Confessions of a Snow-Dropper

By Max Swan © 2013

I don’t know what you call it where you live but in my country someone who steals women’s underwear off a clothes line is call a snow-dropper. I have no idea why it is called snow-dropping but a little research shows it to be an old British slang word for a linen thief that originated around 1810.

My story began when I was a teen boy in the early 1980’s when I discovered my mothers and sisters panties in the laundry waiting to be washed. I don’t know how I made the sexual connection but as a hormone raging teenager I soon found they became regular parts of my masturbatory experiences. I loved smelling them, licking them, and the feel of them on my teen cock. I would jerk off into them and then leave them in the dirty laundry pile waiting for their next wash. Sometimes I’d even wear them around for a while.

Given our laundry was outside I had complete privacy with them and would hear anyone coming so I was never busted. This was where I first developed a taste for women’s panties.

I also lived in a small town in a time where people were less security conscious. Not exactly keeping the doors unlocked but there was access to places that enabled someone with a developing kink like mine to get in and out with ease. Although I don’t think I ever made the conscious decision to begin to steal panties it kind of begun as an act of impulse.

I was walking home from high school which was a long walk because in my town it was built a few kilometres out-of-town. Something I always thought a bit dumb. So if I missed the bus I had to walk because no one in my family would come pick me up. I used to cut down back lanes as short cuts and one day as I walked down a lane I happened to look into a yard and the clothes line was loaded.

I noticed the panties hanging on them and before I knew what I was doing I was in the yard stuffing them into my pockets. The moment was a blur, almost like I had no control over myself. The adrenaline rush was amazing and my body trembled and I was short of breath as I took my prizes. I walked off to a public toilet block and inside a cubicle I examined my ill-gotten gains.

They were cotton panties with floral patterns from memory. I smelt them but as they were clean all they smelt off was laundry detergent. I rubbed them on my cock and they felt so good. Imagining the pussies that had inhabited them soiling them with their piss and stink, as I stroked my cock in them. Wishing I had the soiled ones instead to play with.

I would stroke off until I shot a big load of cum inside a pair while I had one over my head the gusset at my nose, the backside in my mouth. As a sixteen year old it was pure orgasmic bliss. I was hooked and so began my ride as the towns snow-dropper.

I was a sporty guy and had some success which meant I wasn’t unknown to the towns people. Even if they didn’t know me personally they knew me by site. If I was caught I had something to lose, my reputation. This just added to the thrill of stealing them.

The First Time I Got Caught

It had to happen eventually. The town was abuzz with rumours of a snow-dropper on the prowl and I took pride in knowing it was me. But the risk of going into people’s yards in broad daylight was phenomenally high and I was a naïve lad to think I’d get away with it forever.

There I was stuffing these nice panties into my school bag when I heard this angry female voice behind me say, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I turned seeing Mrs Keegan standing there a pretty woman in her thirties with a couple of kids at primary school. I froze as she was standing between me and the back gate. If I was to run I’d have to get passed her but she grabbed me by the ear and frog marched me inside her house.

She sat me down in a chair and then rifled through my bag retrieving the panties I had stolen. I had hit another place before hers and she looked at those muttering in disgust, “Their not ours.” She then held up a pair that belonged to her eight year old daughter saying, “That’s gross who’d a thought you were such a creep.”

“I’m sorry Mrs Keegan I didn’t really take them because of that…”

“Then why do you take them?” she demanded.

I shrugged saying, “It’s exciting somehow.”

“What do you do with them?” she was looking down her nose at me. I blushed and she raised her hand saying, “Don’t answer, I’m know you jerk off with them you creepy boy!” She sat down and looked me up and down, “You’re the last person I’d have thought would do something like this. Your picture is in the paper every other week for your sports stuff. Do you realise what will happen if people find out that you are the snow-dropper?”

“Yes Mrs Keegan,” I said head bowed low.

“No I don’t think you do. This will destroy your reputation for the rest of your life. Even long after you grow out of this… er… phase, you’ll always be remembered as a snow-dropper,” she said in a kindly voice as she started to feel sorry for me. She placed her hand on my knee saying, “A fit young man like you should be trying to get into these pants not stealing them.”

“Oh I do get into them as well. Sometimes I wear them to school,” I said naïvely and she just rolled her eyes at me like I was a hopeless case.

“Alright show me what you do with them,” she suddenly asked in a whisper.

I was stunned and then she stood and reached under her dress and pulled her own panties down that she was wearing and handed them to me. “Here do it with these.” she said.

I held the pink cotton panties in my hand and the allure was so strong that I immediately put the gusset to my nose smelling the fresh aroma of her womanhood. My cock went hard immediately and Mrs Keegan, looking at the tent in my pants, reached over and started to undo them. She asked me to stand and as I did my pants and boxers hit the floor. She stared mouth open at my eight inch circumcised cock while I smelt and licked her panties with glee. I put the gusset into my mouth and sucked all the pissy tasting juices from them as fast as I could.

Then to my utter surprise Mrs Keegan began sucking on my cock. I had never experienced this before and I stood there stunned watching her mouth glide up and down my shaft. I could feel her tongue licking my nob as she sucked and rubbed her lips up and down my cock shaft. It was fucking incredible and all the time I had her dirty panties glued to my face.

Looking down I seen she had her hand under her dress and was playing with herself as she sucked me off. Then as any horny young man would do I blew the biggest fucking load I have ever done into her mouth. It spilled out and ran down her chin and she gulped it down like it was nectar from the gods.

She sat back and wiped her face with a pair of panties I had stolen from her line and sighed, “That was bad I shouldn’t have done that. Pull your pants up.” As I did she said, “Tommy, look I’ll keep it a secret about you being the snow-dropper but you can never tell anyone about what we just did. OK?”

I knew the score, “Sure.”

“Lastly I want you to promise you’ll never take knickers from my line again.”

“OK,” I replied picking up my school bag. “Thanks for being so… nice about it Mrs Keegan,” and with that I smiled at her and left.

She watched me leave with a glum look on her face but I was good to my word and never stole from her again.

I had learnt a valuable lesson.

It hit me that I had been very lucky I had not been caught snow-dropping so blatantly in the middle of the day prior to what happened with Mrs Keegan. If I kept this up it would only be a matter of time before another angry housewife caught me and the next time might not work out as well as it did with Mrs Keegan. There were plenty of bible bashers in my town and if one of those caught me I’d be straight to the cops for sure.

So I had to move my activities to night time. I was nervous for a while after my encounter with Mrs Keegan and got rid of all my stolen panties and laid low for a bit. However I caught a break after my brother moved out to join the Army. He slept in a converted garage separate from the house and my mother asked me if I wanted to move into it. I said yes immediately. Now I could sneak out at night with nobody in the house being aware I was gone. Perfect.

My first night out was successful and around 2AM I hit the spots that had known produced good results before. It seems the housewives had taken to hanging them out at night too in a bid to thwart me. However their plan had now backfired thanks to events giving me this opportunity.

I approached a favourite place I had as they had three teen daughters who were hot. So I enjoyed jerking off in their panties that once held their pussy and asses. I grabbed some fresh booty of the clothes line and stuffed them into my back pack when I noticed a light on up the side of the house. Curious I quietly made my way to the window to find the blind wasn’t all the way closed. At the bottom there was a three-inch gap which allowed me to peek inside.

It was the bedroom of the parents of the teens I was talking about Joe and Anna Patterson both in their forties and both naked as the day as they were born. Then another man walked in I knew as Gary Anderson who lived next door. he was a fifty something guy who was known as a bit of a grouch. He was naked too. Both men had dicks a bit smaller than mine to be honest but Anna began sucking on both anyway.

This was wild.

Mr Anderson grabbed Anna by the back of the head and forced her to deep throat him, he held her tight for several seconds and then let go. She gagged and coughed but didn’t let that fucking cock slip out of her mouth for even a second. I pulled my own hard cock out and began jerking off into some soft cotton panties I knew belonged to her daughter. “What a slut!” I moaned.

She switched cocks again back to her husbands, jacking them both off in each hand while she wrapped her shiny red lips around the head of her husbands cock. Mr Anderson continued to pull her hair and slap her tits.

She was loving it, sucking harder and faster on her husbands hard cock. She switched again and this time Mr Anderson grabbed her and started fucking her throat hard. Anna was drooling and moaning as she bounced up and down excitedly on her knees. Mr Paterson was reaching under and finger her wet pussy for a moment then pulling his slick fingers out and tasting her. Then those fingers dove back in again while she sucked Mr Anderson’s thick cock.

Her head bobbed back and forth between the two men as if she couldn’t decide which one she loved the most. I thought my heart would explode out of my chest. My cock certainly exploded into the panties I was jerking off into, but I kept watching.

She snapped her head back and gasped for breath before she went at it again, with even more aggression this time. Her body undulating as she spat on those cocks, jacking them off and lapping at the pre-cum dripping from the heads.

While Mr Anderson held her and fucked her pretty little mouth, she stroked her husband with both hands. Anna Paterson stopped for a second to catch her breath and before I knew it, Mr Anderson had her bent over the bed shoving his cock in her arse. Her husband immediately jumped in front of her ramming his cock into her mouth to stop her moaning too loudly.

Their daughters slept nearby after all. I was still jerking off into the panties I had stolen as I watched these three people go at it.

She took the cock out of her mouth and turned back to look at Mr Anderson. She moaned quietly, “Ohhhh fuck yes! Oh Gary that feels so fuckin’ good!” but she never stopped jacking off her husband.

Mr Paterson shoved his dick down her mouth as she turned to face him again and she took it like a slut. Her sweaty, stringy hair was covering her spit-soaked face and as she sucked she planted both hands firmly on the bed and arched her back, accepting that cock deep in her ass as far as it could go. Mr Anderson’s balls were now slapping her pussy as he fucked her.

I heard Mr Patterson mumble something and Mr Anderson nodded and pulled out of her arse. Her anus gaped I nearly spewed another load into her daughters panties. Mr Anderson lay down beside her on the bed on his back and Anna Paterson immediately hopped on top of him reverse cowboy style sliding his cock back up her arse.
Then her husband got up and positioned himself on top of her while Mr Anderson gripped her around the waist. Mr Paterson slid his cock slowly into her shaved pussy, filling her completely. Mr Anderson paused while her husband did his thing. The look on Mrs Patterson’s face was a mixture of pain and ecstasy mixed together.

Then they started fucking her.

Mr Patterson reached down and balled something up and started shoving it in her mouth as a gag. I realised it was a pair of her panties and I came hard again into the panties I was jerking off into. Both cocks slid in and out of her sometimes simultaneously, sometimes one at time. As one cock exited a hole the other rammed her hard up another. Mrs Patterson was sweating all over now, her body quivering and shaking as orgasm after orgasm rippled through her.

She was going off and occasionally I seen her husband grab her around the mouth to muffle her screams of pleasure. I really had to wonder how their sexy daughters could sleep through all this. They fucked her mercilessly like this for about thirty minutes when I seen Mr Patterson’s head abruptly fall back and with clenched eyes he came inside her cunt.

Then not long after Mr Anderson sped up his thrusts and then closed his own eyes as he filler her arse with his seed. She rolled off him and lay between him and her husband taking both dicks in her hands and gently massaging them as they went soft. The three of them looked spent.

Mr Patterson leaned over and kissed her on the lips and as he drew back he had her panties in his teeth. I came again as he pulled them out of her mouth.

I stayed watching for about another half hour but it seemed the fun for the night was over as they just lay there smoking a cigarette and talking softly. I decided my night was done and left them to it thinking how lucky I was to witness this event. My town might be small and conservative but kinky shit went on behind closed doors.

The Second Time I got Caught

It was a school day and I had a couple of free periods so I decided to go into town and see what mischief I could get into. I hadn’t stolen panties in the day tome for about a month now and I was still blown away by what I seen at the Patterson home that I found myself walking by there. Then I seen them on the line. The very panties Mr Patterson stuffed into her mouth that night I watched them through the window.

I couldn’t resist I was in the yard and at the clothes line before I could even think about it. Then I heard a growl of anger so fierce that it stopped me dead on the spot. Walking through the clothes and line Mrs Patterson suddenly appeared looking pissed off. I was sunk.

She snatched the panties out of my hand, “Tommy Jones you’re dead meat!”

Her face was red and her cheeks puffed out. I was shaking all over, my knees were knocking. Fuck I was stupid to do this in the daylight. She grabbed my arm roughly and said, “Come with me. The Police will want to talk to you!”

I meekly allowed her to roughly pull me into her house. I was thinking about what Mrs Keegan told me about my reputation being ruined forever. I was on the verge of crying. She sat me down at her kitchen table and said, “What have you got to say for yourself eh?”

Then something clicked inside me and I said, “That’s rich coming from you.”

She looked at me like I was a fool, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

I smiled at her and said like a smart ass, “Does Mrs Anderson know you have threesomes with her husband?”

She slapped my face hard making me yelp. I rubbed my cheek as it burned and she stared down at me shocked.

“You little bastard how do you know that?” she demanded.

“I have my ways,” I said mysteriously. “If you dob me into the cops then I’m dobbing you into Mrs Anderson.”

She crossed her arms hard across her chest sneering at me, “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Just try me. If you want me to keep quiet about it you’ll let me go and…”

“And what you creep?”

“And… I get to raid some dirty panties from the hamper to take with me,” I sounded brave but inside I was as scared as I have ever been.

She looked at me harshly and then let out a loud sigh saying, “Alright, but if I ever catch you round here again I wont call the cops: I’ll get my husband to beat the shit outta you. Is that clear? Now that I know who the snow-dropper is.”

I nodded knowing that I would be around here again for sure and there was nothing she would do to stop me. “My identity is just between me and you. If I ever hear my name mentioned as being the snow-dropper in town gossip I’ll be next door in a flash spilling my guts to Mrs Anderson. Then I can say you just said it was me cos I found out about your kinky sex life.”

“Why would anyone believe you?” she spat.

“Because as your kinky sex tales unravel it will look so bad that people will really think you were lying about me to protect yourself. I know this town.” I said calmly.

“You fucking little shit,” she said.

She took me to the bathroom that had the dirty washing from the morning which was yet to washed. I asked her to wait outside while I looked inside the hamper. Several panties were inside from herself and her daughter. I shoved them all in my pocket. Then I left.

That was what I call a lucky escape.

When I got home I had those dirty panties out and was smelling them with utter joy. I rubbed them on my cock but decided not to soil them with my cum as I wanted to preserve their smell for future wanking. Those teen girls just smelt like heaven in between their legs and I came about three times as I sniffed and jerked off that night.

The Local Doctor has a Secret!

A while later I was out again during a cool night dressed in my black jeans and black jumper. I had become good at keeping myself concealed as I slinked into backyards to look for any stray panties. I had developed a new modus operandi by now seeing that taking all the panties alerted people to my activities. However if I took one here, a couple there, then I thought the owners may not be aware they have even been hit. It was a good plan and as time wore on people were thinking the snow-dropper had stopped and started putting out their washing without fear once again.

One night I found myself in the backyard of the Wilson’s. Mark Wilson was the local Doctor and well respected about town. He had a sexy wife and two daughters in their teens I knew at school. So they had plenty of panties between them and I was a fan. This night like I have seen before a light came on up the side of the house and as I always took that for an invitation so I made my way through the bushes to the window.

I was in luck the blind wasn’t completely closed.

Dr Wilson was standing over the bed of his 17yo daughter Darlene looking down at her naked, glistening body, he paused for a moment taking in her beauty. Then leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. It was not a kiss like one would expect from a father for his daughter. It was urgent, longing, almost frantic as his tongue tasted her mouth. His hands began fondling her well developed breasts and she tried to push him away but he was too strong for her.

I was gobsmacked.

I could see his big cock poking through his robe hard and ready for action. He continued to kiss her mouth hard while a hand squeezed her breast. The other had now found its way down her lean stomach and was fingering her pussy. I could see the black bush of her mound clearly. She writhed on the bed as her own father played her like toy.

I pulled out my own cock and took a pair of Darlenes panties I just took off the line and began jerking off with them. They felt so nice on my cock. Dr Wilson had moved down to sucking her nipples now while playing with her pussy. He bit them, sucked them, pinched those perfect melons for a good while. Then kissing her tummy and navel. Licking her belly button hole and rubbing his nose in her pubic hair. Eventually he was licking her pussy.

I looked back at Darlene who was looking away. I couldn’t tell if she was enjoying it or if she was trying to pretend it wasn’t happening to her. Either way I felt she was not a willing participant in her fathers carnal appetites. That somehow made it even hotter.

Eventually he lifted her ass a little and was totally immersed in her pussy and arse. Her hands were clutching tightly at the sheets on the bed, her eyes closed and her mouth gaping open slightly. Then she bucked for a moment as an orgasm rippled through her in waves of contractions. Her Father was ready and swallowed all the pussy juices that squirted out when she came.

Then he released his grip on her and stood removing his robe to be completely naked in front of her. His cock was as hard as a rock and as big as mine. Pre-cum glistened on the head of it. Darlene looked at the cock with a certain kind of resignation.

Dr Wilson climbed on top of her forcing her legs apart as he positioned his cock against her pussy. Then there was a sudden thrust and she clawed his back, but he was inside her. My eyes bulged out of my head and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then I blew a load into Darlene’s panties in a very strong orgasm that nearly made me see stars.

For the next fifteen or so minutes Dr Wilson pounded his daughter holding his hand over her mouth. He was merciless fucking her like she was a two dollar whore with a sloppy pussy. Soon it was obvious that she was having an orgasm because she was gasping and shivering beneath him, and then he tensed up and pushed forward. A moment later he relaxed on top of her. He rolled off her and lay beside her for a while regathering his strength. Darlene lay there blankly looking up at the ceiling as cum dribbled from her pussy. Then he kissed her on the cheek and said something in her ear and she nodded.

He got up and put his robe on and left the room. Darlene lay there for a few minutes while tears rolled down her cheeks. Then she got up and put her nightie on and hoped in bed turning out the lights.

I ducked down immediately the light went out and continued to jerk off until I came again in her panties. Then I slowly climbed out through the bushes so I wouldn’t make any abnormal noises, and headed home grinning from another satisfying encounter. This town never ceases to amaze me.

When will you tell your parents about us?

I don’t normally go out on weekend nights as people are up later or can be out and come home and catch you. However sometimes when you’re bored and horny you decide that maybe you’ll go and just have a look and see what’s out there. This was one of the lies you tell yourself when deep down you know full well your going to offend. So I headed out about 3AM hoping most people will be asleep this Saturday night.

I was heading down a lane when I spied some clothes on the line of the Brown house. The Brown’s had four kids with the oldest nearly twenty and now down in the city studying at University. To my surprise I seen some knickers hanging on the line. I was surprised because once word got around about a snow-dropper being active in the town, the Browns stopped putting panties on their clothes line. Oh the guys jocks and boxers went up for sure, but never any panties. However tonight my luck had changed.

I quietly walked into their yard on high alert looking around. A dog barked down the road making my heart skip a beat but it was not barking at me so I collected myself and kept going. I made it to the line and flashed my pen torch on the panties and picked a couple of pairs and shoved them in my pocket. I was just about to leave when I heard a window open and I froze.

No lights came on so I knew no one in the house was aware of their prowler. So once again I quietly made my way to where the window was at the back of the house. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the window rising up to peer inside. Inside were two girls both around 19. They both had black long hair, brown eyes and well tanned bodies. One of them was Lena Brown the girl who was studying down in the city. The other girl I did not know but as she looked the same age she must have been a friend.

I seen why they opened the window as they were smoking a spliff. The smell wafted out to me and I struggled to not giggle. Then I heard the strange girl say, “So when will you tell your parents about us?”

There was a hint of accusation in her voice. Lena sighed as if repeating herself for the umpteenth time, “Tomorrow I promise. Will you give it a rest?”

The strange girl smiled, “Sorry I guess I’m worried you’ll chicken out. It’s a big move coming out of the closet. I’ll stop nagging you.”

“Please do. It’s bad enough with you putting pressure on me as well,” Lena said then taking a drag on the spliff.

The stranger had smallish sized breasts that looked perky. Lena on the other hand had a large set of boobs that look like they would need a D cup to contain them. I wondered if the washing outside was in fact from these two young women and it occurred to me it probably was. Now that was a score.

The stranger grinned and patted her thigh. “Come here and sit down.”

Lena got up and sat down on her lap wrapping her arms around her and gave her a long erotic kiss with lots of tongue on both sides, slipping her hand
under the strangers sweatshirt. She sighed and rested her head on Lena’s shoulder while she rubbed her belly. Lena’s hand moved higher and she chuckled when she discovered her lover wasn’t wearing a bra. “Not in a bra again Kim? I’m shocked.” Lena said mockingly.

Kim poked her tongue out at Lena and then said, “My tits are too small to worry about such things. Not like your huge udders.”

I was again in a state of excitement and a one of the panties I just pilfered was being rubbed on my now exposed cock. This was going to be fun, I hoped.

Kim closed her eyes while Lena fondled her tits. After a moment or two she said, “Get up and take your clothes off and check to make sure the door is locked first. I’d hate your mother to walk in and see what I’m going to do to you.”

“Promises, promises,” Lena cooed as she walked to the door and locked it from the inside. It had a bolt on it. Lena then turned to face her girlfriend and began to undress slowly, enjoying the way Kim looked at her. When she was finished she sat down on her lap again. This time straddling her so she was facing her.

They kissed and Kim fondled Lena’s big breasts, squeezing them gently, teasing her hard pointy nipples, and stroking her back and buttocks. When she was totally aroused Kim stood up with Lena still attached to her and walked her over to the double bed. I was surprised at just how strong Kim was but Lena wasn’t exactly a big girl, apart from her tits.

Kim set her down and now it was Lena’s turn to watch her undress. She had a great body. A strong athletic body with wide shoulders, small perky breasts, good hips, long beautiful legs, and an ass to die for. I blew my first my load right there into the silky panties wrapped around my eight inch cock.

Kim stretched out beside Lena and they kissed and fondled each other for a long time. Then she slipped her hand between Lena’s legs and began to masturbate her. It was fantastic! The way she worked Lena’s clit with her fingers was more art than brute force like I had seen with other couples. She somehow managed to slide fingers inside her and work that clit until Lena was moaning and writhing on the bed in pure pleasure. It was like watching a conductor in front of a fine orchestra. Bringing up the highs and pulling back when it was needed.

When Lena reached her first orgasm Kim held her close in a tender embrace as she moaned and shuddered in orgasmic bliss, and when it was over she started again. And again. And again. After four strong orgasms in succession Lena was limp, sweaty, and exhausted.

Lena continued to kiss Kim after she came for the fourth time and got herself up and positioned herself so she could eat Kim out. Kim was into it straight away and her soft moans just reverberated through me making me cum again in the panties I was jerking off into to. I really hoped they were Kim’s. Something about her was so hot.

Lena brought her to the edge and held her there until she was sobbing in frustration. Then she pushed a finger into her anus and triggered the most intense orgasm I’d ever seen in another human. Kim squirted in Lena’s face and the greedy bitch licked it all up too. Afterward, Kim started to cry. Lena looked up at her and asked what was wrong. She sighed and blushed for a moment saying, “Nothing. It was just so damn good. Nobody has ever made me cum like you do. I love you, Lena.”

Lena moved up so they were face to face saying, “I love you too, Kimmy” and they started to kiss deeply.

Lena moved again this time getting down and sitting at the opposite end of the bed. Kim rolled her eyes, “Oh you don’t do you? It’s so clique.”

“You know how much I love it so come on assume the position,” Lena gently chided.

Kim moved and they kinda crab walked towards each other until their pussies touched. I was in raptures as I had heard about this in a dirty joke, but never thought in my life I’d actually see it for real.

They began to slowly grind against each other, Kim playing with Lena’s tits, while Lena reached up to suck Kim’s hard little nipples. After about five minutes of the grinding against each other Kim came harder than before. But they didn’t stop. It was amazing. Slowly and gently they continued to rock against each other silently, in ecstasy. Their pussy lips were so slick and juicy that they slid over each other like they were kissing with their mouths. Rubbing both clit’s together like two lustful animals.

I heard Lena cum and seen how she shuddered against Kim as more juice squirted out of her pussy. Knowing Lena’s parents were asleep in their room just metres away added to the illicitness of two best friends secretly fucking. “Ssh baby, ssh,” one would say as her lover came again.

They shifted positions around a little just to find out if there was any possible way to make it feel any better than it already did. Lena lay between her legs, they both laid on their backs with their pussies stuck together, and they even tried doing it on all fours. However it ended up with Lena pretty much just kneeling between Kim’s thighs rubbing her beautiful totally shaved and smooth pussy on hers.

I shot another load into the panties I had stolen watching this acrobatic display of lesbian love. I often cum today from just the memory of that sight alone when I jerk off. Lena with her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip a little as Kim held her, their tits bouncing as they scissored moaning quietly so they didn’t wake anyone. I have no idea how long they were riding each other for, only that I came about six or seven times that night watching them.

By the time they eventually slowed down to a complete stop, they were exhausted and fell asleep entangled in each others arms. I looked up and the first light of the day was peeking out over the horizon and I got out of there and headed home. I was exhausted too. I don’t know how Lena went with telling the family of her love for Kim. I hope it went well for them because they way they made love showed just how much they cared for each other.

If only the family could see that, they’d never have any doubt about how right it was.

I couldn’t believe my luck I got to watch such an amazing thing and score a few panties for keepsakes. Being a snow-dropper is fraught with danger and I don’t recommend the life to anyone. The truth is I eventually did get caught and was arrested by the police. I had to face up to what I was doing and get help. I had to face the disgrace that Mrs Keegan warned me about.

Funnily enough the cops never did prosecute me. They gave me a stern warning and let me go. Maybe it was because of what I had seen the Sergeant do one night that was, shall we say, less than exemplary for an officer of the law. However, that’s another story altogether.


The End.


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