The Bosses Wife

By Gowan Bush

“I’m sorry, honey,” Peter said, giving his wife a guilty frown. “I just need to get more done before we leave.”

“What the fuck, Pete?” Kerry said her voice sharp with agitation. “I’ve been driving for hours get to this shithole and now I have to sit around and wait?”

“I’m sorry, just another hour—two at the most.”

Kerry raises her sunglasses to her forehead making sure her deep brown eyes have his full attention. “So at least three hours, then?”

“No, probably not, the parts have only just arrived,” Peter said, “so once I put them in, Abdul and Chang can finish the job on Monday.”

He feels guilt creeping into the back of his mind. Pete knows he’s disappointing her, yet he doesn’t want to stop now. The cheese factory is potentially an important client, and if they can get this machine running again, a permanent contract for equipment maintenance is possible. This trip is more than an emergency repair job, it’s important for the future of Peter’s business.

Kerry stares at Peter in silence, her jaw tense. “Fine,” she said eventually. “So what am I supposed to do while I wait?”

Her hands cross her chest and her face flushes red, and it makes Peter’s stomach churn.

“I think Abdul and Chang are going for a swim,” he said, loud enough his two employees can hear him across the factory floor. “Maybe you can hang with them?”

As if on cue, Abdul and Chang emerge. “Hey, Kerry,” they greet her, kissing her on the cheek.

Like Peter, his employers are in shorts. The weather has been hot all week, and none of them has bothered to put a shirt on. The cheese factory’s closed until tomorrow morning so they have the place to themselves.

Kerry laughs at the two men. “Oh, that’s hygienic,” she said rolling her eyes, “Don’t they make food here?”

“Yeah, but they’re going to the lake so they’ve changed,” Abdul said. “Do you wanna join us?”

“Sounds good, honey, give me a chance to finish this install,” Peter said with a smile.

Kerry sighs. “Well, you were going to take me around the wine district, remember?” she said. “So I didn’t pack my bikini. Now, if you had told me I have to hang around here I—”

“Can’t you just go in your underwear?” her husband cut her off. “Or if you prefer, go skinny dipping. The guys won’t mind, I’m sure.”

He regrets saying it. Abdul and Chang laugh nervously, yet Kerry doesn’t seem amused in the slightest. She stares at Peter with hard eyes, raising her finger at him. As she parts her lips, her husband braces himself for one of her rants. They usually include a mixture of English and Russian swearwords.

Instead, she just lowers her finger. “Fine, I’ll leave you alone.” She lowers her sunglasses back to her eyes, making her expression difficult to read. “Which way to the lake, men?”

Chang strokes his beard, something he often does in times of uncertainty.

“It’s in the forest at the rear of the factory, they use the water apparently,” Abdul said.

Without a word, Kerry turns and moves toward the exit, her black ponytail bouncing with her stride.

“I’ll call when I’m done,” Peter shouts after her, trying to get back on her good side.

“OK,” she said, not looking back.

The men give Peter a confused look, and he mouths ‘thank you’ to them. The way he sees it, he has gotten off easy. The men follow Kerry out the factory and along the winding path into the surrounding forest, and Peter returned to installing the new processor into the machine he had been working on.

“Now where was I?” he mutters.

He stares at the installation manual he had been reading before Kerry arrived, trying his best to concentrate. However, the text no longer seems to make sense, diagrams, and words just blurring into meaningless technobabble. His focus is gone. Peter feels he has disappointed his wife, and he knows she’s not happy with him. Sometimes he thought she’s too good for him. Sure, she has a hot temper sometimes, yet it’s just part of what makes her so enticing. Her Russian heritage makes her fiery and assertive, and he loves her for it.

He tries to shake the distractions out of his head to focus on the installation manual. However, he his mind is blank. Go skinny dipping, the men won’t mind, the words keep spinning in his head. He should’ve known better than to say such a stupid thing. Sure, he has bantered along those lines in private before, teasing her to show off her hot body. It’s his awkward way of letting her know how lucky he feels to have such a sexy wife. Now he has said it in front of his employees. Surely she understands it was just a stupid joke, he wonders? He tries the last time to focus on the installation, yet soon gives up.

“Ah, fuck it,” he said as he slips and hits his hand against a metal bracket.

Weighing his choices, he decides it best to catch his wife and tell her they can leave if she wants. Hopefully, she’ll forgive him and they can continue their planned weekend of wine tasting while his employees finish the installation job.

He hurries along the path toward the lake, making sure not to trip on the uneven ground. It seems no one maintains the path, and it’s just trampled by the locals who use this lake to swim in. They’d only heard about it from the workers at the factory.

His stupid joke echoes in his mind: Go skinny-dipping. Why did I say that? Surely, she won’t go for a naked swim with my employees. Fuck, what if she does.

It seems they hadn’t been in much a hurry, and Peter soon spots them ahead. They’re standing near the edge of an outcrop, overlooking the panoramic view of the lake and surrounding forest. Peter has gone there a few times during the past week with, and he knows the scenery is stunning. Abdul is pointing out the sights, and Kerry stretches her neck to stare in the direction the black man is gesturing toward.

Peter finds himself taking in a different sight, the enticing view of his beautiful wife. She really is a stunning woman, he thought and admires the curves of her ass as she leans to look from the rocks they’re standing on. Peter can’t help smirking when he notices Chang, standing further back from the edge doing the same.

Kerry isn’t dressed for a stroll in the forest. She wears a tight black skirt, accompanied by a fashionable red blouse. Even from a distance, her husband can see her painted toenails sparkling in the Sun. Her delicate sandals are far from the casual model, the straps clasping her slim ankles. They also provide some elevation beneath her heels, which accents her slender legs, yet is probably less suited for hiking the rough terrain.

It’s thrilling to observe his wife from afar. He approaches them with careful steps, hoping to get closer before they turn around and see him. However, his plans change as he accidentally steps on a dry twig. Acting on instinct Peter ducks behind a rock as he hears the cracking sound.

“Did you hear something?” Peter hears his wife ask.

“Probably a deer or something,” Abdul said. “They’re common here.”

Kerry accepts the answer. “OK. Shall we continue? It’s getting pretty hot.”

Peter sighs deeply at his stupidity. Why did I hide, he wonders? His intention was to get back on his wife’s good side, and now he’s spying on her like a pervert, or maybe some jealous husband? I guess I wanna see if she’ll go skinny-dipping with my employees, he thought. I can’t just jump straight away from behind the rock, then she’d know I’ve been spying on her. I can’t take the risk if I want a nice weekend with my wife. So he waits until they disappear into the forest path before emerging. As Peter follows them, he convinces himself nothing unusual is going on. He just has to apologize and they can leave.

Peter soon hears their voices again. “Are you sure you don’t mind?” Kerry said. “It’s just I’m not dressed for a hike like this.”

He doesn’t hear his employees replying, yet they don’t protest. Kerry’s words intrigue her husband. What can they possibly mind, he wonders? He spots them in the clearing, so Peter hunkers behind the bushes and peers at them.

“What are you doing?” Peter says in a whisper. “You’re meant to stop this, Pete.”

It isn’t too late to approach them, and he’s about to do so when he sees Kerry unbuttoning her blouse. One by one she undoes her buttons, and Peter sees his employees acting casually as if it’s no big deal.

“Are we coming back the same way?” she asks casually as she slides the blouse off her shoulders.

Peter freezes in his hunkered position, captivated by the sensual sight of his wife’s unexpected exposure. Her bra is low cut, and her chest sways alluringly as she goes to a nearby tree at the edge of the clearing.

“Yes, it’s the only trail I know of,” Abdul said after a long pause.

The dark man is mesmerized as well. Kerry hangs her blouse on a branch.

“Do you think it’s safe to hang this here?” she asks glancing at Abdul and Chang. “I can get it on the way back.”

“Yeah, it’s OK,” Chang said. “We haven’t seen anyone else around all day.”

Peter feels a confusing rush come over him as Kerry continues on the path toward the lake. There’s his wife parading around in the wild in her bra. It’s white, contrasting against her olive skin. Peter doesn’t recognize the bra, yet from what he can tell from a distance it’s lacy, framing her ample chest. He guesses she brought it for his benefit later, yet now she’s giving his employees the first view.

He tries to rid himself of the fascination he feels, reasoning walking around in her bra is innocent. Had he stumbled upon a strange woman in her bra on a hike on a warm summer’s day, he probably wouldn’t think much about it. Women go-around in bikini tops, he thought.

However, she isn’t a stranger. She’s his adored wife, walking around in her sexy bra with his employees. Peter waits until they’re safely around the corner before he continues to follow them. As he crosses to the other side of the clearing they had been standing in, he stops and looks at the red blouse hanging before him on the branch. It’s the evidence Kerry’s walking around in just her bra further on the forest trail, and she has no intentions of covering herself, at least, not before coming back to this location. Will she be so relaxed about her wardrobe when I catch her, he wonders?

He decides to bring the blouse with him. She’d expect me to that, he thought. The closer Peter gets to their voices, the less certain he feels. I should just approach them as if everything’s OK, he thought. Will Kerry want me to? Will she feel embarrassed if her husband catches her walking around in her bra in front of my employees?

Peter still hasn’t decided when he next sees them and lacking a clear plan he ducks behind a tree. As he peers over the root, he feels his heart skip a beat. To Peter’s surprise, his wife is unzipping her skirt. They have just reached a part of the trail where the terrain is particularly difficult, and he can understand how it’ll be difficult to get through in a tight skirt. Couldn’t she just hitch it over her hips, he wonders? Why take it off?

She does no such thing, instead, she steps out of her skirt and folds it neatly. Placing it on a rock, she continues along the path in just her matching panties. Of course, she’s wearing a G-string, Peter thought shaking his head. She hates visible panty line. With the string between her butt cheeks, Kerry’s round butt is exposed. Peter feels a hint of jealousy at the notion of his wife showing off her goods, even if had told her to go skinny-dipping. Yet a rush of excitement makes him shiver watching her walking brazenly in her underwear, overshadowing his jealousy. Both notions amplified when she suddenly needs to steady herself with her hand in Chang’s as they move over the rocky path.

Peter sits for a while to collect himself. Why is this so erotic to watch, he wonders? Of course, she’s a sexy woman, and I always feel blessed when seeing her in various states of undress. Watching her walk around this way is exciting me. Part of Peter feels he should run after her and suggest she puts her clothes on. However, there’s a stronger part desiring to watch from a distance, to see how far she goes.

He tries to rationalize the sight of his near naked wife, concluding she’s just doing what he has suggested going for a swim in her underwear. Maybe it’s odd she decides to strip halfway to the lake, yet her clothes aren’t fit for hiking along a trail like this. He hurries after them, taking her skirt with him as he passes it. The way Peter sees it, he can’t just bring her the blouse and leave her skirt.

The path increasingly meanders outside the forest into the open area next to the lake making it possible to watch them for longer periods before rushing after them again. Each time Peter sits back and observes them, the alluring sight mesmerizes him. Kerry always has a certain grace in the way she walks, and now is no different. Watching them for longer periods also means he has to chase them to keep close. Each time Peter gets increasingly worried, he may lose them. As he hurries, he sees something dangling from a branch next to the trail. At first, he can’t make out what it is, and in his haste, he almost passes it without paying any further attention to it.

However, something makes Peter stop in his tracks. What is that, he wonders staring bug-eyed at it? White fabric, straps, lace. Peter gasps as it sinks in. A bra is hanging next to the trail, swaying lightly in the gentle summer breeze. Is it really hers? A part of Peter thought she’d never walk around topless in the wilderness. Another, equally rational part of Peter thought about the odds of finding a bra like hers hanging on a branch minutes after she passed this place. He undoes it and studies it.

Peter’s familiar with her regular underwear, yet today she’s wearing a new set. The cups look too small for her, yet the bra he saw her wearing previously was cut low, making it hard to judge the cup size. Peter reads the tag yet he realizes he did not know what size she wears. I think it’s a D-cup, he thought, yet he doesn’t understand the numbers written on the tag. He decides the best thing is catch them and see for himself.

He slows as he hears Kerry’s voice, taking care they didn’t hear his steps. Long gone is the intention to run to them and pretend he’s only just catching up. Peter crouches, hiding behind trees as he moves closer. They seem to have stopped walking, and he guesses they’ve reached another open area with a good view of the lake. As he gets closer, he hears Kerry talking about sights she’s pointing out. His heart beats rapidly, and he knows it isn’t just from running. Peter’s desperate to discover if his wife is topless on a public walking trail.

It’s too risky to move closer on the increasingly open trail, and he decides to backtrack and crawl up a hill overlooking where he can hear their voices coming from. On his hands and knees, Peter crawls, hoping the sound of dry leaves and twigs won’t be too loud. They’re only chatting sporadically now, yet they remain where they are for reasons unknown. Ever so carefully, Peter peeks over the rise and there she is, with her tits in all their naked glory on display for the world to see.

Peter realizes with excited perplexity that this is how he had hoped to find her. She’s acting as if it’s perfectly OK to stand there in nothing but her tiny G-string panties to cover her body, pointing to something in the distance to Abdul and Chang. The nearly naked woman is standing with her side toward Peter, and even from afar, he can see the detailed contours of her breasts. Her noticeably erect nipples are also pointing toward the scenery before her, and it’s a captivating sight.

It’s difficult to see where she’s looking, and Peter quickly ducks as she turns her head in his direction. He doesn’t want to get caught, partly because it’ll anger her if she discovers he’s spying on her, yet the primary reason is he doesn’t want to stop watching her. His head is spinning. Has she an excuse for removing her bra or is she just openly flaunting herself, he wonders?

As thrilling as it is to spy on her blatant exhibitionism, there’s also a sense of betrayal about what she’s doing. Not so much because she’s showing off her tits to his employees, if he’s honest with himself, this makes her exposure even more thrilling to watch. What bothers Peter is she’s doing it without him, behind his back. He has teasingly encouraged her to show off before, yet she’s always refused. Hunkering out of sight from his topless wife, he begins recalling an occasion when she had confronted him about his desire to see her expose herself.

They were at the beach with a group of employee’s while on vacation, and while the others were swimming, he dared her to remove her bikini top. He was lying on his back, grinning at her as she knelt beside him, applying sunscreen to her arms. She gives Peter a raised eyebrow, and to his surprise, she begins slowly pulling at the rosette in the back. His mouth falls open, and he stared with captivated eyes. However, just as the knot came undone, she lies on her stomach next to him with a pleased smirk on her face.

“Come on, honey,” he urged. “Don’t be a spoilsport.”

She condescendingly patted his cheek. “Oh, is my little pervert getting his hopes up?”

Peter grunted in defeat.

“Is this what you want?” she mocked. “Showing off my tits in public?”

He’s dumbfounded as she has challenged Peter, and he wasn’t sure himself how sincere his suggestion was.

“Do you want them to drool over me?” she continues. “Maybe I should show them more than my tits? Do you want me to strip naked here on the beach and let everybody see me?” She leans in close, whispering with exaggerated sensuality in his ear. “Maybe just seeing me isn’t enough for you, what if someone wants to touch me? Would you like watching your wife get fondled by someone in public?”

Her hand had been traveling from his face, over his torso, and is now lingering above the hem of his bathers.

“Then we can invite someone back to our place,” she said softly. “What a great idea, sharing me with one of our friends, or maybe a stranger. You can fuck my mouth while he takes me from behind.”

She holds her mouth open as a mock invite, simultaneously pushing her butt into the air suggestively. Peter knows she’s just toying with him, yet he can’t utter a word.

“You can take turns fucking me, then finish by covering me with cum, just as in porn. Do you want that, honey, to make your wife act like a whore in public?” She briefly squeezes his erection through his bathers. “You might want to hide your boner, honey,” she said softly. “They’re coming back.”

He snaps back to reality and quickly turns to his stomach as he sees the men leaving the water. He shakes his head in disbelief. Kerry’s elegant surface hides a surprisingly wicked mind. She’s a firecracker sometimes, he thought.

“So which friend do you want to share me with?” she whispers, an insolent glint in her eyes.

Peter stares at her wide-eyed, and for a moment, he thought she was serious. However, she breaks into a grin, and giggles to herself.

“Oh, don’t look so disappointed,” she said rolling her eyes. “You know you couldn’t go through with it. You’re too jealous to share me with another man.”

She knows him only too well. Moments before he hadn’t even realized how thrilling the idea of sharing her is, and she’s already explaining to him why it’s a bad idea. He has to admit she has a point, though a part of him wants to explore this newfound revelation. She acted as if she wasn’t serious by escalating the events she portrayed, yet Peter didn’t believe her. She seemed to have been giving it some thought.

“Can you put some lotion on his back, honey?” she asks when their friends returned, loud enough so everyone will hear.

“I—err—Not right now,” he said, realizing he had better stay lying on his stomach.

One of the women in the group did it instead. He realizes with puzzlement he wished one of the men had volunteered instead.


Back to his current situation spying on his wife from behind a rock, it seems she has relaxed her stance on the exposure part, walking around topless with two of his employees. Though he feels she should have done this when he’s around not behind his back, he also finds it thrilling too. So instead of ending her exhibitionistic fun, he uses the notion of inconstancy to justify his spying. An eye for an eye, he thought, though he’s getting an eyeful, as are his employee’s.

They resume their hike, and Peter dares to peek over the edge of the hill again. He feels a stir in his cock as he sees her walking away between his two bare chest employees, her ass swaying with confidence. Peter regularly works out with Abdul and Chang, and now he finds himself oddly grateful they’re in good shape. Two flabby men would’ve been an insult to his wife’s sensuous exhibitionism, she deserves better. It seems as if Kerry is the one doing the most talking now, Abdul and Chang paying eager attention. They too have sunglasses hiding where they’re looking, yet Peter can tell it isn’t mainly her words they’re focusing on.

They soon come to another sudden stop. Peter holds his head close to the ground to avoid detection, this time primarily by Abdul or Chang who face her on the path. Peter’s intrigued, though he can’t hear what Kerry is saying, she’s asking them something. She pulls at the hem of her panties, creating an audible snap as she releases them. The men nod eagerly. She slowly hooks her thumbs inside her panties. Peter’s heart pounds in his chest. What is she doing, he wonders?

“Are you sure?” she asks just loud enough for Peter to hear.

His two employees nod even harder. Peter stares in disbelief. I don’t believe it, he thought, feeling hard to breathe suddenly. She hesitates, gazing around as if making sure no one will see. Peter shakes his head at her pretend shyness when she has two keen onlookers in front of her. However, she’s apparently not concerned about their presence. On the contrary, she seems flirtatious, giggling as she teasingly pulls her panties an inch before stopping and pulling them back again. She does this repeatedly, and he grows increasingly certain she won’t follow-through.

She let go of her panties, and it appears she’s about to start moving again. Peter tells himself it’s for the best. Though he finds the thought of her walking around naked surprisingly arousing, it’s also too much.

Just as he concedes she’s doing right by keeping her panties on, she again hooks her thumbs inside them. She nervously scans her surroundings the last time before she bends at the hips and starts to pull them over her ass. Peter gasps softly at the sight. Many times he has watched her take off her panties? A move she often does to either arouse or tease her horny husband, yet never has it been so enchanting as this. He feels privileged to have witnessed it, as no doubt Abdul and Chang do, yet there’s an odd part of Peter thinking she should use the opportunity to tease her audience with her sexy ass.

The thought quickly leaves his mind as she straightens, and he realizes his employees are staring at her naked pussy. Peter’s enchanted by her brazen behavior and his cock pressed against the confines of his shorts. Somewhere inside, Peter should feel jealous, yet the primary emotion besides his pulsating arousal is pride. She’s being so bold flaunting her body like this, and her courage makes him smile and puff his chest.

Her panties linger above her knees until she takes a deep breath and makes them fall to the ground. She steps out of her lacy G-string and without hesitation starts to walk again. If she had been nervous about stripping it doesn’t show anymore, her stride is confident as she parades between and past Abdul and Chang. They’re quick to follow, and they soon disappear as the path leads them behind some trees.

Peter finds himself unable to move, paralyzed by the confusing excitement. of having watched his wife remove the final hindrance to her nudity. However, her lacy G-string is still lying on the trail below as evidence of what happened. He has no idea what she’s doing, yet he’s consumed by the desire to watch more.

He stumbles after the trio, grabbing her G-string as he passes. The situation seems surreal, and he isn’t sure himself anymore why he’s carrying her clothes and underwear with him. Why leave her panties in the middle of the path like that, he wonders. He tries pushing away the excitement cluttering his mind to think about what he’s doing. I can’t keep spying on my naked wife all day, he thought. I have to finish that install. However, he knows he can’t just go to her and hand her clothes pretending he’s just innocently following them either. What’s the appropriate thing to do when you find your wife naked with two of your employees, he wonders? Should I pretend I’m angry? Should I be angry?

Sure, he made a stupid joke about her skinny-dipping, yet even if she somehow took it seriously, he didn’t say she should walk around naked in public flanked by his ogling employees. There’s a sense of deceit to what she’s doing. If she’s doing this to punish him for making her wait, then she’s taking it too far. Was she planning on telling me later, he thought, rubbing in my face she’s exposed herself when I wasn’t around? Or is she going to keep it secret, hoping his employees won’t tell? Peter convinces himself it’s time catch up and ask her to put her clothes on. Enough is enough.

When he turns the corner, the sight of her exposure washes away any plan to end Kerry’s public nudity. The contrast between her feminine form and the fit men surrounding her accents her sensuous curves. The pride in her stance as the only one naked in the group gives her an aura of seduction. His employees also seem to enjoy her appearance, and if they’re not even trying to hide their gawking.

Sometimes they find an excuse to fall behind, giving them a close view of her ass swaying with her stride. Peter can only guess what she must look when they run ahead and watch her approach with her tits swaying and her pussy exposed. She keeps herself neatly trimmed, and he knows her intimate details are on display for their prying eyes. Kerry does nothing to cover herself, welcoming their stares with a smile

The notion his employees are getting a better view of her than he causes Peter to growl in his throat and his face flush. For reasons he can’t grasp, he doesn’t mind she’s showing off for them. Peter’s even aroused by it if he’s honest with himself, yet he badly wishes he had a better view. I guess I just have to make the most of it, he thought.

A plan crystallizes in his mind. The swimming spot is getting close and Peter remembers a shortcut and knows if he runs through the surrounding forest, he’ll get there before them. This way he can get the frontal view as she approaches. If he can find a good hiding spot, he can continue to watch her as she swims naked in the lake. When they eventually head back to the factory, he can backtrack the same way and meet them on the path pretending he’s come looking for them. I can pretend I found her clothes on the way and was worried something happened, thought as he jogs along the alternate path to the swimming hole.

However, he has to sprint to give himself enough time to find a hiding spot at the swimming hole. Not wanting her clothes to slow him, he hides them behind a big tree where it’ll be easy to find them when he returns. Peter takes off, realizing the bulge in his shorts poses a bigger problem for running.


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