A Visit From Popobawa (Gay)

By Max Swan © 2012

I have never been one to believe in the silly folk tales of the uneducated but something happened to me that changed my life. This story is true and I recount this horrible experience to act as a warning to the unwary out there.

My name is Aashif, I’m 23 years old. I have been active in my community as you see I am a Muslim and Praise be to Allah I was given a chance to go do some missionary work on the Island of Pemba which is off the coast of Tanzania. What an opportunity I thought to help my brothers and sisters in my faith who have been doing it tough.

I had been staying on the island for a month when I had a most disturbing encounter that I feel shame to this day but I was warned I had to tell everyone about it or else this being will return and do it to me again. So here we are I am telling you everything and while I compound my shame at what happened to me I pray to Allah that this Popobawa will now leave me alone.

It all happened one night when the moon was full and the humidity made it difficult to sleep and lay tossing and turning on my bunk when a seen and strangely felt a dark shadow fall across me. I sat up and there looked like a man standing in the doorway of my room silently staring at me.

“Who are you?” I asked the dark figure.

“I am Popobawa.” a dark menacing voice said to me making me shiver all over.

“Get out of my room!” I said weakly in fear.

The figure laughed!

It moved towards me and I felt its darkness, its evil grow around me I reached for the Koran which was on my bedside table but the presence kicked the table and it all went flying across the room smashing against the wall with such force and noise that I screamed in horror. Surely someone would hear that I prayed, and come in and help me.

The figure moved and for a moment the moonlight fell over it and I am to this day perplexed by what I saw. First I thought I seen a dark-skinned man, bald, with wild eyes; but then it was as if it changed its appearance because it turned into this foul looking creature right before my eyes. It had a single eye in the middle of it forehead like a Cyclops but its face looked more like a bat than a man.

I tell no lie its face reminded me of a bat but it had only one eye!

What was worse it suddenly stretched bat like fleshy wings casting a deep shadow over me and obscuring itself again. “Please! Please don’t hurt me!” I begged in utter desperation at this unholy site.

It laughed again.

I felt my bed covers being flung aside and then cold hands with sharp claws were ripping my pyjamas off me eventually leaving me naked on the bed. I struggled but it was inhumanly strong and slapped me around like I was nothing. My skin was cut by the raking of its claws as it tore my clothes asunder.

I normally live in a western country so I had seen monster movies before and I was now fearing for my life. In those movies the monster eats its prey and I had seen sharp pointy teeth on this creature and I was very scared I was about to become its next meal.

“Please don’t eat me! I beg you!” I pleaded.

“What Popobawa wants, Popobawa gets!” it said eerily.

One of its hands was holding me down on the chest and then the other started to play with my penis. I tell no lie this creature was trying to give me a hand job but I was so scared that I could not get an erection. It grew tired of fondling me and its powerful hands grabbed me and spun me onto my stomach in one easy movement.

It began rubbing something smooth in between my buttocks and I looked behind me and screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

It laughed!

If it wasn’t bad enough that I realised this creature was going to rape me which is absolutely abhorrent to me and my faith. But the size of its penis was something I have never seen the likes of on other men. At a guess I would say it looked possibly 30 inches long and very thick at the base while it kind of tapered to the head. The huge muscle glistened at the tip and I realised this creature was getting wet with excitement as it rubbed its shaft against my anus.

“You’ll never fit that inside me! I am not built for this!” I begged the creature but it ignored me and started to jerk off so it got its pre-cum all over its hand and then it began to rub the sticky ooze over my anus. Then I felt it slide a finger inside me and as it did my body practically jumped off the bed. I tried to clench down my anal opening to stop it but it was so strong I had to give in because it hurt so much.

Before long it had two of its unholy fingers moving in and out of my anus and all I could do was lay there and take it wondering what new kind of hell I would be taken too when it tried to put that huge penis up there. I confess it was unmanly but I found myself crying like a woman.

Then it kind of moved back but kept a hand on my hip and I felt the head of its huge cock begin rubbing my anus and before long it was pushing on it trying to gain entry into a place that no penis should ever be. I clenched again hard and I heard it squeal in pleasure at my resistance.

I wish I could say that somehow I won the good fight but this unholy creature was just too strong for me. It roughly pushed its cock head inside me grunting in pleasure.


It was sliding its cock in and out slowly going deeper and deeper into my colon with each thrust. Initially I didn’t really feel too much except the friction and pain around my anal sphincter. I kind of felt that something was there but I was surprised it wasn’t more pronounced.

But I realised this creature was aiming to try to get all of its 30+ inches inside me and a new fear gripped me. I squirmed and tried to push away but it whacked me across the back of my head so hard I think I passed out for a moment.

I opened my eyes and could feel the weight of this creature on top of me with its course hair making my skin itch and tingle. My abdomen was hurting now and I could feel something firm and hard moving inside me. I was having a sensation like hiccups too as the tip of its penis poked into my diaphragm through my colon with each thrust. The creature had impaled me with its huge cock and I kid you not it was poking my lungs. I could feel it.

It suddenly stood and I felt my body lift off the bed and there I hung in the air with this huge penis impaling me and it was using my own body weight to drive it even further inside me as its penis twisted around and my colon. I realised it had impaled me its whole length. My anus felt like it was about to rupture the creature was so thick at the base of its cock.

Then two powerful hands grabbed me by the sides tightly its nails digging into my flesh (I still have the scars that match perfectly its grip) and started to lift my body up and down its pole. It was fucking me and I was powerless to stop it.

“Popobawa likes you!” it hissed in my ear its hot breath smelling foul.

I passed out again as the pain was too much but its horrible breath acted like smelling salts and kept bringing me back to the nightmare of having this creature fuck my whole body with its huge cock. It was so fucking big it felt like it was tearing my insides up. My mind began being hazy from pain and my thoughts were crazy as I begged for death, begged for Allah to take me from this torment.

Eventually I heard the creature panting and it suddenly flopped me on the bed and was hurriedly pounding me. I grunted in pain with each thrust over and over until finally it stopped and gave out a blood curdling scream, “GRRRRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

Then after a few minutes I felt its huge cock pull out of me! It was over.

It rolled me over onto my back and I could feel crap running out of my arse as my anus was still open wide and struggling to close after being stretched so wide. I reached down and touched the wetness and realised there was blood mixed in my filth as well, and probably the creatures cum.

A clawed hand grabbed me around my neck and pulled me up to a seating position and I was suddenly looking eye to eye with this creature. It’s breath was still horrible and it was smiling at me in a most unholy manner.

“Popobawa like you. If you don’t want Popobawa to come back and take you again then you must tell everyone about this. You must share your shame with as many people as you see. I will come back every night and fuck you if you don’t!” it said with contempt.

Then I was thrown back on the bed and it left me. A few hours later I woke in the local hospital as a brother had found me lying in my blood and called for help.

A Kind Doctor came up to me and said, “Son we have run some tests and you show some damage to your colon but there are no tears so you will not require surgery. You will need to take antibiotics and eat a bland diet for a few weeks to allow it time to heal. Your bowel movements will be a bit erratic for a while. Do you remember what caused these injuries?”

I blushed but Popobawa’s words rang in my mind, “I was raped by Popobawa!”

The room that was full of activity suddenly went silent and everyone was looking at me.

“Yes!” I screamed at them, “Popobawa raped my arse!” I began to cry.

A man stepped forward, a Mufti and came up and took my hand and he started to pray with me. They all knew who Popobawa was it seems. Why didn’t they warn me?


The End.


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