Dinky & Pinky (Gay SPH)

By Max Swan (Horrorotica)

Dinky & Pinky Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • As a civil rebellion tears the city apart, two men hide in a burnt out warehouse to escape the violence. Then two riot cops enter the building to search it.
  • GW Enterprises
The rioting is into its fourth night, and this night Caleb and Justin take shelter in a near burned out warehouse as riot vans charge down the street breaking up the crowds and looters. The pair moves to the third floor, as it seems to have survived most of the burning, just mainly cigarette damage, but good enough for them to hide out until the morning and curfew ends. The military coup has created havoc in their country, and it’s now a matter of survival of the fittest or the luckiest.

Police and soldiers are killing anyone on the streets after curfew, especially those looting or damaging property. The primary target is blacks, and as Caleb and Justin fit this description, they decide it’s better to hide and live than to die for a plasma TV.

The street lamps outside gives plenty of light for them to have a good rummage around for any food or clean water. The rooms on the third floor are mostly offices as busted computers and papers are scattered all over. Justin takes one of the swivel chairs and put his feet up, Caleb did the same on the desk opposite. Rummaging through the desk draws Caleb finds a Playboy magazine.

“Hey, dog, look at this,” Caleb said holding the magazine up.

Justin laughs. “Shit, man, since when do you like pussy?”

Caleb shrugs. “I’m not a full on fag like you, dog,” he said with a smirk. “I do fuck women sometimes.”

Justin rolls his eyes. “Yeah, that’s why you’re sucking my cock nearly every day.”

“Well, you keep shoving it down my throat, what can I do?”

Justin points to the magazine, and says, “You think some cracka worked here and would sneak off to jerk-off his baby dick to that?”

“Fuck, dog, you’re such a size queen.”

“What? No way! I just find most crackas have small dicks, ain’t my problem,” Justin said looking away.

“And Asian’s,” Caleb said and smiles.


“Asian’s have little wangs too, dog, it’s a medical fact.”

Justin guffaws. “Who’s the motherfucking size queen now?”

“Eh? At least I admit it,” Caleb said with a grin.

“Have you ever seen a black guy with a small dick?” Justin asks in a small voice.

“Johnny ‘Joker’ Reece, remember him?”

Justin nods and smiles. “Yeah, he ruled the schoolyard back in the day, a fat motherfucker. Built like a fucking tank.”

“And hung like a honky,” Caleb said and laughs.

“No. How the fuck do you know?”

“I gave him a blowjob once,” Caleb said thrusting out his chest. “The mofo was no bigger than Bic lighter, dog.”

“I didn’t know Joker was a fag, he always had bitches hanging off him at school,” Justin said leaning forward and shaking his head.

“All men are fags in the right circumstances.”

“Yeah, so what did Joker say about your huge fucking cock?” Justin asks with a leer. “You musta make him feel like he was nothin’.”

Caleb shrugs. “Like all baby dicks, he worshipped my cock as God. Don’t matter what color your skin, a baby dick is a baby dick.”

“Damn, Ty, you broke Joker, the meanest mofo I ever met?”

Caleb nods. “Broke him good ‘n proper.”

“You da man, TY.”

Suddenly, they hear a noise, the sound of something falling and sit up alert and staring at the door to the office.

“What was that?” Caleb whispers.

“I think they’ve got company?” Justin whispers back getting to his feet.

“Cops? Shit, they’ll shoot us if they catch us here.”

“Hide,” Caleb said, and they move behind some tall filing cabinets and wait.

It’s now almost silent, just the distant sounds of sirens and gunshots as the rioting continue across a torn city landscape. The night sky glows a nightmarish red from fires, and toxic cigarette fills the air. Heavy footsteps echo in the warehouse as whoever is downstairs make their way up to the floor Caleb and Justin are hiding. They stand silent as they see two riot clad police officers eventually enter the office. They’re both short for riot police, with helmets on and visors up, they’re moving slowly and deliberately when Caleb makes a run for it.

Caleb didn’t make it far as one of the cops pushes his baton between the black man’s knees and he falls to the floor. The black man is half to his feet when the other Cop hits him hard across the back with a baton and down he goes again. They start to pummel Caleb with blows, and he cries out in pain, squirming on the floor as they hit him.

Justin cannot stand there and let them beat his lover, so he explodes from behind the filing cabinet like a linebacker with ‘roid rage’ and sends the cops flying into a desk and onto the floor.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRG,” he screams as he runs.

One of the cops starts fighting Justin off with his baton, but after a struggle, the angry black man manages to get it off the Cop and beats him with it. First his arms then the helmet as the Cop’s flailing around in a vain attempt to protect himself, then Justin starts to hit his chest covered with some kind of riot vest.

Caleb gets to his feet and jumps the other Cop before he can get his taser and shoot Justin at point blank range. The Cop struggles with Caleb trying to get free, but the rage in the two black men bubbles over, and they attack the police with a ferocity they didn’t realize existed. After four nights of cops arbitrarily executing their friends and family, the anger in the two men boils over.

They continue to give them a good beating until the two cops curl into the fetal position shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. Caleb is the first to come back to his senses, and grabs Justin and pulls him away from the Cop he’s kicking.

Dinky & Pinky Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • As a civil rebellion tears the city apart, two men hide in a burnt out warehouse to escape the violence. Then two riot cops enter the building to search it.
  • GW Enterprises

“STOP, DOG—STOP,” Caleb shouts.

“Why should I? These motherfuckers killed my brother,” Justin growls, pushing against Caleb to get at the cops.

“No, man, not these idiots,” Caleb said breathing heavily from the exertion. “If they kill these fuckers then they can be sure every Cop in this city will be out to get us.”

“Then I’ll kill them all.”

Caleb pushes Justin back. “Then what will I do without you?” he asks tears in his eyes.

This catches the big black man by surprise and breathing heavily he nods and backs off. Caleb pulls out one cops handcuffs and cuffs the man, Justin follows his example with the other one.

“You’ll go to jail for this,” a Cop said in a low voice.

“Shit, they’ll still kill you,” the other adds.

“Shut the fuck up, if you know what’s good for you,” Justin growls.

Caleb and Justin search the cops. First, they smash the radios, remove their weapons, and empty their pockets, including their ID’s. That’s when they stand to compare notes.

“I have Staff Sergeant Mike Holland,” Justin said, and then shows Caleb a picture of a pretty blonde woman and two little girls from the man’s wallet. “He’s married with two kids and lives on the East side of town at eleven Lincoln Street.”

“Good to know,” Caleb said. “We should pay them a visit if these cops talk.”

“You cunt,” Mike shouts. “Leave my family alone.”

“Like your Cop friend’s left my brother alone?” Justin said with a sneer. “Who you got, Ty?”

“Hmm, I got me a chink Cop, dog,” Caleb said with a grin, “his ID says he’s an Operations Controller. Names Don Lee and has a nice wife and little boy. Don lives on the south side, Apartment sixteen, seventy-two Franklin Road.”

“A staff sergeant, and an Operations Controller, eh,” Justin said scratching his chin, “Look like the cops are scraping the barrel, calling their paper pushers out of the office and onto the streets.”

“The riots not going to good for you pigs,” Caleb said grinning.

“Troops will be here by the morning to help us get control of the streets again, and then you’ll get your asses handed to you,” Mike shouts glaring at the two black men.

“What do you intend to do now, as you’ll never get away with this,” Don said. “We might be paper pushers, as you say, but we’re still police, and you’re breaking the law.”

Caleb didn’t even blink an eye as he brings the baton down hard between Don’s legs.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHHH—MOTHERFUCKER,” Don screams as he rolls trying to shield his sore groin.

Caleb doesn’t stop; he pushes the baton under Don’s chin and across his throat choking the Cop. “Fucking PIG, we should just do you both here and now, and put an end to your miserable lives.”

With that, Caleb gives Don a whack to the helmet and stands.

“STOP, you’ll never get away with this,” Mike Shouts squirming in his handcuffs, “Our colleagues will soon come looking for us.”

Justin gives Mike a hard kick to the chest knocking the wind out of the man. The Cop rolls sprawling, gasping for air.

“Shut the fuck up, PIG. You won’t survive the night with an attitude like that.”

Justin kicks him again, this time to the visor of Mike’s helmet snapping his head backward.

Then Justin sits on a desk tapping his hand with the baton testing the weight, it’s heavy, that’s when he remembers the conversation the black men were having before the cops spoiled everything.

“Hey, Ty, remember what we were saying before these two motherfuckers arrived?” Justin asks his friend with a leer.


“About cracka’s and chinks having baby dicks,” Justin said with a wink.

“Shit, dog, after I just hit the chink fucker in the balls, he probably has none,” Caleb said and laughs.

“I think we should find out, for science, if these two cops are hung like men, or like toddlers.”

Mike’s lip is curling; his eyebrows lower and pinch together. “Don’t you dare touch us,” Mike growls. “You’re in this bad enough as it is, don’t make it worse.”

The black men stare at each other, and eventually, Justin nods.

“We’ll make a deal with you,” Caleb said turning to the two cops on the floor.

“What?” Don asks sharply, glaring at Caleb.

“You both strip naked, and show us your dicks,” Caleb said with a leer, “and if your cocks are average or bigger, we’ll let you go.”

Mikes face flushes, and Don looks away. Mike said, “That’s disgusting, what are two, fags or something.”

The black men glance at each other with a knowing smile. “Well, Mike, as a matter of fact, we are, and proud of it,” Justin said. “Are you a fucking homophobe or something, cos if you are, I’m gonna kill you and be done with it.”

Caleb nods. “We can forgive you for being Pigs, but homophobes are the lowest scum, worse than racists even.”

“We’re not homophobes,” Don shouts. “My brother is Gay, and I don’t hold it against him, but what you’re asking is sexual assault.”

“That’s our terms,” Justin said. “What happens tonight depends on your dick size.” Mike’s cheeks burn, and he stares blankly at his captors. Justin notices the man’s reaction, and said, “I guess if you refuse to cooperate we just kill you and be done with it.”

Don sighs loudly. “All right, all right, but you’ll have to take these cuffs off so we can take this riot gear off,” he said.

“No, it’s not right, Don,” Mike said harshly to the other Cop.

Don turned to him and said, “It’s either this or they’ll kill us,” he said. “They have nothing to lose now, and that makes them dangerous.”

Mike sighs and nods.

“You’re damn right, motherfucker,” Caleb said with a sneer. “This is your only chance to get home to your pussy.”

They take off the handcuffs and step back hitting the batons in their hands threateningly as the two cops struggle to their feet, using each other to get up. Every muscle aches from the beating Justin and Caleb gave them, moments ago. Slowly, the cops pull off their Kevlar armor and drop it to the floor until they’re in their regular black uniform.

“I bet Mike’s is bigger than the chinks,” Caleb said with a wink.

“You have this thing about chinks and their dicks,” Justin said rolling his eyes.

“It’s a medical fact, I told ya.”

“Since when are you a fucking Doctor,” Justin asks, and laughs.

“I saw it online, it’s true.”

The cops take their shirts and singlet off, bruises already showing on their bodies. The Kevlar armor did protect them to a point, but not completely.

“Mmmm. Mike’s quite buff,” Caleb said with a leer.

Justin has a wide grin, his eyes sparkle. “Over compensating?”

“We’ll soon see,” Caleb said with a nod.

“You two are disgusting,” Mike said coldly as he undoes his belt


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Dinky & Pinky Max Swan (Horrorotica)

  • As a civil rebellion tears the city apart, two men hide in a burnt out warehouse to escape the violence. Then two riot cops enter the building to search it.
  • GW Enterprises