hard as he could. She said, “So, let’s not have a repeat of last time, okay. I apologise. I don’t know what came over me. Well…” She laughed, “I suppose you do. But in my defence who knew you could cum like that? I’ve never seen a guy cum so much, and I’ve jacked-off many guys in this hospital and others, so you could say I’m something of an expert.”

She pulled his sheets off and starting with his legs began to wash him. Sam is still unable to move, and as he looked at her realised she reminded him of a girl in high school he once knew. Memories of school flooded his mind, the bullying and the humiliation he suffered by… the redheaded schoolgirl bully. Her name eluded him, he remembered how she made him masturbate in front of other girls and boys. How they laughed at him and called him names.

The nurse bathed him calmly, efficiently, and professionally. So he closed his eyes, relaxed and let his mind wander for a moment trying to remember what happened. Sam worked as a computer programmer, but often helped on the family farm on weekends because it saved his parents money. Besides, he liked the work, and wanted to be a farmer, but his dad pushed him into computers telling him there’s no future in small farms.

I must have had an accident, he thought. He remembered driving and eating a burger he had brought, after that it goes blank. He couldn’t even remember what kind of burger he had been eating. Before that everything seemed normal, just his life, the routine of it, the solitude he had surrounded himself with because of his small dick. He had decided that it’s too painful to try to have a normal relationship with a girl. When they saw his dick they dumped him. There’s only so many times a man can go through that heartbreak. There comes a time, when after being knocked down so much, you either kill yourself or you give up and try something else. Giving up is easier, accept you’ll never be married and all that entails. Live your life as best you can. Deposit all the spunk you can into the sperm banks countrywide as revenge. Everything else is blank, until he awoke to the nurse bathing him.

Her firm, yet kind ministrations, soothed him like a massage. He felt his fear and the stress of not knowing what’s happening to him fade. The nurse began to hum a soft tune, and Sam listened intently. He loved music, he listened to it lots, and he liked the sound of her voice. So quiet and sweet. Sam felt surprised he didn’t feel much pain, a dull aching sensation in his limbs, and a low-level but consistent headache. I must have had a car accident, he thought, and began to try to remember what had happened again. As the nurse distracted him with her touches and soft humming, his mind went blank, until eventually he thought, I must have been in a car accident.

As the nurse hummed her song and bathed him, Sam watched her through his tiny portal into the rest of the world. Her face had a serenity that he found compelling to look at, utterly self-possessed and focused on her work. She looked beautiful for being so present in that moment. Her green-eyes were bright and clear as she watched her own hands work. Her movements were graceful and efficient with few wasted gestures. Everything about her seemed so appealing.

The Nurse cleaned his whole body, leaving his crotch for last. She had been so professional the whole time he didn’t even feel self-conscious about being naked on the bed. Sam could sense the tension in her, and when she glanced at his face, he saw a wildness in her eyes he hadn’t seen before. He didn’t understand what had her so aroused, until she whispered, “Fuck me, Sam, what is it about this pathetic cock of yours that’s so interesting to look at?”

Gingerly, she grasped his soft nub in her gloved fingers and pulled it so it stretched. Her hands were slightly shaking, and her breathing shallow through her mouth. The look on her face a mixture of apprehension and fascination, told him this bathing session is no longer a nurse/patient interaction. She did clean him, thoroughly, but as she did so her hands massaged his manhood and brushed his skin more intimately than she had showed at any other point of the process.

Sam found himself responding to the different touch. His cock grew hard as she manipulated him, her fingers cool on his warming flesh. “Such a babydick man, aren’t you. I looked it up last night in my textbooks and they call it micropenis.” Hesitantly, she stroked her two fingers along his length. “But I guess you know that already. The smallest I’ve seen – until you – was four-inches, and he looked huge compared to you.”

His nurse began to jack him off slowly, mesmerised by the movement of skin over muscle. Sam felt rising humiliation at his helplessness and her words. He’d heard it before, the smallest dick they’ve ever seen on an adult – blah, blah. Who cares, he shouted in his mind to her, it’s only a dick, not the fucking Holy Grail! Being he couldn’t do anything other than witness the sexual abuse done to him, proved the most frustrating aspect of his situation. The nurse seemed so intrigued by his cock, so gentle with her hands that eventually lust won and he felt pleasure at her attention. He felt attracted to her, but he knew what she did was wrong, and sensed she did too, given her occasional glances toward the door while she touched him. Her hands stroked him all over, cupping his balls and touching everywhere that had free skin. Clearly, she enjoyed it.

She lifted his small penile shaft, aiming his knob into the air and she looked at it, pointed right at her face. “This shit is crazy. What are you doing, Julie?” She darted a glance at the door, then at his face, and whispered, “I’m so bad for this.”

Leaning over, she took his knob into her mouth, catheter and all. Sam felt stunned as her pretty pink lips swallowed his whole cock with barely an effort. She suckled him, letting saliva dribble along his skin, and over his balls. Her tongue danced along his skin tantalisingly sweet. Opened her mouth more and swallowed his balls into her mouth with his micropenis. The warm wetness of her mouth felt wonderful. Sam had a couple of women willing to try to suck him, and it felt great to be feeling it again.

Julie, he thought. He now had a name for her. She moved her mouth around his genitals, using her tongue to probe and lick him while he lay there helpless. Julie stopped sucking him, however, continued to jack him off. Occasionally, she would lean over and lick his tiny dick making jolts of pleasure ripple through his body. When he began to feel an orgasm approaching in the distance, Julie leaned way over and began to suck and lick his balls. It felt amazing. Sam had never had anyone do that before, and the act seemed so intimate and arousing. His orgasm rushed closer, and he wished he could move anything to make it feel better.

“Come on, babydick, let’s see if you can cum as you did yesterday. I have to taste it,” Julie whispered, her mouth pressed to his testicles, her breath warm on his skin.

Yesterday, Sam thought wildly, has she done this to me before? She went back to lavishing his balls with love while she used her fingers to work his puny cock. Panic came over him. Was I here yesterday, he wondered? What happened to me? I must have been in an accident. She began licking and kissing his tiny shaft, paying close attention to the glans around the base of his head. Sam couldn’t hold back anymore, he had no muscle control, so the moment he felt the urge to cum he did. Julie got a surprise, having no signals coming from him, so the first jet of sperm shot straight up into the air a good seven-feet and came back down on her cheek with a splat.

She grunted and lifted her mouth over the tip of his knob as he fired the rest of his prodigious load right into her lapping mouth as she swallowed all that she could. Her tongue sliding around making him ache with pleasure. Sam felt as if his orgasm belonged to a different person, belonged to her – the nurse Julie. She had milked it out of him, a purely physiological response to her ministrations. He couldn’t even make noise as he came, but his body quivered with the thrill of climax. The intensity almost more than he could bear, as her slippery tongue washed his tiny knob and urged more cum to rocket out. Something which he could oblige, so much sperm didn’t seem possible for one man, especially one with such a small penis.

Once his orgasm stopped, he became so sensitive he wanted her to stop. Yet she continued to slurp on him, the burning in his cock becoming unbearable, painful. Finally, she lifted her mouth from him and he felt relief the tortuous moment had stopped. Julie breathed a huge sigh and wiped her mouth and face with a washcloth. She looked at him, and said, “I didn’t think you could cum like that again so soon, you’re amazing. You tasted even better than I thought. I love the taste of cum, especially babydick cum, tiny dickie cum always tastes so nice. Big dick cum often tastes awful, I find.”

She glanced back at the door and smirked, seeming glad she hadn’t been heard speaking like that to a patient. She kissed his knob, covered him with a sheet, and went to the bathroom. Sam lay still, he had no choice, and listened to her running water in the bathroom and pulling some paper towels from a dispenser. Sam felt his heart rate slow and his cock shrink back to a flaccid nub. He felt ashamed for enjoying what had happened to him, still Julie’s unmitigated pleasure in tasting him somehow made him feel happy.

When she came back into his room, she looked clean and freshly scrubbed. Her face pink and flushed from rubbing. Julie pulled back his sheet and used the cloth to finish bathing him, dressing him in a gown, and putting new linen on his bed while she rolled him around. Once she reconnected the traction, Julie stroked his face nicely, and said, “Thank you, Sam. I’m sorry you aren’t here to enjoy it, but I had to know what you tasted like. I’ve never seen such a tiny dickie shoot so much cum, you amaze me.”

Julie leaned down and quickly kissed Sam on the lips. As the feeling lingered for a moment, he heard the door squeak closed. Julie had left the room. He looked at his legs, and the iron rods poking out. Suddenly he thought, I must’ve had an accident.

As all the same memories of driving, eating a burger, and blankness churned through his memory of events recently passed. Memories slipped away into the darkness of his damaged mind. He fell asleep, as there’s nothing else to do in a coma.


This time he dreamed. He didn’t know if dreaming is a good sign or not, such objectivity beyond him at this point. The dreams were vivid, but he couldn’t wake. He dreamed of the redhead schoolgirl bully named Julie, no, not Julie, something else. How all the girls watched him masturbate, laughing at him. Only he isn’t a schoolboy in these dreams, but a man, pumping his babydick while they laughed at how small it is, and how he used too few fingers compared to the other boys. The inevitable howls and screams of awe and laughter echoed as he shot his horse-like load of semen, hitting whichever girl the redhead bully told him to hit before the show started.

He dreamed of the farm, his mum and dad, and how safe he felt there. How happy he felt when they told him with grave, lined faces that they’re taking him out of school for his own good. He relived that moment, seeing the worry and defeat in their faces, however, feeling the joy of relief that he never had to face the bullies again. He dreamed of the time he overheard his mom and dad in their bedroom. His dad was crying, this shocked him so much as his father has always been the strongest person he knew. He heard his dad say, “I can’t believe they did that to my boy!”

His mother tried to soothe him, but Sam felt shocked that his dad cried about him. He wanted to go in and tell him it’s OK, but he couldn’t. He stood there feeling sad and small.

He knew it had been expected he hate the redheaded schoolgirl bully, and he did of course, as what she did to him was evil. The public and private humiliation she put him through no teen boy should have to endure. Not just the public masturbation for the entertainment of whomever was present, but the beatings she gave him, she spat on him, pissed on him, made him lick her shoes, farted in his face and made him kiss her ass. Sam had plenty of reason to hate her, but confusingly he also felt turned on by what she did. Whenever he jerked-off at home he found himself thinking about her, wishing she were present to punish him. Afterward, his guilt for thinking of the redheaded schoolgirl bully during masturbation made him feel so depressed. His shrink said these feelings were expected, because all this abuse happened to him during a time his psyche had been impressionable. When he should have been experiencing normal teen sexual experiences like dating, kissing, holding hands, and so on – he was sexually abused.

“Don’t worry, it’ll take time but you can be free of this,” his psychiatrist told him in a dream.

“Not with women like Nurse Julie around,” he told the psychiatrist.

A noise woke him, he opened his eyes to the usual slit to see a figure standing next to his bed loading a small table with a bowl, towels and linen. He looked at his legs. I must’ve had an accident, he thought. No, no, I know that already. Going to the farm for the weekend to help dad with the calves. I was driving, eating a sausage and egg McMuffin when…, he couldn’t remember beyond that. I wonder whether mum and dad know I’m here?

He tried to speak, but couldn’t. He couldn’t even move thanks to the traction and the plaster over his body. The nurse hesitated for a moment, looked at his face, and said, “Sam, I’m Nurse Walker and I’m going to give you a bed-bath. OK?”

She looked at him for a moment, an older woman in her fifties Sam guessed. Her grey-hair tied in a bun like a librarian. She wore no makeup on her lined face. Her body looked on the fat side with large breasts, not a very attractive woman. Nurse Walker pulled his top-linen and gown off to leave him naked aside from areas in plaster and bandages. Nurse Walker went to grab a washcloth from the bowl of soapy water when she did a double-take at his groin. Her eyes widened as she took in his tiny cock, sitting there like a nub on top of his small balls. Shaking her head in disbelief, she murmured under her breath, “God Damn! That’s one pathetic excuse for a dick, you mighta been better off being killed in that crash, Sam.”

She bathed him, however, her face remained hard like stone. He didn’t get an erection, still thought it strange a nurse could be so cold. The real person emerges when they think no one is looking, he thought, watching the old nurse, Her empathy is a façade, worn like she wears those latex gloves. The pretence is dropped now to reveal what Nurse Walker is beneath her mask of professional kindness. A cold hearted, cynical, old crone.

Nurse Walker finished washing him and doing whatever else she did. Sam found it hard to see as his view is restricted to just in front of him. He knew she fiddled with machines next to his bed, but didn’t know why. Eventually, she left the room, and others came in and poked and prodded him for a time. One older man shouting at him to open his eyes and squeeze his fingers, he did the best he could, but the man didn’t seem happy with his efforts. He heard the man say, “The CT shows severe bruising of the brain, but no other damage. There has been damage to his liver, too, so the drugs we’ve given him to make him sleep will take longer to wear off. So I expect it’ll be a few more days before he wakes.”

Sam didn’t know, but he fell asleep after hearing that, he woke later to hear a familiar female voice ask, “Will he require more surgery?”

The older man, a Doctor Sam realised, said, “Not for now, all we need him to do is wake. But I think the coma does seem lighter now.”

Another male voice said, “That’s good news, Doctor, everyone’s prayin’ real hard for him.”

Sam’s heart leapt, the voices were his mum and dad. Soon after, he seen their faces hovering above him. Faces grave and filled with concern as they looked at him. His mother had tears, his father glanced away often, as he does when he is trying to suppress his own urge to cry. “I can’t believe what happened to my boy,” his father said, his eyes welling with water.

“He’ll be OK, George, the Doctor is pretty confident of that,” his mum said, and leaned over and kissed his dad on the lips.

George nodded. He grabbed Sam’s hand, and said, “You come back to us, you hear. You come back.”

Seeing their grief so real and raw, Sam thought, I must have been in an accident.


The dreams were becoming nightmarish for him. He now dreamed of being ploughed down by an eighteen-wheeler truck while masturbating for the red-haired schoolgirl bully on a country road. He had no idea why this craziness is happening to him. Noises woke him again, and he looked through his slit-sized window to the world to see a slender looking nurse. Her red-hair bounced as she walked around the room, and fear filled him because she looked like the schoolgirl bully in his dreams. She came up the bedside, looking at his face with a smile, and said sweetly, “Hi, Sam, did you miss me?”

Leave me alone, you bitch! I won’t jerk-off for you today, I’m not a performing monkey, he shouted at her in his mind.

Her evilly sweet smile remained. “I missed you. I thought about you today. I think about you a lot actually. Do you like that I think about you?”

Please, I can’t do it, Sam begged in his mind, it’s so wrong.

Julie continued, “I have a confession to make, I want to take you home for my very own. My friends would never believe I want to kidnap a patient so I can play with him at my leisure, but I think like that sometimes. Pretty awful huh? But this tiny, tiny cock has me so intrigued!” Julie pulled back the sheets and pulled aside his gown to reveal the member she spoke of. “I did some research on you, Sam, and discovered you’re a loner, and I think we know why. You’re ashamed of this pathetic excuse of a dick. There’s a term for it, it’s called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD for short. With a pathetic dickie like this you’re sure to have BDD, it’s a given.”

Julie began to bathe him, but as she did so she murmured, her quiet monologue and periodically stroked his cock lovingly. “I suppose it’s stupid, but I want to know the man beyond the penis. What kind of life did you have? What kind of person are you? What kind of awful things can I make you do by twisting your BDD to breaking point? I bet I can make you do the grossest shit possible because guys like you are generally fucking wimps.”

Julie finished bathing his body and began to focus on his member. “I’d love you try fucking me with this pathetic thing. I doubt you actually could, but man, it’s tempting to try. I wouldn’t even feel it in my pussy, I bet.”

She made no attempts to bathe his genitals yet. Julie simply massaged and explored him as he grew hard under her soft pleasant hands. Once fully hard, she bent over and took his cock into her mouth. Her tongue tickled him, and he felt himself respond as pleasure permeated from his penis. Her warm mouth felt glorious, the swipes of her soft tongue invigorating. Jolts of desire raced along his nerves and enlivened him. “God, I love this,’ she murmured, as she suckled his micropenis.

Julie clearly enjoyed tasting his balls, and caressing his tiny meat. One hand inside her pants, clearly rubbing her own button as she sucked him. She didn’t jack him off, so his orgasm grew slowly as she pleasured him and herself. The joy she took in his cock is something he had never seen in such detail. The blowjob was all about her though, he knew she didn’t even think of him as a real person, and this didn’t bother Sam. He saw giving a partner pleasure can be a joyful experience for both. His climax approached, and he didn’t fight it. He simply let go and wallowed in the sensations Julie gleefully gave him. Somehow she sensed his orgasm this time and clamped her mouth over his knob as he sperm began to cascade out and over her tongue. The unbearable intimacy washed over him and he spilled himself into her happily.

She swallowed all he had to give greedily, and he gave much as he always did. Her mouth working over his knob and making him wild with abandon. For the first-time, Sam felt total gratification as he climaxed into a woman. However, it ended too soon as orgasms often do. Julie swallowed and licked her lips as she stood once more. “Holy fuck, that… Was… GREAT! I almost came from tasting you.”

Her face looked concerned as she gazed back and forth between Sam’s face and his cock. “Are you in there? Can you hear me? I apologise if you don’t like this. I can’t help myself.”

She looked worried, and scared. Julie shook her head and cleaned him with a cloth, far less kindly than usual. She seemed guilty and unhappy. When she left, he didn’t fall asleep right away. Sadness crept over him. Another female has gone crazy because of his dick. He felt certain Julie wanted to own him, like the redheaded schoolgirl bully did. Make him her thing to please her degrading fantasies, whatever they are. He knew how ugly this could become, and the nurse is right, she could twist his BDD to make him do anything. Sam knew that term, of course, shrinks have said he has it pretty bad. He’s been on antidepressant medications since he’s been a teen, since the redheaded schoolgirl bully incident.

I can’t let it happen again, he told himself. As amazing as her blowjobs are, I can’t let her control me that way.

The next three times he woke there were different nurses taking care of him. This is life inside a hospital, the endless streams of faces across different shifts and different roles, they become like one face. Each time he woke to talking, being washed or moved, some alarms going off, or whatever that person had to do to him or his room. Even the cleaners made a racket, and chatted near him like he didn’t even exist. He could hear their gossip, secrets, what happened on dates or over the weekend, and how family members were doing in school. Still, he now lingered awake for longer periods, but far from making him happy, these periods of wakeful paralysis were torture. The more he tried to move, the more frightened he grew as his body resisted his efforts. He would never take his mobility for granted again, if he ever regained it. Any tiny wiggle would bring him joy at this point. He discovered that utter stillness is the worst torture he had ever known.

The aches and itches irritated him, the desperate desire deep in the fibres of his muscles to move creating a frenzy in his mind. Each terrible period of wakefulness ended with him drifting helplessly into the darkness of unconsciousness no more able to move than before. To be greeted with the other hell that plagued him. His dreams of the redheaded schoolgirl bully, abusing him, tormenting him, and humiliating him. He hadn’t dreamed of her in a long time, until now. He wondered why these thoughts had returned to him after all these years. However, when he seen the redheaded nurse and suffered her continual abuse, he understood the connection. His accident had put him here, but this nurse called Julie had turned his coma into the worst hell he could imagine.

Then one day, in the endless stream of blurry time, he opened his eyes all the way. Looking around with his eyes, he could see the room better. Still unable to move his head or any other part, his eyes opened fully and he mentally leaped for joy like a free man tasting the wind. He is finally healing. He concentrated on his fingers and after a moment they moved. With thought, he could make his toes move too. He watched them, his feet hanging between the traction wires, toes wiggling away. Sam had never felt so happy in his life. All the exertion tired him, and he fell asleep.


When next he woke his room was very dark, and for a moment he thought he had lost his ability to open his eyes. He heard sounds and realised his eyes were open, but the room had no light. As his eyes adjusted, he saw movement at the foot of his bed.

Julie stood there, dressed in a T-shirt and skirt, her hair hanging loosely at her shoulders instead of her usual ponytail. Seeing her in civilian clothes made her look different to the nurse dressed in scrubs. The way her form shuffled on the spot, wringing her hands, and the grinding of her teeth told him that her presence is something to fear. She even had a strange odour that made him feel sick, and intensified his fear. He quickly lowered his eyelids not wanting her to know he could move them yet. Julie stood at the foot of the bed looking at him, but saying and doing nothing. She sighed so deeply it troubled him, it sounded as if she might weep. “I’m better than this,” She said, not quite a whisper, but softly. “I’m not crazy, you hear me? I’m not a bad person.”

Sam didn’t believe her. He remembered her words: I’ve jacked-off many guys in this hospital and others, so you could say I’m something of an expert. He knew exactly what kind of twisted woman she is, he had met her like before. It reminded him of the court case his family brought against the redhead schoolgirl bully, she said in court, “I didn’t mean it, he liked what I did to him so he’s the pervert, not me. He wanted it.”

Julie’s trying to rationalise her actions now, he thought. His shrink told him the redheaded schoolgirl bully did the same, and he was usually right about everything. Julie suddenly sobbed. A small sound, but loud enough in the silent room. She continued, “I want to believe you enjoy this… That you enjoy what I do to you. If your dick wasn’t so… I don’t think I’d have done anything to you.”

And there it is, he thought, the predator always blames the prey. He often wondered if a lion thinks, ‘It’s not my fault you taste so good’, as he takes down a gazelle or zebra.

Julie moved to the bedside where she stood when she bathed him. One hand stroked his cheek while the other rested on his dick above the sheets. “I can’t help myself. Your cock is the most compelling thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop thinking about it… I want to own it, to own you. I know I can’t own you, of course, I’m not silly. But I can own something of you, a part of you.”

Leaning down Julie placed her cheek on his cock, letting the weight of her head press down, exciting his flesh. Facing him, Julie said, “All my boyfriends have big cocks, at least eight-inches long and thick. But I cannot stop thinking about this insignificant little doodle you have.”

She had stopped crying, Julie’s eyes seemed unfocused, as if lost in some dark thoughts ravaging her mind. Sam looking through his small eye slits meant all he could make out is the outline of her head. The movement as she spoke made her jaw caress his cock and the intimacy of the moment aroused him. “Oh God, it’s getting hard,” she said rising.

She grabbed the top sheet and blanket and pulled them down, pulling his gown aside to expose his tiny cock with the catheter coming out. Grabbing the head in her finger and thumb, she rolled it around. “Why, Sam, why does this minuscule member plague me so?”

Because you’re a crazy bitch, he answered in his mind.

She let go and walked to the bed head and turned on a soft night-light. Her face illuminated in the gloomy light gave her a monstrous appearance, like kids holding a torch under their chins to ghoulishly light their faces. Her crazy is real though, her eyes so wide that you could clearly see the white around the iris. She had a sheen of sweat on her forehead and her hands trembled as she wrung them. “I think…” she said ominously, “You were sent here to test me, after I promised I would leave them alone. He’s testing me, Sam, so you see it’s not my fault,” she said, pacing the floor while wringing her hands. “No, it’s not my fault you, hear me?” she said in a strange voice.

Sam knew then that she were talking to the voices in her head as well as him, and he shivered but she didn’t see the movement. She suddenly pulled her panties off under her skirt, and held the gussets to Sam’s nose. “SEE… See how wet you make me. How your insignificant pee-pee drives me wild? I can’t have it… It’s not normal to like something so… Useless!” She looked to the ceiling, saying hoarsely, “It isn’t normal, you’re wrong!”

She rubbed the gussets in his face, and he could smell her pussy and her piss, all mixed up in a heady aroma. He couldn’t help himself, his cock twitched it felt so hard now. The redheaded schoolgirl bully used to give him her dirty panties as a reward for doing whatever she commanded, however gross. He remembered on the last day he saw her, she told him in a mocking tone, “They weren’t even my panties, you dick, they were my mums. You jerked off sniffing dirty old lady pussy.”

These panties, though, were his tormentors, and she pushed them into his mouth so he could taste them too. “I’ll give you one last orgasm, before I finish it. Think of it as my farewell gift to you,” Julie told him.

Her farewell gift, he wondered what that means? Feeling his stomach drop, something told him that she had something awful planned, however, she hadn’t made it clear what her plans were for him.

She placed a bag on his bed and pulled out a syringe, and after removing the water from the catheter balloon that held it in place, she pulled the catheter out. The sensation of the catheter coming out is not one Sam would like to have again. She pulled out a battery-powered Bodywand vibrator, and turned it on. The buzzing sound it made not loud. She placed it under her skirt directly to her clitoris, Sam assumed, and before long her breathing changed a sure indication it had the desired effect. As she held the vibrator in place, she bent and swallowed his hard cock into her mouth and began to suckle it. This time without having to taste the rubber of his catheter, she found herself enjoying his little dick. Working the vibrator on her clit driving her wild with lust that she humped it. She looked at him, and said, “See what you do to me, it’s not natural. A woman shouldn’t feel this way about a babydick man. Size matters, Sam”

She lowered her head so she could suck his balls, taking them in her mouth one at a time and sucking gently, then together. “I want to own these genitals, I want to wear them. Stuff them in my pussy and walk around all day with them inside me.”

The flat, unemotional way she said it snapped Sam from of his lust. She wants to what? Fucking hell, she’s going to kill me, Sam thought bitterly.

Her persistent and furtive sucking of his cock has the desired effect, it’s hard to stop yourself cumming in these circumstances, at least for a man. He felt an orgasm ripple over him and his semen hose began to eject its copious amount of cum into her mouth. Julie groaned as she swallowed every drop, tasting it, and her body began to shake as she brought herself to a powerful orgasm with vibrator. She didn’t take her mouth from his cock until the last drop of cum had been tasted and swallowed, and for Sam that’s more than half a quart of semen. He is a freak of nature in this regard.

Eventually, she reeled back, wiping her mouth with her arm, and looking at him with a satisfied smile. Placing the vibrator back in the bag, she pulled out a small roll and unravelled it on his legs. He couldn’t see what she had in it. “It’s such a waste that God wants to punish me like this, but I have no choice. I hope you understand, Sam, it’s nothing personal.”

His fear peaked, his body trembled, he knew that whatever her plan is, the time had come. She pulled a medium-sized glass jar out of her bag, opened it and placed it on his abdomen. To his utter horror, she took something from the roll and held it aloft. The object glistened, and he knew it to be a scalpel. Julie looked at him with a grim smile, “But… Whenever a dick consumes me like this I find the best thing to do is… Nip it in the bud. Then life can get back to normal again.”

Her other hand grabbed his balls and pulled them up to better expose the lower part of them. Sam screamed in his mind, as he understood at last her ghastly plan to castrate him. With all his will and effort he spat out her panties and shouted in a hoarse voice, “STOP! Leave me alone you crazy bitch! Help! Help, somebody help me!”

“Holy crap,” Julie looked as if she had just been slapped hard.

“Get away from me, you fucking crazy bitch,” Sam said as loud as he could.

He noticed that the side-rail on the bed had a nurse’s call-bell button, and with little effort he hit it and heard the high-pitched squeal outside the door. He hit it repeatedly, making the call-bell sound each time. He shouted at Julie, “Get away from me! Get away from me!”

Julie grabbed her panties off his chest and shoved them in her bag, with everything else. Panic gripped her now, as she didn’t think Sam had any cognitive function at all. To her he’s a vegetable, she didn’t bother reading the medical progress notes because she knew after all her years nursing Sam would eventually be transferred to a long-term coma ward, where he would eventually die of pneumonia. So this life, these words and actions from Sam were like bullets being fired from a gun at her. She fled the room, taking her bag with her. In the doorway, she ran into another nurse, who jumped in surprise at Julie’s presence. She asked, as Julie pushed past, “What the hell are you doing here, Jules?”

Julie didn’t respond, but kept running down the corridor. The night nurse scratched her head, watching her go, and turned to enter the room. The sight of Sam caused her to frown deeply. He lay there naked, his catheter removed, looking at her wide-eyed with fear. He weakly pointed to the door behind her, saying, “Call the Cops, that nurse tried to cut off my cock.”

“There, there Mr. Cooper, I’m sure it was just a bad dream or something,” she said, thinking, no one would want that shrimp dick.

“That nurse tried to castrate me. I want to talk to someone now. I want to make an official complaint,” Sam insisted. “She’s crazy, she’s done it before.”

It dawned on the nurse suddenly that Sam is talking and moving his arms. “Mr. Cooper, you’re out of your coma,” she exclaimed excitedly.

“Get me the fucking doctor or someone, Hurry!”

The nurse grabbed his blankets and covered him again, and she rushed from the room to tell the medical staff of the miracle. Sam Cooper is awake.


However much he tried to convince them what Julie had done to him and planned to do to him that night, they didn’t seem to believe it. They told him it’s normal for head-injured patients to have hallucinations that seemed real. They even had a name for it: Post Traumatic Head Injury Syndrome. He found their condescension extremely irritating, and eventually gave up trying to convince them. He could see on their faces the thought of someone wanting his pathetic dick amused them. He asked them where Julie is, and they told him she had resigned. He pointed out that the night nurse seen Julie in his room that night and now she’s resigned, but they assured him that both instances were unrelated. They wouldn’t tell him Julie’s reasons for resigning declaring the personal information of staff is none of his business.

The rest of his hospital stay remained thankfully uneventful, and eventually the traction came down, the metal rods were removed, and he eventually got transferred to rehab for six months where he learned to walk again. His parents were with him for every step he took, and he looked forward to eventually go home and being on the farm. The place he loved above all else in the world. The place he felt safe. When the day came, his dad drove him home and he walked up the front steps using a cane to balance himself. The fresh air seemed to fill his body with renewed energy.

Across the paddocks from the old farmhouse, in a copse of trees, someone watched the homecoming with much interest. She looked through her binoculars at Sam with a smirk of contempt. “So my babydick man is finally home is he?” She said mockingly to herself. “Good, we have unfinished business to attend.” In her other hand she held an empty jar that had a white paper label on it. The label had printed on it in black texta: SAM COOPER.


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