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Games of the Rich & Dirty

Moe Lester

“Here, boy, here, Marmaduke,” the gray-haired naked man calls.

As the dog bounds on stage, there’s a smattering of applause from the lawn.

As Lily lies back on the blue velvet covered bed, she arches her hips and opens her legs when the Great Dane is only a few feet away from her upturned ass. The dog stops and tilts his head to the side, waiting for the next command.

“Good boy, Marmaduke,” the naked man in his fifties shouts excitedly, moving his hand to expose her cunt lips and rubbing his fingers gently across the sensitive pink membranes.

The dog understands and leaps forward, pushing his snout against Lily’s crotch to sniff at her flowing cunt juices.

“OOOO, God,” Lily moans as she feels her nipples tighten on her tits.

“LILY—STOP—NO—NO,” a familiar voice shouts, but she ignores it.

The Great Dane sniffs, then whimpers as if he were hesitating. The gray-haired man strokes the dog’s head, coaxing him forward while Lily grinds her cunt lips in the canine’s face. Marmaduke pushes forward again, licking her pussy hungrily.

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The Companion’s Club

Moe Lester

Jenny nods, and the women go over to the bed. They sit side by side, their legs open. A natural position to the Great Dane since his mistress frequently assumes it. He advances toward them, whimpering, eyes glowing and cock throbbing. James stands where he is, swaying, his cock pivoting from side to side like a gun, aimed first at one woman, then the other. Nevertheless, he’s willing to wait his turn. It will, he figures, be a sight worth seeing, and he has no doubts he’ll get his balls emptied in the end for any women depraved enough to fuck a dog can hardly refuse a virgin teen.

The decision is hard for Roscoe the Great Dane.

The dog can sense the women are equally hot and juicy, and he doesn’t want to insult one by neglect. He pushes his long muzzle into Kylie’s crotch. His long, rasping tongue slurps her pussy gash.

“Ooooh,” she moans. “He does that so well, Jenny.”

Jenny grins. Roscoe shifts and licks the redhead’s cunt.

“He must be trained for it,” Jenny said.

The idea that they’re not the first humans to know the dog’s tongue thrills them.

“Is this your dog?” Kylie asks James.

“Um, no, he belongs to Mrs. Poe,” he said.

Jenny gasps. “Alexis Poe, from down the street?” she asks.

James nods, blushing for some reason.

“You know her?” Kylie asks feeling her friend’s tits.

“Yeah, older than us, but a looker,” Jenny said. “Ooooh-that feels so good.”

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Mexican Virgins

Moe Lester

The dark-haired woman with the big tits is getting her ass fucked by a donkey. The bestial coitus is happening in a barn, and there’s a circle of interested men standing around, observing the spectacle. Most of the men are small, dark types with big, wide-brimmed hats. Their eyes are bulging, and so are the fronts of their pants. They grab at their swollen dicks in desperation, and their mouths hang wide open in awe and in respect for the woman who can take a donkey’s cock. She even seems to be enjoying the fucking.

Two of the watchers are Asian men. They are enjoying the sight, too. They are Tao Zheng and Chen Lim, oil men from PetroChina, and when they had heard about the donkey show, they figured it’d be a sight worth seeing and they’re certainly getting their money’s worth.

The best part is the woman isn’t some old worn-out Mexican whore, but a young nubile woman with a beautiful face, dark eyes, and white teeth gleaming from parts, sensual lips, and big tits. She isn’t a whore, a man said, she just likes to screw donkeys. She likes it more when horny men are watching her do it, too, which is why she’s putting on such an excellent performance playing to the audience.

They have gathered in this barn in a dusty border town. Tao and Chen had been doubtful and dubious about it, thinking it must be a trick. How can a woman take a cock this big? When the woman arrived, they settled down to find out. First, takes her clothing off. The men appreciate this, but the donkey seems disinterested standing in the corner with his head down, ears flopping, and his big cock soft and sheathed. Then she kneels beside the gray beast and massages his cock with her hands.

Slowly, the burro’s head rises, his ears prick, and his cock grew hard. The woman smiles happily, as she feels and sees the results of her manipulations. The huge head of his cock has precum squeezing out from the sheath, and the long cock soon stands iron hard beneath the animal’s belly. She masturbates the donkey cock with her slender hands. Chen and Tao glance at each other, wondering if this is to be the extent of the performance, the woman is simply going to jack the donkey off.

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The Hobbler 3: The Kentucky Derby.

Sheela B.

Sarah rides along a track designed with medium jumps and where the horse can get into a gallop too. She approaches the corner furthest from the buildings on The Ponderosa and sees a tall figure leaning against a jump smoking a cigarette. A black SUV is parked on the roadside a hundred feet away, and it’s obvious the man has jumped the fence. She slows Lord Tomlin, a black thoroughbred, to a canter and gasps as she recognizes the intruder. The man leaning casually against the jump is Carl Norris, her dad’s boss.

“Whoa,” she shouts pulling the reins, and Lord Tomlin snorts and pulls to a stop five feet from Norris. The teen glares down at the lanky, thin man with longish gray hair, a hooked nose, and cold blue eyes. “What do you want?” she asks and sneers. “You’re trespassing on private property.”

He laughs and throws his cigarette into the grass and stamps on it, making Sarah shiver as if he just infected The Ponderosa with his evil.Read More »

Kidnapped & Raped

I.P. Daley

“You’re gonna suck my cock whether you like it or not, you little cunt!” The handsome young boy snarled as he held his prick in front of the girl’s ruby lips. “Hold her legs down, Caleb,” he exhorted his friend. “If this bitch is gonna give me a good blow-job, she can’t be moving around like that. Grab her ankles and hold her tight.”

“Okay, Wyatt,” the other boy replied as he gripped her ankles and pressed them into the sand.

Wyatt was straddling the girl’s tear-stained face, gripping both of her wrists in one big, strong hand, and slapping the helpless, nude teenage girl with his other hand. The slapping sounds were hardly audible, smothered by the windy breeze that blew in over the ocean. And the girl’s cries of fear and anguish could not be heard by anyone.

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