Jack Morningwood

The Workout Jack Morningwood

  • When a mutt dog intrudes on Ross's workout in his home gym, a new life is born as the neighborhood canine whore.

The Morningwood Collection Jack Morningwood

  • Four amazing gay bestiality stories that will stimulate your desires and blow your..... mind, from the author Jack Morningwood.

Stranded Jack Morningwood

  • Carter is on his way home for the semester break when his car breaks down. Luckily for him, a beefy bear offers him a ride to the next town, and a ride into extreme pleasure.
  • GW Enterprises

Pet Friendly Services: Straight Edition Jack Morningwood

  • Jack Morningwood has reworked his original hot story to make it about a woman who becomes a dog whore in this compelling new work.
  • GW Enterprises

Gay Bestiality Four Pack Jack Morningwood

  • Four hot stories from Jack Morningwood about man and his true best friend—dog's. Included: Pet Friendly Services Snake in the Grass Dogs at Work Driving with Desirae
  • GW Enterprises

The Stray Jack Morningwood

  • One night, while coming home from his job in a burger restaurant, Sam runs into a large dog who seems lost. So he decides to take the animal in as an act of charity.
  • GW Enterprises

The Gay Dog Jack Morningwood

  • Ryan, an eighteen-year-old semi-homeless guy is forced to look after his friend's pit bull terrier while their away camping, and one thing leads to another.
  • GW Enterprises

Snake in the Grass Jack Morningwood

  • When a bored small town gay teen (18), on the cusp of going to college, meets the love of his life—a German shepherd—he begins to doubt if leaving for college is the best thing to do.
  • GW Enterprises

Driving with Desirae Jack Morningwood

  • A drag queen named Desirae gets a flat tire on the trip home from a show in the middle of nowhere and is molested by two stray dogs (bestiality).
  • GW Enterprises

Pet Friendly Services: Gay Edition Jack Morningwood

  • Paul gets propositioned in a park by a man looking for someone to have sex with his gay dog, Oscar.
  • GW Enterprises

Junkyard Jim Jack Morningwood

  • Tonight, Jim is going to finally give himself fully to his lovers, four junkyard dogs.
  • GW Enterprises

Dog's At Work Jack Morningwood

  • When Jake, a zoophile, gets a temp job in an office, he finds the ‘Dogs at Work’ program offers temptations too great to resist.
  • GW Enterprises

The Freshman Jack Morningwood

  • Luke is soon off to college, but an encounter in a public toilet leaves him questioning his life as he discovers a glory hole.
  • GW Enterprises