The Bride

By Max Swan (Horrorotica)

The Bride Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Debra and Jason have just arrived at their new home after their honeymoon. Everything is perfect until the neighbors drop by for a visit.
“I have chores to attend,” Jason said as he pulls his shirt on. “Right now, I’m going to mow the lawn. Which might sound crazy to you, but I’ve been looking forward to it. Stan loaned me his mower. Maybe then I’ll see about planting a garden, with a couple of good summer months left.” He stops at the door and turns back with a leer. “Or maybe I’ll drop in to finish what I started. Just hold that pose, honey.”

Instantly Debra snaps her legs shut and pulls her nightgown down, making Jason burst out laughing at her embarrassment.

“That’s one thing you’ll never be able to finish!” she said to his retreating figure.

She listens as he clomps down the stairs and out the back door, and a few moments later she hears the abrupt buzz of a lawnmower. Debra stretches languorously, still warm, tingling, and wet from Jason’s tonguing. A warm morning breeze fans her body; brushing the silky bodice of her nightgown over her nipples and making them pop up.

From where she lay, she can see Freya’s bedroom window, and all last night’s memories rush back to increase her glow. We shouldn’t have watched, she thought without really meaning it. Freya and Stan probably wouldn’t have minded, but it’s such a naughty thing for us to do. On the other hand, if they wanted privacy, they should’ve closed the curtains. It’s not my fault I peeped, they practically forced me.

As though having settled an argument, Debra stands and slides the nightgown up over her body, letting it drift to the bed. She stretches before the bedroom window just the way Freya did last night, allowing the breeze tickle her firm apple-sized tits and the wet mound of her young horny cunt. Vaguely Debra hears the lawnmower approaching around the corner of the house, and the blonde smiles to herself. I wonder how Jason would react if he saw me standing here like this, she thought. Nude, aroused, and hungry for the food only he can provide. Wouldn’t that make him forget his chores in a hurry?

As this thought makes her smile in anticipation, abruptly the lawnmower stops dead, practically beneath her window, and Debra can hear the sound of voices. She steps nearer the window and peeks out.

“Didn’t know you were here,” Jason is saying. He stands almost directly below Debra, and when she sees whom he’s talking to, a tremor of jealousy shoots through her.

Freya lay just a few feet in front of him, sunning herself in the morning sunlight that squeezes between the two houses. As Debra watches, she lazily rolls to her side on the bright yellow beach blanket, to examine Jason. She’s wearing a green, and white polka dotted bikini, and when she rolls onto her side, her mammoth tits bulge under the confinement of the small top, and her hip jutted out, tan and naked, against the string tie of the bottom.

“That’s all right,” she said, lifting a pair of dark sunglasses to measure him with her sharp blue eyes. “I’m afraid I’m the one who’s in the way. I catch the sun here every morning while it’s cool. Your house has been empty so long, I can’t break the routine. I’ll move.”

“Don’t bother,” Jason said hastily, although Debra notices with pursed lips Freya has made no move to follow through with her suggestion. “It gives me a chance to take a breather. I’m a struggling young lawyer, you know, and we aren’t used to this kind of work.”

To prove his point, he nervously wipes the trickle of sweat from his forehead. Debra opens her mouth to call out to him, then unexpectedly closes it again, not sure why. She doesn’t have time to wonder what keeps her from interrupting the scene, as Jason spoke again.

“If you don’t mind an attorney’s professional opinion,” he said, then cleared his throat, “from where I’m standing, I can’t see that you need it.”

Freya smiles and looked down at her own glistening brown body. “Then you aren’t looking in the right places,” she said. “Now you’ve called it to my attention, I can use some more lotion. Do me?”

She picks up a bottle of lotion, then holds it as if making an offering, her blue eyes glinting with an impish, daring look.

“Well.” Jason glances in the direction of the bedroom window, and Debra instinctively pulls back without knowing why.

The thought of her husband touching Freya’s too-perfect body makes her stomach churn, but some cruel curiosity keeps her from making her presence known. Something keeps Debra from calling Jason away from the woman with the enormous breasts below.

“I really should finish the lawn,” Jason said grimacing, apparently struggling with a wisp of guilt.

“Let my back burn?” Freya pursed her lips in a teaching pout, running a hand across her thigh. “Is that a neighborly act? I might get skin cancer.”

Jason shrugs off his guilt and grins widely.

“In that case, how can I refuse?”

Debra watches with a sickening ache as he takes the lotion from Freya. She rolls back onto her belly, then reaches around to unclasp her top and pull her long black hair over her shoulders. As he stands over her with the bottle in hand, staring down at the gorgeous woman with her slender legs, swelling ass, and huge tits mashed naked against the blanket. Debra can sense the thoughts running through his mind, the vision of Freya, as she had been the night before, all horny and voluptuous with Stan’s cock deep inside her and cum spurting down her legs. Debra knows what he sees, and she wants to cry out as Jason slowly kneels and applies the lotion on Freya’s back.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” Freya murmurs as Jason’s hand run over her smooth skin. “So cool—delicious. You ought to let me rub you down sometime, Jason. Word has it that I’m pretty good.”

Jason laughs nervously as he spreads the lotion on. “I suspect you’re good at everything, in my professional opinion, of course.”

Freya turns her head to look up at him. “A compliment from a lawyer, how much do I owe you for that?”

Grinning, Jason runs his fingers up her spine, making her squirm. “Compliments I give free. The rubdown—well, we’ll work something out.”

“An interesting notion,” Freya said demurely, and Jason’s eyebrows rise as he realizes the implication behind his light statement. She continues, “But of course, if I have to pay, I expect a first-class job—the legs, please.”

Debra watches in sick fascination as he bends to caress Freya’s legs, first one, and then the other. Jason’s hands run from Freya’s ankles, over calves and thighs smoothing the lotion over her trim, firm legs as they go. Each time reaching higher and higher until his fingers brush the fabric of her bikini bottom. Slowly, fingers caress the insides of Freya’s thighs and her plump, jutting ass. Freya spreads her legs apart, moaning at the soothing touch of his hands.

“That’s right,” she urges, wriggling a bit as he lingers at the juncture of her thighs. “It feels so nice. Finish my back like a good boy.”

Jason returns to her back, kneading her bare sides. His palms work up and down from the center of her spine all the way around to her ribs and underarms, until his fingertips run over the bare bulges of her rounded quivering tits.

The Bride Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Debra and Jason have just arrived at their new home after their honeymoon. Everything is perfect until the neighbors drop by for a visit.

“That’s right,” Freya said softly. “Now, lower. Lower—yes, that’s it, here.” She unties the strings of her bikini bottom, pushing it down until the top of the crack of her ass rippled beneath his gaze. “You don’t mind, do you? Usually, I sunbake nude since we’re so far from the main part of town cars hardly ever go by. I hope I’m not embarrassing you.”

“No,” Jason said in a rough, cracked voice, “Not at all.”

His hands work with growing fervor up and down her back. With each motion sweeping from the swelling sides of her tits across and down to her ass, and each time pressing his fingertips a little further beneath the rear flap of her bikini bottom. Forcing it down a bit and inserting one finger in the hint of cleavage that widened there.

“You’re getting better,” Freya moans. “Ahh, yes, that’s good.”

Jason works the polka-dot bottom down until the taut, tanned cheeks of her ass are almost exposed. “You’re tense,” he said in a choked, horny voice, his eyes never leaving her nearly bare ass. “You’ve got to loosen up—relax. Just let these magic fingers take care of you.”

Freya gives a small laugh. “They really are magic. I feel all tingly and nice. Keep this up, my friend, and you may even get a bonus.”

Jason’s lips twitch in a smile as he kneads, massages, and works his way further down to cup her raised ass cheeks in his palms until the bottom flap falls between her legs. With a hissing breath, he stares down at her full, perfect ass. Freya doesn’t mind at all. In fact, she’s writhing and moaning happily, as Jason works her ass cheeks over, squeezing and patting and running his hands across them to open the tiny pink ring of her asshole.

“Mmm, so good—good, baby,” she moans.

Still massaging her ass, Jason eases his hands down her crack until he can feel the first black pussy hairs brush his fingertips. He strokes and caresses, exploring the fringes of her fur begin to moisten. Then, suddenly afraid, he pulls away and glances again at his bedroom window. Debra draws back. She had been watching it all with a kind of numbness. There’s not even anger, her utter surprise is complete. Her husband is touching and fondling another woman’s ass.

Freya groans in disappointment and gazes up. “Why’d you stop, Jason? You’re doing so well.”

Jason winces, not wanting to admit his fear of being caught by his wife. “I-I’m no expert on giving rubdowns, Freya, maybe a professional masseur.”

“Oh, don’t be such an idiot,” Freya blurted, making him blush at the lameness of his words. “Professional masseur? You’re doing just fine. I mean, it’s not as if we are doing something bad, is it? Is that what’s bothering you, that Debra might look out and see us? Surely you can’t think she’d be upset when all you’re doing is giving a friend a helping hand?”

Jason shrugs uncomfortably, irked by the laughter in Freya’s eyes. “No-no, of course not. She wouldn’t mind, even if she were standing here this minute. Debra isn’t the jealous type.”

Freya pouts, still teasing him. “Then it must be me.”

“No,” Jason blurts, “it’s just—oh, hell. It’s nothing. Nothing at all.”

“Good.” Freya smiles at her victory. “Besides, I’m done on this side anyway, here.” Clasping her undone bikini to her, she rolls over onto her back. “Now finish me like a good boy, and then you can mow your silly lawn.”

“Freya?” Jason’s throat went dry. His wet sticky hands hovered over her nearly nude body, and the sweat trickles down his face. “I—”

“It’s easy,” Freya said and grabs his hands. Before he can pull away, she runs his palms across her shoulders. “See how easy it is, you big dope? Do I need a professional masseur for this?” Her guiding hands pulls his down across her shoulders, over the loose cups of her top, and across her bare belly to the fringe of thick black hair that curled out from beneath the untied bottom. “See, Jason? See how easy it is, and how good it makes me feel?”

She pushes his hands up her belly, higher and higher, forcing her bikini top off until Jason finds his palms pressed against her hard pointing nipples.

“Ooh,” Freya whispers, rubbing his hands on her tits and making her nipples stand hard and long. “Ooh, yes.”

Jason doesn’t even notice when she releases her grip and pulls the top away. He’s engrossed in the feel of her huge tits, the pink firmness of them. He rubs harder, and his fingers parts to tweak and pull them, making Freya gasp. He has never seen such long, hard nipples on any woman before. Last night, when her halter has torn loose before his eyes, he thought his jaw would drop at the spectacle.

Jason licks his dry, cracked lips as he plays and plucks those magnificent tits to the sounds of Freya’s delighted gasps and moans. The man continues his massage with no concern for anything else now, not even Debra. His fingers work greedily over Freya’s belly and down to her fringe of black curls, using his palms to push the bikini bottoms away. Then her entire triangle of glossy wet fur lay before him, and Jason runs his fingers through that thick shining moss the way he had dreamed of doing last night.

Freya writhes excitedly, but Jason takes his time with loving care, touching her dense, luscious patch, watching his fingers plunge through it. He moves on, gently tracing his hands down to the insides of her thighs and spreading them apart.

“Oh, yes, ahhh,” Freya whimpers, letting her legs draw out to open the puffed milky, wet mouth of her slit.

Jason’s cock throbs achingly in his cut-offs as his thumbs run up and down her sweetly scented, wet pussy lips and then parts them to display the glistening pink of her cunt, which fills with drooling cream as the man spreads it open. Freya’s hooded clit leaps at his touch, and he twiddles her love button as juice flows down the crack of her ass.

“That’s it,” Freya cries, bouncing up and down. “Aggghhh—nnn.”

Jason can’t stop himself now, even if he wanted to. He has to taste this cunt, just the way he eats Debra. Jason bends and licks the entire length of her slit, from puckered asshole to hard clit, drinking in her flowing cunt juice. Then he jabs his tongue straight into Freya’s gaping cunt.

She gives a small scream, and her ass leaps up to meet his mouth. Jason work feverishly, ramming his stiffens tongue in and out, sucking up the perfumed fountain of her cunt.

“Eat—oh, yeah, eat me,” Freya cries. “Eat me—oooh, sweet boy.”

Jason flicks and sucks the hard nub of her clit and drives his tongue deep into her beautiful pink asshole. He can’t get enough; his hunger is too devouring now, too overwhelming to control. Jason wants Freya’s luscious body; he wants to swallow and plunge even deeper for more of her dripping sweetness.

“Oh, God, you fucking sweet boy. Oh, shit, you’re making me—oh, fucking shit, I’m cumming,” Freya screams. “I’m on fire. Fuck me, Jason, fuck me—do anything, you sweet boy—ohhh.”

The Bride Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Debra and Jason have just arrived at their new home after their honeymoon. Everything is perfect until the neighbors drop by for a visit.

She wraps her strong legs around his head, but Jason twists away and pulls at his cut-offs.

“Now,” he grunts, “now you can pay for the massage!” He suddenly bares his aching cock and dives straight into Freya’s big wet cunt.

Jason smiles cruelly, for some reason, probably an inner jealousy of Stan’s huge cock, he finds himself wanting to hurt Freya, wanting to abuse her beautiful, perfect body the way Stan did last night. He wants this bitch to know she’s been fucked, and to remember who’s done the fucking. Jason wants to make her hurt and love it. However, the wild moaning from Freya of a moment before has gone. Instead, she lies staring up at Jason with a smirk as he tries his best to fuck her hard.

Debra stares, watching Jason’s transformation from a gentle, loving husband to a sadistic, cruel lover. This isn’t Jason, her husband, but a stranger. Her honeymoon, her dream come true, has suddenly twisted itself into a nightmare. She stands in the window, staring in horror at the two rutting on the yellow blanket below.

She sees Jason’s lips, her husband’s lips cover one of Freya’s beautiful tits and nip brutally at it. She sees Jason’s hips surge and plunge, sinking his dick, the one that should’ve belonged to her sink into Freya’s cunt. She watches in complete, numb shock as he fucks another woman harder and harder.

Debra is panting, and hot liquid races down her thigh. She gasps as their hips wrench in agonizing, luxurious ecstasy, and her hands move as though of their own accord to knead her bare, heaving little tits. It’s a reaction of shock, but her nipples harden under her palms, and Debra rubs at the hardness of them as she watches her husband grind his stiff dick into Freya and watches Freya lie back and take it with barely a sound.

Debra leans against the open windowsill, and the breeze ruffles her damp pubic hairs, cooling the hot juice between her legs and makes her cunt tickle. Unconsciously, Debra runs a hand down to rub away the tickling sensation, and a fresh gush of cream runs from her itching cunt. Jason pushes past the bouncing globes of Freya’s ass and harshly jabs a finger up her asshole.

Freya suddenly moans, and bucks as Jason’s finger penetrates her anus unexpectedly, and in the same instant, Debra pushes the heel of her soft hand against the mound of her pussy, rubbing the itch there while she watches her husband finger-fuck Freya’s ass. Jason’s finger and his cock sink in and pull out with slurping noises. Yet for all the frenzied action, something on Freya’s face says she’s not as wildly turned on as Debra is.

Debra rubs faster as Jason’s pumping increases and her small delicate fingers slip between the lips of her little cunt and rub fiercely at the growing itch in her clit. Her gasps come faster and faster, no longer in shock or horror. The blonde newlywed can’t help herself.

Jason drives into Freya’s cunt, ripping into her with all the strength he has, and then he cums in a blinding, surging climax. His load shoots deep into Freya’s cunt in spurting spasms to fill her. Freya pushes Jason off her, and he rolls onto the ground panting, his face sweaty and red.

“Oh, you’ve made a mess,” Freya said screwing her nose. “Be a good little boy and clean me.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jason said sensing a tone in her voice he didn’t like.

“You filled my cunt with your little boy juice, now lick it out,” Freya insists, “and make me cum, you owe me that at least for letting you fuck me.”

Jason gasps. “You didn’t cum when I fucked you?”

“Honey, I’m used to big dicks fucking me, not boy-sized ones like yours,” she said coldly. “If I had of known you were so—so—unhung I would never have bothered. Poor Debra, marrying that—”

Debra gasps and feels her heart race. I know Jason isn’t the biggest in the world but why does she have to be a bitch about it, she thought feeling a new anger toward Freya. He makes me cum with it, what’s her problem? Then it hits Debra. STAN, she thought, any wonder she can’t feel Jason’s more average-sized penis. A voice in her head replies, Jason’s not average, he’s small. Freya’s right.

To Debra’s surprise, she watches Jason get between Freya’s legs and start eating her creampie cunt. Now Freya starts moaning with sexual pleasure, something absent while Jason fucked her.

“Good, boy,” Freya moans. “Eat momma’s pussy, that’s all little dick men are good for.”

Debra suddenly realizes someone is watching her and gazes to Freya’s window to see Stan leering at her.


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