Oedipus Ray

By Gowan Bush © 2016

I woke with a hard on and the fleeting glimpse of the dream that had awoken me, a dream of fucking my mother. Most guys would be appalled if they’d dreamed of their mother sucking their cock like a porn star and begging their son to fuck them, but for me? It is a day like any other. I’ve been obsessed with my mother for well over a year and how it started I’m not really sure. All I knew is in my mind, she went from being the most beautiful woman I’d known to become the sexiest, most sensual woman I could imagine.

I looked over at the alarm clock and saw it is just after six am. Mom would be getting up right about now and soon would be in the shower. As it always did, the image of her in the steamy shower, slowly soaping up her magnificent body caused my already hard cock to ache with desire. I thought of her teasing her nipples with her soapy fingers before sliding them between her lush thighs and rubbing her clit. The soap running down her stomach and thighs would look just like a nice hot load of cum, her son’s cum.

My mind raced with the fantasy of me walking into the bathroom, stripping and getting in the shower behind her. I would reach around and pull her against me, one hand stroking her tits, the other rubbing her hard clit. Mom’s long wet hair would feel damn good on my chest and she would be grinding her wet ass into my raging hard on.

Leaning her head against my shoulder, she would moan my name and tell me to make her cum so I could bend her over and fuck her and cum all over the cheeks of her sweet round ass. My hand strayed to my cock, and I thought of her telling me the reason my jerk of a father left last year to chase young girls made her available for me.

I’m the only man she knew she could trust and would take good care of not just her amazing body, but her as well. That’s why I’m having a hard time dating girls the last few months. My obsession with my mother had gotten to the point she’s the only woman I wanted. Even as I teased myself, slowly stroking my cock and enjoying how hard I’m for my mother, it dawned on me I would need to get over it at least enough to enjoy getting laid as it certainly is never going to happen with mom. As exciting as my fantasies are, I knew they were wasted and mom loved me dearly, but as her son.

What a waste, my mother lying alone in her bed at night and me two rooms down thinking about her. I pushed her from my mind, it is too early to start my day frustrated. My feelings were getting to the point it is past teasing and close to torment. Christ, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and here I’m not only without a girlfriend, but thinking about my sex with my mother. Could I be a bigger loser?
With that in mind, I thought of mom and for a moment not in a perverted way, but as a concerned son. Mom is also going to be alone for Valentine’s Day. For her that’s worse than it is for me.
I’m twenty and the day didn’t mean as much to me, not to mention it is my own fault I had no one to spend it with. My Oedipal obsession had taken me to the point I’m not paying any attention to any of the girls at school, even the ones that flirted with me.

But for mom it is different, she had caught my father cheating just before last Valentine’s, when the idiot accidently sent my mother a text meant for his girlfriend. Although he’d been gone a year and the divorce was final seven months ago mom hadn’t had as much as a date and moped around the house. Lately she seemed more depressed than usual.

When I asked what’s wrong, she would always shrug and say there’s something on her mind. When I would ask why she isn’t seeing anyone I would get another shrug and ‘not ready yet’. Aware that her being alone is fueling my taboo fantasies-as if I could somehow be there for her in that way-I tried to push her, telling her she’s too young, sweet and beautiful to be by herself.

Finally, and probably to get me to shut up, mom said she joined an online dating site and supposedly is talking to some guys through it. I only half believed her, but then again, she’s spending a lot of time in her room online at night so maybe she’s chatting online. I smiled at the thought that if she’s talking to someone, hopefully the guy would be smart enough to ask her out for tomorrow night and she would go.

Now that I felt a little better about mom, I decided it was time to take care of the swelling problem between my legs and to the next best thing to mom. My hand moved along my cock as my mind shifted to Judy, my online mom and a woman I hoped at some point might be able to meet seeing she’s supposedly local.

I moaned softly as my cock became slick with my precum and thought of my last “conversation” with Judy. She had described how she wanted to take me so deep in her mouth, she would gag and drool all over her ‘sons’ cock then lick up every drop of it. Better yet, Judy loved my descriptions of what I wanted to do with my hot mother and told me she used a vibrator and came as we chatted. I’d met Judy through an advertisement on a porn site dedicated to stepmother fantasies. Real incest videos were rare, so it is all I could find, but it didn’t matter, the dialogue is still: “Oh, let mommy fuck you,” and it drove me wild.

After one video ended there’s an ad for a site called play for keeps, a role play slash hook up site that catered to every fetish. I clicked on the site and is thrilled to see they had a section for incestuous role plays. Daddy/daughter, brother/sister and to my excitement I saw mom/son is their number one draw for that section.

I quickly paid out the fifty bucks for a yearlong membership and set up a profile that I’m looking for a mommy in the Rhode Island, Mass or Connecticut area with the hopes there could be a chance of a hook up as the site said often happened. I’d had little luck in the first couple of weeks, some lame conversations with women who had no imagination and one I’m sure is a guy, or women who wanted real little boys as in dress me and breast feed me.

Then Judy sent me a message, she also lived in Los Angeles and wanted to talk to a horny son and the last three weeks we’d been exchanging dirty messages through the site and using their instant messaging to role play and get off. So far the only pic I’d seen of her is her site avatar, a shot of her large tits in a purple lace bra and some long dark hair over them. My mom had long black hair and is pretty ample up top so I loved the look.

Mine is one of me from the neck down, shirtless, with my jeans undone showing off some pubic hair and she raved about what a hot stud her son is and how she would love to lick her way down my chest to that open zipper. She then went on to describe how she would take care of her boy by sucking his cock and taking every drop of his cum into her mouth like a good mother should.

I stopped my mind from racing and focused on my cock, stroking it and wishing it were my moms, either of them, hand and they were jerking it off into their open mouth, their pink tongue awaiting their son’s cum. I moaned and pumped faster feeling the cum building, ready to erupt all over my stomach again like it had been doing for the last several months since the last time I’d gotten laid

I jumped at the sound of a beep from my laptop and stopped stroking. I’d just gotten a message.

Several times Judy had e-mailed me early in the morning and getting out of bed, I walked naked, my hard cock leading the way, over to my desk. I draped a t-shirt on the vinyl chair and sitting down, looked at the screen and smiled.

“Hello son4mom you have a message from sexymomma.”

“Is my sexy young son awake?”

The site is set up with discretion as a priority and the other user never saw another’s e-mail unless they wanted to give it, but all messages could be passed through the site and I eagerly clicked the link and chose the IM option so we could chat and replied, “I had a dream about my hot mother then woke and thought about you fucking me in the shower.”

“Oh, what a dirty boy you are. But that’s okay, because your slutty mom is lying in bed naked, playing with her pussy and thinking of her son’s big dick.”

“Was I fucking you or were you sucking me?” I typed, and then sat back, caressing my aching cock while waiting for her reply.

“Both. I thought about you straddling my face and fucking your mother’s hot mouth, then sliding down and slipping that beautiful cock into my pussy. Are you hard for mommy, baby?”

“I’m always hard for my mommy.” Real and online, I added to myself, “I’m stroking my cock right now and wishing it is your mouth, not my hand”

“Oh yes, my son’s hard cock in my soft wet mouth. I would lay over you in a sixty nine and you could spread my cheeks and tongue your mother’s ass while she sucked your cock for you.”

“Then I would slip my finger in my mom’s tight little asshole and tongue her hot pussy.”

“Take you deep, down to your balls and make you whimper, make you beg to cum in your mommy’s mouth.”

“Please mom. Oh, please make me cum, please.”

“Do you deserve it? Have you been a good boy?”

“I’ll be. I’ll do anything my mom asks me to do. Please mom? Please let your son cum in your mouth.”

“I don’t know, what’s my rule?”

I smiled and typed, “Mom always cums first.”

“That’s right, but I think I’ll give you a treat this morning and let you cum first. I take my son deep in my hot mouth. He whimpers for me when my lips reach the base of his shaft and my tongue slides out to lick his balls.”

“Oh, mom that feels so good.” I responded.

“I cup his balls in my hand, moaning at how swollen they are. They’re full of cum, cum that’s going to be in his mother’s mouth very soon. I bob my head, slowly at first, savoring every inch of my son’s long hard cock and moaning at the taste of his pre cum dripping down my throat.”

I stroked my cock as I read her words, my mind filled with the image of my own mother laying across me, her pussy in my face while she sucked my cock.

“Honey, are you stroking your cock?”

“Yes, mom, is that okay?”

“It will be, but let mom show you something first.”

“What about sucking my cock?”

“Aw, my little boy is impatient? Does he need to cum so bad?”

“I need to cum for my mom. She loves when I cum for her, especially in her mouth.”

“True, but I think I like it in my pussy better. Nothing sexier than a son filling his mother’s pussy with cum. How about this, you want me to finish sucking you off? I’ll, but you don’t get your gift.”

“What’s it?”

“LOL you have to wait to cum.”

“Okay, may I have my gift?” I asked, wondering what direction this is going to go in.

My eyes widened when a file appeared in the message box. She’s sending me a picture.

“Open that up and tell me what you think. I figured my loving son was such a good boy he should get a little peek at his mother.”

My fingers trembled with excitement as I saved the file as ‘Judy’ to my desktop, then bringing down the browser so all that showed is our small text box. I clicked open the doc and whispered, “Oh, goddamn.”

The picture is a selfie taken in a mirror and showed Judy’s ass in a pair of tight purple boy shorts. They had ridden up high and her well rounded ass cheeks were exposed. I reached out and touched the picture, my finger tracing the sweet curve of her ass while imagining being on my knees behind it, pulling the shorts to the side, spreading her cheeks and licking her asshole then her pussy.

Speaking of her pussy, she’s bent over enough in the pic to get a look at the thin strip of purple material between her legs. I could make out the slight bulge of her pussy and could just picture a nice set of full, succulent lips. I licked my lips at the thought of being a son lucky enough to get a chance to lick his mother’s beautiful pussy and taste her forbidden juices.

“Are you there, honey? Do you like mommy’s ass?”

“It’s fucking perfect.” I typed excitedly, “My mom has the finest ass I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, baby? You like it? Even though it’s not as skinny as some of the little girls my son has fucked?”

“It’s amazing, I want to spread those cheeks and lick it and suck on it.”

“You want more than your tongue in mommy’s ass, don’t you? You want to put your finger in there and then maybe even your hard cock? Baby, would you want to fuck your mom in the ass?”

“I want to fuck my mom anywhere she’ll let me.”

“Tell me. Look at that picture and tell me how you’d fuck me.”

“Mom has to cum first so I start sucking your clit faster and harder, while you” I stopped typing when her next message popped up.

“Make your mother cum when we talk tonight. I just took that picture and I’m wearing those shorts right now, tell me how you’d fuck me.”

I laughed and staring at her sweet ass on my screen typed.

“I would come up behind you and push you over the bed.”

“Oh, getting rough with mommy. I like it.”

“I’d give your cheeks a couple of hard slaps, after all my mom’s being bad wearing that slutty outfit in front of her son.”

“Oh, honey, you’re so good at this,” she replied, “Hmmm turn mommy’s ass nice and red, make her pay for all the times she spanked her son.”

“I slap your ass so hard I can see my finger marks on your skin and grabbing your shorts I yank them to the side and tell you to spread your cheeks open for me.”

“You want to see mommy’s pussy open for you?”

“I want mommy’s ass open for me.” I typed boldly.

“Yes. Fuck your mother’s ass, make me squeal for you.”

“I shove my cock into my mom’s dripping pussy, getting it wet and making her beg for more. I’m fucking you as hard as I can, pulling on the shorts and slapping your ass with my other hand.”

“Oh yes. Keep going baby, I have a toy on my clit and I’m going to cum for you while you tell me about fucking my ass.”

“I slide my cock out and slap it on your red ass, making you whimper for it. I press the tip against your asshole and you beg me not to.”

“Oh, honey, please don’t. Please don’t hurt mommy with that big cock. Please Oh.”

Just imagining her squealing had my cock begging for release, but I couldn’t type one handed and it would have to wait.

“I wiggle the tip in there and then slam it all the way in.”

“Oh fuck. Oh, it hurts. Oh, honey, please.”

I hold it there, feeling your ass stretch around it. You’re moaning and squirming and I spank you for it. Then I start fucking you hard and fast, pounding my mom’s tight asshole.”

“It’s so big. It hurts so badly. Oh, but it feels good too. The way you’re just taking me. The way you’re making her your little slut. You’re owning your mom.”

“I keep fucking you, harder and faster, you’re squealing and begging me to stop. You try to move, but I grab your hair in both hands and pull on it, holding you still while I fuck you.”

“Oh, god yes. Oh, tear into that ass. A good mom would let her son have her ass. A bad mommy would say no, but I’m your good mommy.”

“My slut mommy. Only a slut would let her son fuck her ass. I’m pulling it all the way out, then driving it balls deep into you.”

“Oh god, Ray. I’m going to cum for real. Tell me how you’re going to cum.”

“I fuck you so hard the bed’s moving and whipping my cock out, I squeeze it and yank you by your hair off the bed and onto your knees. I pull your head back and grab your chin so your mouth stays open and I spray my cum right into your mouth.”

“Yes, yes. In my mouth, cum in mommy’s mouth.”

“After the first spurt goes in her mouth, I’ll shoot it in her slutty face, her cheeks her chin. It drips down onto her tits and then I shove my dripping cock in her mouth and make my mother taste her ass.”

There’s no reply for a minute and I jerked my cock, staring at the picture while thinking of what I had just typed. I had no idea where all that came from, it’s not like I ever read dirty stories or did any writing, but it just seemed to flow.

“Oh Ray, honey, I just came so hard, please jerk off for me right now, please cum looking at my picture.”

“Yes, mom.”

I sat back and grabbed the small bottle of hand lotion from the desk and squirting some onto my cock stroked it. I envisioned the lotion as being the inside of my mother’s pussy as I focused on the plump lips barely covered by that purple strip.

I’m so worked up it didn’t take thirty seconds before I moaned and a huge spurt of cum erupted from my cock. It landed on my stomach and as I continued to pump it, cum flowed over the head of my cock and down to my balls and thighs.

What a waste, it would be so much better all over my mom, but also pretty damn good all over Judy’s sweet ass, man, I had to meet this woman.

I grabbed some tissues and wiping my hand off typed, “I came a lot for you, mom.”

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