Naughty Annie

By M. Hunt

Chapter 1

“Fuck, Annie, please let me touch you! My balls are hurting so much I can’t believe it.”

Annie moved her hips back from Jacob’s eager hands. She had dated him half the summer, but he would never come on like this before. Maybe the pressure of school starting up was getting to him. Maybe she was getting to him.

“No, Jacob, don’t do that—”

What Jacob was doing was sucking on her earlobe. Putting his tongue inside the delicate pink whorls and breathing heavily. Annie just wasn’t used to dealing with someone so eager to fuck. She glanced through the open window of Jacob’s car and saw her porch light blink. Her parents were probably going to be pissed, even though she’d come home on time. They didn’t like her being in a parked car with a male for over ten minutes. Jacob had been trying to get his fingers inside her panties for at least fifteen.

“I gotta go, Jacob. My mom’s waiting for me.”

“Just touch it for me,” Jacob groaned, panting harder than ever.

“Touch what?”

“You know, my cock.”

“No!” Anna jerked her short dress down and grabbed her purse. “I really enjoyed the movie, Jacob, but I have to get inside.”

“Just touch it real quick. Please!” Jacob gave her a sad, helpless look.

Anna sucked in a long breath and turned her eyes up. “Okay, but I don’t have much time.”

She couldn’t see much in the dark shadows of the car, but she heard Jacob unzip his jeans. At least her folks weren’t blinking the porch light anymore. It was on though, and the reflected glow let her see the slender, white shaft jutting up from Jacob’s crotch. He took her hand and guided her fingers down.

“I have long daydreams about you doing this, Annie,” he panted. “Your fingers are so white and thin, and I imagine them around my cock.”

“No wonder you’re acting like this. It’s not good to think about that kind of stuff all the time.”

“You drive me crazy!” Jacob sighed, pulling her hand down until she touched him.

Annie felt the hardness, the heat, and the silky texture of his cock. A funny little tremor went through her. Like nothing, she’d ever experienced.

“Okay, I touched you. Now I gotta go.”

“Grab me. Circle your fingers around me. Come on, Annie, come on! My balls are about to explode!”

“They hurt?”

“Goddamn, right they hurt. I have blue balls over you. All that cum gets trapped in there and can’t get out, and it starts hurting. A guy can get real sick when that happens.”

Anna gave a short little laugh. “You’re shitting me!”

“I’m not either.” Jacob shut his eyes. “Yeah, squeeze it like that! Yeah, squeeze it and then let go. Yeah, Annie, that’s helping a lot. Do it faster, would you? Maybe you could kinda move your hand up and down a little.”

“Look, I touched you. Now I’ve got to get inside before—”

“Keep doing that Annie.” Jacob’s fingers tightened around her wrist so she couldn’t pull her hand away. “Ohhhh, Fuck, don’t stop now!”

Annie was uncomfortable with what she was doing but intrigued too. She knew that some girls did this kind of thing for boys all the time. The teen wasn’t sure why she hadn’t ever done it. Maybe because her folks were a little uptight about sex or maybe because she thought it was wrong. Maybe because she was a little afraid of the fluttery feeling, she was feeling right now. The hot, hard shaft her fingers circled was pulsing, and for the first time, she took a closer look.

Dark as the car was, she could still see the shape of Jacob’s cock-tip. It was like a mushroom with a long, thick stem. Her fingers were working the skin of that stem up and down, and, when her forefinger brushed against the dark, swollen head, Jacob groaned and grasped her thigh.

“Oh, Annie, you don’t know how I needed this!”

“Is that enough?”

“You— you can’t stop now!” Jacob whimpered, clutching Annie’s wrist again.

Anna looked toward her house, then back at him. “How much longer?”

“Not much.” Jacob swallowed hard. “Do it faster, Annie! Yeah, like that!”

Annie pumped her circled fingers up and down, working Jacob’s cock skin until he was shivering and panting. It felt strange to feel the flesh sliding over the bone-like hardness underneath. She knew that when a girl fucked a man, she had to let him put that thing between her legs. There was a hole there for a man’s cock to go into. She’d searched for hers and never found it, but all her friends assured her it was there.

“Okay, that’s enough,” she said, disturbed by the train of her thoughts.

“No. just another minute!”

“You keep saying that.”

“Just another minute, Annie, I’m begging you!”

Anna looked down at the bulging head of Jacob’s cock. It was darker now, and so was his shaft. Her long, thin fingers were white against that darkness, and she felt another indefinable tickle of excitement between her thighs. Her nipples were tender and erect against the silk top she wore. She was breathing faster too. She couldn’t make herself breathe slowly no matter how hard she tried.

“Uhhhhhh!” Jacob groaned, working his hips around on the car seat.

“What’s wrong?” Annie whispered.

“Nothing. Just keep— keep doing what you’re doing.” Jacob jerked a handkerchief from his pocket and pushed it into her.

“What’s this for?”

Jacob gave Annie’s a funny look. His eyes glazed and his mouth slackened. When he tried to say something, the words all ran together. Annie held the handkerchief in her left hand as she pumped Jacob’s shaft with her right. He was starting to flop around and act weird. Like he was having a convulsion or something.

“Jacob, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Nhhuuuhhhh!” he groaned, his ass pumping wildly. Anna looked down to see the first milky droplet of cum forming at the head of Jacob’s cock. The droplet grew steadily until it was too heavy to perch there; it oozed down his cock-tip and over her knuckles. Her first instinct was to wipe the strange fluid away. She’d read about semen before, but somehow she’d always thought it was some mysterious stuff that no one really ever saw. The stuff had to go deep inside a woman’s body where it helped make a baby. She’d never thought she’d have some on her hand.

“Don’t stop, Annie! If you do, I’ll die!”

Jacob wasn’t her most favorite human being on the planet, but she didn’t want him to die. She kept pumping her fingers up and down and watched another droplet form. This one oozed down, and Annie felt the heat. She smelled the stuff too, an odd, sharp aroma that frightened her.

“Ahhhhh!” Jacob sighed as a jet of white cum leaped into the air.

The slick strings of cum fell across Anna’s arm, but before she could wipe them off with Jacob’s handkerchief, another surge of cream boiled out. The steamy, smelly stuff was everywhere. As Anna wiped some from her wrist, another spurt drenched her fingers. She tried to stop jacking Jacob’s cock, but he had clutched her wrist so she couldn’t get away. Annie kept doing what he wanted. She kept milking the hot, slick cum from his cock. The semen had leaked down his shaft now, and, as her fingers slid up and down, they made a slick, wet sound. His cock-tip glistened with a cummy sheen now, and still, the hot slime was bubbling out.

“Oh, Jesus!” Annie gasped, mopping at the mess with the handkerchief.

“Ohhhhhh, Annie, you’re doing me real good!”

“I’m not doing anything. You made me do this. You’d better not tell anyone, damn it.” She jerked her hand free and wiped frantically at the strings of cum between her fingers. “If my dad smells this stuff on me—”

Jacob sat slumped behind the wheel, his eyes half-lidded. His cocks covered with cum, and some of it had soaked into a fold of his jeans.

Anna stared at him impatiently. “You’re a mess. I hope you’re satisfied.”

“Yeah,” Jacob sighed. “I am.”

“Well, I’m going in. Aren’t you even going to walk me to the door?”

“You gotta be kidding!”

Annie set her mouth and swiped at the droplets of cum on her dress. Jacob watched as she held the hem of her dress up.

“You got the best legs in the whole damn high school, you know that?”

“They’re too skinny. You’re just saying that to make me forget I’m mad.”

“I’m not either, Anna. When I daydream of you, I always think of your long, white legs kicked up in the air. I can cum just thinking of them.”

“I’m going in. Thanks for the movie.” She tossed his damp handkerchief into his lap.

“I’ll text you tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow I’ll be studying. If I don’t start doing better, I’m not going to make a B in that class, and my dad will freak. He says I can’t get into Yale without better grades than I’ve been pulling down.”

“You don’t have to go to Yale.”

“Tell my dad that. He says it’s the best school in the country.” Annie opened the car door and swung her legs out.

“Thanks, Annie. For helping me out.”

Anna had started up the walk, but turned and put her hands on her hips. “Maybe you can help me out. Know anyone who’s a real fireball with math?”

“Why don’t you ask some of those geniuses that take the class with you?”

Annie laughed. “Every last one of them is a competitive asshole. They’d just love to see me blow it and miss my ticket to Yale.”

Jacob zipped his jeans and stuffed his shirt into them. “My uncle over at Jonestown teaches math, but I don’t think he’s into tutoring.”

“He teaches college math?”

“Yeah.” Jacob slid behind the wheel and started the car. “But he probably doesn’t have time.”

“You could give me his number and let me find out,” Annie said, tugging at her long blonde braid. “Or would that be too much trouble?”

Jacob shrugged. “Okay, I’ll look up his number and give it to you tomorrow at school.”

Annie stepped away from the car. “Hope you enjoyed yourself tonight, Jacob, and I hope you’ve got the good sense not to breathe a word of what I did to anybody. Not anybody, you hear me, Jacob?”

“I hear you, Annie.” Jacob gunned his engine and peeled away from the curb. As soon as Annie had let herself in the front door, her mother came out of the living room and headed her off at the stain.

“What have you been doing in that car, young lady?”


“About sex, I’ll bet.”

“Yeah. Jacob wanted to know about the birds and the bees, but since I don’t know anything about them either, we just sat there and looked at each other.”

“Don’t get smart with me, Anna. I’m only looking out for your welfare.”

“Nothing happened. I’m still a virgin.” Anna tossed her braid. “Aren’t you?”

“I should slap your face for that.” Anna’s mother clenched her fists then dropped her hands to her sides. “But I won’t.”

“I’ve got to go study.”

“Your father has been thinking of getting you a tutor.”

“Fine with me.” Anna turned up the stairs. She dreaded having to start in on math when she’d much rather put on some music and her earphones. On the other hand, have a long, serious talk with her best friend, Maria. Maria lived next door, and when things got tough for either of them, they always hung out together. Anna closed her door, locked it, and then plucked a tape from her collection. With rock and roll turned low so her folks wouldn’t hear, she went to her window. Across the yard and fence, she could see Maria’s light on, her bedroom curtains pulled back.

Anna went to her top dresser drawer and got out the powerful flashlight she kept there. Aiming at Maria’s window, she gave it a few flashes and waited. It took two more tries to get her chubby friend’s attention. Anna giggled as she saw Maria waving, her big tits bobbing with excitement. Maria used her own flashlight to signal that she’d be over soon.

Anna sat down to wait, imagining Maria leaving her own house, and crawling through the hole in the fence only they knew about. Already she could hear Maria’s footsteps across the carport roof, then a louder bump as she jumped to the house. Anna opened her bedroom window just as Maria was about to tap on the glass.

“How was your date with Jacob?” Maria asked, swinging into the room and putting down her small backpack.

Annie shrugged. “Nothing special. What you got in there?”

Maria wrinkled her short nose and showed a maniacal smile. “A fucking six-pack of malt liquor. How does that grab your cunt?”

“Let me have one. My mom has been giving me the usual shit.”

When both of them had popped a can, Maria brushed brown curls out of her eyes and lifted an eyebrow at Anna.

“What do you keep rubbing your fingers for? Something sticky on them?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. Jacob.” Anna shuddered. “Jacob did something awful!”

Maria shifted her plump bottom on the bed. “Let me guess. He came all over the place.”

“With your help.”

“He wanted to touch him,” Anna blurted. “I didn’t know all that stuff would spurt out.”

“I told you about all that,” Maria said, impatience in her voice.

“Yeah, but I thought it went inside.” Annie patted her belly. “You know.”

“So, did he like it?” Maria scooted closer.

“Of course he liked it.”

“Did you like it?”

“I’m not sure. It made me feel kinda weird.” Annie drained her can of malt liquor and popped the top of another.

“Surely Jacob must’ve gotten his hands in your pants if you were doing all that other stuff for him.”

“You know I get scared to death when a boy tries to touch my cunt or my tits.” Anna let out a nervous breath. “I don’t know what it is, but guys make me feel creepy when they get too close.”

Maria tossed her first empty into the wastebasket and pulled another can loose. “You’re seriously repressed. My dad’s a psychologist, and he knows all about that stuff. If you keep holding all that excitement in and don’t let it out, you’ll get sick.” Maria gave Anna a serious look. “Maybe even die.”


“I’m not joking.” Maria put her beer down, and then took Anna’s from her hand. “Let me give you a little test to see just how bad off you are.”

“Oh Maria,” Anna protested, “we tried this once before, remember? And I told you I don’t like to kiss you or any other girl.”

“Trouble is you don’t like to kiss anybody. You’ve got to loosen up.” Maria had turned the light down and slipped an arm around Anna’s shoulder. “Now just relax. Don’t fight it.”


“Shhh. You’re just supposed to enjoy. Remember, you’re in no danger. I’m not some guy trying to stick his cock into you. I’m your best friend.”

Anna took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Maria’s hands began to slide over her body. Her friend’s touching was gentle and pleasurable, but when her plump fingers caressed one of her nipples, she tried to twist away. Turning her face, she ran into Maria’s plush mouth. The sudden stab of Maria’s tongue melted something hard and cold inside Anna. She sighed and let her friend kiss her mouth deeply. Then hungrily, she kissed Maria back, her own tongue stabbing between the plump girl’s lips.

“Ohhhhh, you make me feel so weird,” Anna gasped.

“You’re beautiful, Annie,” Maria sighed. “I love to touch your legs. They’re so long.”

“And skinny.”

“No, they’re perfect. I wish my legs were half as good.” Maria ran her hand between Annie’s thighs and stroked a finger across the hot, taut silk of her crotch. As she continued to pet Anna there, the pale blue satin darkened with the fuck-juices her body was pouring out. Her pussy throbbed and tingled. She realized she’d never felt quite so excited in her whole life, and she liked it!

“You’d better stop.”

“Aren’t you enjoying yourself?”

Annie sighed. “Yes, a little too much.”

“Good.” Maria stroked harder, pressing the silky gussets deeper between Annie’s plump cunt-lips. Annie began to thrust her hips. Her small tits stretched against the thin top she wore, and she could see the turgid bumps of her nipples.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned as a tremor of excitement shook her willowy body. “Ohhhhhhh shit, that feels wonderful!”

“Let’s take this off,” Maria whispered, peeling Annie’s top up over her arms. Anna let her do it, too weak with pleasure to resist now. It felt nice to have her tits bouncing free on her chest. Maria cupped one and pressed her mouth against the dark pink flesh surrounding the nipple. Anna tried weakly to push her away, but Maria sucked her nipple between her teeth and fanned her tender tit-flesh with her tongue. Annie fell back on the bed. She felt Maria strip her panties down and toss them aside. She felt Maria’s mouth against her belly.

“Haven’t you proven your p-p-point?”

Annie panted.

“I’m only just beginning,” Maria whispered back. “Spread your legs!”


“Maybe this will help convince you!” Maria licked her way down to where the fine blonde hairs of Annie’s cunt began, and then licked further. Anna felt her cunt-slit part for the hot push of her best friend’s tongue. A moment later, her body shuddered with pleasure. Panicked by excitement she’d never known, Anna pushed frantically at Maria’s head, and then gave up as her friend’s tongue washed across her clit again.

“Oh fuck, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

Maria looked at Anna as she licked fresh cunt-juice from her lips. “Because it feels good, you mean?”

Without meaning to, Annie tilted her hips and pushed her dripping pussy up toward Maria’s mouth again. Maria giggled.

“I thought you’d want more, once you felt how good it is!”

“Ohhhhh. I don’t know what I want!”

Maria rubbed her open mouth deep into Annie’s cunt-slit then, and Annie knew exactly what she wanted. Her long fingers trembled as she wound them deep into Maria’s curly brown hair and pulled her against her throbbing, hot pussy.


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