Misty Chikan

Camp Conquest Misty Chikan

  • Sean's sexy new wife will be right at home at a boys summer camp.
  • GW Enterprises

Account Overdue Misty Chikan

  • A woman gets a big bill and doesn't want to tell her husband so she works it off other ways.
  • GW Enterprises

Anal Annie Misty Chikan

  • Annie likes it up the ass.
  • GW Enterprises

The Groper Misty Chikan

  • Carla is on her way to the World Business Forum when she gets groped on the train by stranger. There's something about this man, though, and though she knows she should yell at him she finds she can't.
  • GW Enterprises

Playing Chikan Misty Chikan

  • Three stories of groping in public by Misty Chikan. The Peak Hour Perverts, The Great Train Rubber, and The Bus Grope. Sexy stories about public playfulness.
  • GW Enterprises

Peak Hour Perverts Misty Chikan

  • You'll never travel on the train again, especially in peak hour, when you read what happens to this unsuspecting woman in the crush of humanity inside her train. All she wants is to get home and have a hot bath and an early night. All they want is every part of her and their not asking, their taking.
  • GW Enterprises

An American Abroad Misty Chikan

  • An American businesswoman in London is returning to her hotel after a long day of meetings and gets molested by a knife wielding man who takes her on the ride of her life.
  • GW Enterprises

Wickedness on the Wickford Line Misty Chikan

  • A married couple catch a train out of London and he watches as his wife gets sexually molested by strangers.
  • GW Enterprises

Rush Hour Deviants Misty Chikan

  • An African American business woman decides to use the subway to go into Manhattan and discovers a side to herself she never knew existed.
  • GW Enterprises

True Love Misty Chikan

  • Two women's love is tested when one is assaulted badly at her workplace.
  • 40 pages