Swamp Pig

Moe Lester

Kylie has heard the stories of the feral pigs in the local swamp for most of her life and like the other folk in town had paid little attention to the tales. As a youngster, she had used the fringes of the swamp as a playground and now at twenty-one, she often camps in the swamp for days on end to paint and photograph the abundant wildlife. Sure, she has seen the disturbs ground makes by wild pigs searching for food yet aside from brief glimpses of them she has seen nothing extraordinary.

The pigs in question are not the wild swine, native to the area, they’re feral pigs escaped the many piggeries in the area. Many farmers use the big pink Yorkshire pigs, and these were the one’s Kylie had seen. Although they do breed with the wild pigs, so there are many mixed breeds in the swamp. The wetlands provide the perfect habitat for the pigs and the swine breed vigorously, the advantage of this for her town is it attracts hunters from all over the country to shoot them.

Something disturbs Kylie as she struggles with her pallet of colors trying to capturing the variegated light filtering through the trees fringing the wetlands. She stops painting and gazes into the fading light of the swamp. She hears it again, a low grunt and a snap of twigs. Something’s out there, she thought, an animal, a large animal moving carefully. Kylie listens intently for a good ten minutes yet hears no more sounds. She returns to focus on her painting yet the light has gone and she decides to stop for the day.

As she covers her easel and removes her painting to the small tent to protect it from night dew, Kylie remains wary of the sounds of the swamp. This area harbors more than feral and wild pigs; there are alligators, bears, snakes, and cougars to think about too. Feeling sure the wild boar has moves on, Kylie decides to wash in the small creek before preparing a meal.

About twenty yards into the thick undergrowth, two small slits of red eyes peer from the face of a wild Pig. The boar watches Kylie as she removes her blouse and jeans and washes briskly in the cold water of the creek. As is Kylie’s habit, she slips on a painting smock she uses for sleeping attire and returns to the tent to prepare her evening meal. The smock is white cotton and billows over her slim body loosely. Meanwhile, the boar remains motionless and vigilant.

When she finishes her meal of heated beef stew from a can, Kylie moves several yards from the tent to relieve her bladder. The beady eyes remain fixed on Kylie as she pees. The boar tastes the air with its nostrils, and lifts his head slightly and sniffs. Kylie returns to her tent, turns on the gas light, grabs her iPad and opens the eBook she has been reading. The buzz of the night insects attracts by the light mask the sound of the pig approaching. Surprisingly stealthy for a boar of its size, the pig reaches where Kylie has just pissed and sniffs deeply. So deeply, Kylie glances briefly at the unusual noise yet decides it’s just a night bird or bat and returns to reading her novel, her face lit in a pale glow from iPad.

The big pig is now certain he’s found what he seeks the most, a sow in-season. He has seen her pale-pink skin just as the farmer’s pigs have, and since he lost his sows to the younger more agile boar, this old pig has been on the lookout for a new mate. Several farmers have chased him off already yet he would return for those young sow’s, for now, this female is near and in-season.

Today has been long for Kylie, an early rise follows by a ten-mile hike, just to get here, and she’s tired. An early start in the morning will enable here to photograph the birds as they depart on their long day of foraging. She decides to turn in because the light attracts insects, one’s that bite, so Kylie places it on a stand beneath the flap outside the tent and turns it off. The old boar has seen the shape inside the tent move and backs off. Then his sharp eyes see Kylie emerge from the tent. Her scent floats toward him, and he grunts with anticipation.

Kylie stops her hand inches from the light switch. She peers into the darkness seeking a glimpse of the source of the sound. This time it had been a pig and it’s still close. Kylie knows wild pigs are dangerous yet they’re also secretive and don’t venture too close to people. What is this one doing so close, she wonders? Probably hoping to raid my food supplies once I’m asleep. As her eyes become used to the dark Kylie sees the massive bulk of a huge pig only yards from her edging closer, its snout sniffing the air. Jesus, look at this big motherfucker, she thought, feeling her stomach suddenly churn.

The young woman freezes as the huge pig comes into the glow of the light. Now only five yards away, Kylie can smell the rank smell of the pig. She reaches back toward the tent yet even as she does, she knows it offers no protection. It’ll be best if I just stand still, she thought.

The boar eyes Kylie slowly as he edges ever closer sniffing. By now, he’s certain this sow is in-heat. What he can’t understand in his pig brain is why this sow is standing on two legs. As the huge boar moves within touching distance, Kylie suddenly moves away and he follows. Kylie has heard when wild pigs are frightened or cornered they might charge yet this one shows no signs aggression. The pig’s nose is only inches from her leg and Kylie feels the warm nasal spray as it snorts. Maybe this pig is tame, she wonders, a recent escapee from a nearby piggery? She edges away from it some and the pig follows. The pig’s snout touches her leg. Kylie jumps away, and as she does, her foot catches the corner rope of the tent and she goes sprawling to the ground.

As Kylie falls, the painting smock lifts exposing her soft pink ass. The pig is quick to close the gap and assures himself of this sows readiness to mate. At first, the wild pig just stands and gazes at the stunned woman, its head cocked slightly to the side. It appears he’s thinking about something by the way his eyes shine with intention. The pig lowers its head to the trembling woman’s rump, grunting and sniffing furiously. Then he finds the source of the smell he seeks.

Petrified, Kylie makes a feeble attempt to stand, however, the pig nudges her ass with his snout knocking her back onto all fours. The feral boar towers above Kylie as it quickly nudges and sniffs Kylie’s underbelly, neck, and face, grunting and squealing as he explores. Then the boar turns so his head is behind Kylie and again sniffs her pussy.

Kylie turns her head into the pig’s midsection trying to see what’s happening. She pushes hard against the boar in a futile try to move him away, yet he holds his ground. Then the pig moves again and she’s confronted with the pig’s large balls as big as a cantaloupe. As the pig wheels away from the stricken woman, she thinks she’s finally being left alone and begins to rise. Suddenly, a huge weight lands on her hips and back, forcing her legs to buckle and spread. The pig’s front feet scrape along her ribs as he draws himself onto the tiny body beneath. Fortunately, for Kylie, the action moves the painting smock that had ridden up her body as she falls to protect her skin from the boar’s movements.

After a few hops, the pig stops moving and Kylie feels something wet and thin wriggling across her ass cheeks and pubic area. Then Kylie realizes this monstrous animal is trying to rape her. The boar lowers its head into the crook of Kylie’s neck. This shifts the weight of the animal onto poor Kylie.

“Ooh, fuck, you weigh a ton,” she moans

For a second or two, she fights to carry the burden yet it’s too much for her to carry and she slumps forward. The Pig’s legs are now on the ground, just behind Kylie’s arms and the weight of the boar no longer pins her to the spot. For a moment, she considers escape is possible, so in commando style, she edges forward. Instantly the pig hops forward to remain in contact with Kylie. Simultaneously, his front legs clamp hard against Kylie’s ribs drawing her back toward his searching cock. The feral pig makes angry grunts as he nips at Kylie’s neck.

Hot bursts of breath accompanied each snuffling grunt as the boar continues to probe her loins erratically. Kylie is resigned to her fate and has stopped struggling, fearing a more serious bite from the pig’s fetid teeth. Several times the pig’s cock slides across the now trembling girl’s pussy lips and each contact draws a shudder of dread from her. To her dismay, she feels herself becoming wet as the erotic touch of the slippery cock moves as if a tantalizing finger of a lover fondling her cunt.

Frustrated, the pig humps at the tiny body beneath him drawing sharp grunts from Kylie as the bulky boar forces air from her lungs. Now the slippery shaft is near its goal sliding along the groove between Kylie’s ass cheeks spilling fluid as it does. Then as the thin cock retracts along the ass groove, the pig suddenly feels the warmth of her pussy. This boar is an experienced stud and the wet warmth of a mates pussy has a familiar feel even if this sow differs from the other mates he’s fucked. The pig pauses and probes her, exploring and seeking her opening. Kylie gasps sharply as the mobile end of the curling tip of the pig’s cock enters the wet, warm folds of her cunt.

Three quick humps drive the slender shaft deep into the human sows cunt. Kylie gasps, not at the size yet the warmth of the invading cock twisting within her. She gives a groan as it flicks against her cervix, the portal to her womb. As the boar mating her humps in a rhythmic motion, the cock head twists within her. Kylie is feeling no pain, anger, or emotion as the pig’s cock explores her warm wet depths. Then she screams as a sharp, dagger-like pain drives into her belly. The pig gives two vigorous humps and each hump draws a scream from Kylie raped by a feral boar. The tip of the pig’s cock has lodged in the narrow opening of Kylie’s cervix and the pig has made sure it’s firmly lodged before he stops humping.

Tears run down Kylie’s cheeks as the burning pain subsides. The pig stands still above her gasping and grunting, dribble running from its partly open mouth as he again tries to bite the sow beneath him. The pig squeals and Kylie gasps as she feels a warm spray surge into her belly. The boar is clearly enjoying unloading months of pent-up semen and squeals to show his delight. Kylie can feel each squirt of hot pig semen fire into her. The ejaculation seems endless. After many minutes, the jets of semen subside as does the pig’s squeals replaced by a warm spreading feeling in her belly. The thinner liquid cum is plugged by a thicker substance spreading her cunt. Eventually, the bore eases back and dislodges his cock from Kylie’s cervix with another quick stab of pain.

“Oh Fuck, what are you doing to me,” she shouts.

Kylie thinks the pig has finished, however, he only withdraws to the entrance of her cunt then he reenters her with several sharp prods. Kylie again feels a warm liquid spread inside her, now filling her cunt. Several more minutes pass before the pig slowly withdraws again, and even as his cock pulls from her, the warm surges of semen continue inside her cunt. Finally, the invading cock is gone, and the boar slides backward breathing heavily and dismounts from the trembling woman.

A final sniff and lick of her pussy satisfies the pig and he waddles off beyond the lamplight and flops to the ground. For a long while, Kylie stays where she is as the pig has left her stunned and shaken, unable to believe what’s happened. The tears trickle down her cheek, slowly at first, then in rivulets as she sobs quietly. Without thinking, she crawls to the tent beneath the watchful eyes of the now contented boar. Sometime, much later, she falls asleep.


The first rays of sunlight beating into the tent are all that’s needed to awaken the distraught woman. She slept curled in a fetal position on top of her sleeping bag, too tired and confused to crawl beneath the covers. The memories of the previous evening come flooding back and she again quietly sobs. Gradually she collects her thoughts and immediately becomes aware of the wet mess in her groin. Sometime during the night, the plug of pig semen has dissolved and the copious liquid of the boar’s pent-up lust has dribbled from her cunt.

Kylie feels between her legs and her hand comes away sticky and wet, she’s still leaking pig semen. Omigod, I feel so dirty, she thought. I hope he’s gone. She swings her gaze to the open tent flap. He isn’t where he had lain last evening, and she feels a sudden sense of relief. However, a loud grunt soon shatters her elation. Just to the right of the tent flap stands the massive bulk of the swamp pig. He is huge, bigger than Kylie had realized in the dim light of the previous evening.

Kylie cringes yet quickly realized, as she has done last night, she has no means of escaping this massive creature. The pig has evidently seen she’s awake and grunts several times then lowers his snout to the ground driving his nose into the soft dirt and drives forward with a massive thrust of his hips. It’s a display of power, creating a six-inch furrow about five feet long in the turf before he lifts his head and squeals. The pig’s face is just inches from the tent flap and white froth flecks his lips and dribbles from his jaw. The red beady eyes drill into Kylie’s with an unstated demand.

God, not again, she thought, as she rises to her knees and leaves the tent. Once clear of the tent ropes, Kylie stops, not trying to rise. The pig comes to her and nudges her side playfully as his massive bulk allows. He lowers his snout beneath her body and bunts her with the end of his nose before he runs his wet sticky snout along her side, across her back, then to her face.

With his nostrils against Kylie’s cheek, he makes puffing sounds, ‘huff—huff—huff’ spraying her face with sticky mucus before pushing his shoulder against her and forcing her to turn away. As Kylie turns, the pig goes to her rear and sniffs briefly then squeals. Kylie knows what’s coming next as the pig’s bulk lands on top of her back making her grunt.

“You’re a heavy fucker,” she said coldly, “you fat pig.”

The slippery wet caress of his twisting cock begins its search. Kylie is close enough to pull her rucksack toward her and this offers additional support for her chest and elbows. The pig’s weight evenly distributes from her hips to her shoulders. Unlike before, the pig is more vigorous in searching for her opening. As the boar move his hips rapidly in his quest to penetrate her cunt, his hind feet scrape Kylie’s calf.

“AHHHHHHHRRRR,” she screams as the sharp toenail draws blood.

Kylie to moves her legs further apart to avoid additional injury from the pig’s feet, as she does, the searching tip of the boars corkscrew cock plunges into her sloppy cunt. The boar continues squealing and grunting in time with each thrust into the small woman. After several minutes of fucking, the twisting shaft firmly embeds deep inside the cervix of his human sow.

Kylie is gasping for air from the pounding she’s taken from the impatient pig. The pig’s thin twisting shaft again sends spears of pain into her belly yet it isn’t as bad as the first time and it’s expected this time. With the closer contact between their bodies, Kylie feels the rippling surges from deep inside the pig as it sprays her insides with his hot seed. Now the pig has stopped his vigorous onslaught, Kylie feels an almost comforting feeling from the warm bristly underbelly of the boar taking her.

The pig is in no hurry as he unloads his cum into this tiny sow. Her soft fur-less body stimulates him and he wants nothing more than to stay attached to her for as long as he can. For her part, Kylie is enjoying the spreading warmth of the pig’s semen. The diminishing spurts go on forever and it isn’t until the pig detaches the end of his shaft from her cervix with the resultant stinging pain Kylie is jolted to the reality of what’s happening. The pig is still not finished and again plugs his copious offering with his third-stage ejaculate as he withdraws before reluctantly slipping from the tiny sow.

After a sniff and a gentle nudge, the pig moves off puffing and snorting only to flop beneath a tree at the edge of the clearing. Kylie watches him move before she pushes from the ground. Standing, she inspects herself. She’s covered in mud her and lower legs are coated in the pig’s drying cum. He’s scratched her ribs and hips, and some bruising is starting to appear in these places. There’s a nasty cut, still bleeding, on her calf. Her hair is matted with pig saliva and snot, there’s grazes on her neck and tears in her painting smock. All part of the pig’s legacy of rough sex with her.

An inspection of her puffy pussy lips reveals some bleeding and a few tender spots yet no obvious damage. Internally, Kylie feels the sticky, gelatinous plug of pig semen. She wants to remove it yet decides to do it when she washes. For the moment, her bloated belly bears the evidence of the semen inside.

She glares at the pig, and said, “All this and I didn’t even cum.”

His grunts bring her attention back to the pig scrambling to his feet. Kylie groans as the muddy bulk waddles toward her. Lowering herself to the ground in expectation of another fucking, she presents herself to the boar. He sniffs and nudges Kylie along her body and face as he had done, then a couple of quick sniffs at her rear and he waddles into the low shrubs at the edge of the swamp and disappears. Stunned and relieved, Kylie raises herself and quickly grabs some soap and a towel and rushes to the stream.

After applying some first aid to the cut on her calf, Kylie makes some breakfast and coffee. The sun is high when she finishes. She remains naked waiting for her smock to dry. The pig hasn’t returned and Kylie decides he has gotten what he wanted and she’ll be left in peace. She’s no longer afraid of the pig and to her surprise, she feels no animosity toward him either. Maybe I had better pack and leave, she thought, these wounds may get infected out here.

As she’s convincing herself of the various merits of staying or leaving, the boar returns. He’s covered in a fresh layer of swamp mud and still has a few strands of roots hanging from his mouth. The big pig has not yet finished with Kylie and his absence was for feeding. The boar makes a direct line for Kylie and though she hasn’t fallen to her hands and knees, he again checks her out. The big pig goes directly behind Kylie and shoves her buttocks with his snout. Thinking he wants to fuck her again, she drops to her hands and knees grabbing the rucksack and bedroll for support. Again, Kylie gets a shove from the pig and she scrambles forward yet remains on all fours. After the third shove, the pig walks off about three yards stops and turns looking directly at the tiny naked woman. She realizes the pig must want her to follow, so Kylie goes to the pig’s head. He nudges her hip, more gently this time and she moves in step with the huge boar. Satisfied the pink sow understands what he wants, the pig moves faster.

Kylie jogs to keep up with the pig; the wobble in her tummy reminds her the semen plug remains. For maybe thirty minutes, they travel at this pace. The constant jarring of the jog causes the pig’s semen to dribble until the gelatinous plug dislodges releasing copious amounts of pig semen coating her inner thighs and legs. What the hell am I doing following this pig, she wonders glancing at the smelly cum coating her legs.

Eventually, they stop. Ahead, across a hundred yards of swamp and scrub are barns and a house. The closest building is a pig pen.

The pig flops to the ground with a grunt on a tiny island of grass, barely big enough for the them, on the margin of the swamp. They lie there for about ten minutes. For the first time, Kylie can get a good look at her boar lover. His head and short neck are half as big as her, its underbelly sparsely covered in white hair, and the cantaloupe-sized testicles move slowly as the pig breathes shallowly. She edges around slowly to get a better view of her mate’s equipment. They’re stunning, by comparison, with her boyfriend’s balls. No wonder he can shoot so much cum, she thought.

The pig snorts behind her and she turns to see what is wrong. The pig’s snout is devouring the aroma Kylie is delivering so close to his face. Quickly she turns yet the pig again gets her pussy scent and he staggers to his feet. Kylie drops to all fours and pulls loose swamp moss beneath her to support the pig’s weight. A quick feel of her pussy lips indicates she’s still dripping and her cunt well-lubricated. The pig wastes no time as he lifts his bulk across the tiny woman’s body and probes her loins with his twisty cock.

The pig’s actions are less vigorous than before, yet more deliberate. Kylie feels the slippery cock slide across her hips and slap into her inner thigh. The highly mobile shaft at one stage contacts her belly button as the pig searches too low. She spread her knees some more to lower her body and keep her legs clear of the pig’s hind feet. Several minutes of probing including one dismount ensue before the boar slides home.

Kylie pushes back into the pig and feels his sheath contact her pussy lips simultaneously as the tip twists at the limits of her cunt. The boar’s not moving as he had done, and Kylie surmises it’s because of the proximity of the piggery. The boar takes several minutes lodging his thin dick into her cervix. Everything is slower, quieter this time. The pig still grunts and huffs as he exerts every effort to mate. Kylie is naked and feels protected beneath his warm if bristly body. She can also feel the pig’s heart rate increase as he penetrates her cervical opening. Then Kylie feels the pig’s heart rate increase alarmingly and he thrust four or five times. Kylie moans, she can’t help it, the twisting cock feels as if it’s been driven into her stomach. She thinks the boar’s cock is driven deeper than the two previous times.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrggg,” she yells with eyes shut tight.

The dogs at the farm hear the scream, and their barking brings the farmer and two younger men and a woman out on the porch of their house. The pig grows still, he has stopped grunting yet his heart rate remains high.

The discomfort occurs each time the pig invades Kylie’s womb and doesn’t diminish this time, she groans slowly trying to remain quiet. The pig’s head raises, his ears prick to catch every sound and a nervous dribble of saliva splashes onto Kylie’s hair and neck.

“Did you hear that, Dave?” the old man on the porch said to someone Kylie can’t see.

“Nope, should I let the dogs off?” Dave said a younger voice.

“If we hear it again, maybe,” the old man said. “Swamps full of odd noises.”

The farmer and his family go back inside the house. With the wind blowing away from the farm, the dogs are getting no scent from the pig or Kylie, and they settle. Again, everything grows quiet. The pig has been inside Kylie now for about ten minutes without moving. The discomfort of the deeply penetrating cock has grown tolerable, yet as the pig gyrates his hips slowly, almost unnoticeably, the tip starts twisting and burrowing until it’s lodged to the limit of Kylie’s cervix. Kylie is groaning again, tears run down her cheeks as she endures the pain.

For the next few minutes, the only movement is the pig’s rippling undulations as he worked his hips against Kylie’s behind. The discomfort diminishes and is gone almost simultaneously as the boar starts ejaculating. As the inner warmth spreads, Kylie grows quiet. It must’ve taken a good half hour before the pig disengages again. Kylie bites into the clumps of moss to stifle her cries. The thirty seconds of withdrawal from her cervix seems an age, then the discomfort is gone. Kylie didn’t know when the pig had finished with her, as she had fainted before then.


Kylie comes to slowly; she’s still clutching the soft moss to her breasts. She doesn’t know how long she’s been unconscious, she can’t tell. What she does know, the pig is again lying beside her, its huge head resting on its paws peering toward the farm with his ears pricked. Kylie straightens herself and a small tug of pain shoots into her lower abdomen.

“You’ve hurt me, you fat pig,” she said to the animal with a sneer.

The pig swings it’s head sharply toward her catching her a blow to the shoulder. The sudden movement seems as a warning to be quiet, and Kylie complies. She has few choices, she can run to the farm naked covered in swamp mud and pig semen, yet that’s no choice if she wants to continue to live in the area. Her other choice is to stay with the pig until he loses interest in her as a mate. Kylie rolls onto her back and slides a finger into her pussy, she’s plugged again.

The sun is low when Kylie wakes with a start. There’s voices shouting and hound dogs barking, the pig is no longer by her side. She lies quietly, afraid to move until she realizes the dogs are heading south. She remains quiet, hardly moving for perhaps another hour until thirst and the need to relieve herself becomes an overpowering need. Back a short distance there had been a creek with fresh and clear water, and Kylie heads in that direction. Suddenly, she hears a gunshot behind her, far away, followed by the sound of a pig squealing. Her heart pounds in her ears, and she starts running back toward her camp.

Again, the motion of her body dislodges the wax plug in her cunt and pig semen comes bubbling out of her as she runs. The pig’s semen coats her pussy and legs in smelly, sticky goo. Another gunshot and the distant sound of hound dogs barking spurs her along through the bushes and pools of tepid, muddy water until she reaches her campsite and falls to the ground panting loudly.

She lies on the ground, exhausted; her breathing is harsh as she sucks oxygen into her strained body. Eventually, she falls asleep despite the coolness of the night.

The next morning she wakes stiff all over, and every muscle aches. Her pussy is especially sore and the smell of the pig’s cum is rotten. She gingerly lifts herself to her feet and scans the campsite. The pig is gone. I wonder whether they shot him, she thought sadly.

“Whoa, am I feeling sorry for a pig that raped me four times?” she asks herself shaking her head.

If it were rape, then why did you go with him to that farm, her mind replies. You could’ve run away and circled back here to get your stuff anytime. The truth is Kylie doesn’t know why she let the big boar fuck her so much. I could’ve climbed a tree or something, she thought. Why did I just drop and let it mount me? She admits the sex didn’t give her mind-blowing orgasms, although it felt nice when he was filling her with his sticky cum, then plugging her with his waxy secretion. I liked the plugging, she thought. It made my pussy tingle and clit throb.

She’s just finishing packing her tent into its bag when some baying of hound dog’s break through the bushes and rush toward her. Kylie stands brushing her the dirt off her clothes as the dog’s mill about her sniffing the ground woofing and panting. Old Jim and his son Dave appear each holding high-powered rifles, they stop and the bloodhounds keep sniffing.

“Hey, Jim, what ya hunting?” she asks casually.

“It’s young Kylie, ain’t it?” Jim asks putting his rifle over his shoulder. “Bob Jackson’s girl.”

“You out here painting again,” Dave asks.

“Yeah,” she said, “going home now.”

“Have you seen a big boar round here?” Jim asks and pointing to his dogs. “The dog’s tracked him here. You wouldn’t miss him, he’s huge.”

“Can’t say I saw something that big, yet some wild pigs were here last night,” she said. They stopped long enough to eat my food, that’s why I’m heading home.”

“You sure no big boar was with ’em?” Jim asks

“Yes, I’m sure,” Kylie said.

The bloodhound’s circling the camp catch the scent of the boar again, the way the boar took her yesterday. The men glance at each other and Dave runs after the dogs.

Jim takes a step then turns to face Kylie. “I wouldn’t come back here again for a while,” he said. “That big old boar is dangerous, and would kill you easily.”

As Jim goes in the direction his son and the dogs went, Kylie sighs. No, Jim, she thought ironically, he won’t kill me, he’ll just fuck me.


The End.


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