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The Substitute Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • When Evan's wife refuses the sexual advances of the black alpha stud living next door, he become's the sissy substitute for her.

Ming's Dynasty Moe Lester

  • An Asian college student discovers the joy of fucking the family pet, and decides to use the situation to get some revenge on her pervert neighbour.
  • 26/02/2018

The Nightshift Sissy Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Nick works nights because there's no one else around, and he can indulge in his special fetish.

Just Like Your Mother Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Debbie comes to help her dad Mike after he's involved in a bad accident and learns the deepest secrets of her family history. (Includes The Ladies of Mystique)
  • 30 pages

Animal Rescue 2: Part II—Being Made! Sheela B.

  • Debbie is forced to identify her former friends to prove her loyalty to the cartel, but not all goes to plan. Will this ruin the undercover operation she's involved in?
  • 32 pages

The Red Door Moe Lester

  • Amanda has to stay with some family friends for a few weeks and discovers that things aren't what they appear, especially behind the red door.

The Gilded Cage Moe Lester

  • Four women find themselves trapped in a luxurious apartment by an unknown abductor and pass the time having sex.
  • 25 pages

True Love Misty Chikan

  • Two women's love is tested when one is assaulted badly at her workplace.
  • 40 pages

The Morningwood Collection Jack Morningwood

  • Four amazing gay bestiality stories that will stimulate your desires and blow your..... mind, from the author Jack Morningwood.

The Workout Jack Morningwood

  • When a mutt dog intrudes on Ross's workout in his home gym, a new life is born as the neighborhood canine whore.

The Bride Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Debra and Jason have just arrived at their new home after their honeymoon. Everything is perfect until the neighbors drop by for a visit.

The Mind of the Moe Lester 3 Moe Lester

  • One eBook containing four great stories - Nadia's New Love, Carly's Nightmare, Drifter, & Doggy Juan - by the master of bestiality fiction Moe Lester.

Nadia's New Love Moe Lester

  • A lonely woman gets a German shepherd as a birthday present and it changes everything.

Animal Rescue 2: Part 1 - Undercover! Sheela B.

  • Debbie Benton is back as the DEA ask her to go undercover in Mexico to help bring down a huge drug cartel. Her special experience with animals will be her cover, as she takes center stage in Tijuana at a club owned by the cartel. The job will test her to new limits of endurance and place her in considerable danger.

The Doghouse Moe Lester

  • Aiko has a term paper due about bestiality and asks her teacher for some help. Buy this story and get "Drifter" as a bonus.

Doggy Juan Moe Lester

  • An anxious virgin in college discovers the lewd attraction to the campus security guards Rottweiler and ends having the greatest sex of her life.

Stranded Gowan Bush

  • Stuck on an island all they can do is fuck their brains out while they wait for rescue.
  • GW Enterprises

This Is Our Life! Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Two frustrated wives collude with another couple in their apartment building to turn their pathetic husbands into sissy cuckolds.

Carly's Nightmare Moe Lester

  • Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open.

The Doctor's Wife Gowan Bush

  • A frustrated wife of a Doctor decides to get back at his cheating ways by getting as much cock as she can.
  • The Doctor’s Wife

The Moe Lester 2016 compendium Moe Lester

  • All 23 bestiality short stories and novella's published in 2016 in one big eBook. (272,000 words)

Drifter Moe Lester

  • After a nasty lover dumps Julia, a sexy Hawaiian socialite, and she finds solace in a stray dog she calls Drifter.

The Sleep of the Innocent Moe Lester

  • Evan discovers his new wife has a kinky side he never expected and decides to investigate Skylar's family to see how such depravity developed in her. (42,000+ words)   Click "Preview" to read the first chapter.
  • The Sleep of the Innocent

Survivors Sheela B.

  • When their plane mysteriously crashes in the Canadian Rockies the survivors discover the wildlife is acting beyond strange.
  • GW Enterprises

The Freshman Jack Morningwood

  • Luke is soon off to college, but an encounter in a public toilet leaves him questioning his life as he discovers a glory hole.
  • GW Enterprises

Dog's At Work Jack Morningwood

  • When Jake, a zoophile, gets a temp job in an office, he finds the ‘Dogs at Work’ program offers temptations too great to resist.
  • GW Enterprises

Junkyard Jim Jack Morningwood

  • Tonight, Jim is going to finally give himself fully to his lovers, four junkyard dogs.
  • GW Enterprises

Pet Friendly Services: Gay Edition Jack Morningwood

  • Paul gets propositioned in a park by a man looking for someone to have sex with his gay dog, Oscar.
  • GW Enterprises

Driving with Desirae Jack Morningwood

  • A drag queen named Desirae gets a flat tire on the trip home from a show in the middle of nowhere and is molested by two stray dogs (bestiality).
  • GW Enterprises

Snake in the Grass Jack Morningwood

  • When a bored small town gay teen (18), on the cusp of going to college, meets the love of his life—a German shepherd—he begins to doubt if leaving for college is the best thing to do.
  • GW Enterprises

The Gay Dog Jack Morningwood

  • Ryan, an eighteen-year-old semi-homeless guy is forced to look after his friend's pit bull terrier while their away camping, and one thing leads to another.
  • GW Enterprises

The Stray Jack Morningwood

  • One night, while coming home from his job in a burger restaurant, Sam runs into a large dog who seems lost. So he decides to take the animal in as an act of charity.
  • GW Enterprises

Gay Bestiality Four Pack Jack Morningwood

  • Four hot stories from Jack Morningwood about man and his true best friend—dog's. Included: Pet Friendly Services Snake in the Grass Dogs at Work Driving with Desirae
  • GW Enterprises

Pet Friendly Services: Straight Edition Jack Morningwood

  • Jack Morningwood has reworked his original hot story to make it about a woman who becomes a dog whore in this compelling new work.
  • GW Enterprises

Stranded Jack Morningwood

  • Carter is on his way home for the semester break when his car breaks down. Luckily for him, a beefy bear offers him a ride to the next town, and a ride into extreme pleasure.
  • GW Enterprises

Dark Web Donna Moe Lester

  • Donna is a nymphomaniac and she'll fuck anything, even her dog King. Her mother Sara is a whore too, so is it any wonder these two get involved in seedy porn you can only find on the dark web.
  • GW Enterprises

Camp Conquest Misty Chikan

  • Sean's sexy new wife will be right at home at a boys summer camp.
  • GW Enterprises

The Intruder Gowan Bush

  • An escaped prisoner rapes a housewife then makes her fuck her teen son. Meanwhile, dad is doing the nasty with other family members.
  • GW Enterprises

Account Overdue Misty Chikan

  • A woman gets a big bill and doesn't want to tell her husband so she works it off other ways.
  • GW Enterprises

Anal Annie Misty Chikan

  • Annie likes it up the ass.
  • GW Enterprises

Peak Hour Perverts Misty Chikan

  • You'll never travel on the train again, especially in peak hour, when you read what happens to this unsuspecting woman in the crush of humanity inside her train. All she wants is to get home and have a hot bath and an early night. All they want is every part of her and their not asking, their taking.
  • GW Enterprises

Playing Chikan Misty Chikan

  • Three stories of groping in public by Misty Chikan. The Peak Hour Perverts, The Great Train Rubber, and The Bus Grope. Sexy stories about public playfulness.
  • GW Enterprises

The Groper Misty Chikan

  • Carla is on her way to the World Business Forum when she gets groped on the train by stranger. There's something about this man, though, and though she knows she should yell at him she finds she can't.
  • GW Enterprises

An American Abroad Misty Chikan

  • An American businesswoman in London is returning to her hotel after a long day of meetings and gets molested by a knife wielding man who takes her on the ride of her life.
  • GW Enterprises

Rush Hour Deviants Misty Chikan

  • An African American business woman decides to use the subway to go into Manhattan and discovers a side to herself she never knew existed.
  • GW Enterprises

Wickedness on the Wickford Line Misty Chikan

  • A married couple catch a train out of London and he watches as his wife gets sexually molested by strangers.
  • GW Enterprises

Oedipus Ray Gowan Bush

  • Mike is 20 and has the hots for older women. Yet the forbidden nature of his secret lust drives him to the internet and various chatrooms and role playing sites. He meets a lady called Judy, a hot Cougar in her forties willing to play out his mother/son fantasies. She's everything he wishes for and as their online sex sessions escalate, Mike wonders if he's found the woman of his dreams.
  • GW Enterprises

The Club Gowan Bush

  • Everyone has a great night at 'The Club'! There's drinking and dancing, and hot bods all around dressed in barely anything. It's enough two make two couples first visit to The Club a very steamy night, especially when they finally get the nerve to enter the legendary 'playroom'. Here they'll take part in public sex, exhibitionism, swinging, and lesbian action. God bless America, and The Club! Buy this and get The Club 2 for free.
  • GW Enterprises

The Gloryhole Girl Gowan Bush

  • Follow how our Gloryhole Girl stumbles along until her dream day cums true, and she finds so many lollipops to lick through the Gloryhole! What’s the purpose of the glory hole, if not to remain anonymous? But this and get a bonus eBook - "The School Gloryhole".
  • GW Enterprises

The Neighbor's Daughter Gowan Bush

  • The neighbor's daughter Olivia is a redhead beauty with a wild streak. When Luke busts her smoking weed, he shows how cool he is. Not long after she knocks on his door and sparks fly as man and woman fuck their brains out. He's old enough to be her father, but it's like she's the most perfect woman he's ever known. Will ever know. Buy this and get a bonus eBook "The School Gloryhole".
  • GW Enterprises

The Loan Gowan Bush

  • When a man arrives with an order to repossess all her belongings, Mia Jones is in one hellavu pickle. With her husband away at seminary school, Mia is desperate to settle this before he gets home. Maybe their sleazy landlord Boris will release some of the Bond to help her. What can it hurt to ask anyway? The worst he can do is say no. Isn't it?
  • GW Enterprises

The School Gloryhole Gowan Bush

  • A college guy uses the 'staff only' toilet one day and discovers there's a gloryhole in the locked cubicle that leads into the girls toilets. He has the day of his life that leads to a revelation that may change him forever. Buy this and get "Locker Room Gangbang" as a bonus free eBook.
  • GW Enterprises

Watching Sister Gowan Bush

  • Big brother shares a connecting en-suite bathroom with his sexy younger sister who's blossoming into sweet womanhood. Watching her with her boyfriends through the door to her bedroom from the bathroom like a peeping tom has become an impulse he cannot deny himself. He's addicted to her. Until one night, the guys she's with sounds oddly familiar.
  • GW Enterprises

The Landlord Gowan Bush

  • Mila is a struggling actress in Hollywood and she's behind on her rent. When her sleazy landlord comes up with a payment plan, what choice does she have? It seems this hung black man is going to get his pound of flesh after all.
  • GW Enterprises

Siesta with Sister Gowan Bush

  • Amy has had some rough times over the last few years with a divorce and raising a kid alone. A family vacation is just what she needs to refresh her life, especially with her sexy brother so willing to help her get in touch with her sexuality again.
  • GW Enterprises

Locker Room Gangbang Gowan Bush

  • After losing a bet, a stuck-up beauty queen at College is taught a lesson in the locker room by the lads from the team, while her boyfriend is forced to watch.
  • GW Enterprises

My Pegging Pet Gowan Bush

  • Louise discovers a box of 'anal' toys belonging to her husband and her sisters convince her she needs to help him fulfil his anal dreams, rather than remain a prude.
  • GW Enterprises

The Club 2 Gowan Bush

  • A man takes his shy wife to a sex club and it unleashes her wild side in such a big way she may never want to leave.
  • GW Enterprises

The Stimmax Gowan Bush

  • When Tom picks up a beautiful, blonde Danish hitch hiker and offers to help her out, he soon discovers she's a trap, and becomes entrapped in game of pleasure and pain.
  • GW Enterprises

His Naughty Wife Gowan Bush

  • Dave and May's sex lives has stalled, until he spies her one evening having sex with the hot young couple downstairs from his bedroom window.
  • GW Enterprises

The Bosses Wife Gowan Bush

  • A husband spies on his wife naked with a couple of his employees and it leads to a hot night of sex.
  • GW Enterprises

Naughty Nights Gowan Bush

  • Four naughty stories to curl up in bed with and have your senses aroused to a level of naughtiness that will bring you great pleasure.
  • GW Enterprises

Uncle Tony Took My Cherry Gowan Bush

  • Carly is a budding woman and her Uncle is all man, sparks were bound to fly.
  • GW Enterprises

The Resistance Fighter Sheela B.

  • A Boxer mix named Woofie takes Amelie's virginity and initiates her into the world of bestial love while hiding with the French Resistance during WW2.
  • GW Enterprises

Insatiable Sheela B.

  • Sandra Chase has just graduated High School and is about to start her dream job of becoming a Veterinarian Technician. She loves animals, especially dogs, and hopes this may be her chance at long last to engage in some forbidden pleasure.
  • GW Enterprises

Animal Rescue Sheela B.

  • Debbie Benton is at the top of her game as an animal welfare officer in Dallas, when one day an encounter with a large Great Dane cross changes her world forever.
  • GW Enterprises

Something About Mary Sheela B.

  • Mary is very angry at Bob, come to think of it, she's always angry with him but this time he's really done it. After finding his stash of porn on his laptop, Mary had read the riot act, and their marriage is officially on the rocks. In one last ditch effort to save his marriage, Bob reserves a beautiful cabin in the mountains for a weekend away without the kids.
  • GW Enterprises

The Mission Sheela B.

  • Sergeant Niri Chung is sent into North Korea to spy on a military base that may have mobile nuclear missile launchers that could easily target Seoul. From the vantage point of Kumgang Mountains she hides, safely observing the base. However, the local wildlife take a liking to her and pretty soon she finds herself the lust interest of several animals. Her pussy has never got such a work out.
  • GW Enterprises

Grooming Sheela B.

  • Tracy has landed a dream job at a Hollywood pet grooming salon when the owner offers her a sideline of milking the pedigree dogs for the black-market sale of their semen. Tracy's sudden popularity gets under the skin of a nasty BBW co-worker who just happens to be the owners daughter. Can Tracy stop this BBW sexually harassing her with her vile kinky games?
  • GW Enterprises

My Brazen Brother Sheela B.

  • A brother and sister forced to share a room in the family holiday home all their lives find now they're young adults in college the sexual tension between them grows and grows until one day Luke decides to up the ante in a shockingly perverted incestuous way. Buy this eBook and get "Seducing Daddy" free.
  • GW Enterprises

Seducing Daddy Sheela B.

  • Cindy is nineteen and madly in lover with her father, Tom. With the help of her friend she starts to up the heat at home trying desperately to get him into bed. Tom is conflicted. His mind says no, but his lust says yes! Can Cindy get her dream man?
  • GW Enterprises

Lucy Sheela B.

  • Steve is home for the first time in years and notices his younger sister has grown into a total babe. When he catches her playing with the family pet dogs cock he discovers his hot sister has deep dark secret. She's a Zoophile. Buy this and get Webcam Wendy as a bonus.
  • GW Enterprises

The Desperate Housewife Sheela B.

  • Her husband is always away for work leaving her to raise the kids alone. Her loneliness boils over, and who should come to the rescue but the families pet Boxer. It's lust, it's nasty bestiality, but most of all it's love that will drive Helen to make the toughest choice in her life.
  • GW Enterprises

Webcam Wendy Sheela B.

  • A recently widowed MILF needs to earn some extra money and decides to become a webcam performer. All goes well until her dog, Butch, decides to get in on the act.
  • GW Enterprises

The Meter Reader Sheela B.

  • When Anita lands a job with the waterboard as a meter reader, she finds a sexual encounter with a dog leads her into a dangerous situation.
  • GW Enterprises

Peeping Pete Sheela B.

  • The towns peeping Tom (Pete) doesn't know what's hit him when a hot mother/daughter combo move in next door and sunbathe nude by their pool.
  • GW Enterprises

Bitch Hollow Sheela B.

  • Both Bitch Hollow stories in one epic ebook for the fans. Relive the magic, and the thrills of these great stories.
  • GW Enterprises

The Switch Sheela B.

  • Nick unwittingly discovers his sisters secret sin — bestiality — in a most unusual way
  • GW Enterprises

The Facility Sheela B.

  • A brilliant biologist specializing in animal reproduction and sex is sent to ‘The Facility’ to help bring back an important species from the brink of extinction.
  • GW Enterprises

The Hobbler Sheela B.

  • A young horsewoman is forced to use her special skills on a rival racehorse trainers farm to hobble his horses before race day.
  • GW Enterprises

The Hobbler 2: The Ponderosa Sheela B.

  • Sarah has escaped from the nasty clutches of Carl Norris, but can she escape from her raging lust for horse flesh?
  • GW Enterprises

Desperate Women Sheela B.

  • Four hot bestiality stories from the wonderful Sheela B, in one ebook. It doesn't get better than this!
  • GW Enterprises

The Hobbler 3: The Kentucky Derby Sheela B.

  • Sarah is at the most famous horse race in the world and it's going to take everything she's got to hobble the favorite Flash Jester.
  • GW Enterprises

The Hobbler: Books One To Three Sheela B.

  • Read all the first three eBooks in one volume of the story of Sarah who uses her unusual skills to hobble race horses. and get Book 4 as a bonus

The Hobbler 4: Maryland Riding Academy Sheela B.

  • After hobbling Flash Jester in the Kentucky Derby, Sarah has a holiday at the Maryland Riding Academy hoping to find the self-control she needs to stop.
  • GW Enterprises

We're All Nothing But Animals Moe Lester

  • A woman is taken to a live sex show in Tijuana featuring animals and it awakens her animal lusts. Luckily her man friend and her son are ready to help her explore the farmyard and experience so many new things, so many new inter-species sex encounters.
  • GW Enterprises

A Dog Walkers Story Moe Lester

  • Her forbidden passions abound, but the most taboo of all will take her to heights she never knew existed! The story of Cindy, a young woman whose sex life is complicated. Very complicated. Yet through all this an accidental experience with one the dogs she walks opens the door to her true self. Cindy, above all else, is a zoophile. Interspecies sex is her bag!
  • GW Enterprises

Hookers Do Horses Moe Lester

  • Two long time friends and co-hookers, go to a rich man's country estate to participate in one of his sordid "projects". Buy this ebook and get "The Dog Sitter" as a bonus eBook.
  • GW Enterprises

Night of the Doberman's Moe Lester

  • Julie is invited to a big party in the country, as she walks up the long driveway she accosted by a Doberman, then another, then another... Where are all these Doberman Pinshcers coming from? Soon they're attacking everyone at the party.
  • GW Enterprises

The Dog Sitter Moe Lester

  • Zoey needs to make some money to spend at the Summer Fair in two weeks, and gets a short term job house/dog sitting for an elderly couple going on a cruise. The dog is a giant Great Dane, and Zoey soon finds the friendly dog has more on his mind than playing fetch. (Buy this eBook and get a Bonus story - "A Night in with Spike".)
  • GW Enterprises

A Night in with Spike Moe Lester

  • Emma is home alone, well not entirely alone - her Labrador Spike is with her. As she prepares to go to bed, Spike makes his move, and before long he's rocking the pretty brunettes world. Buy this story and get "The Lonely Divorcee" for free.
  • GW Enterprises

The Lonely Divorcee Moe Lester

  • Joan is a hot MILF who's living by herself after her divorce. With a sex drive that's still strong, her true wish is to meet a real man rather than keeping use her toys. One day she discovered the hard way that the best sex she's ever had is from her German shepherd, Gus. Get Mandy's Downtime FREE with this purchase.

Small Town Girl Moe Lester

  • Caught in the purgatory of life between high school and college, Kelly is frustrated and bored. yet, an act of depravity inflicted upon her will change her life in more ways than she ever thought possible.
  • GW Enterprises

Mia Culpa Moe Lester

  • Trying to take a nap on a hot day proves difficult for Mia as she keeps getting interrupted by everyone and everything wanting to have sex with her!
  • GW Enterprises

Bad Teacher Moe Lester

  • Lisa Morrison can feel her shirt cling to the perspiration on her breasts and when she glances down, she can see it’s already becoming see-through. She hopes she looks irresistible. Her long black hair is hanging in a single ponytail, and her large, firm tits are practically bursting out of a shirt much too small for her. She's a teacher, and she's BAD!
  • GW Enterprises

Julie & Romeo Moe Lester

  • The forbidden love of woman and dog collide in this urban drama of lust, love, and tragedy. Romeo, a dog of unusual skill and seductive power overwhelm a married lesbian couple, just as he overpowers most women he meets. He drives them to greater heights of orgasmic bliss until all that has been sown by the lascivious dog comes back to bite him.
  • GW Enterprises

Mandy's Downtime Moe Lester

  • Mandy's got three glorious hours to herself, and she might just have a good time if the stupid family pet dogs don't stop bothering her.
  • GW Enterprises

Training Lizzy Moe Lester

  • Can Kathy turn this boring housewife into a nymphomaniac, ready to have sex with any man, woman, or dog.
  • GW Enterprises

Newfound Urges Moe Lester

  • A woman agrees to house sit and look after a couple of horses, when these horny beasts start looking after her.
  • GW Enterprises

Dog Sex Stories 2 Moe Lester

  • A Compilation of six great dog bestiality stories by Moe Lester. All in one book. Raw and intense hardcore bestiality erotica, just the way you like it. In this book you'll find: The Dog Sitter Night of the Doberman's A night in with Spike Small Town Girl The Lonely Divorcee Mandy's Downtime
  • GW Enterprises

Animalia Moe Lester

  • You're invited to the event of the year: Animalia. Amy Benson, a college student, is the main attraction. Only she doesn't know it yet.
  • GW Enterprises

Love Thy Neighbor's Dog Moe Lester

  • The Thompson's just don't understand why their Great Dane, Bruno, is acting so strangely lately. Maybe it's because the sexy neighbor is fucking the dog every chance she can get.
  • GW Enterprises

Do Your Duty: Save Mankind Moe Lester

  • With mankind on the edge of extinction, breeding is mandatory. But Lily is exempt due to religious reasons, and visiting her sister on the frontier pushes her faith to the limit, especially with her sister's horny dog.
  • GW Enterprises

Pluto's Wild Night Moe Lester

  • A separated Latino woman discovers her ex-husband is a zoophile after he's caught in the act. If he only knew she's into dog's too since she brought a dog (Pluto) for herself.
  • GW Enterprises

Taming the Termagant Moe Lester

  • The neighborhood busy-body is giving everyone a hard time, especially the three college girls and their dog Woody living next door. However, another neighbor comes up with a daring plan to thwart the nasty, termagant woman. Termagant - a violent, turbulent, shrewish, or brawling woman.
  • GW Enterprises

Going Postal Moe Lester

  • When post woman Alice has is raped by a big dog when she's delivering a parcel, she plots revenge against the beast.
  • GW Enterprises

Blackmail Moe Lester

  • Officer Kay Jones of the K9 squad will do anything to get ahead, even if it means blackmailing the Mayor's daughter after her dog rapes her in the park.
  • GW Enterprises

Living The Dream Moe Lester

  • Fred has been seeing Sharon (a sexy MILF) for a while now, however, her 18yo daughter hates him. Until one night he walks in on her masturbating to bestiality porn.
  • GW Enterprises

Mother Knows Best Moe Lester

  • Sorority sister Louise Collins finds Mother (the sorority house supervisor) has a special punishment for breaking curfew, looking after her dog's.
  • GW Enterprises

The Zoo Moe Lester

  • Leah is excited to finally going to see the panda's at her cities zoo, only problem is a big storm has been forecast that might ruin her time.
  • GW Enterprises

The Babysitter's Secret Moe Lester

  • Kyra has a secret, a deep depraved secret that involves her babysitting clients pet dogs. When all is quiet, Kyra knows some sexy games to play with her canine companions.
  • GW Enterprises

Hope Park Moe Lester

  • Miley has just finished her shift and heads to Hope Park to change at the public toilets, so she can meet her boyfriend at the fete and there, her life is forever changed.
  • GW Enterprises

What More Can A Woman Want Moe Lester

  • Chloe is going to be home alone for a couple of weeks, and she discovers a great way to pass the time. Her two Doberman guard dogs.
  • GW Enterprises

Big City Blue Moe Lester

  • Hazel has moved to New York with her big dog, a German shepherd called Blue, hoping she can make it big in the city that never sleeps and gets entangled in her neighbor's affairs.
  • GW Enterprises

The Abandoned Warehouse Moe Lester

  • A desperate MILF goes to a squat to try to talk her junkie daughter into going into rehab when she stumbles onto a crime that will change her life forever.
  • GW Enterprises

The Neighbor's Dog Moe Lester

  • A lewd encounter with the neighbor's dog changes Debbie's life forever on a deep space station and challenges her traditional beliefs.
  • GW Enterprises

Lina's Lesson Moe Lester

  • What happens when a pretty German woman finds out the terrorists she's joined in Syria turn out to be nothing more than murderous, depraved monsters. Based on a true story.
  • GW Enterprises

A Feral Encounter Moe Lester

  • Kylie is camping in the swamp alone, painting and enjoying nature when she's attacked by a big feral pig who rapes her over and over.
  • GW Enterprises

No Man's Land Resort Moe Lester

  • Two female lovers start a resort where men are banned, after they discover the carnal joys of bestiality. The female guests come to indulge in the depraved practice in privacy.
  • GW Enterprises

The Mind of the Moe Lester 1 Moe Lester

  • Five Twisted Taboo Tales in One Kinky eBook. Is there an author today as nasty as Moe Lester? You decide.
  • GW Enterprises

The Stalker Moe Lester

  • Emma is an attractive 40yo who has caught the eye of a very bad young man and he decides to do something to her that'll changer her life forever.
  • GW Enterprises

Mexican Virgins Moe Lester

  • Two Chinese oil executive's find the bestial sex in rural Mexico is playing havoc with their self-control and badly need to get laid.
  • GW Enterprises

The Companion Club Moe Lester

  • Kylie's divorce has finally come through and she rushes over to her best friend's house to share her news and learns her BFF has some taboo bestial fantasies.
  • GW Enterprises

Games of the Rich & Dirty Moe Lester

  • Alex embarrasses his uber rich boss with a Twitter scandal and doesn't know that payback involves his pretty blonde wife Lily and a dog.
  • GW Enterprises

The Mind of the Moe Lester 2 Moe Lester

  • GW Enterprises

Nora Unleashed Moe Lester

  • In a boring, sexless marriage, Nora falls in lust for the neighborhood gigolo, a big dog called Rudy.
  • GW Enterprises

The Mating Game Moe Lester

  • Emily finds sex with men boring and too much hard work. That's why she does it with dogs.
  • GW Enterprises

The Perverted Housewife Moe Lester

  • Lucy has a deep, dark fantasy, a perverted dream, to watch another woman get raped by a dog.
  • GW Enterprises

Violated Moe Lester

  • Jade is a pretty 18yo who's just graduated High School and her mom gets her a job at the local PetMart.
  • GW Enterprises

The Hill Moe Lester

  • In Washington, the power of the political elite has created a place where every perversion you can think of happens. Power corrupts absolutely.
  • GW Enterprises

The Boiler Room Moe Lester

  • When Simone needs some money to score drugs, she heads down to the boiler room because she knows the black janitor has the hots for her.
  • GW Enterprises

Snatched Moe Lester

  • A couple of nasty men with two Dobermans decide it's time to teach a haughty, cock teasing blonde a big lesson.
  • GW Enterprises

Hot Dog & Pussy Moe Lester

  • Lori is hired to mind a neighbors Dog Kennel while she's away on holidays and it causes great upheaval in her life.
  • GW Enterprises

Teacher's Pet Moe Lester

  • After the death of her husband in an accident, Jessie follows her dream of opening a school and finds the perfect place beside a dog kennel.
  • GW Enterprises

The Revolution Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • When a military coup occurs in Blacklandia, a white couple working on a UN aid program decide to leave and head for the airport only to be detained by a couple of soldiers.
  • GW Enterprises

The Stepmother Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Danny has a tiny cock, and his sexy stepmother has told him she knows about it. As he comes home for the summer break from College, he's wondering, hoping, his sexy stepmother will make her move.
  • GW Enterprises

The Freaks of Oz Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Red, a law student, has recently come out as a Gay man, and while hoping his life would be better out of the closet he found the vile size queens of the Gay Community where he lived made it difficult for him to meet any decent men. You see Red has a micropenis. One day he meets a strange man called Chas Zorko who offers him a part time job like none other. A freak show performer.
  • GW Enterprises

The Zombie Afuckalypse Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • The three biggest losers in town, the guys no one wants anything to do with, have just found themselves smack bang in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and decide this is the best time to fuck all the women that hated them. So what if they're zombies.
  • GW Enterprises

The Ladies of Mystique Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Fred drives into the city to collect his 20 yo nightclubbing niece Julie, from a lesbian club called 'Mystique'. No man ever leaves this place the same as he entered. This a world where women rule, and men are ridiculed as the weaker sex. Can Fred find his niece and get out before he falls into the clutches of Queen Clordia and her Amazonian guard.
  • GW Enterprises

The Reaper Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • April Downing is a beautiful forty-something woman of the world, and when a hunky younger stranger suddenly appears in her life it gets turned upside down.
  • GW Enterprises

The Mutiny Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Mark Bligh is the manager of a ladies clothing boutique called "The Bounty" when new employee Felicity Christian makes a move on his job. She soon discovers the biggest secret of his life, and using small penis humiliation as her weapon, she makes her move in the most shocking of ways.
  • GW Enterprises

The Troll Bridge Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • An internet troll goes a step too far, and learns there's nasty consequences to her mean-spirited online bullying.
  • GW Enterprises

The Coma Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • After a terrible accident, Sam experiences the attentions of a psychotic nurse while he lays helpless in a coma.
  • GW Enterprises

The Bet Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Helen makes a sexy bet with her husband, that if he can last longer than two minutes before cumming in a dream come true threesome, she'll let him take her anal cherry. He is confident he has the stamina to win this bet, it's easy. No problems. He doesn't even care about what happens if he loses the bet because it'll never happen.
  • GW Enterprises

The Accountant Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Bryan Jones seems like a successful middle-aged corporate accountant, but he has some secrets that one woman uses against him in a lurid game of blackmail and sexual Domination.
  • GW Enterprises

Why My Dick Shrunk Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Mike has an itchy rash on his genitals that's only relieved by a cream given to him by his sister, Lydia. The only problem is after using it for a while he notices a very shocking side effect. If he stops using the cream the itch comes back with a vengeance. If he uses the cream his dick will keep shrinking, but he'll have sweet relief from the itchiness. What would you choose? Dick or Itch?
  • GW Enterprises

My House. My Rules Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • A college student in Georgia gets a thrill from answering the door to female cold callers dressed in nothing but a towel around his waist. Until one day...
  • GW Enterprises

The Bathroom Break Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • A man traveling home from an interstate trip finds himself busting to pee. He hates public rest rooms due to his tiny penis, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Inside the toilet he is joined by another man who happens to have his girlfriend in tow. How embarrassing! It's his worst nightmare come true!
  • GW Enterprises

The Mall Cop Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • A man is asked to accompany a mall cop to his office as he matches the description of a 'flasher' who's been seen in the mall.
  • GW Enterprises

Tales of Humiliation Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Five great stories from the mind of Max Swan about small penis humiliation (SPH) in such different and varying scenarios. Sometimes it's about punishment, sometimes it's a sexual kink, sometimes accidental, and sometimes it's about mind control.
  • GW Enterprises

Orang Minyak Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Orang Minyak - The Malaysian rape demon has a new victim in his sights, an American Missionary.
  • GW Enterprises

My Daddy is a Pervert Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Eighteen-year-old Skylar Jones arrives home unexpectedly to find her daddy tied to the bed wearing women's lingerie, so she makes his asshole available to her male friend's to fuck.
  • GW Enterprises

Ferklin Beach Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • A cuckolded husband discovers his true self while watching his hot wife getting gangbanged on Ferklin Beach, he likes men.
  • GW Enterprises

Dinky & Pinky Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • As a civil rebellion tears the city apart, two men hide in a burnt out warehouse to escape the violence. Then two riot cops enter the building to search it.
  • GW Enterprises

Cuckold to a Terrorist Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Tom is so devoted his wife's every need, so submissive to her, that her new lover is going to stretch their relationship beyond anything he has known so far. You see, Dave not only has a huge penis, he's also an Islamic terrorist, and he has plans for Tom. Plans that may change America forever, if they succeed.
  • GW Enterprises

The Clean Up Man Bundle Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Four hot cuckold SPH stories that will light your desires and fuel your fantasies beyond anything you thought possible. The three already published stories plus a bonus story.
  • GW Enterprises

Club Mandingo Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Eric Hansen is about to learn that once his wife goes black, she ain't ever coming back as they head out to "Club Mandingo".
  • GW Enterprises

The Clean Up Man 3: The Family Cuckold Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Scott and Becky are alarmed when their 18yo son Sean is caught stealing his MILF mom's panties from the hamper and is jerking off in them.
  • GW Enterprises

The Clean Up Man 2: Cuckolds Cove Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Carl is in trouble with his wife when she learns their Caribbean vacation paradise is in fact a sex resort where wive's get it on with the black studs while their husbands play second fiddle.
  • GW Enterprises

The Clean Up Man 1: Helping Hubby Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • He cleans the office, he cleans the house, and he also cleans his wife's pussy after his black boss and friends have used it. This is the story of how Ryan became a cuckold.
  • GW Enterprises

Cheldric's Revenge 2: The Battle of Snowdonia

  • After discovering his micropenis is a result of an ancient family curse (Book One), Tom and his companions set about ending it once and for all and it leads to huge battle.
  • GW Enterprises

Cheldrics Revenge: The Curse Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Tom has been cursed all his life due to his micropenis, however, one day he learns there's a reason why nature has so cruelly endowed him. In times past, a powerful wizard cursed his family.
  • GW Enterprises

A Cuckold's Tale Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Doug & Donna Davidson head out for some nasty cuckold/SPH anonymous sex action at a public toilet.
  • GW Enterprises