Erotic Horror Stories

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the-comaThe Coma - In a coma after a terrible car accident, Sam's abusive past is reawakened by an evil nurse. Can he wake up before it's too late?
thecoma2The Coma: Part 2 - Sam's life is slowly getting back to normal, until one day he runs into an old high school acquaintance.
oily-man-smThe Oily Man - A pair of teens working at a Christian Mission in Malaysia find themselves in great danger when attacked by the demon Orang Minyak.
bitch-hollow-improved-1The Curse of Bitch Hollow: Part 1 - A college coed named Jenny is bored with study, and decides to go to the park for the afternoon to get some sunshine and fresh air. She meets a playful black Labrador dog that lures her into a dark deserted area known as Bitch Hollow. Unbeknownst to Jenny, she is about to be claimed by the three-headed demon dog from hell - Cerberus.
bitch-hollow-improved-2The Curse of Bitch Hollow: Part 2 - Now under Cerberus spell, Jenny is compelled to offer herself to any dog that comes across her path. She gets help from her friend Monica, and together they find out what is happening. Now they have until the next full moon to break the curse, or Jenny will be a dog slut for all eternity.
The Three Amigos in Zombie TownThe Three Amigos in Zombie Town - The three biggest losers in town have just caught a break. The Zombie Apocalypse has just come to town, and somehow they have survived. Now they see the zombie versions of all the people they hated and treated them bad. All the women that they lusted after, but were rejected by because they are ugly losers. So it's time to get revenge on all those that tormented them, and to fuck all those that rejected them. Even if they are zombies.
An Encounter with El TraucoAn Encounter with El Trauco - An English Rose is raped on an island off the coast of Chile by a small demon that only preys on virgins. This story is based on a true legend.
A Visit from PopobawaA Visit From Popobawa- A demon that has a long history of raping Muslim men finds another victim to have his evil way with. This story is based on a true legend.
the-reaperThe Reaper - Joe Reaper comes from a long line of 'Angels of Death', tonight he has to collect a hot MILF called April who will do just about anything to stay alive. So like any good Reaper should do, he decides to grant her a week to tidy up her affairs. But only at a price.
the alp-horroroticaThe Alp -A young woman has spent her life under the ever increasing oppression of an Alp, until it finally claims her immortal soul.
The Magic PenThe Magic Pen - An internet troll finds a new story to ‘one bomb’ on Literotica.

The Adventures of Gabriel Jones

Gabriel JonesInterview with Gabriel Jones - Horrorotica interviews the famous exorcist to find out how he ticks.
The MirrorThe Mirror - A woman buys a beautiful antique mirror that she puts at the end of her bed. The purchase has her so enraptured that suddenly she can't keep her hands off her pussy. Can Gabriel Jones save her, and possibly humanity at the same time?
The Exorcism of Betty AcklandThe Exorcism of Betty Ackland - Gabriel Jones is called to exorcise a nineteen-year old by her parents.
The babysitter-chroniclesThe Babysitter Chronicles: Part 1 - A babysitter is raped by two boys who are possessed by the demon Sitris, so she turns to Gabriel Jones for help.
The babysitter-chroniclesThe Babysitter Chronicles: Part 2 - Jones has his work cut out for him in this rare case of twin possession. The whole family and the babysitter are in need of his special abilities.
The Exorcism of AnimaThe Exorcism of Anima - A worried husband seeks out Gabriel Jones because his wife has gone from being a normal person to a wanton slut in a very short period.