Caught By My Neighbour

By Max Swan © 2012

I have this very sexy tallish brunette neighbour named Jane, who has a nice set of tits (probably a D cup), and we’ve been living side by side for about five years now. She is a single-mum with a toddler aged little girl, and is in her mid-twenties. Lucky for me she has to walk past my unit to get her mail, so if I see her I have my pants down in a flash. This is all pretty safe for me, as in the daytime you can’t see through my windows from the outside. So I could flash her without her knowing.

But one day it all changed when I made a mistake and flashed her at twilight one time. The mistake was I had a light on in a room behind where I was and that meant my window had become transparent, instead of one way only. She suddenly stopped, and looked into my window from the driveway. I froze thinking that maybe she only could see my shadow or outline, but to my surprise she turned and walked straight up to my window and put her face against it. She began looking inside straight at me.

Now I know I’m a pervert; but I don’t like directly involving people who live so close to me like this because if she goes to the cops my local reputation will wither and die. I never flash anyone in my home town, preferring to go down to to the big city, or other places to do it. I’m not stupid after all. So this kind of safe flashing is just a little harmless diversion for me. However, there stood Jane looking in my window at my fat body and small cock. So much for safe-flashing.

I stood there not sure what to do, so I did what I normally do – I started jerking off for her. To my amazement she just stood there watching me until I blew a huge load, then she just walked off back to her unit. She never said a word the whole time, just watching me as I did my little thing. It was intense to say the least. After she had gone back to her unit, panic began to settle in. What if she calls the cops, I thought. After I had calmed myself down, I knew that I had a good story if the cops did come calling. Jane was the one peeping in my window, so in effect the crime committed here was by her.

Despite this realisation; I spent a nervous few weeks wondering if the cops would come knocking on my door. Thankfully they didn’t, and for about three weeks I noticed Jane stayed well clear of my window each time she went to collect her mail. As a matter of fact, I got the distinct impression she was purposely ignoring my window as she walked by.


After this I began to notice another change. Jane began walking close to my window again. I don’t know why, but she was definitely trying to look inside. However, like I said in the daytime you can’t see through them. I can’t tell you how thrilling it is to be flashing your cock at someone who is looking straight at you, but they can’t see you. I could never be one of those trench coat flashers scaring little girls, and vulnerable woman. As strange as it sounds, I don’t want my victims to directly see me. I only want them to see me out of the corner of their eye.

When they turn to look, the offending small dick is usually tucked away, and I act innocent as the day I was born. I find this close call, or nearly being caught, is what thrills me the most. Usually the idea of being an overt flasher scares me. Maybe I’m a coward for it, that’s not my call. Although Jane’s behaviour was now telling she wants to see my dick again. So after a while I thought it was better to give her what she wants.

So the next time I noticed her going to her mail box, again she passed near my window and paused for a moment looking at it. It was daytime so she couldn’t see inside. This time I had a plan though, and I ran out to my carport waiting for her to walk past on the trip back to her unit. I was really nervous, because this was out there and I couldn’t call Jane a peeping tom for seeing me jerk off through my window this time. This time she could accuse me of flashing.

As she walked past she stopped, turned and looked at me and my small dick. “I wondered how long it would take you to do it again,” she said calmly, staring at my dick.

I began stroking it for her. “You don’t seem to mind, otherwise I would’ve thought the cops would be here by now.”

“I thought about it, calling the cops that is. You probably deserve it. But then I thought its not like that tiny cock could harm anyone is it?” she shrugged. “Besides how long have you been flashing me behind your window anyway?”

I smiled wickedly at her. “Ever since you moved in, Jane.”

Her eyes bulged a bit. “You’re a dirty old man, aren’t you?”

I shrugged. “Yet here you stand, watching me. Whose really the dirty one?” I teased her.

She smiled. “I just never seen one so – small – not on a grown man anyway. It must get you down, no one would fuck you because of it. So I guess I feel kinda sorry for you,” she said, still watching me jerk off.

“So this is what this is then, an act of pity,” I said.

She didn’t answer, she just kept watching until I blew. I came hard, and cum spurted out of the end of my dick like a firehose. After I had milked the last drop out, she turned without a word, and walked away.

It was about five days later that I happened to be home when I spotted her going for her mail again. I was back out in my car port stroking my cock as she came past. Again she stopped and watched me. This time we said nothing as I stroked until I blew a load, she walked off in silence once it was done. This went on for about three months, whenever our paths crossed (ie I was home during the week day) I would go to my car port, and she would watch me jerk off. Never taking her eyes off my cock, and never looking at me in the eyes until after I had cum. Then she would nod, and walk back to her home.

On one wet and wintry day after our ritual was commenced I decided to ask her a few questions. I stood their jerking my small cock, she was close as she stood inside the car port due to the rain outside.

“Jane, what’s going on here?” I asked her.

She didn’t take her eyes off my cock. “I’m giving you your fix,” she replied.

“My fix? Come on why don’t you stop lying to yourself. I watched you yesterday, you checked your mail five times. So whose getting their fix really?” I said seriously.

She finally took her eyes of my cock and looked at me. “I like it. Is that a bad thing?”

“Nope, but we can like it even better inside can’t we?” I suggested.

She hesitated and thought before answering. “No, I don’t want that. But I want to be able to watch. Can you live with that?”

I shrugged. “I guess so, if that is what you want.”

Since then it has become a ritual that occurs if I’m home when the mail arrives. She still likes to watch me jerk off, and who am I to argue with that.


The End


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