Club Mandingo

By Max Swan

Eric and Nicole Hansen are getting ready to meet some friends at a local BBQ restaurant in the Deep South. The Harvey’s are neighbors back in LA, and running into them in Alabama was something of a surprise. For the Hansen’s are on vacation, and despite Eric’s attempts to fob their neighbors off, it seems the Harvey’s couldn’t be deterred. As usual, seeing Nicole running around naked gets Eric hard. She’s only small at five feet, so is Eric, who’s five feet four, yet they go to the gym regularly and she’s in great shape. Her lithe body always turns Eric on when she moves around, especially naked. Her pert tits bouncing or her tiny ass wiggling does it for him every time.

This time, like most times, he cannot resist, so he gets behind her as she’s looking in her wardrobe and wraps his arms around her. Then moving her blonde hair out of the way, he nuzzles into her neck, tasting her soft, fresh skin and making her laugh as he teases her ear with his tongue. Not letting her go, Eric spins his wife around and pushes her onto the bed. He groans excitedly as he takes one of her hard large nipples into his mouth and rolls the tender rubbery teat around with his tongue. Eric’s rewarded with a low moan as he trails his kisses lower.

The coarse hair of her trimmed pubes rubs against his chin as he pushes open her slit and slides his tongue over her clit and thrust against her tight cunt hole.

Nicole starts to giggle. “Hey, we’re supposed to meet Laura and John in an hour,” she said, lifting her head of the bed and staring at Eric with raised eyebrows.

She vainly pushes at his head, yet he soon gets past her passive resistance and put the thought out of her head as he attacks her clit with his tongue. Her knees come up as she squirms, while the warm, sweet taste of her pussy juices fills his mouth. As always when Nicole cums, she gets mildly tender around her clit and he always pushes the limits and gently licks at her love button while she tries to push his head away from between her legs.

“Stop it, God, I can’t take anymore,” she moans pushing on his head.

Smiling and wiping his chin, he pulls her up so she’s face to face with his cock. This moment is always a little embarrassing for Eric as he’s a member of The Small Dick Club. On a good day, like today, he manages a hard four inches and as thick as his thumb. Yet he stands proudly, with the little foreskin dangling off the swollen end just inches from her face. Her big blue eyes glance up at Eric and she slaps his small cock making Eric jump.

“Get your dickie outta my face, mister,” she said with a smirk. “Now get on the bed and I’ll ride it.”

Eric gets on the bed and she rolls a condom down his little rocket, and to make sure it stays in place she snaps the latex over his balls too. In one swift motion, her hot, tight, juicy cunt is on his cock and she’s rolling her ass around.

“Oh God, I can nearly feel you tonight, Eric,” she said. “I love having your dick inside me.”

He’s never sure if she’s taking the piss or if she means it, however, within moments she cums, gasping and moaning as she squeezes her tits with her head tilted back. Her cunt grips his cock tightly, and it sends Eric over so he shoots his load with a grunt. After his orgasm fades, he opens his eyes to see her smiling face staring down at him.

“Look who’s a horny boy tonight,” she teases.

Eric wants to go again, yet their cab is due at any time now and they have just wasted fifteen minutes fooling around. He watches her quickly jump into the shower and wash again. He feels a lucky man with such a hot wife as he watches her slide her soapy hands over her slim yet curvy body. Eric dumps the used condom into the bin and washes his cock in the sink.

Soon they’re dressed and gazing out the front window of their motel for the taxi to arrive. Nicole wears her black short cocktail dress with no stockings this time, her slim legs appear enticing as he follows the soft curve of her legs from her heels to her pert ass hidden beneath the hem of her dress.

She bends over the windowsill cupping her face in her hands with a cute smile lighting her face as she squeezes her ample cleavage to tease Eric. He can’t help himself and slides a hand over her back to trace her curves. A slight feeling of disappointment takes him as he’s about to lift her dress and squeeze her ass because the taxi arrives and sounds its horn. Fuck, he thought. What about my horn?


At the restaurant Laura and John, neighbors who live a few houses down from Eric and Nicole are the bores Eric had suspected. John, a man in his late forties is stiff with blue-collar talk and future expansions to his business. Eric is a psychiatrist, so he doesn’t care about business plans. Then there’s Laura with her large fake boobs and peroxide blonde hair starts telling them Amway. Fuck, somebody kill me, Eric thought and glancing at his wife he knows she’s thinking the same.

Suddenly, Nicole reaches for something on the table and knocks John’s beer into his lap.

“Oh, shit,” John said loudly pushing himself back in the chair while rubbing at his groin.

The beer had soaked John through, and Nicole grabs her napkin and starts trying to dry him, rubbing it over his groin.

Laura then half-jokingly quips, “Great, John, now you’ll have to take-off your clothes.”

Nicole purrs playfully at this insolent comment, especially when he starts doing just that in the restaurant. The women laugh as John acts as if he’s going to take his pants off. Eric can’t see what’s happening as he’s sitting on the opposite side of the table. Unknown to him, John manages to undo his pants and pull them down enough to flash his big white cock at Nicole’s staring eyes.

“STOP, you stupid fuck,” Laura suddenly said with an insolent grin. “You’re gonna get us arrested.”

John grins and scoots forward to hide his exposed cock beneath the table, however, he doesn’t put it away. Nicole shakes her head and chuckles because it’s the first time all night she’s enjoyed herself.

“I didn’t know John had such a wild streak,” Nicole said, slipping her hand under-the-table into John’s lap to feel the impressive phallus.

“Oh yeah, he’s a real party animal at heart,” Laura said rolling her eyes. “He’s quite a handful, don’t you think?.”

The women laugh knowingly as his cock grows in Nicole’s stroking hand, and John’s grin grows wider.

“Oh, Laura,” Eric said, “wouldn’t you be embarrassed if strangers see his—well, you know—in the restaurant.”

Her eyes practically shine. “Oh no, honey. John has nothing to be ashamed of ‘down there’,” she said with a wink. “Believe me, sweetie, he’s so proud of it, he’d walk around naked if the law allowed.”

John grunts. “C’mon, honey, I wouldn’t go that far,” he said shaking his head.

Nicole’s mouth grows tight as she sits so her body shields the fact she’s giving John a handjob while Eric is oblivious of the fact. “Really?” she asks wide-eyed.

Laura answers as if a giddy schoolgirl talking about something naughty with her friends on a sleepover. “Oh yeah, honey,” she said, leaning across the table and speaking in a harsh whisper. Her movement also distracts Eric from seeing Nicole and John’s intimate moment. “He knows how to use it too. But I think you have a grip on the truth of it, right?”

A hungry, sexy look crosses Nicole’s face. “I can barely get a grip on it,” she said softly and chuckles. “Eric would never let anyone see him naked, aside from me, for the opposite reason, though.”

The women laugh heartily, and Eric blushes every shade of red. There’s a visible sweat line on his forehead, and he grimaces feeling lightheaded at the sound of the women laughing. Add to this the smugness coming from John, Eric feels his stomach drop. By Laura pointing out her husband wouldn’t be embarrassed to be naked in public because he has a big cock, Nicole just shamed him by implying he would be embarrassed because of his small cock. John suddenly lurches forward and grunts as his cock cums under the table. Nicole’s hand suddenly appears and she starts licking her fingers.

“The food here is tasty,” she said to Laura. “I love the sauce.”

Her hand disappears for a moment, then returns to her mouth for more sucking and licking of her fingers.

“There’s more where that came from if you want?” Laura said.

“I look forward to it,” Nicole said with a wink.

For the rest of the evening, Eric feels uncomfortable, thinking his wife has ousted him to their neighbors about his small penis size. He just can’t seem to concentrate on anything. The conversation is echoing around him, and he feels isolated from it. He hears them laughing and thinks it’s about him, his thoughts are muddled, and he thinks: This can’t be happening.

Eventually, Nicole takes his hand and asks, “Are you OK, darling?”

He clears his throat and feels his cheeks burn. “I’m not feeling well,” he said. “Do you mind if we leave?”

“Oh, Eric, what’s the matter,” Laura said, putting her hand to his forehead mothering him. “You’re burning up, poor baby.”

“I’m sorry to cut the night short,” Eric said standing. He puts down a hundred-dollar bill on the table. “This should cover our half the bill.”

“Sure, we’ll catch up back in LA,” John said, also standing, the wet patch on his pants highlighting his huge bulge.

The men shake hands and the women kiss. Laura and John don’t seem to mind and wish them a good night as the Hansen’s make for the taxi stand down the street.


When they’re in a cab Nicole starts laughing and orders the driver to take them to a nightclub.

“Thanks for saving me from those two,” she said and kisses Eric on the cheek. “What a boring couple they are.”

“I could see the signs,” Eric said lying, knowing she was too. “So you wanna party, eh?”

“We’re on vacation, aren’t we? I wanna dance.”

However, finding a good nightclub turns out to be difficult as there are long queues everywhere the taxi takes them, and slowly they get closer to the city limits. Nicole insists she wants to dance, and she’s hot when she does, so you’ll never hear Eric complain.

Eventually, they arrive at a place called ‘Club Mandingo’, and it only has a short queue, so after paying a small fortune for the taxi, they joined it at the back. They soon get in and the place is packed with sweaty dancing bodies. Nicole finds a spot on the corner of the dance floor and Eric heads to the bar for the drinks. The drinks take an age to get, as it’s so crowded and he’s short. So to get served, he has to shout and wave his arms. He orders three doubles for them to save coming back, then squeezes through the crowd toward Nicole who’s doing her thing to the thumping techno music.

When he gets a clear view of her through the dancing people he gasps and his body stiffens. Eric doesn’t consider himself the jealous type, yet something troubles him as he sees Nicole dancing with a huge black man who’s swinging his dreadlocks. Nicole has always been the type to dance with anyone, and given any chance she loves to show off her moves. The dance floor is crowded, so they’re dancing close. When she sees her husband watching, she gives him an insolent smile as the black man’s hands slide over her body in time with the thumping music.

After a few more tunes, she makes her way to Eric and the big guy follows her. The black man is at least six feet four, so he towers over Nicole and Eric.

She takes her drink and shouts in his ear, “This is Jayden.”

Eric’s hands are holding their drinks, so he nods his head to the big black man who then nods back with a huge, gleaming, blue grin. His teeth are blue due to the ultraviolet light of the club. After downing her drink in one, Nicole grabs Jayden and pulls him back onto the dance floor. Eric won’t say he’s jealous, yet sometimes he wishes he can dance too. Eric has two left feet for dancing. This Jayden guy has all the moves as he gyrates and bumps against Nicole and she grinds her back into his crotch.

Then, without warning, the DJ announces, “Ladies and G-men in da house—Clear the dance floor—It’s Busta Time!”

What seems hundreds of people on the dance floor suddenly move toward Eric as they clear the floor for a dance group to do their thing. The crowd pushes him back and he’s barely able to keep his drinks from spilling. He loses sight of Nicole in the push of sweaty bodies and is forced to go where they take him. Eventually, he’s free to find Nicole. She’s close to where he saw her.

Only this time, Jayden is leaning over her as if a huge bear, wrapping his arms around her tight. They’re locked in a deep kiss. As Eric stares bug-eyed at his wife kissing another man, Jayden’s hand moves her back to cup her ass, then he then lifts her off the floor to kiss her even deeper. To his surprise, Nicole is responding to his kiss, even as Jayden’s hand lifts her skirt and pushes into her panties to grope her.

The black man then lightly puts her down and she gives him a peck on the cheek saying something he can’t hear. Jayden points to Eric, and Nicole waves as they move through people toward him. She gives Eric a huge kiss, and he can smell and taste his cologne on her as she pushes her tongue into his mouth. She’s a hot kisser, so he soon forgives her drunken behavior with Jayden, she’s always a flirt with other men yet has never cheated on him.

When the dance group finishes their set, Nicole and Jayden disappeared on the dance floor again, hidden from sight by people. Eric finds some stools near a wall and gradually drinks all the alcohols he had been carrying. All he can do now is wait for the night to end, then they go back to the motel.

When the nightclub announced its closing time at three am, they head out with the crowd to the taxi stand only to find there are too many people and too few taxicabs. So they walk toward a bus stop several blocks away.

“I’m hungry,” Nicole said, grabbing Eric’s arm. “Let’s go have a slice of pizza.”

“OK, sounds good to me,” Eric said, and they enter a small restaurant open late for the club crowd.

As they sit to eat their pizza, Jayden and a friend enter. To Eric’s surprise, Nicole goes to Jayden quickly and gives him a big hug.

“Hi, Jay, thanks for the dance. You were amazing,” she said with a wide grin and blushing cheeks.

Jayden enveloped her in a hug, he’s so big compared to her. Jayden’s friend, Kevin is even taller and it makes Eric feel shaky. Kevin is a nice guy, though, who works as a mechanic and is an aspiring rap singer. Aren’t they all, Eric thought with a smirk? Kevin even breaks into some raps to entertain Eric as he waits for his order. Eric and the others around laugh with some of his lyrics and quick quips.

Glancing around the crowded restaurant, Eric frowns and asks, “Where’s Nicole?”

“Oh, don’t worry about her, dawg,” Kevin said cheerfully. “Jay’s lookin’ out for her.”

Eric is worried, though, as they don’t know these people at all. Standing on the curb, Eric scans the area and when he sees her he gasps loudly. At the corner of a building is Jayden and he has Nicole off the ground against the wall with her arms and legs wrapped around him. They’re locked tight in a kiss as he grinds himself against her lewdly.

“Hey,” Eric shouts at them, feeling his chest fill with heat.

Seeing Eric, Jayden winks and slowly puts her on the ground. Nicole fixes her dress yet doesn’t seem at all embarrassed by her actions. “I got us a lift, darling,” she said and smiles

Nicole points to this shiny Buick parked on the curb near her and Jayden then dives into the backseat with the two black men. The front door opens and Eric’s waved in by this giant black man crammed into the driver’s seat. Not be a spoilsport, Eric jumps into the Buick, although his heart is racing and his stomach is churning with fear.

Eric passes Nicole her pizza slice and tucks into his as he directs the driver back to their motel. The driver turns out to be Tyler, Kevin’s older brother who owns the garage. Tyler is a big guy, possibly the biggest man Eric’s ever seen. He reminds Eric of Michael Clarke Duncan, who played ‘John Coffey’ in the movie ‘The Green Mile’. He tells Eric how he used to play college football at Alabama State, yet a knee injury spoiled his prospects. He invested what he had earned in sponsorship into his business.

Tyler seems an outgoing, sensible guy, yet maybe a little nervous simultaneously as he often slaps Eric’s leg to emphasize a point. Which the short white man has to admit with those huge hands, it starts to hurt after a few times. Then to emphasize a laugh, Tyler would wrap his huge hand around Eric’s thigh and squeeze. His hand almost going all the way around, and the power as he squeezes Eric firmly is painful.

Eric does his best not to show it, knowing it’s only a fraction of the strength Tyler possesses. However, Tyler’s funny, telling Eric about how stupid some of his customers are, and the distracted husband laughs. He feels stupid sometimes, as he knows little about cars. Tyler seems a sweet enough guy, and a lot more entertaining than Laura and John were.

After a while, Eric turns to see how Nicole is faring in the back and he gasps at what he sees. There she is, with one leg over Jay’s knee and the other over Kevin’s showing off her wet cunt. Jay’s huge black hand is on her slim white thighs circling her clit with a finger. She has her small white hand is on his big black cock stroking it. Jay’s cock appears at least eight inches Eric guess’s comparing it to her small hand.

However, to his total dismay, Nicole has her mouth around Kevin’s equally huge black cock. His cock is longer than Jay’s maybe nine inches, yet thinner. Eric watches her lick her tongue around the meaty cock head, then stretch her lips as she engulfs it into her mouth.

“W-What the fuck are you d-doing, honey?” Eric said weakly, staring bug-eyed at the lewd scene.

Jay and Kevin grin at Eric, who’s at a loss what to do. He feels his stomach sink and his cock instantly gets hard watching the depraved action. Nicole has always hated the thought of having a cock in her mouth, he thought whiny. She has never given me head because she says it’s disgusting, now here she is sucking this huge black dick as if there’s no tomorrow.

Eric gasps as he watches her roll Kevin’s big hairy balls in her hand and bounces her head in his lap. After a short while, she gets up smiling, looking at Eric while licking her lips.

“Hey, honey,” she says cheerfully. “Have some fun, I am.”

Then she turns and pushes her ass between the front seats as she bends to stretch her mouth around the head of Jay’s cock. Tyler’s lifts her skirt and his huge dark hand almost eclipses her small white ass as he grips it tightly.

“Wow,” Tyler said to Eric with a nod. “Your bitch has a hot ass, boy.” Eric glances at Tyler to see he’s not watching the road, his wide eyes are fixed on Nicole’s naked ass. “Stick a finger in there, boy, tell me how hot she is,” Tyler said in his deep, masculine voice.

Turning in his seat to get a better view, he catches the intoxicating scent of her cunt and seeing the tight slit glistening wet by the lights of the street lamps has Eric’s mind swimming. What do I do, he wonders? Nicole is always horny and ready for sex, yet this scenario is new and these big black guys suddenly seem so large and looming, making the big car seem much smaller it sends a shiver through Eric’s body.

“What’s the matter, boy?” Tyler asks with a deep frown. “You not like what you see?”

How can I not, Eric thought, as Tyler takes his hand off her ass and pushes it between his legs?

“Your dick likes it.”

Tyler laughs a deep rolling thunder and with a quick snatch he pops the button on Eric’s pants and rips his zipper open. Then, his large hand forces its way to grip the white man’s cock and balls.

“You have a horny little white man dicklette in there, boy.” Tyler then shouts to his crew in the back, “HEEEY—This dude is packing a pea shooter in his pants, Kev. My seven-year-old son is packing more heat than this guy.”

Jay and Kevin laugh. “Yeah, dawg, his wife told us already,” Jay said.

Tyler’s hand is rough and calloused as he grips Eric’s privates hard and squeezes them. Then, with just a thumb and finger, the black driver takes hold of his cock and gives it a few tugs. Maybe Eric’s in shock, he doesn’t know as it’s all happening so fast, however, his cock is as horny as hell and within a few jerks fires its load. Eric grunts loudly, and his body jerks.

“Whoa, you’re a horny fucker for a shrimp dick,” Tyler said, feeling Eric’s small dick suddenly cum on his fingers.

Tyler pulls his hand free and Eric can see his cum dripping off the thick black fingers as the driver wipes it on Nicole’s black dress and bare ass. Eric’s stunned, frozen in shock of what happened, and his eyes are still mesmerized at seeing Nicole’s naked ass inches from his face. Again, he’s gripped by this huge black hand. Tyler spreads Nicole’s ass cheeks with two fingers and with his middle finger, he taps Nicole’s small anal ring.

Eric can see a strand of his cum at the end of the black finger linking it to her small tightly closed sphincter. Nicole’s ass starts to wiggle to Tyler’s tapping, then hooking his fat finger, he slowly pushes it into her ass. Eric watches her ass tensely, then with a deep low moan, she gyrates as he slowly finger fucks her anus. The thought that even Tyler’s finger is thicker and longer than his cock hits Eric hard as he watches Tyler’s finger fuck her tiny sphincter.

Eric’s body collapses in on itself and he bows his head with a deep sigh. Watching a stranger finger fuck his wife’s anus and seeing her respond makes him shiver and whimper. You’re pathetic, he thought with a pain in his chest. Not even bigger than a finger. Any wonder she’s acting like a common street whore with these guys. Look at them, they’re fucking men with real dicks. Not me, though. I have the dick of a small boy. Eric wishes he’d just die right here, to end this lifelong pain.

“Your wife has a tight ass, hot too,” Tyler said, snapping Eric out of his reverie. “You’re a lucky guy.”

Tyler pulls his thick finger free and Eric watches her anus gape for a moment as the black man wipes the soiled digit beneath Eric’s nose. Then a heavy arm wraps around the crestfallen husband’s shoulders and pulls him toward the driver with crushing strength.

“Get my cock out, boy,” Tyler said in his deep, masculine voice.

Eric glances up into Tyler’s grinning face, not knowing what to do or how to react. He’s a huge guy and strong with his arm tightly wrapped around Eric.

“Only right, you should repay the favor,” Tyler said.

His huge, heavy arm crushes Eric even tighter, forcing him to wince. He’s trapped, and the realization of how naive he has been all-night hit Eric now. Somehow, Nicole has been in on this and is by the sounds of it, she’s loving it.

“Your cock is so big compared to my tiny thumb-sized husbands dicklette,” he hears Nicole say. “You don’t know what it’s like to have to put up with that tiny clit for a dick. If he wasn’t good with his mouth, I’d have kicked him out years ago.”

“Fuck, momma, every bitch needs a good fucking,” Jay said. “Eating pussy ain’t no substitute for a big hard cock.”

“You got that right,” Nicole said making Eric groan.

Tyler suddenly grips him tighter almost cracking his ribs. “C’mon, boy, don’t be minding your wife’s business,” he said with a deep frown. “My cock needs release too.”

Eric’s trapped and his guts churn madly as Tyler pulls him even closer. He runs the possibilities of escape through his head and cannot find one that’ll work without him getting hurt. These men are bigger and stronger than him by a long way, they’re also streetwise and his wife is willing to please them. She wants this. Eric feels like a lost child now with nowhere to go and no one to help.

His mind wishes they’d stayed in the restaurant, as even talking about John’s big cock would be better than this. Eric glances out the window at the passing traffic and the rhythmic motion of the street lights as they illuminate the inside of the Buick. The skyscrapers with their blank uncaring bright windows and cold concrete exteriors pass in the background. There’s nowhere to run or hide, a small death washes over Eric making him shiver visibly.

Holding back his tears of defeat, he gives in and reaches for Tyler’s crotch. Every ounce of his soul doesn’t want to do this, yet what can he do? I have no choice, he thought. SHE SET ME UP, he screams in his mind at his foolishness for allowing this to happen.

It’s a struggle to get to Tyler’s zipper, and every time they pass a street light it highlights more of the black man’s cock. Eventually, Eric manages to free it and stares at the monster phallus lying across Tyler’s leg. It’s almost terrifying to stare at this long thick dark monster lying hot in his hand.

“It’s not just for looking at, boy,” Tyler said and grunts.

Eric picks the huge flaccid cock up only to have it fall from his hand as it’s so heavy. He’s never felt another man’s cock, and the weight and girth of this flaccid monster makes his cheeks burn and brings tears to his eyes. So he’s forced to use both hands, this still only just manages to get around his thick girth. The cock feels heavy, warm and spongy as he pulls the foreskin back to reveal the large head with a wide pee slit staring back at Eric. There’s just no comparison looking at this huge black cock and thinking of his tiny dicklette. He has never felt so insignificant, unmanly, or so underendowed in his life. Even the teasing in the showers at college never gave Eric this total feeling of inadequacy. The heady scent of masculinity wafts to Eric and almost makes him heave as he starts stroking the giant cock.

“Oh, that’s nice, boy, you have soft hands,” Tyler said with a nod. “I like soft hands. Your hands feel like women’s hands.”

It’s Tyler’s deep, guttural growl as he said the words that belittle Eric even more. He feels so helpless. His wife said he has a clitty dick, and Tyler says he has hands like a woman. Can Eric feel any less masculine than he does now? No.

“C’mon, boy—FASTER—Get me hard.”

The realization this thing, this giant cock is more than nine inches long in his hands and it isn’t even hard yet is confounding. So gritting his teeth and taking a firm grip, Eric starts to jerk-off Tyler, feeling the huge black cock getting hotter, harder, thicker, and longer in his small woman like hands. It makes his arms ache to jerk off the long shaft, yet when it’s hard and raging at Eric, the cock becomes thick and knobby with veins popping, and a massive fat swollen head on the end leaking precum.

This cock is so big (eleven-inches hard) Eric just works the top five inches rubbing his thumbs on the glands just beneath the slit with his aid of Tyler’s foreskin. Trying his best not to touch the slimy precum.

“Oh yeah, boy, now you got its attention you’d better suck it.”

Eric’s gut lurches at the words, however, Tyler leans his heavy arm on his back, forcing his face closer and closer to his cock. The pale-white man resists with everything he has, and as he tenses, he pushes back using his thighs for leverage. However, it’s no use. Tyler’s too strong and he forces Eric lower. Then the soft head of Tyler’s sticky cock hits his nose. Eric tries to wriggle free, yet a massive hand grabs his neck and crushes it in a tight grip.

“Suck my meat, boy, let me feel your hot mouth.”

The grip on his neck is killing Eric as Tyler digs his fingers in, as if a claw, to grip the struggling white man tighter and tighter until he’s forced to open his mouth. Eric’s top lip feels the heat from the rubbery cock head as it makes contact, and with a silent sob to himself in shameful sorrow, he takes Tyler’s cock into his mouth. The soft warmth and a salty taste fill his senses as he closes his lips around the big cock head. The cock has a smooth, soft feeling as he moves his tongue around, yet it’s too big. Tyler pushes Eric lower, forcing the head to the back of his mouth and the thick hard shaft between his lips, then he let go.

“Mmmm, you have a hot mouth, boy, let me feel you suck it good,” Tyler moans. “I bet you suck like a woman too.”

Eric just hates himself for being so weak, he even gives a little prayer for God to help, yet is interrupted by the loud sounds of pleasure coming from the backseat.

“Oh, shit—Oh fuck—Yeah, bitch—Suck it, suck it good—I’m gonna give it to ya—Fuck, fuck—Ah, fuck yeah—I’m gonna fill your mouth—You fucking white whore.”

The sound of the dark voice in the backseat is almost violent, as he cums.

“Yeah bitch—Oh fuck, yeah—Swallow it—Take it, white bitch—Take all my nigga juice fucking whore.”

Heavy, sloppy sucking sounds are coming from the back as Nicole sucks Jay’s cock as he cums shouting his obscenities at her. She’d never take this before, he thought dejectedly. She’d never allow anyone to say things like this to her. She’d never let anyone do this to her. His poor brain reels as he tries to ignore the sounds from the back and deny to himself his wife is actually doing this.

“C’mon boy, suck it,” Tyler said, squeezing his neck again. “Don’t you worry about the bitch in the back. Just worry about that cock in your mouth. That’s all that’s important now. My big cock in your mouth.”

Tyler’s deep growling voice and painful grip brings Eric back to his situation. So he works faster and pushes the fathead to the back of his mouth and works Tyler’s cock hard in some vain attempt to make him finish quicker.

“Yeah, boy, suck my big nigga dick,” Tyler moans. “Feel what a real dick is like, not that pinkie dick like you got.”

The thought a cock is going to cum in his mouth almost makes Eric vomit, however, he has to contend with the idea it’s going to happen anyway. So taking a grip on his shaft he sucks and jerks his cock faster, letting the head bang against the back of his throat as he fights against his gag reflex. Eric settles in to a fast, steady rhythm as he listens to the sounds from the backseat.

“Deeper bitch, suck it good white whore,” Kevin moans. “Let me feel it go deeper, show me what a slut you are, bitch.”

Eric can hear Nicole coughing and gagging while Kevin’s voice urges her on to suck his big black cock. He remembers Kevin’s cock is longer than Jay’s.

“Deeper, gurrl, all the way,” Kevin shouts. “That’s it—FUCK—What a whore—Take all that black cock.”

There’s another bout of heavy coughing and the sound of Nicole gasping for air.

“Again whore, oh yeah, and keep them lips tight,” Kevin moans. “Oh yeah, that’s good—Now, hold my balls up and lick ’em—Now go lower—LOWER—Lick my asshole, whore.”

Eric’s mind is racing about what they’re doing to her or what she’s willingly doing for them. He tries to see for himself, yet Tyler is too big to see the past, so he attempts to work his cock even faster to make him cum and have it finished.

Then it happens, Tyler starts to moan and his hard-calloused fingers grip Eric’s head as he violently and brutally fucks the white man’s mouth, slamming hard against his throat. His claw-like hand on his neck crushes Eric even harder while filling his mouth with his hard cock as it explodes in hot thick long jets of cum against the back of his throat. Eric can’t hold his gag reflex in check as he coughs and gags while Tyler shoots his load with the deep dread he’s going to drown a black man’s semen. Cum even shoots out Eric’s nostrils as the sheer quantity of semen overwhelms his small mouth.

Then Tyler collapses back into his seat and Eric’s left with this thick, heavy cock in his mouth. Tyler’s cum is leaking from his nostrils and lips, running down Eric’s chin. The abused husband can’t hold it back anymore and tears flood from his eyes as he cries. Eric tries to get up, yet Tyler grabs him again.

“Keep it in your mouth until I’m soft, boy.”

Reluctantly Eric bends and through his blurry, tear filled eyes, he can see the large shiny semen covered cock head and opens his mouth to swallow it. Now he’s just lying there in Tyler’s lap having his head petted as if some dog while listening to his wife and one of the men in the back moaning as she sucks on his cock again. The explosive way he verbally abuses her as he cums rattles Eric. I’m not even man enough to stop this, he thought. How can she like being treated like this? It’s like I’ve never known her.

Eric sobs to himself with Tyler’s cock still in his mouth, trying to think how it has come to this. His mouth pools with saliva and he has to swallow, meaning with each gulp, Tyler’s cum trickles to his stomach. Tyler’s cock is still semihard in his mouth when the car finally stops and Eric tries to gaze at Tyler. The big man pushes his head away and Eric immediately wipes his mouth with his sleeve.


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