An Xmas Tale

By Max Swan ©2011

I’m out shopping for Christmas related crap in a busy mall, and as per usual it’s fucking crowded. People are going about like absolute morons looking for crap to buy their loved ones, and I’m looking for someone to share my own present with. In Australia, Christmas can be very hot as its summer here, so on this warm day all the tasty shoppers are out in their summer clothes.

There’s so much flesh on display that my little dick is as hard as a rock walking around that place (not that anyone ever notices). So I spotted this redheaded MILF wearing a tank top, and she made that fatal mistake, she bent over in front of me giving me a look down her cleavage at her big wobbly breasts as they dangled there for a moment.

So I found myself kind of following her around to see if she does it again, and I got a few more glimpses of her breasts for my trouble. Then she left the mall carrying her parcels, and walked to her car which is parked in a sea of vehicles in the parking lot. I followed her knowing I might just get a chance here to return the favor for the titty flashes. She loaded her car and got into the driver’s side and shut the door, rolling down the window.

This is my chance.

I moved in quickly beside her car and before she knew it my little cock, rock hard and raging, is poking inside her window.

There’s silence as she looks at it, stunned by my brashness. Her eyes at first wide, then a big frown follows.

“Shit, I have a kid who is hung bigger than you, cunt” she said and sneered.

“It’s small, but tasty. Why don’t you try it,” I said, as precum began dripped off the tip.

“Listen, you cunt, get it out of my face or I’ll call the cops,” she said screwing up her pretty nose, however, she never took her eyes off my cock.

“Sure you could do that I guess, but where’s the fun in that?”

“That thing would be no fun at all, because it’s smaller than a six-year-old. I wouldn’t even feel it inside me. You’re a fucking loser just for having that as a cock. I guess the only way you can get off is like this, because no woman would fuck you,” she said nastily, making me even wetter.

I reached over and put my hand down her top, and started fondling her breast. She didn’t stop me which is no surprise, as if she was really upset she would’ve screamed or something by now.

“So why are you letting me play with your titties if you are so turned off?”

“Look, if I do as you say you’ll go away, right? You’re the rapist here,” she looked up at me with cold eyes.

“I’m no rapist, if you want me to stop then just say and I’ll leave right now,” I said, while she stared at my cock.

I waited for a few minutes for her to tell me to fuck off, however she remained silent as I massaged her nipples.

“Good. Now why don’t you do what you’re dying to do, and stop lying to yourself about how upset you should feel. Deep down you dig this, but someone said you shouldn’t, so you feel unsure about what to do. Yet the answer to that question is practically poking your eye out,” I said to her, shoving my cock right into her face.

She leaned over suddenly and swallowed my dick whole, sucking on it and looking up at me. She looked so cute sucking a strange man’s cock just because he shoved it in her face. People are walking around, however, nobody really took any notice of what we’re doing. I guess it just looked as if I’m talking to her. After about five minutes of her luscious mouth sucking my small cock and balls, I let loose an almighty load in her mouth and held her so she swallowed it all.

I pulled out and she’s wiping her mouth as I said, “See, that was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Fun for you,” she said looking at my cock going soft. “Jesus, your dick is disappearing.”

She laughed. Then she reached over and grabbed my cock, and started playing with it and before long it got hard again.

“I have to give you credit for stamina. My husband would be asleep by now, yet your tiny cock is rock hard and ready to go again,” she said admiringly.

“Stroke it, I want to cum on your tits,” I said, and then she started playing with my cock right there in the car park.

I looked up and saw two security guards coming toward us.

“Oh crap, I think we’re busted,” I said, she turned and looked.

“Get in, and we can get outta here,” she said, and I opened the rear door and climbed into the seat directly behind her. She drove off out of the car park and once she’s on the road her hand reached behind and she continued to play with my cock.

“Where to now?”

“There’s a park up the road here. Let’s go there,” I said, and with that we went to the park to continue our session.

So much for the unwilling victim. We got out of the car and walked around until I found my favorite park bench facing the busy road. We sat watching the traffic and people walk by.

“Now it is your turn,” I said. “See that guy over there. I want you to flash your pussy at him.”

“I can’t do that, it’s illegal,” she said, going pale.

“Fucking do it or else I’ll tell your husband what a slut you are.”

“You’re the slut. Poking that thing in my face,” she said, smiling at me.

“Says the whore flashing her tits around the mall every time she bent over.”

She laughed, and slid out of her knickers and is about to put them in her bag, however, I snatched them and shoved them in my pocket. At first she’s surprised, then a wry grin spread over her face.

“It’s Christmas,” I said, “so this is my present.”

I grinned at her. She just shook her head at me. Then she pulled her skirt up and flashed the bloke her pussy. He spotted her and came over immediately.

“Hey, what the fuck are you doing?” he said when he got close, yet he continued to stare at her hairy mound.

“She’s airing it out. Give her a break, those things get stinky in the hot weather,” I said.

He laughed. “She’ll get arrested for it.”

He moved in closer, while the MILF is blushing and fighting the urge to lower her skirt.

“Who’s gonna dob us in. You?” I said, laughed noticing his growing bulge.

“Can I touch it?” he asked quietly looking around.

She’s shaking now, she’s so nervous. I nodded to the guy, and he started feeling her up. He even slid his fingers inside her cunt, and she just sat there and took it all.

“Mate, I’m too small to fuck her, and she’s really horny at the moment. How about you help us out. You can fuck her and make her cum, while she sucks my small cock. Are you in?” I asked him.

“Sure, if she doesn’t mind,” he said, now squatting in front of her while he fingered her wet cunt. I looked at her and she’s totally into it.

“She don’t mind. She’s a slut,” I said.

She moaned and then said, “Over there in the bushes, not here in public.”

So the three of us went into a wooded area and found a fairly secluded spot, and she got down on all fours ready for us. The other bloke lifted her skirt over her backside so he could doggy her and I pulled my tiny penis out for her to suck.

“Hey, you aren’t kidding, that’s a fucking small dick. How big is it?” he asked, mocking me which made me squirt some precum on her hair.

“This thing? Only three and a half inches. What about you?”

“Eight-inches,” he grunted as he rammed his dick inside her. “Any wonder you’ve to get other blokes to fuck this bitch. She’s pretty loose even on my dick, so your tiny cock wouldn’t even touch the sides in this nasty cunt.”

“Leave him be, his tiny dick is the nicest cock I’ve ever known,” my MILF told him.

He just grunted and started to push his cock inside her cavernous pussy. She started sucking me off as he ripped into her. God, he fucked her like a demon. I’m surprised she didn’t scream out, however, she’s totally digging it. Being used as a fuck toy by two complete strangers. She had numerous fucking orgasms, even squirting all over the other bloke a couple of times from her big hairy cunt.

Eventually I pumped a few loads down her throat, as she would take me to climax and then gently bring me back for more with her mouth. The bloke pulled out and shot a big load on her arse which I promptly went over and started to lick up.

“You two are fucking perverts,” he said, watching me lick all his jism from off and between her butt cheeks. He put his now smelly cock away, and walked off leaving us alone.

I stood also and said, “Well, I guess that’s all for today. You better get home before anyone misses you.”

She stood and straightened her clothes. “Can we meet again?”

“Maybe,” I said teasingly.

“Come on, that was wild.”

So we swapped numbers.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend anyone go exposing themselves and thinking the woman will give over as easy as this slut did. I just have a nose for women like this. It’s my gift. When you have a small dick all your other senses are heightened. I have spent a lifetime honing mine to know when I can get away with it, and I have the self-control to keep it in my pants when required.


The End.


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