Rush Hour Deviants

By Misty Chikan

Amber Williams is going to New York to give some seminars at a business college. She’s a thirty-eight, working in a fortune five-hundred company as a senior executive, and for a black woman in white world it’s an accomplishment. She decides to travel into New York each day by train, as she always traveled by the subway as a kid living in New York and she feels comfortable there. The train is better than driving, as one has to avoid the crazy taxis, buses and trucks that don’t care if they’re about to crash into you, the suicidal bikers and pedestrians who cross the roads without care, and the parking is nonexistent or expensive in Manhattan. She doesn’t have to get to the college until midday, so the commute on the Monday is fine. Amber sits back and lets the train take all the stress from her, as the rhythmic rocking motion and the clanging always relaxes her. So she feels great when she arrives at Pennsylvania Station, and her first lecture is well received.

Home bound is different, though, as her return journey is during rush hour, and Pennsylvania Station is heaving with people making it a case of getting on her train anyway she can. She forces her way aboard and is jammed with people around her, squashed together as if sardines in can, then she feels it. Her back is to a middle-aged white man and she can feel him, pressing against her bottom, and, sure enough, he has an erection. She feels shocked and simultaneously excited. Having heard this sort of thing happens on the train, yet never experiencing it before.

Most women would’ve tried to move away, for making a fuss in such a public place is just as humiliating as the harassment itself, however, she doesn’t. Amber moves her bottom firmer against him, accidentally, of course. She can feel his hard penis almost wedge between her ass cheeks, and it turns her on. Her mind races ahead and is having fantasies of fucking on the train with others around, watching. She’s getting wet at the thought. As she hasn’t moved away, the man gets bolder, and is humping against her ass slowly, rubbing his hard cock against her. Omigod, she thought, he’s trying to get off.

Amber is getting more turned-on feeling his hardness rub her large African American ass, so she pushes back against him so she can help him cum. Is this all in her mind, she wonders? It feels real, yep, it’s a cock alright. She pushes one hand against her pubic mound, hoping no one will see. Fuck, this is so erotic, and suddenly she reaches her station where she has to get off. She looks at the man and he smiles at her, all she does is nod at him. Then she makes her way to the platform almost shaking with excitement and pleasure, feeling so horny. The drive home from the station, about fifty minutes, goes by quickly as she imagines wild sexual fantasies about being groped in public.


That night in bed alone, as her husband is away on business for the week, her mind is in turmoil. The feelings of how she felt on the train floods her mind, she can’t get the dirty thoughts out of her head, and her body starts responding in kind. She pulls off the bed covers, removes her nightie and gives in to her lust. A slow trace of her hands cross the silky skin of her stomach, rising to her tits, where she teases her nipples into hardness. She thinks about taking the stranger on the trains hard cock in her mouth, as she gently pinches and rolls both nipples between her fingers. Her hips start moving in a subconscious rhythm, as she imagines sucking and licking him to full attention, on the train, during rush hour. She’d make him take his turn too, push his head between her thighs to show the naughty stranger just how she wants him to lick her pussy. Amber slowly, and sensually, slides her fingers to her belly to touch her aching, wanting clit. She gives it a few slow circles, wishing it’s his to
ngue building the sweet tension inside her gut. Amber dips her fingers into her wet pussy.

“You, nasty man, you’ve made me so wet, I’m so ready for you,” she moans.

Amber glides the wetness from her cunt to her clit to add some liquid friction. She plays for a while, enjoying how her clit swells and hardens for him, wanting more attention, and becoming sensitive to the lightest touch. The slow circles around her needy clit turn into fast ones, as she just can’t help herself, and her hips grind against the bed, her breath coming fast, and electricity is spilling through her body from the point of pleasure. She’s got to make this last a little longer, she thinks lustfully. She moves her hands back to her erect nipples, tweaking them, trying to slow her breathing and feeling her wet pussy throb, as the inner walls twitch and ripple, in need of a nice hard cock to clench. Biting her lip, and enjoying the delicious warmth she’s created in her body.

When she’s calmed some, she grabs her bedside dildo, a phallus eight-inches long, with a little curve to hit her g-spot, and a beautiful fat cockhead. It’s not as good as a real cock with that perfect combination of velvety skin and iron hardness, however, it’ll have to do. The dildo slides right inside her with ease, she’s so wet, and she slowly fucks herself with it, building the pleasure with long, slow strokes, and purring in satisfaction as the feeling of getting fucked overtakes her. Amber’s back arches off the bed, her hips drive into the toy, and her other hand returns to her clit. She wants this to last forever, yet she’s so aroused by thinking of the stranger rubbing his cock against her, that beautiful, lustful, hungry look in his eyes as did his dirty act. Driving the dildo deeper, and harder, until she’s panting and twisting, so close to the edge of orgasm.

She imagines it’s his cock pounding her, and his strong hands on her body while whispering dirty things into her ear as they stand squashed together in the train by heaving, rolling bodies. She fucks him back, hard, almost losing control of the strokes, moving faster, sparking new fires of pleasure running along each nerve, and her pussy juices spill down her thighs.

“Oh, God, baby, I’m gonna come for you,” she moans loudly. “Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, fuck me please.”

Amber can barely hear her words of lust through the orgasmic buzzing in her ears, and she cums hard, still rubbing her clit while her back makes a high arch. A soft scream tearing from her lips as she dissolves into bliss, and her pussy clamps around that sweet hard phallus, spasming, and pushing wave, after wave, of pleasure across through her body. She slowly lifts her eyelids and comes back to the world, every muscle in her body exhausted and satisfied, and she licks her lips, touching the pulse still racing in her neck. Eventually, she lay still and falls into a deep, satiated sleep.

The next afternoon, Tuesday, Amber makes her way to the New York based college again. Her lecture goes OK, though she feels as if her mind is elsewhere and she keeps thinking of the trip home.

At just before six, she’s on the platform waiting her train. There’s as many people as yesterday, and she knows the train will be packed with commuters. She hears her train approach and, as she did sees the same man as yesterday standing nearby. Amber feels her face flush when he spots her, and gives her a nod with a slight smile. He follows her into the carriage and stands behind her again, his body already pressing against her thanks to the crush of people pushing against them.

“Hi,” he whispers, his hot breath on her neck makes her tremble and her pussy gush.

The wonder of a virile man, she thinks as his erection grows and she can feel it against her bottom. Her knees seem to weaken as his hands touch her hips. He gently pulls her toward him and Amber offers no resistance. His hands move downward to her ass cheeks and he squeezes them gently, his penis moving slowly against her. She wishes they were somewhere alone where he can lift her skirt, pull aside her thong, and touch her moistness as she needs the sexual release. He continues to move his cock against her ass, when he grunts in her ear, his hot breath tickling and adding another dimension to her sensitivity. He’s cum, she thought, he’s fucking cum. Suddenly, she realizes it’s her stop, and as she leaves he grabs her arm firmly and whispers in her ear.

“Don’t wear panties tomorrow.”

Amber rushes off the train, trembling. How dare he say such a thing to me, she thinks angrily? What, or who, does he think I am? She’s flustered, yet feels alive and sexy, it’s lovely to be desired.


When she gets home, she’s wondering if she’s become, or is, a slut, the idea appeals to her. Amber goes upstairs to change her clothes, and she can’t resist stripping off to see if she looks like a slut when naked. In the mirror, she sees her image and likes it. Her tits are thirty-six DD’s and she likes the way they swing slightly as she moves, and bounces when she walks. Her chocolate-colored nipples are hard and standing out like organ stops.

“I reckon I could hang my coat on them,” she says, and giggles.

Her tummy is flat and toned, mainly because of her regular yoga practice, and her running. She’s also supple and flexible, and her brown skin is silky, almost shiny. Bending to touch her head to her knees and enjoys the stretch of her spine. As she stands, she looks at her smooth pussy mound, recently shaven, and touches her smooth black skin. Parting her legs, she tilts her pelvis up and can see her labia, moist and spread apart to expose the luxurious-pink beneath.

“Yes,” she said to herself, “I could be a slut.”

To prove the point, she pulls her cunt lips wide apart to expose her pink wetness even more, and thrust two fingers inside. It feels good, but would have been even better if someone watched her finger fucking. She pretends she’s on the train, and all the other passengers are staring at her while she moves her fingers in, and out, of her luscious folds. Checking her clit, it’s hard as if a small penis, so she stretches the hood back and exposes it to her imaginary train travelers. Pretending their eyes bulge at the sight, their breathing heavy, as they squirm against each other in the packed train while they watch her play with her pussy. Some men are rubbing themselves openly, while others are grinding against the nearest bodies. Grunts and moans rising over the ‘clack, clack, clack’ of the train’s motion.

“They’d love to see how big my clit is,” she said hoarsely.

With fingers deep inside her cunt, she proceeds to finger fuck herself hard, and wantonly, her cunt juices drench her fingers and drip off her knuckles. Amber lets out an animalistic growl and orgasms almost violently, her tits shaking as her body shudders from orgasm.

“Yes, I can be a slut and an exhibitionist,” she said to her reflection.


The next day she makes her way to the college in the now familiar routine, however, she’s wearing something different this time. She has on a dress that’s thin, though not see through, dark-blue in color so it still looks businesslike. The difference is the shiny insides stimulates her skin. Amber gets through her talk with the students and finishes earlier than usual, and could’ve caught an earlier train home, yet doesn’t. The college has given her a small office to use, it’s private and has a lock on the door. Inside the office, she has second thoughts about her rendezvous with the stranger. It’s crazy to meet some guy and get groped on a train, she thought. What am I thinking, I’m a married woman? Amber undoes her dress that opens all the way down the front with a hidden zipper, and she slips off her thong. With shaking hands, she slips off the dress to undo and remove her bra. When she puts the dress back on, the material stirs her nipples and they press through the thinness.

“No, I can’t do this,” she whispers.

Her hands have become clammy and her chin trembling. She stands in front of the window and looks at the traffic rushing by, below. Her body is on fire, and she wants to be a slut so bad, yet what if someone she knows sees her? I have a respectable character to protect, she thinks. Amber is lost in her thoughts, oblivious of everything except her salacious imagination.

Suddenly, a voice behind her said, “Are you OK, Amber?”

She turns sharply to see one of the other teachers, a man in his fifties, portly, white, and balding. “Oh, hey, Ken. Yeah, I was just daydreaming.”

She smiles sweetly, noticing him looking at her tits and especially her nipples poking through the material. He licks his lips involuntarily, and shifts on his feet.

Then, he looks at his watch, and says, “You’d better get going if you wanna get home before eight.”

Amber grabs her bag, closing it on her thong and bra. “Thanks, I hope the train’s not too crowded tonight.”

“Don’t bet on it,” he said gruffly.

“Bye, Ken,” she said as she passed him near the door.

“Yeah, cya,” he said and watches her leave, his eyes on her bubble-butt as it sways.

Men, she thinks condescendingly, all they ever think about is sex.

Amber is shocked by the sheer number of people waiting for the train at Pennsylvania Station. She has to wait until the third train before she can barely get on board, wondering where her stranger is? There’s no seats, and she’s pushed to about midway of the carriage. She reaches with one hand and grabs the bar above her head for balance as the train lunges forward. Amber finds herself sandwiched between a horde of men all eager to get home for the night. Amber feels claustrophobic when somebody behind her, presses firmly against her. If not for people in front of her, Amber would’ve fallen. She starts to turn to chastise the stranger, when Amber feels their hot breath on her ear.

“Hello, my slut,” a male voice says.

Amber turns her eyes, she can feel her stomach roil, and she sees a large hand on her right hip. She stiffens as the man behind her pushes his hips into her backside, and Amber feels something hard, familiar, pushing against her ass. The man, somehow, is her man. The white, middle-aged stranger who had molested her on the last two trips home. The man who has sparked such sexual desire in her, she’s been a walking orgasm for two days. As the train rocks along, she feels the same man’s fingers on the inside of her thigh working toward her pussy. She moves her right leg to open them for him, and she immediately feels his hard cock rub against her body. Amber feels her skirt rising, and she tries to keep her breathing slow as she feels him lightly stroking the curve of her buttocks, where it connects to her thigh. The fingers creep higher, her eyes dart around hoping somebody will see what’s happening to her.

She’s conscious of the cool air coming up her skirt and hitting her bare privates. The train slows and Amber prays silently no one can see what the stranger is doing to her. As the doors open, she feels another hand around her waist holding her. Crowds rush off and for a moment no one is in front of her. However, more people rush in, and her situation remains unchanged. Amber becomes aware the hem of her dress is rising again, and she stiffens when this time the finger touches her labia. Her molester starts using his thumb and forefinger to rub against her slit, causing her labia to separate.

“Please, yes,” Amber whispers.

“Shut up, slut.”

He jams a single finger into her cunt. Amber feels the heat in her face, as she turns crimson. The man’s finger thrusts slowly. Amber’s pussy has been wet all day, so his fingers slide inside her easily, so she spreads her legs more trying to give him access.

“So you want more?”

Amber shivers as he removes his finger and slides along her pussy lips, searching for her most sensitive area. She closes her eyes tightly at the first touch of his finger on her clit. Her molester moves his finger in a circular motion over her clit and it immediately responds becoming erect. She opens her eyes wide in shock as she feels her juices dribble from her cunt, responding to his touch. The man feels it also, and runs his finger through the moisture and back to her clit. He rubs her clit lightly several times, then easily slides two fingers inside her. The train continues to rock, and Amber tries to brace herself. The rocking of the train causes her body to involuntarily move in rhythm on the fingers lodged deep in her soaked cunt. The train stops again, but her molester continues to torment her cunt by jamming his fingers into her several times, then rubbing her clit. Amber stares in anguish at people getting off, and on, the train, yet no one takes any notice of her. Some even deliberatel
y ignore her, thinking she’s just another crazy black woman on the train.


Amber feels a third finger probing her and opening her legs involuntarily to allow easier access. Her unknown molester now thrusts three fingers inside her cunt. Amber can feel her cunt responding, and has become sloppy with juices as her molester moves his fingers randomly. He pounds his fingers inside her, then slides them forward to pinch her clit repeatedly, then slides back between her ass cheeks trying to probe her anus. At the first touch of her anus, she tries to clench, yet her attempts are futile as he works his slick thumb at least an inch into her. Amber can feel her molester’s random touching has worked her juices so much she’s soaked from her butt to her clit, and down the insides of both thighs. The air around her now has the unmissable smell of pussy, and men nearby offer furtive glances in her direction as they seek the source of the heady aroma.

The random activity, probing and constant manipulation of her clit’s turning Amber’s body into a sexual inferno. A little bead of perspiration forms on her upper lip, and she feels her respirations and heart rate increasing. The white, middle-aged man’s constant stimulation of her clit, the rocking of the train, and the staring perverts around her are driving her wild with lust. She can feel her nipples harden, and pokes noticeably through her thin-material dress, and her body shivers as eyes from all over rest on her tits. She’s subconsciously shifting her weight from foot to foot raising and lowering herself on the fingers playing with her cunt. The copious juice runs from her pussy, and using the slimy liquid, her molester can now probe her rectum with two fingers without resistance.

Amber is lost in the stimulation to her body, and is unaware as his hand had moved from her waist. She snaps back to reality when she feels the zipper on the front of her dress come down as low as it can go. The suddenly train stops again, and her eyes dart to the doors as they open at her stop. For a moment, she forgets the sensations of pleasure coursing through her body and she wonders if she should leave. She hesitates, the doors shut, and the train moves on. The trains still crowded, though, and as the stranger pulls her big tits out of her dress, a collective gasp can be heard from the men standing around her. These men forming a wall around her so they can watch her, and nobody else. She grunts as her molester begins pinching her clit again, then runs his fingers to her anus and pushes them inside her rectum to slowly finger-bang her ass.

As the two fingers leave her rectum, three fingers are inserted into her cunt. He starts squeezing her right tit and scraping her erect nipple with his fingernail. She feels lightheaded and wobbly, still holding the rail over her head with her right hand, yet feeling as if she’s going to collapse.

Amber turns her head slightly and whispers, “Please, I need to cum.”

Initially there’s no response, just a fourth finger inserts into her stretched cunt. Amber moans quietly and licks the perspiration from her upper lip.

“Please,” she begs in a breathless whisper.

Trapping her nipple between his first two fingers and thumb. He pinches, as she moves her body against him, he increases the pressure on her nipple. Sparks of pain shoot through her tit, he then twists her nipple, and pushes his fist into her cunt. Amber tries to grab for the rail as an orgasm sweeps over her body in relentless waves, however, she falls into the mass of male bodies pressing against her. Her knees buckle and a low moan escapes her, as her molester continues to twist her nipple while turning his fist back and forth inside her cunt. Other hands grab her tits, her ass, or touch her body anyplace they can reach. Amber thinks she’s bitten through her lower lip to avoid screaming, as men grope her exposed tits. Her situation just as the fantasy she fantasized about last evening, only better.

Suddenly, a familiar voice says in a low voice, “I knew you were a slut.”

“Yes,” she says quietly as her orgasm fades.

She glances toward the voice to see Ken, the fifty-something man from the business college. His hand feeling her tummy and sliding over her pussy, and inside she wants to die, yet her body is inflamed there’s nothing she can say except accept his groping as the slut she is.

She feels the breath of her molester in her ear, say, “My turn now, slut. Don’t move.”

For the first time since they began this wild ride, her molester’s hands leave her body. He removes his fist from her cunt and releases her nipple. Amber didn’t move, holding her breath as multiple hands caress and grope her exposed body. Then she hears a zipper, and soon feels his thumbs at her anus again, his hands spread across the globes of her bubble butt. Amber’s experience with sex is limited, however, she’s never considered her ass a place for sex. She feels her ass cheeks pull in opposite directions, and glances to see her skirt in front has been pulled up, knowing her rear must be exposed. Several hands start fingering her cunt, and she sees men tasting her juices and smiling at her lasciviously as they suck their fingers clean of her cum. Others squeeze her tits, pinch her nipples, and she whimpers and softly squeals in pain at their rough touch.

When she feels just the tip of the white middle-aged man’s penis press against her anus, and Amber tries to concentrate on relaxing as she sways with the movement of the train. She knows she’s well lubricated as her pussy juices are running down the insides of her thighs to just above her knees. The sound of the train as it speeds along is now heightened in her ears. Duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun. Once her molester pushes just the tip of his hard prick into her anus, he releases Amber’s ass and his hands runback to her exposed tits. Amber shuts her eyes tightly as he gropes her tits, then finds her nipples and squeezes them firmly. The train rocks as it picks up speed, and Amber sways feeling the incredible pressure in her anus. The train crosses a blackout pain and the carriage goes dark. When the carriage went dark, Amber feels intense pain in her tits as a molester roughly twists her nipples.

Amber yelps and feels the pressure in her anus increase, then a burning as her tight anal ring spreads open and allows his thick cock to slide deep inside her bowels with minimal resistance. The penetration stops when she feels the material of his pants against her bare ass cheeks. As the light returns, he pulls his cock out slightly, then pushes it back home. Amber unable to grip the rail as he continues to twist and smash her nipples finds nearby men have placed their cocks in her hands and she jerks them off. In short strokes, the middle-aged white man fucks Amber’s ass, no man has ever fucked her ass before.

The train slows for another stop. As people leave the carriage, her molester starts slamming into Amber’s ass with long, powerful strokes. She’s releasing short bursts of air with whispery grunts with each thrust, rapidly building to another orgasm when people start loading onto the train. He slows his thrusts to short, rapid strokes again. She whimpers quietly in frustration as the train lunges forward and built speed.

Duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun, duh-dun.


Amber finds she can move her body unnoticed to the rocking of the train and into a rhythm with each of his thrust. She desperately wants to feel the pleasure of another orgasm and starts pushing her hips back, bending slightly at the waist. The fiber in her colon is sensitive to the enormous cock now moving effortlessly inside her. Her tits are still abused, yet each twist of her nipples shoots a spasm of pleasure through her. Her wrists ache as she jerks-off cocks around her, feeling hot liquid cum shoot onto her dress and legs from the watching crowd. As one man cums, he moves back to allow another to get a handjob from her while her ass is fucked hard by the white middle-aged man.

“Please,” she begs, “I need to cum again.”

She hears her molester grunt and push hard into her ass and yank her nipples downward. Amber feels the cock in her ass swell, and her pleasure is finally pushed over the edge as the warmth of his semen bathes her colon. Amber knows other commuters are watching her as the gasps escaping her mouth are loud enough to be heard over the sounds of the train. She feels her legs growing weak and dizziness in her mind as she experiences a crescendo of orgasms making her face flush red with heat. Her body shakes as the pleasure spasms through her and she closes her eyes tight to revel in it. The man pulls his cock out of her ass and stuffs it into his pants, and as if there’s some protocol among these men he moves without a word and another pushes in close. Not long after, she feels the strangers cock push into cunt, and she moans loudly, as the men press around her, groping, pinching, twisting, and using her anyway they can.

Amber unlocks her front door at ten pm that night as she rode the line for hours until there were no man left to use her. As she enters the kitchen, she finds her husband standing by the stove making a cup of coffee.

“Surprise! Hello, love. I got back early.”

“She places her bag on the table, conscious of the cum rattling inside her ass and pussy, her body aching and bruised from the manhandling she received. He takes her in his arms and kisses her, she can only think of the cocks she’s sucked that night and hopes he doesn’t taste cum on her. He pulls back, looking her at her with a frown.

He asks, “How was your day at college today?”


“You look tired.”

“Yeah, I’m fucked,” she said bluntly. “Sorry to be a party-pooper, but I need a shower and bed.”

“I was hoping we could have sex tonight.”

She kisses him on the cheek.

“Tomorrow, I promise.”

“Are you lecturing again in town?”

Her husband let her go and grabs his cup of coffee and takes a sip.

“Yeah, I might be late again tomorrow night. I agreed, to do some evening seminars.”

His shoulders sagged and he sighed. “Well, that sucks, I haven’t seen you for ages.”

“Sorry, sweetie, but I said yes, because I wasn’t expecting you home for another four days.”

“I understand.”

“Good night, sweetie. I’m happy you’re home,” she said and kissed him.

As she went to leave a business card falls from her under her dress, she didn’t even know it was there and she jumps in fright. Her husband bends and picks it up, looking at it with a deep frown and pursed lips.

As he hands her the business card, he asks, “TMC, who’s that?”

“Um, The Mercantile Company, a guy at the college was telling me about them,” she said.

“Never heard of them.”

“That’s what I said, anyway, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”


Once upstairs she calls the cellphone number on the business card and a male voice answers, she recognizes it immediately as it’s the middle-aged white man’s voice.

“I was hoping you’d call,” he said.

“Who are you?”

“It’s unimportant, but I’m hoping you want to join our club,” he said casually. “You passed the admission test beautifully tonight. Our web forum is buzzing about you.”

“What club? What are you talking about?”

“You got our card? TMC?

“Yes, TMC, what does it mean?”

“The Molesters Club. What else?”

She laughed, it made sense now. The way the men gathered around her, shielding her from the rest of the passengers yet getting a view of her in action. The way they used her, came on her and in her, then filed back orderly to allow another man the chance to get off. The Molesters Club, they were working together.

“This is weird,” she said.

“But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

“God, yes.”

“If you join, we can arrange regular meetings in various public places where we’ll use you as the slut you are.”

“Ken, the guy who recognized me?”

“Yep, he’s a member. He’s the one who told me about you.”

“So what now?”

“You’re coming into the city tomorrow, right?”


“Good, we want you on the morning peak hour as well, so get to bed, you’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”

“Fuck,” she moaned.

“Get up early and catch the train to the end of the line first, so you can ride it into Pennsylvania station during peak hour.”

“I don’t know.”

“Do it, slut.”

“OK, I’ll do it.”

Without another word he ended the call, and she jumped into the shower, feeling her body relax beneath the hot water. The Molesters Club, she thought with a laugh. Where have you been all my life.


The End.


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