Anal Annie

By Misty Chikan

Anal Annie Misty Chikan

  • Annie likes it up the ass.
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Zane wrapped his arms around the beautiful blonde, Annie. He pressed his lips against hers in a deep, passionate kiss. Annie opened her mouth and let Zane probe with his tongue. She enjoyed letting her tongue slide back and forth on his hot, probing tongue.

Now Annie was curious about his hard cock. She could see from the bulge in his crotch that he had a tremendous hard-on. Reaching down between Zane’s legs, she gently let her hand caress his cock. This got him more excited.

“Unzip me and reach in there,” Zane suggested.

Annie’s hand crept down to his crotch. Unzipping his fly, she reached in until her fingers were playing with his balls. Zane was actually getting excited.

“Ohhh, Annie,” he moans, “You really know how to play with my dick.”

Zane could never remember any woman who was as bold as Annie was on a first date. However, it didn’t bother him. He was enjoying himself. Reaching out he touched her breasts. Cupping his hands under Annie’s firm, round bosoms, he caressed them.

“Kiss them,” Annie begged.

The blond woman bent over. He let his tongue slide along her bosoms. Finally, he mouthed both nipples. It was driving Annie crazy.

“Lick them,” she begged. “Suck them.”

Zane sucked the blonde’s nipples. Annie was so excited now she was almost cumming.

“Yes, Zane, yes,” she begged, “do it for me. I love it. ”

No doubt about it, she was horny for him. This annoyed Zane. His father had told him he had better not get any woman in college pregnant. However, she was driving him crazy as she pulled out his long cock and suddenly began stroking. Annie had removed her blouse so he could see her breasts. Zane liked licking and sucking on her nipples.

“Suck my nipples, Zane,” she moaned.

Her ass twisted around as he went on playing with her. Annie was thrilled now, and she wanted to go down and suck Zane’s cock. She had given a couple of guys head before. Teasingly Annie played with his cock. She gently stroked it up and down, and she fondled all around his rod. Reaching down Annie fingered his balls. As the passion she felt within her body cut loose, she finally told him what she wanted to do.

“Zane I want to suck your big dick. Please, let me do it. ‘

Zane couldn’t control himself any longer.

“Do what you want with my cock,” he told her. “Go ahead. If you want to suck me, do it, baby.”

Bending over she let her tongue slide along his cock. He enjoyed the sensation of her tongue caressing his cock tip.

“Suck it,” he begged. “Suck.”

Annie let her mouth slip up and down his shaft; it thrilled him to have her accept his cock like this.

“That really feels good,” he told her. “Keep sucking, Annie.”

Annie worked her fingers energetically back and forth across his balls. He laid back moaning and squirming as she sucked smoothly.

“That’s how to do it,” he told her. “Suck it, baby.”

Annie gently tickled his balls until she could feel them twitching with agitated pleasure.

“Now you’re doing it,” he told her. “You want to taste me, too. Lick it, baby, I’ll shoot your mouth full of cum.”

Annie could hardly wait for him to ram his cock down her throat.

“Ohhh,” Zane groaned as he jabbed his thick, hard cock down her throat and fucked her face vigorously.

He enjoyed seeing his balls riding her chin.

As she went on sucking his long, hard cock,-Annie could tell Zane’s cock was throbbing with desire. She was eager for that moment when his sperm load would spasm from his cock tip. She sucked on the head of his cock. He loved it. He began jacking his long shaft for her. However, Annie wanted to do everything. Grasping his cock, she pulled up and down. Keeping her mouth focused on the top. Then she pulled her hand away. Her head moved from the tip of his cock to the base.

“Suck it good, Annie,” he moaned as he pumped it to her.

It felt fantastic to have this beautiful teenage woman sucking on his cock. Zane moaned as he rode his stiff meat into her.

“Suck it,” he told her. “Suck it.”

She loved the sensation of his big cock probing the back of her throat. She was eager for the moment when he would fill her with his cum juice. She went on playing with his balls as she continued sucking on his cock. His nuts tightened with pleasure.

“It sure feels good, baby, when you tickle my nuts,” he told her. “I love the way you suck cock.”

Annie was determined to give him the wildest suck action she knew how. He was squirming with erotic delight as he pumped his big cock down her further. She was so stimulated now she could almost taste him.

“Faster, baby,” he told her. “Oh, sweetheart, suck it.”

All at once, his cock exploded. His hot, white cream erupted into Annie’s mouth. She gulped hungrily.

Anal Annie Misty Chikan

  • Annie likes it up the ass.
  • GW Enterprises

“Eat it,” he exclaimed. “Suck every drop of it.”

Thrills of erotic pleasure made her body tingle. She felt her crotch moistening as Zane pumped his hips forward, ramming his huge cock all the way down her throat.

When he had finished unloading, he pulled away.

“You tasted so good,” Annie smiled up at him. “I loved sucking you.”

Bending over he gently pressed his lips to hers, but his long, thick cock indicated that he still had to get his rocks off again.

“What am I gonna do?” he smiled at her. “I’ve still got a hard-on.”

Shrugging, Annie smiled as she glanced toward the back seat of the car.

“Why can’t we do it in the back seat?”

Zane nodded. He wanted to make her scream with pleasure. As Zane saw her getting over the front seat into the back seat, he looked at her curving ass cheeks. It would really be something to stick it up her asshole, he reasoned.

“What do you want to do now, Zane?” she smiled at him.

“I want to stick my big cock up your asshole,” grinned excitedly.

This stimulated and aroused Annie. Nevertheless, she was afraid to let him pump it to her that way.

“Are you sure you can manage?” she demanded.

He nodded.

“That’s the way I want to fuck you,” he assured her. “Why don’t you strip and I will, too. If it’s warm tonight and there’s nobody around here, Annie. ”

The blonde teenage woman took off all of her clothes. Zane undressed, too. As she looked at his naked body and his still-rigid cock, she was eager to give him what he wanted.

She lay on her stomach, letting one leg dangle on the floor of the back of the car.

“Now it’s going to take a little while before I can get it in there,” he told her.

Zane looked at her round ass cheeks with lusty, hot desire, using his own spittle on his cock; he finally parted her ass cheeks. Gently he eased his thick, long cock between her buttocks. Annie felt waves of pleasure as his cock pumped forward. However, when he got it to her tight anal opening, she realized he was going to have some difficulty. However,’ Zane was still determined he was going to get it in her asshole. His balls were tingling with pleasure.

“If s really feeling good,” he told her. ‘I’ll get it in there.”

Annie could feel his throbbing cock moving forward. She wondered how much of this she could take.

“Do it—slow,” she warned him.

Zane’s cock was throbbing harder now. However, he knew he had to slip it in quickly. Otherwise, he was afraid she would pull her ass away.

His enormous dick rammed forward. The ultimate pleasure surged through his body as he sent it shoving up her tight anal channel.

“Fuck it,” he moans as he pumped it up her hot, tight asshole. “Fuck it.”

Zane lost his cool now. He was going wild as his thick cock rammed up her ass without mercy. His big balls tightened as he pumped his hot, pulsating cock into her.

“Ohhh, that feels so good,” he told her as he shoved it up deeper.

At first, the hot blast of pain she felt as his cock plunged past her tight anal ring made her shriek in pain.

“You’re hurting me, Zane,” she complained. “Stop it, damn it!”

Zane paid no attention. Her churning ass cheeks pleased him. The more she twisted and squirmed, the more pleasure he felt as he went on ramming his throbbing cock up her hot, tight asshole.

When he observed she was pushing back to meet his cock stabs, he knew that she was enjoying it.

“Fuck me,” Annie begged. “Fuck it good. I want to feel it.”

Zane rammed in harder, and she could hardly stand it.

“Fuck me,” she moans in sexual pleasure. “I want to feel you shooting in my asshole.”

Zane was ramming it in her, paying no attention to her squirming buttocks. He was just as anxious to get his rocks off in her, as she was to receive his cum load.

“Keep it up,” he told her. “Keep twisting your ass for me. Now you’re doing it. That’s the way I like it. Fuck it.”

With determination and drive, he went on ramming in her. She wondered how much more of this she could take.

“Ohhh,” she moans, “fuck me. Fuck me, Zane.”

The penetrating cock stabs indicated to Annie just how much pleasure Zane was getting from sticking it up her asshole.

“I thought you’d kill me at first,” the woman sighed as she pushed back to meet his driving stabs.

Zane reached down to grip her blonde, bare buttocks. He didn’t care about her pain. He was only preoccupied with his pleasure now. His body was trembling with erotic, passionate frenzy.

Anal Annie Misty Chikan

  • Annie likes it up the ass.
  • GW Enterprises

“Keep fucking me,” he moans as he rutted up her asshole.

It was wonderful the way Annie was cooperating. She had stopped complaining and was twisting in rhythm.

“I’m horny for your butt, baby,” he told her, “I’m gonna cum off in a minute. Fuck it Fuck!”

Annie loved it as Zane shoved it

“Yes,” he told her, “fuck. Ohhh, baby, keep your ass twisting.”

Annie’s blonde buttocks ground around as the big cock went on driving into her.

“Now, baby, now,” he told her excitedly. “Just keep your tail moving. That’s how I like it. Fuck me, screw me.”

She was cooperating every way she knew how. Zane was getting more aroused and excited every moment.

“Ohhh,” he moans as he went on fucking her, “that’s how I like it. Now you’re doing it. Come on, baby, fuck. Fuck it.”

This kind of erotic screw she liked with a man who dared do anything. Zane wasn’t stopping until he got his cock off in her ass. Bending over Zane gripped her breasts. He pinched the nipples excitedly. Instantly he became erect. Annie loved all of the attention she was receiving. Once her ass muscles stretched, she didn’t mind if Zane wanted to slam it up her butt.

“I feel it,” she told him, “Every fucking inch of it. Give it to me.”

As her ass cheeks rolled back and forth, Zane squeezed them. Annie enjoyed having his hands touching her body. She liked it when his hard cock drove deeper. All of a sudden, he was shooting his wad.

“I’m cumming,” he moans. “Fuck it.”

Sure enough, his hot juices surged up her asshole. She twisted around in a dramatic frenzy as he finished sex her butt.

It was smooth sliding now. Zane continued shoving his slippery cock up Annie’s cum-lined asshole. Finally, he pulled his cock from her buttocks and told her to roll over.

As Annie opened her thighs, his hand reached down to play with her pussy. With nimble fingertips, he reached for her clit. She loved the way he played with it.

“Pinch my love button,” she smiled up at him.

As he played with her clit, she rolled back and forth.

“Ohhh, that really excites me,” she moans as she twisted back and forth.

Annie loved what he was doing. His hot tongue penetrated her pussy all the way. Gasping for joy, she reached out and held his head pinned over her crotch.

I’m burning up for you, baby,” she moans as she shoved her muff to his mouth.

He held her ass cheeks as she twisted around. Then he tongue fucked her throbbing pussy.

“Eat it,” she begged him. “Lick it”

Industriously he kept his tongue sweeping inside of her pussy. She loved the erotic arousal it generated.

“Suck me,” she begged passionately. “Suck my box.”

All of a sudden, Annie was juicing in his mouth. With his lips pressed tightly across her crotch, he ate her.

“Ohhh,” Annie groaned in erotic delight, “keep running your tongue in there. You’re driving me ape.”

Zane licked out the inside of the blonde’s pussy, and Annie loved every moment of it. Finally, he pulled his tongue from her pleasure hole.

“You’re wonderful,” she told him. “You sure can eat cunt.”

It was true. Zane was an expert pussy eater. Now his eyes focused on her pussy. He was eager to slip his big cock into her.


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Anal Annie Misty Chikan

  • Annie likes it up the ass.
  • GW Enterprises