The Nightshift Sissy Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Nick works nights because there's no one else around, and he can indulge in his special fetish.

The Substitute Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • When Evan's wife refuses the sexual advances of the black alpha stud living next door, he become's the sissy substitute for her.

The Revolution Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • When a military coup occurs in Blacklandia, a white couple working on a UN aid program decide to leave and head for the airport only to be detained by a couple of soldiers.
  • GW Enterprises

This Is Our Life! Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Two frustrated wives collude with another couple in their apartment building to turn their pathetic husbands into sissy cuckolds.

The Bride Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Debra and Jason have just arrived at their new home after their honeymoon. Everything is perfect until the neighbors drop by for a visit.

Just Like Your Mother Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Debbie comes to help her dad Mike after he's involved in a bad accident and learns the deepest secrets of her family history. (Includes The Ladies of Mystique)
  • 30 pages

A Cuckold's Tale Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Doug & Donna Davidson head out for some nasty cuckold/SPH anonymous sex action at a public toilet.
  • GW Enterprises

Cheldrics Revenge: The Curse Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Tom has been cursed all his life due to his micropenis, however, one day he learns there's a reason why nature has so cruelly endowed him. In times past, a powerful wizard cursed his family.
  • GW Enterprises

Cheldric's Revenge 2: The Battle of Snowdonia

  • After discovering his micropenis is a result of an ancient family curse (Book One), Tom and his companions set about ending it once and for all and it leads to huge battle.
  • GW Enterprises

Club Mandingo Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Eric Hansen is about to learn that once his wife goes black, she ain't ever coming back as they head out to "Club Mandingo".
  • GW Enterprises

The Clean Up Man 1: Helping Hubby Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • He cleans the office, he cleans the house, and he also cleans his wife's pussy after his black boss and friends have used it. This is the story of how Ryan became a cuckold.
  • GW Enterprises

The Clean Up Man 2: Cuckolds Cove Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Carl is in trouble with his wife when she learns their Caribbean vacation paradise is in fact a sex resort where wive's get it on with the black studs while their husbands play second fiddle.
  • GW Enterprises

The Clean Up Man 3: The Family Cuckold Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Scott and Becky are alarmed when their 18yo son Sean is caught stealing his MILF mom's panties from the hamper and is jerking off in them.
  • GW Enterprises

The Clean Up Man Bundle Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Four hot cuckold SPH stories that will light your desires and fuel your fantasies beyond anything you thought possible. The three already published stories plus a bonus story.
  • GW Enterprises

Cuckold to a Terrorist Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Tom is so devoted his wife's every need, so submissive to her, that her new lover is going to stretch their relationship beyond anything he has known so far. You see, Dave not only has a huge penis, he's also an Islamic terrorist, and he has plans for Tom. Plans that may change America forever, if they succeed.
  • GW Enterprises

Dinky & Pinky Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • As a civil rebellion tears the city apart, two men hide in a burnt out warehouse to escape the violence. Then two riot cops enter the building to search it.
  • GW Enterprises

Ferklin Beach Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • A cuckolded husband discovers his true self while watching his hot wife getting gangbanged on Ferklin Beach, he likes men.
  • GW Enterprises

My Daddy is a Pervert Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Eighteen-year-old Skylar Jones arrives home unexpectedly to find her daddy tied to the bed wearing women's lingerie, so she makes his asshole available to her male friend's to fuck.
  • GW Enterprises

Orang Minyak Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Orang Minyak - The Malaysian rape demon has a new victim in his sights, an American Missionary.
  • GW Enterprises

Tales of Humiliation Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Five great stories from the mind of Max Swan about small penis humiliation (SPH) in such different and varying scenarios. Sometimes it's about punishment, sometimes it's a sexual kink, sometimes accidental, and sometimes it's about mind control.
  • GW Enterprises

The Mall Cop Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • A man is asked to accompany a mall cop to his office as he matches the description of a 'flasher' who's been seen in the mall.
  • GW Enterprises

The Bathroom Break Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • A man traveling home from an interstate trip finds himself busting to pee. He hates public rest rooms due to his tiny penis, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Inside the toilet he is joined by another man who happens to have his girlfriend in tow. How embarrassing! It's his worst nightmare come true!
  • GW Enterprises

My House. My Rules Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • A college student in Georgia gets a thrill from answering the door to female cold callers dressed in nothing but a towel around his waist. Until one day...
  • GW Enterprises

Why My Dick Shrunk Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Mike has an itchy rash on his genitals that's only relieved by a cream given to him by his sister, Lydia. The only problem is after using it for a while he notices a very shocking side effect. If he stops using the cream the itch comes back with a vengeance. If he uses the cream his dick will keep shrinking, but he'll have sweet relief from the itchiness. What would you choose? Dick or Itch?
  • GW Enterprises

The Accountant Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Bryan Jones seems like a successful middle-aged corporate accountant, but he has some secrets that one woman uses against him in a lurid game of blackmail and sexual Domination.
  • GW Enterprises

The Bet Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Helen makes a sexy bet with her husband, that if he can last longer than two minutes before cumming in a dream come true threesome, she'll let him take her anal cherry. He is confident he has the stamina to win this bet, it's easy. No problems. He doesn't even care about what happens if he loses the bet because it'll never happen.
  • GW Enterprises

The Coma Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • After a terrible accident, Sam experiences the attentions of a psychotic nurse while he lays helpless in a coma.
  • GW Enterprises

The Troll Bridge Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • An internet troll goes a step too far, and learns there's nasty consequences to her mean-spirited online bullying.
  • GW Enterprises

The Mutiny Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Mark Bligh is the manager of a ladies clothing boutique called "The Bounty" when new employee Felicity Christian makes a move on his job. She soon discovers the biggest secret of his life, and using small penis humiliation as her weapon, she makes her move in the most shocking of ways.
  • GW Enterprises

The Reaper Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • April Downing is a beautiful forty-something woman of the world, and when a hunky younger stranger suddenly appears in her life it gets turned upside down.
  • GW Enterprises

The Ladies of Mystique Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Fred drives into the city to collect his 20 yo nightclubbing niece Julie, from a lesbian club called 'Mystique'. No man ever leaves this place the same as he entered. This a world where women rule, and men are ridiculed as the weaker sex. Can Fred find his niece and get out before he falls into the clutches of Queen Clordia and her Amazonian guard.
  • GW Enterprises

The Zombie Afuckalypse Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • The three biggest losers in town, the guys no one wants anything to do with, have just found themselves smack bang in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and decide this is the best time to fuck all the women that hated them. So what if they're zombies.
  • GW Enterprises

The Freaks of Oz Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Red, a law student, has recently come out as a Gay man, and while hoping his life would be better out of the closet he found the vile size queens of the Gay Community where he lived made it difficult for him to meet any decent men. You see Red has a micropenis. One day he meets a strange man called Chas Zorko who offers him a part time job like none other. A freak show performer.
  • GW Enterprises

The Stepmother Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • Danny has a tiny cock, and his sexy stepmother has told him she knows about it. As he comes home for the summer break from College, he's wondering, hoping, his sexy stepmother will make her move.
  • GW Enterprises