The Clean Up Man 2: Cuckold’s Cove

By Max Swan

Carl said nothing throughout the short journey to their apartment as he’s in a state of nervous excitement and confusion. Part of him wants to see Deon leave them alone, yet another side finds excitement in seeing the big black man holding his wife’s hand. Julie, on the other hand, seems cool about the situation. When they get to the apartment, Julie opens a bottle of white wine and they nervously stand in the kitchen quietly drinking.

Julie speaks first. “So, how do we do this?” she asks glancing between the men.

Deon put his glass down. “I need his belt,” he said looking at Carl’s waist, “and a chair. Let’s go into the living room.”

“Want to bring one, darling?” Julie said as she led the way to the living room.

Carl has already realized physical restraint is going to be involved and it comes as little surprise when Deon asks him to sit on the chair placed in the center of the room.

“Take off your belt,” Deon orders.

He takes off his belt and hands it Deon, then he sits on the chair.

“Put your hands through the bars at the back of the chair.”

Again, Carl meekly surrenders himself, and moments later, Deon binds his hands to the back of the chair.

“Take down his pants, Julie, please.”

Neither of them said anything as she pulls his trousers and his boxers down around his ankles. Carl feels vulnerable and nervous as he sits with them staring at his flaccid uncircumcised nub.

“Deon, do cuckolds always have small dicks?” Julie asks.

Deon shakes his head. “No. A cuckold is not made by a lack of manhood here,” he said. pointing to Carl’s barely one-inch flaccid penis. He points to Carl’s temple. “A cuckold is made by a lack of manhood here.” Then he points to Carl’s heart, saying, “And here.”

“Is Carl the smallest you’ve seen?” Julie asks.

“Julie!” Carl shouts, his face turning red.

“Julie, flaccid size is hardly any indicator,” Deon said and laughs.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t get much bigger when it’s excited,” she said screwing her nose.

Suddenly, Deon put his arm around Julie. “Now Carl,” he said as he gives her a hug, “Julie and I are gonna make-out and if you get a boner from watching us, then I’m gonna take that as a ‘yes’ to fuck her, man.” Carl gasps. Deon hugs her again. “That OK with you, baby?” Deon said to Julie softly.

“Yes, but we fuck upstairs not here,” she said.

“And if I remain soft you’ll stop?” Carl asks.

“Yes,” Deon said.

“How long do I get, though?”

“I reckon you’ll have a boner within five minutes, so I’ll give you ten,” Deon said.

“I won’t,” Carl said, glaring at Julie.

Deon pulls away from Julie and leans over Carl, resting his hands on the arm of the chair. “By the time I get through with your wife’s pussy, you’ll not only have a boner, but you’ll also be dribbling precum,” Deon said in a deep, menacing voice.

Carl shifts awkwardly in his seat vigorously shaking his head as Deon steps back only to get a kiss from Julie on the lips. It shocks Carl to see her French kiss another man so passionately. She is much smaller than Deon so she has to reach to wrap her hands around the back of his neck to pull him down to her height. The kiss lasts a minute, then Julie breaks away and moves back to the settee.

Deon joins her and they quickly get back into an embracing kiss. Again, Julie kisses him with passion, running her hands through his long dreadlocks before feeling his muscular arm and resting on his thigh. Carl breathes heavily as he watches her hand on his thigh. Deon responds by touching her waist. For a few moments, they continue to kiss with passion and Julie glances over at Carl. Her focus isn’t on his face, though, it’s on his groin. Carl glances down too.

His cock is still flaccid, lying snugly between his closed thighs, yet there are beads of sweat on his forehead and visible tremors coursing through his body. The shock of watching her kiss another man is wearing off and he can feel mild tingles coming from his cock. He fears those stirrings will make his cock stiffen and he knows once that happens Julie and Deon will fuck each other. Seeing how passionate Julie is already leaves him with no doubt she’ll go all the way with Deon if he gets an erection.

“Am I allowed to touch?” she asks Deon hotly.

“Go for it,” Deon said.

Carl feels those stirrings again. He watches as her hand moves across Deon’s lap and rests on the bulge. He closes his eyes to separate himself from what’s happening.

“Do you have a big one?” Julie asks, forcing Carl to open his eyes out of curiosity.

“See for yourself,” Deon said standing.

Deon is simply dressed in a yellow polo and a pair of knee-length white shorts. Carl watches as Julie’s hands go to his belt buckle. He does not think she will do it. He didn’t think she even had it in her to do such a thing. After all, she knows hardly anything about this man, however, she unbuckles his belt with a glee he hasn’t seen for years, and loosens the waistband of his shorts.

As she tugs on Deon’s shorts, she glances across at Carl. Again, her focus isn’t on his face, but on his small dick. Her eyes remain focused on his Carl’s small dick as she pulls Deon’s shorts slowly down over his thighs. Carl manages to hold his thoughts together and desperately tries to stop the erotic spectacle effecting on him.

“You’re sooooo big.” Julie moans as she stares at Deon’s long flaccid cock and balls.

Carl finds it impossible to keep from looking, he finds it impossible to stop staring at his wife holding another man’s cock in her hands. Her white hands are small against the huge, thick, black cock. So small, they can barely wrap around it, and the black man isn’t even hard yet. Carl can feel his loins starting to stir now. He knows he is losing the battle and tries his best to focus his thoughts elsewhere. However, Julie is making it more difficult with each passing moment.

“Can I suck it?”

He watches Deon’s large brown hand rest on his blonde wife’s shoulder. “Taste my dark meat, babe,” he said huskily. “Taste a real man’s cock for once in your life.”

As her lips fold around the bulbous tip of Deon’s cock, she turns and glances across at Carl. This time she gazes into her husband’s eyes. She’s taunting him, teasing him, and she’s seeing Carl’s small dick slowly rise from between his thighs as if a turtle slowly pushing his head out of his shell. Carl closes his eyes, he wants to put other thoughts inside his head. He wants to think about anything other than his sexy wife sucking a big black cock while he has to watch. It’s becoming a hopeless battle, though, and he opens his eyes only to see Deon’s hands fondling Julie’s big creamy breasts through her thin top.

He watches the black man take her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers to arouse her. Carl knows how sensitive her nipples are, and he knows how aroused she becomes when he does it. He feels his penis stiffening again. Carl closes his eyes. The rustling of clothes draws his attention back to what’s happening and Carl opens his eyes to see Julie standing still while Deon pulls her top over her head. The garment hardly has time to hit the floor before he has unhooked her bra. Carl watches Deon lower his face to her breasts, and he just manages to close them again before the first kisses. He hears them kiss, the sound of lips against flesh is loud. The distraught husband can hear the sounds of whispers, groans, and Julie’s soft expressions of sexual arousal.

He hears the rustling of clothes again and finds himself unable stop his eyes from opening. Deon is kneeling on the floor, and Carl watches her wrap-around slide gracefully down her thighs to the floor to leave her standing there in just her pink G-string bikini bottom. Deon’s large dark skinned hands grab the waistband and just then, Carl feels something dripping onto his thighs. He glances down and gasps, as his dick is hard and leaking precum.

The battle is lost.

Carl let out a groan of despair that brings the rutting couples attention to him. Julie steps out of her bikini bottoms, bends to pick them up, and takes hold of Deon’s cock to lead him across the room to where Carl sits helplessly. Julie said nothing as she stoops and kisses her husband gently on the lips. She gazes insolently in into his eyes before dropping her bikini bottoms in Carl’s lap and leading Deon by the cock to the door.

Carl groans as he watches them leave the room. He hears them climb the wooden stairs to the bedroom then hears the noise of the bedsprings. For a few moments, there’s only silence coming from upstairs, then he hears soft moans coming from Julie. The increasing volume of her moans and the sound of the rhythmic bedspring movements tell him they’re fucking. He glances at his groin. His four-inch erect dick has Julie’s bikini bottoms covering him, the material feels nice on his boner and it’s teasing him just as badly as the sounds of wild intercourse coming from upstairs.

He tugs on his hands as he wants to free them to masturbate, Carl is desperate for relief yet he can do nothing except listen. The sounds coming from upstairs are of creaking bedsprings and the headboard hitting the wall. However, mostly, he hears the music of sex, of his wife fucking another man. Cries and moans slowly build to screams making Carl wince and sag yet his boner stays hard.

Julie is screaming obscenities and shouting her passion. He can hear her crying about Deon’s big cock, how good it is, and telling him, begging him even, to fill her. He can also hear Deon groaning and grunting in his poundings, telling her he’s cumming, and how he’s going to fill her pussy. Those final screams and groans are almost deafening, then there’s silence.

The silence is almost as deafening as the screams had been and lasts an age. Then he hears Deon’s voice. He can’t make out what the black man is saying yet he can picture him lying on top of her, talking while still deep inside her. He can also hear the sounds of the rhythmic bedspring movement again. Deon is fucking her again. Carl curses beneath his breath. Deon is fucking his wife again, showing off his prowess and his virility.

He’s never fucked her so quickly in succession as he isn’t capable. He curses again. Julie has started screaming, and Carl’s never heard her so vocal during sex. He’s never known her to enjoy sex this much. However, Carl knows he isn’t Deon because he doesn’t have the huge, thick cock the black man has. No, by comparison, Deon makes his white dick seem pathetic and small. While he has the sexual appetite of Deon, Julie has never been interested in fucking him like this.

He just thought it was what husband’s had to suffer. Once the ring is on the finger, the sexual appetite in the woman dies. However, the way she’s screaming and moaning is telling him a truth he had never considered in all his time with her. Maybe the reason her libido has been so low is because I don’t satisfy her in bed, he thought. Carl can’t please his wife as Deon can. Carl curses again. He wants to stifle their sounds, to put his fingers in his ears so he can’t hear the screams and obscenities flowing from Julie as she nears another earth-shattering climax.

He also wants to cum, he wants to masturbate, he wants to take hold of his cock and stroke it to the rhythm of Deon’s pounding. Carl wants to release his cum alongside Deon. That’s impossible, of course, as he’s bound, tied to a chair, unable to touch himself, unable to free himself, unable to enjoy the pleasure Deon is feeling.

The bound husband can hear Deon cumming, he can hear the black man screaming it, warning his wife he is about to fill her cunt with his seed.

Carl can hear Julie screaming, “Ooooooo—CUUUUUUUMMING.”

The silence lasts longer this time. At one stage, Carl thought they’d fallen asleep, then he hears the bedsprings moving and realizes their finally disengaging. He can hear their voices talking softly and slowly. Julie giggles, they kiss, then he hears feet hitting the floor. Carl is afraid now, they’re coming downstairs.

What’s gonna happen now, he wonders? What will they say? What will I say? Carl gazes at them as they enter the room holding hands, and naked. His eyes fall to Deon’s groin. The black man’s cock is still half-erect, glistening and wet, and covered with the secretions of sex. Carl can smell his wife’s pussy on the large cock. Julie smiles and bends to kiss her trembling husband.

“OK, darling?” Julie asks casually.

Carl gives a faint smile. He is so pleased to see her, and he wants to take her in his arms and kiss her properly, he wants to love her. She reaches for his cock and lifts her bikini bottoms from it. There’s an embarrassing pool of slimy precum around the base of his cock.

“So—” Julie said glancing at the smirk on Deon’s face, “hearing me fuck another man excited you, eh?”

Carl said nothing, what can he say. Deon is standing by her side with his arm around her waist and all he can do is stare at Deon’s huge cock. Half erect and it’s easily eight inches long and as thick as a soda can. Not like his four-inch boner as thick as a man’s thumb. For the first time in his life, he feels emasculated by another man. He can’t make Julie orgasm just as Deon had, and if his wife is to believed, he’s never made her cum with his small dick.

“Did you like listening to us?” she asks again as she wraps her bikini bottoms around his cock. Carl groans. “You know you are a cuckold now, don’t you?” She starts moving her hand along his small, thin shaft making her husband moan. “Deon has cuckolded you. You do know that, don’t you?”

Her stroking quickens. “Yeeeeeess,” Carl grunts with his eyes clenched.

“You don’t mind if he fucks me regularly on this vacation do you?”


“Tell him, darling,” she said hotly. “Tell him he can fuck me whenever and wherever he wants.”

Her stroking brings him closer to cumming. Carl groans, moving his head wildly.

“Tell him, darling. Tell him,” she said firmly. “Tell Deon I’m his to fuck and use as he pleases.”

Carl groans then moans loudly as he starts to orgasm. Julie pumps his small dick harder and the spasming man grunts and groans as he shoots into her soiled bikini bottoms repeatedly.

“He can fuck you,” Carl yells harshly.

“Good boy,” Julie said with a smirk.

As she wipes the last drops of her husband’s semen, he notices a trickle of cum running down the inside her thighs. She sees him staring and looks herself to laugh at the sight.

“That’s Deon’s cum,” she said.

While Carl has only cum on his wife’s damp bikini bottoms, Deon had the luxury of ejaculating inside a tight, warm pussy. Deon is quick to notice it too. Breaking away from Julie, he goes behind the chair and unties Carl.

“A good cuckold always cleans his wife’s cunt after she has been fucked by a real man,” Deon said, his deep voice booming in the room.

Carl has never done anything like this before as he always found the idea of oral sex with a woman gross. The vagina is such an icky place with strange and sometimes sickening smells. He often thought the penis is more suitable for oral sex as hygiene is easier. Normally, Carl just lets her attend to cleaning her cunt, just as she doesn’t clean his junk after sex. However, now Julie and Deon are pushing him to do things he doesn’t want to do. Julie sits back on the settee with her legs apart, and Deon pushes Carl to the edge of the settee and makes him kneel.

“That’s it, darling,” she said taking him by the head. “Clean all Deon’s lovely cum from my well-fucked cunt like a good little boy.”

Carl grimaces staring at her puffy lips, matted pubes, and gaping opening. Her pussy is a mess from the action it’s recently seen, swollen and red. There’s a slickness around it, sliminess, and the smell of it attacks his senses making his stomach lurch. Carl tentatively pokes his tongue and touches her cum-covered labia. The semen is thick and salty, yet has a strange almost bitter tang to it. Julie’s hand pulls his face tightly against her groin, covering his face in the sticky remnants as he delves deeper inside her with his tongue. Lumps of congealed semen mixed with pussy juice drain into his mouth and he swallows because he knows they want him to. Besides cleaning her cunt of Deon’s semen, he notices he’s also arousing Julie as his tongue slides into her pussy with the ferocity of a lapping dog. Her fingers dig into his scalp and she starts rubbing her cunt into his face.

Carl can hear her moans of arousal. She isn’t the only one aroused either, glancing to his side he sees Deon standing there stroking his cock as he watches. The monster phallus is fully erect now, and Carl inwardly groans as he sees nine and a half inches of hard black cock. The black man’s cock is more than twice the length of Carl’s dick and three times as thick. Julie also notices Deon’s massive boner and grabs it in her hand to stroke.

“Fuck me, Deon,” she moans as she leers at his massive cock.

She pushes Carl away, as his services are no longer required because she wants cock now. Carl thought they’d go upstairs again. However, the black stud takes her on the settee before the cringing husband’s eyes. He makes her kneel on the settee with her face in the cushions and gets behind her. With one leg on the floor and the other on the settee, he pushes his cock deep inside her and starts fucking her violently.

“OOOOOHHH—GOD—YEEEEEAAAHS,” Julie moans as the huge cock stretches her cunt apart.

Carl stands back watching him fuck her, noticing how the thick cock stretches her pussy lips wide. He observes how Deon treats her roughly, pulling Julie’s hair with one hand while slapping her thigh or ass with the other.

“Move your ass, whore,” Deon shouts at her.

Fuck, Carl thought with a shiver. I’ve never treated her like this during sex. How can she enjoy him acting like—like—like an animal? He watches her thigh/ass cheeks get redder and hears Julie moan louder yet she isn’t in pain. Julie loves every thrust of Deon’s huge cock, every hard slap, and every tug of her hair. She even loves the names he’s calling her.

Suddenly, the slapping stops and the hair pulling ceases as Deon grips her thighs hard. Julie’s moans become almost deafening as Deon pounds her without mercy until he ejaculates again. Carl stares bug-eyed, mouth hanging open, and breathing sharply as the rutting pair collapse onto the settee together. The only place he has ever seen such fucking is porn. He didn’t think real-life fucking was like this.


An hour later, Julie steps out the bath after a long soak. Her dutiful husband helps her dry before she slips into bed beside him. Carl wants to fuck her, he is horny from all the happenings of earlier and he wants to make love to her. However, he knows Julie’s in no fit state to fuck again tonight as she cuddles into his arms and closes her eyes. Despite her bath, he can still smell the rawness of sex on her, as if she’s drunk with it, and the aroma is seeping from every pore.

He feels a new happiness deep within. Coming to this resort had been everything he hoped for so far. Watching Deon fuck his wife so completely has confirmed what he always suspected about himself. I am a cuckold, he thought proudly. Their marriage is in a new place as the power has shifted, and he no longer wears the pants. This thought makes him feel happy, and as he snuggles into his wife’s soft body he sighs and falls asleep.


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